SWTOR: Revan’s Heir title available for purchase for today only

The title Revan’s Heir will be available for purchase for 10 cartel coins for today only as part of KOTOR 10 years celebration.

The title can be found on the Cartel market for 10 Cartel Coins (per character) and is only available for today only (July 15, 2013). Title is tradeable and will be available in the collections menu later on as a 5 CC unlock.


  • Matthew

    They said it should be in the collections for 5 cartel coins.

    • Cool ty for correction

  • Joel

    It’s in collections but it’s a bit buggy. It won’t register as being in your collection at all until you completely exit out of the game and log back in, and the icon for it won’t be labeled and it might show as something random when you click on it (usually Archon, but I’ve also seen it say Founder’s Medal), although if you click show items it will show it as the Revan’s Heir title there.

  • JasonF

    Pretty lame. I log in daily and someone I missed this. Guess I was too busy running FPs. Not the first time I’ve missed out on something because of limited communication: I quit the game for 3 months when I missed out on the Imperial Loyalist title because I followed the mission guides instead of checking my mailbox for mission. Lame again.

    • ChampStanley

      I’d be shocked if the GTN were not flooded with the title unlocks once they become unbound. With the cc cost so low and the market so over-run with undercutters, it’s sure to be affordable to people who missed it.

  • Victor

    Just too bad i miss it. why just sell it 100cc for a week and everyone will happy. i just got the news today on my facebook not single notice from my mail that they should send it though.

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