GW2 Gemstore Kites and Flute

Pictures and video of the GW2 Kites and flute that can be purchased from the gem store for 500 gems each and 800 gems respectively. The kites can also be obtained as a Thank you Gift from Arenanet for purchasing gems between April 1 and June 30.


  • 800 gems
  • If you don’t press another note, it will keep playing that note and stop shortly.
  • Only two octaves.
  • Can be played while moving. Account bound.






Wind Kite – 500 gems each


Lightning Kite (Modeled by Bakc) – 500 gems each


Sun Kite (Modeled by Linxel) – 500 gems each


Guild Kite

  • You can transform any of the above kites to the Guild Kite if you guild have the Guild Armorer unlocked + 15 gold. Talk to the kite merchant behind the bank and he will sell you one.
  • Use this item code to preview: [&AgE1qgAA]


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37 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Kites and Flute”

You can get a guild kite by going to your guild armorer and trading your kite in along with 15 gold.

I tried to visit the guild armorer in LA but there’s no option to do so. Which NPC did you go to?

Is it just if you paid money for gems? I bought a ton of stuff in the gem store during that tmie but used gold to get my gems. Just curious.

it’s for supporting the game. Supporting the game equals using real money. Gold conversions don’t feed the kids. I’m sorry but if you want a thank you for supporting, support them 🙂

no you dont have to buy gems i havent bought any gems since last year and get them for converting and spending them in the store

They are amazing, if they told me beforehand what i get when banking gems in that timeframe, i would have gotten some gems.

Do you want to hear unfair? I purchased gem at 7PM June 30th server time and I do not get a kite because Anet told me that they gave the kites away according to UTC time therefore my purchase was made at 2AM July 1st. So even though I purchased my gem in the correct time frame according to the sever I play on I luck out.

nice anet rocks! didnt expect anything when i bought gems worth 40€. and now i got a mini-pet pack and this kite for free. pretty damn cool!

i would really love to support them. but theye need to fix their prices. as i said paid 40€ and didnt got much of it. i have all the infinite collect tools but these are character bound … thats really dumb imo. :/

Wind, Lightning and Sun Kite, i imagine they are items that stay in bag ?
But the guild one ? Like the preview, in toy slot ?

you dont have to buy any gems you only have to buy something from the store. i been converting all my gems from gold and still get it

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