GW2 Speedy Reader The Founding of Ebonhawke achievement guide

GW2 Speeder Reader achievement guide with maps and images of the 20 books of The Founding of Ebonhawke. Speeder Reader is a new achievement added with the July 9 patch under the Explorer section.


  • The order you get these books does not matter, but make sure you read them
  • You cannot log off, zone out, etc while doing this achievement, everything must be done on one go.
  • Ebonhawke is located in Field of Ruins and you can access it via an Asura portal in Rurikton section of Divinity’s Reach.



The Founding; Vol I – Ground Floor


The Founding; Vol II – Second Floor


The Founding; Vol III – Second Floor


The Founding; Vol IV – Third Floor


The Founding; Vol V – Third Floor


The Founding; Vol VI – Upstairs of this house


The Founding; Vol VII – Go downstairs and past this secret door into the Order of Whispers hideout


The Founding; Vol VIII – On the side of the street


The Founding; Vol IX – On the side of the street near a bookcart


The Founding; Vol X – On the side of the street on top of the bookcart


The Founding; Vol XI – You will need to jump on top of the crates and the scaffolding to get it


The Founding; Vol XII – Among the rubble


The Founding: Vol XIII – On a bench


The Founding; Vol XIV – Inside the room occupied by Asurans


The Founding; Vol XV


The Founding; Vol XVI – You will need to take the stairs to get to this one.


The Founding; Vol XVII


The Founding; Vol XVIII – You will need to jump on the little bookstand next to the merchant to get to this little nook where the book is hidden


The Founding; Vol XIX: Take a left after the stairs


The Founding; Vol XX: Go up to the same building you used for XVI (16) and then go to the very top and jump to the other building here.


By Dulfy

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33 replies on “GW2 Speedy Reader The Founding of Ebonhawke achievement guide”

Actually it was a hidden achievement and got removed a while ago when they capped the achievement-points (I lost the points) and now they readded it.

Do we have to press Continue Reading on every book to get the achievement or just interact with it and then Close the book?

The last book I read gave the achievement. and I hadn’t read all the pages. Although like Dulfy said, it’s just easier if you read the pages just in case.

Check your achievements. I got it, but there was no pop-up to tell me. You may have it and not know it.

Ditto on that. I noted each spot and read each book as I found it. Last book, no popup, but when I checked Explorer, it shows. I enjoyed doing this one too. A nice way to also get some history. I wish they had one of these for each city.

Did you make sure not to log out? or leave the zone? (for like WvW or anything like that), also keep in mind an accident like DCing from GW2 could cause that too.

This is my second favorite city and love the zone. My question involves lore. The humans were recalled from Ascalon offensive to come back to Divinity’s Reach? I didn’t play gw1 so not sure.

The humans in ebonhawke (as far as I remember) came from the Eye of the North (nothern shiverpeaks), and are a separate body to the general ascalonian forces. The ones in Divinity’s Reach are likely descendants of Krytan humans and those ascalonians who traveled to Kryta with Prince Rurik in gw1. I’d imagine most of the ascalonian humans were taken by the Foefyre, and I believe that ebonhawke is the last truly ascalonian human outpost.

*** Possible spoiler alert from latest GW2 novel Sea of Sorrows ***


* OK *

Divinity’s Reach was founded by King Baede after Lion’s Arch was drowned when Zhaitan rose from the sea in the old kingdom of Orr. The Krytans had to build a new home and Divinity’s Reach was it – Lion’s Arch was rebuilt under the lead of Cobiah Marriner.

The Ascalonians are holding out in Ebonhawke as their last stand towards the Charr and now Branded offensive from the east. Under Queen Jennah (as you’ll learn from Edge of Destiny novel), a new Asuran portal is setup and maintained between Ebonhawke and Divinity’s Reach to make it easier to provide Ebonhawke with supplies.

So – none of this is really rooted in GW1 – but in the time between GW1 and GW2 as detailed somewhat by the 3 novels that have come out so far. I’m still reading Ghosts of Ascalon myself, so I guess that one will feature more lore from Ascalon.

Can I use the waypoints withing the city or does that reset the reading too?

EDIT: Appears I can.

Don’t think you need to continue reading on each book. The achievement popped on my last one as I pressed activate on it.

Same thing happened here. Although I just read them all. it only takes a few extra seconds and I felt safer doing it that way.

I’ve read everything 3 times, both in order and without, as well as continued reading on all books. No achievement (checked tab)…. has newer update made this bugged?

I just got this achievement today, I ran around and got all the books, the first time I didn’t get it. the second time I doubled up but still missed it… I missed 2 books because they’re off the beaten path.

So make sure you get book 20 (you need to do a jump to get too it. and since it’s near 2 other books, it’s easily to forget) and also the last book was book 12. I never pass through that part of town, so make sure to stop there too.

Hopefully that helps.

Everything else is clear cut, all the books, in 1 day, the order doesn’t mater (I didn’t do mine in an order.

Good luck!

I did most of this last night, got tired, logged off, and then decided to run through the whole thing this morning, but it appears it actually counted everything even with logging off for 12 hours. As soon as I read the one I had missed I got the achievement. So you may be able to log off and come back to it now, as long as it is within the daily reset timeframe.

I can confirm this. I did one run and didn’t got the achievement (later I found I did read some of the books before the daily reset and others after, so that’s the reason it didn’t give me the achievement the first try). I quit the game, relaunched it, and started again, in a different order, and got the achievement before I read them all (because it already counted the ones I read before quitting the game and after the daily reset).

Thanks, worked brilliantly, except for the 12 which has two identical spots with one containing the book, and the other one doesn’t. Traveling in the town by waypoints is not a problem. Make sure to write down where you’ve been to make it quicker (for example, 13-14-16-20 is a very good combination)

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