GW2: Arenanet releases details on July 23 patch Cutthroat Politics

Arenanet published the details of the next patch in the biweekly rotation that players can enjoy starting on July 23. This patch is titled Cutthroat Politics.

July 23, 2013

An assassination has created a vacancy on the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch. Two candidates —war hero Ellen Kiel and prominent merchant Evon Gnashblade —both want to occupy that empty seat, but they can’t do it without your support!

To prove they have what it takes to sit on the powerful ruling council, Kiel and Gnashblade will compete to secure a lucrative trade agreement with the merchants of the Zephyr Sanctum. Support your favorite candidate as you experience two weeks of new events, activities, features and rewards beginning July 23!


  • Support Your Candidate – July 23 to August 5

    Evon Gnashblade and Ellen Kiel are trying to work out a trade agreement with the Zephyr Sanctum in order to help them secure a spot on the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch. Use Support Tokens and coins to help out your candidate of choice!

  • New Activity – Southsun Survival – Begins July 23

    Scheme, kill, and scavenge your way to the top in this new competitive activity! Armed with only a bow and whatever supplies you can find, you’ll face off against other players in a battle to be the last one standing. Earn karma and coins for each round you play, plus a rare chance at an exclusive Back Item!

  • New PvP Activity – Aspect Arena – Begins July 23

    Pick one of the Aspects of Sun, Wind, or Lightning, and face off in teams to collect crystals. Each Aspect will grant you different skills with which to maneuver and fight. Earn karma and coins for each round you play, plus a rare chance at an exclusive Back Item!

  • Candidate Trials Challenge – Begins July 23

    Enter into the Candidate Trials alone or with a group in support of your chosen candidate. You’ll test your battle skills by facing off against waves of Aetherblade pirates – hold out for as long as you can to earn Support Tokens and loot! The challenge is great, but so are the rewards – you may even earn a rare chance at an Aetherized weapon!

Meet the Candidates

Evon Gnashblade

As owner and proprietor of the Black Lion Trading Company, I have the proven leadership skills and business acumen that is sorely needed on the Captain’s Council. With your support, I will secure a trade agreement with the Zephyrites that benefits us all.

If I am elected to the Captain’s Council, I’ll show my gratitude for your support in the following ways:

  • I’ll slash prices on Black Lion Keys for four whole weeks
  • I’ll sponsor important Fractals of the Mist research into the Fall of Abaddon, to be completed by the end of the year
  • I’ll host a rotation of popular activities like Crab Toss and Southsun Survival.

You can find me in the Zephyr Sanctum, working for the best interest of Lion’s Arch.

Ellen Kiel

I’ve stood by the people of Lion’s Arch in good times and bad, defending her from all manner of threat. Now I want to ensure the security of our beloved city in a different capacity, as a member of the Captain’s Council. I’ll need your support to establish a fair trade treaty between Zephyr Sanctum and Lion’s Arch.

If I’m fortunate enough to earn a position on the Captain’s Council, here’s what you can expect from Ellen Kiel:

  • I’ll reduce waypoint travel prices for four weeks’ time
  • I’ll support important Fractals of the Mists research into the Thaumanova Reactor explosion by the end of the year
  • I’ll introduce a rotating schedule of activities such as Crab Toss and Southsun Survival.

Come find me in Zephyr Sanctum; let’s work together for a brighter future!

New Rewards

Exclusive New Back Items

Two new exclusive back items, the Desert Rose and Zephyr Rucksack, are available as rare drops from the Southsun Survival and Aspect Arena activities respectively.

Mini Ellen Kiel and Mini Evon Gnashblade

Complete the Gnashblade Supporter and Kiel Supporter meta achievements to unlock a miniature Evon Gnashblade and Ellen Kiel of your very own!

New Features

New World vs. World Ability Line – Catapult Mastery

This month’s World vs. World ability line addition is Catapult Mastery! Invest points in Catapult Mastery to increase damage done to walls, extra damage against other siege, increase your attack radius, and unlock a new, powerful skill.


  • okrra

    Any hints on the Aetherized weapons or the new back piece skins?

    • Aetherized weapons seems to be the ones used by the Aetherblade pirates. Some people already datamined some of them. Nothing on the new backpieces yet.

  • Flatbedotr

    Isn’t funny how its human vs charr. I want Kiel to win but Evon might help me open some of those chests. I can’t wait for trials though.

    • UE

      Abbadon… abbaadddoonnnn.

  • Matthew Shipp

    More back armor skins?! Mix it up a bit Anet.

    • joao_carlos_baptista

      Yes, I have only 5 toons and I have no more toons for put backpieces…

  • Paladini

    yea kinda rigged event for Evon lol…
    Because all want keys and at other hand Anet want to ppl buy gems 🙂

    • kneeze

      All minus one. I’d rather have reduced waypoint costs.

  • asa

    im voting for kiel. I hope Thaumanova Reactor explosion is something that is similar to that vulcano dungeon..

    • UE

      but then again, abbadon… the human god and villain for the first three guildwars games (it was he who was behind the events of the original game and the factions expansion aswell as his direct role in the second expansion)

  • korval

    Fall of Abaddon! #TeamEvon!

    • UE

      No kidding right, why anyone would give a damn about the other “rewards” other than the fractals (rather minor)
      and Abaddon, this is major lore that could be brought up, as opposed to rather recent and fairly pointless stuff in an area we can already visit in game.

      • Luke Bailey

        True but would this be The fall of Abaddon from God hood
        or the fall of Abaddon which would just repeat the ending of Nightfall..

        I’d like more detail on that before i decide since the Thermanova reactor fractal is also pretty interesting

        I also want to know a lot mroe about the Zepherites because of this video

        if he is right about these connections then OMG!!!! lore overdose lol

        • UE

          Ah good old WP, yeah I follow his videos.

          Hmmm yeah I just can’t see arenanet doing anything fantastic with the reactor though,
          I would be willing to bet it is his fall from godhood, the wording just makes that seem more likely, and really they have more to work with from what I have seen.

          I would also guess that these are going to be replacement randoms for the jade fractal.

          Damn they took their time for something that would be ‘easy” to implement as they said back november last year, going to be a sad man if we only get 1 dungeon and it is a fractal in a whole years worth of gaming.
          Heck I was expecting them to be working on those explorable mode dungeons already given what colin said they would be focusing on this year at the start of this year.
          We got ascalon which is now well designed except for kholer (kholer was fine as he was, having respawning ghosts just stops people without DPS from clearing him if a monk or two spawns with him, and not everyone should be forced to use zerkers just to kill an otherwise easy midboss)

          • Luke Bailey

            I don’t think i’ve done that miniboss

            Im also hoping that those temp dungeons get brought back as fracs at some point too
            having weapon skins like Jade and Molten alliance become farmable rare skins would be cool

            having been someone who invested tons of money, gems and time into coffers and TP consumables hoping to get a skin and then getting nothing was a huge punch to the balls for me 🙁

            I’ve been playing since launch and put soo much money into the game hundreds of pounds just into the store and I’ve not got a single event skin 🙁

            I swear i am the most unlucky player in the game lol
            so when i see people running around with two or 3 molten alliance weapons and jade weapons it really bugs me lol
            Anet should at least make them tradeable skins or allow some form of permminant farm method
            because tbh i feel really cheated
            specially when i’ve invested both real and ingame money into getting them

            • UE

              There is literally no reason to fight him now the spawn system has changed other than for the silver he drops (as midboss chests in dungeons drop bugger all of worth)
              he is in the center room in the AC dungoen, I used to love fighting him, not a hard fight but one that kept people moving all the time because of his well telegraphed attacks and rather large damage output.

              I would like them to make all the explorable mode dungeons for level 80’s and have other levels scale to 80… I think it would make their lives much easier in balancing the dungeons.
              Story mode can stay the same as I LOVE the story modes, if you haven’t gone back and completed them since I suggest doing it again with a 2-3 man party, it will still give you a little challenge but the layout and event design is just… much more rounded.
              More like what they have come up with in MF and AR

              I know that feeling all too well, I have spent near $70 aud trying to get mf weapons, scelerite skins and jade tickets… jade tickets were the worst as i also bought ~2000 coffers.

              The math suggested that with jade tickets it was 1/30 chance in rich coffers and 1/3000 chance for normal coffers…
              normal coffers is fine…. don’t care…
              rich coffers however should be either a much higher chance (1 in 5 say)
              orrrrrrrrr sell one use skins straight on the market and then sell tickets that give infinite use skins from a vendor (think hall of monuments style) as a drop from the chests.

              That way people who want to gamble get a reasonable rewward, and people who just want the right skin don’t get screwed over.
              They could just attach the skins to their achievement history section like with the new zenith weapons and such. but split by event.

              • Luke Bailey

                yeah I really like that idea on skins

                I don’t know how many coffers i opened must have been a good 2k as well 🙁 I didnt even get a wing item all i got was candy, fireworks and 1 minipet 1 god damn minipet from 2k coffers > . < really cant blame me for feeling cheated with those odds lol

  • korval

    I would like FOTM to have major events leading up to the fall of Orr.

    • UE

      Ohhhh imagine being a part of the orrian forces defending against the char until that bastard sinks his own nation killing him in the process.

      But seriously I just want them to re-do the last dungeon, fix the very last fight to be more interesting and make it so you don’t kill zhaitain but rather clip his wings and then we have to go defeat him on the ground in the explorable mode.
      I would much prefer them to have had us use technology to weaken and then put the dragons into sleep/stasis.

      • Luke Bailey

        Im still not convinced Zhaitan is completely dead

        where is its corpse? how do we know for sure..

        I would rather it like you said too
        a Dungeon Mission to weaken and cripple the dragon and then actually fight it on the ground

        I know the Size could be a problem but hey it would be better to have a huge mission requiring like 5+ players or even a meta event on a new map or something to hold off hordes of minions while the alliance forces build cannons in the background and when the cannons are completed after say 10 mins or so they fire a huge volley of energy blasts that finally kill it

        I don’t think it would be impossible to do something like that and it would be a far more enjoyable way of beating the elder dragons aside from pressing 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 >.<

        • UE

          Because Trashern told us he died (spelling intentional)

          Really it doesn’t have to be us fighting him litterally on the ground, but rather we have to combat environmental effects caused by him, avoid summoned dragon minions, and aid NPC events (possibly over each explorable with the last explorable being “unlockable” after you finish the first 3. The first 3 can be prepping or weakening to get the pact’s forces in place and the last one can be one giant chain event style explorable where it is entirely focused on defending pact spots for a period of time (not so much keeping the npcs alive as surviving and holding a point yourself without dying, pact soldiers could be fodder that just revived on their own, think ascalon fractal)
          heck even split the players up so they have roles, like one that has to be rotating the seige weapons to knock out various regenerating tentacles… it is late and I am drawing a blank but there is a lot more that can be done.heck even getting pact forces organised to tie it down with an assuran mind net (sorta like what snaff tried to do but spearheaded by zoja and with a bunch of asura with their minds linked, rather than it being one mind against the mind of the dragon)

          Heck there was a lot more that could have been done with the original air fight, why not have zhaitan fly around in a giant battle with all the airships firing at it, destroying a couple here and there and getting wounded himself, then being forced onto the tower and having the turrets auto rapid fire on the tower itself to force the dragon to the ground (we as players being forced to defend the turrets (but don’t make that section hard per say)

          • Luke Bailey

            yeah the main point of it though is that the final battle was very disappointing
            for a Elder dragon which we had come to be extremely excited about and hyped it was very underwhelming and for the most part many people got the was that it feeling

            I hope the other dragons are not so disappointing
            specially Kralkatorrick
            he was a mountain range in GW1 lol I expect him to be gigantic

            Wouldn’t it just be epic if he was soo big that the whole dungeon was actually on his body lol and you had to fight your way inside him and destroy his heart or something
            then escape lol

            would be a fun idea

            • UE

              Yeah lol as someone who was following the game since EoTN released and was as excited as excited could be. The game really fell down.

              The fact that they had to outsource the story writing last year before release shows though… I still maintain that people who had knowingly purchased the preorder when there still wasn’t a release date that made that HUGE noise about how they were boycotting the game because it hadn’t released yet was a major reason why arenanet released as early as they did.
              I believe the game was slanted for a release closer to november/october originally.

              I also wish arenanet had refused refunds to people who asked for one with 200+hours of time logged in their accounts, because frankly once somoene passes that 20-50hour mark in a game I gotta wonder at the morality of asking for money back.

              Primordus and Jormag are the two that interest me the most at the moment, primordus because I want more underground regions (I feel that the game does them really well, but not often enough) and because he has this whole centipede thing going on….
              And jormag because if he matches the size of that tooth in holbrack I will be happy, that and CoJ is the only remotely decent dragon fight in the game, if a bit easy.

              I remember back to beta weekend 2’s finale with the shatterer flying around planes of ashford. I kind of expected events like that to occasionally pop up in game, meta events be more… area inclusive.
              The game system could handle it.

              Heck I am still sad that the meta events got nerfed, I can as a level 8 stand in red circles during the shadow behemoth and not get hurt…

              Back in beta weekend 1, anyone in those circles was downed or near downed the second the crystal hit the water… and that was with the HUGE zergs from back then… bigger than anything in the game now.

              It is also a shame that they added precast to all the skills, it makes them feel laggy when they are not (it used to be only channeled skills)

              It does so many things right and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes, everquest next is looming on the horizon though so my time may yet be split.

              • Luke Bailey

                Really people asked for refunds? wow I didn’t know that 🙁

                Im not as much into Gw2 as i was into Gw1 but that’s taking the piss a bit

                just because you preorder a game and then dislike it doesn’t give anyone the right to demand a refund

          • korval

            What if the 5 elder dragons are agents of a much larger force? Perhaps an alien race of world shapers. Zhaitan would represent the force of “evil” or “death”.

            • Giles

              The story already moves too slowly, it’s been a year and we haven’t seen anything leading to any other dragon yet, if there was a bigger force out there that would be hell, and you probably wouldn’t see the outcome for another 30 years.

  • Balthazerg

    Fall of Abbadon?!. Gnashblade won my vote

  • Selene

    I really wanted to vote for Kiel, like her so much more but the Fall of Abaddon…. but I guess it does mean we get to pick which fractal comes first :O

  • Ares Zax

    After watching both their campaign messages, I have to say that Gnashblade’s media team did a MUCH better job. The shot of Kiel laughing cracked me up SO hard. XD

  • Flatbedotr

    The Fall fractal from what I read here was a huge event and from what the game director said on the twitch livestream it sounds like that, but the way he talked about the reactor it was something that between gw1 and gw2 timeline so might be interesting what they do with that.

  • korval

    I’ve seen comments like “We saw the Fall of Abbadon in GW1! I was there. I killed him.” The Fall of Abbadon is pre-GW1. This is the time before the six gods left. A time when the Crystal Desert was called the Crystal Sea. It’s going to be extremely interesting to see how this story unfolds. The lore buff in me is super excited for this! 🙂

  • Lord

    Hi Dulfy,

    Do you know if we can have both miniature Evon Gnashblade and Ellen Kiel or only one.
    I ask this because in the French translation, they say miniature Evon Gnashblade OR Ellen Kiel
    Thanks for your answer

  • MrGulli

    does anyone know whether cof-farming will be nerved in this patch or do we still have some time? 🙁

    • More time I think

  • Baney

    Will we still be able to obtain kite scraps and buy the wind/lightning/fire back skins during this new patch? I didn’t quite get up to 150 bc of being out of town. >.> I looked through the patch notes and stuff, and while there are plenty of “start dates” there any “end date” infos posted by ANet it seems. Just want to know if I need to spend Monday farming the crap out of kite scraps or if I have 2 more weeks so I can get the cool Wind back skin 😉

    • Think so yes, should be able to for another 2 weeks.

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