GW2 Cleaning Up the Neighborhood Separatist Propaganda achievement guide

GW2 Cleaning Up the Neighborhood achievement guide with map and location of all 41 Separatist Propaganda you need to tear down for this new Explorer achievement added with July 9 patch.

You will need to find 41 Separatist Propaganda in Ebonhawke (Field of Ruins). Here is a map of all of them to help you locate them.


  • Miyuki

    im think so this achiv is bugged same like with this books is not count ;/

    • Worked fine for me this morning when I did it

      • Hipp

        Did it track it as you did it ?

        • Nope no tracking, you only know you get it at the end when you tear down the #41 poster

    • Trale Lewous

      same for me, worked flawlessly

    • Beltain

      I’ve been running around tearing down posters and reading books. it’s not keeping count for me either and i’ve done complete circles around EbonHawke =(

    • Looper

      I just did books yesterday I got the chiev.

    • Pern

      It’s not working on my end either. Tore down all the posters, isn’t keeping track on the achievement tracker and haven’t gotten achieve yet. I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon hopefully.

    • Isla

      The books worked for me the second time (I think I missed #6 first round, despite going to where it was) and tracked each one as I read them to ensure it worked, however I did the same with the posters and they still didn’t register for me, so I suppose I’ll try again tomorrow.

  • Symbh

    Does it matter in what order you destroy them?

    • It doesn’t matter

  • makdad35

    why do I only see 40 posters on this map

    • 41 is east of 22

      • Azalea Fisitania

        ty for the guide! yeah a lot of people missed 41 (including me at first) because we naturally expect it would be near 40 😛

  • ToT

    where is the 41st poster?

  • ToT

    Ty Dulfy, im going mad I think, still not got achievement and I’ve ran through them all twice and all are torn down.

  • Pit

    I think I remember doing something like this for one of the hearts, or something, it’s been a while.

  • WIT

    Been around twice after failing to get the achievement first time around and still was unable to find any others?? bugged perhaps?

    • Not sure, worked for me. I don’t know what else to tell you 🙁

  • wolf

    it has to be bugged i counted each poster and got nothing the achievement tracker did not even give me % of compleation count

  • Slothbear

    I just did this. I followed the guide and did NOT get the reward. However, I then went back through the city and combed through it all. Somehow, during the process of tearing them all down, the #3 poster respawned. I know I tore it down the first time as I compared where I was on the map with the dulfy guide as I did them.

    So, I believe the guide is correct but the posters themselves may not behave as intended when it comes to respawning. If you can’t get it to work, sweep the area again and look for something that’s come back.

    Edit to mention when I tore down that #3 poster the second time I got the achievement.

  • Guru

    A guildie and I went through and got every poster and never had one register at all. Bugged.

    • They don’t register, once you get all 41 posters you just get the achievement.

      • Liexay

        In theory. I did this twice over the course of a couple days and never got the achievement. I used your guide plus held down control to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Still no achievement.

  • H

    Just did this and got all 41 does not appear to work. Went back and checked number 3 poster and it had not respawned. Ran the whole map and none have respawned. No achievement.

  • Enjoyluck

    does’t work for me

  • Meka Silverstone

    I just finished it, no tracking occurred but i had missed poster 5 on my first sweep and when i tore it down I received the achievement.

  • Sutcliffe

    Press Ctrl when searching through the city, its easier to spot posters this way

  • katreyn

    Theres some pretty well-place ones to miss, high on walls, etc. One I missed was around 3 or 4, it was on a wall slanted inwards behind a cart so I totally missed it even with ctrl highlighting.

    Luckily the posters don’t reset (at least it didn’t for me overnight) so if you get frustrated hunting for that last one you can come back later and don’t have to start over. But that also makes it a little confusing if you didn’t start with the map here like I did. xD

  • helen

    Went through the whole circuit twice and took down all posters with the exception of number 5. I can see where it should be and it is already torn off. Unsure what to do and no achievement =(

  • Funky Jah

    as mentioned on the description of the achievement, you have to do it in one day or one night in game in order to get the reward

  • Alduina

    The achievements have changed and it’s now under the “exploration” tab. I was helping someone to find them and he found them all and forgot where the ones I didn’t have were. lol. #28 was the last one I couldn’t find for some reason so thank you for the map.

  • kapdekun

    there are 40 or 41? I did the 40 and i didn’t get the reward

    • kapdekun

      ok, i didnt see the number 41. sorry

  • Hachi-chan


  • Dangergirluk1

    Done this on three separate occasions, counted thoroughly through 41…still no achievement and I don’t know why…

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  • Jivango

    Same here, just did this and it didn’t work, even though I double checked all 41 posters.

    • Jivango

      Edit : tried with another character and it worked.

  • Carolyn

    This worked for me, I was missing poster #3 until I used this map. Got the achievement!

  • Juicy Jane

    The guild i correct i just missed one on the first run (3)

  • Memarthil

    I didn’t get it at first, followed one poster’s suggestion to try again on a different character, and that worked.

  • CrowT

    Your map was a great help. I did them all in one day. They did not register, but when I got them all, I got the achievement.

  • Godonrampage

    It wored for me too, thank you !

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