SWTOR Tauntaun Mounts are coming!

The SWTOR San Diego Cantina Tour flashdrive had some images about the upcoming Patch 2.3 and 2.4  but most importantly the first animal mount in SWTOR – Tauntaun Mount. Images provided by Inora and Xaldorna of Harbinger.

There is currently no information on when Tauntaun Mounts will be arriving and how they will be obtained. Only images were provided so far. My guess would be somewhere in the timeline of patch 2.3 and 2.4 (most likely 2.4).


Here are rest of the images relating to 2.4

Makeb PvP Arena


Space Garage PvP Arena


Tatooine PvP Arena





2.3 Flashpoint Trailer


Once again, special thanks to Inora and Xaldorna of Harbinger for providing me with these images and video.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

101 replies on “SWTOR Tauntaun Mounts are coming!”

OMG nerdgasm <3 cant wait
also, do you know if they are from packs, or a separate cartel item?
on a side note thanks for the quick update 🙂

I wasn’t able to see any of the pics until I got home…so I couldnt ask any of the devs about the tauntaun mount 🙁 They never touched on it during the Q&A. Atleast not that I heard.

i played the arena maps and those will be on 2.4….. they are fun 🙂 the tatooine map was by far the best

Oh interesting, could you be knocked off in the bridge Makeb one by any chance? Tatooine one is pretty much a clone of the little dish thing in outlaws den.

Well, before the nerdgasm commences. I find it a bit disconcerting that a Tauntaun can run as fast as a speeder. Cause I assume these are for 110% mount speed. But whatever…

What would you suggest then? Make them slower then everyone would complain and no one would use them?

its not about realism, more about a sense of perspective. why should an animal mount be as fast as a speeder? just make a speeder, say %120-130 rather than the 110 that it is now. problem solved

Here’s how I view it: they’re not going to be as fast as speeders, because speeders are also what we ride between travel points on virtually all planets. They’re going to be as fast as we drive speeders when we’re not renting them for convenience, which evidentally isn’t anywhere near their top speed.

Well if it is for a sense of perspective, you shouldn’t be able to shoot people in order to heal them. Or die and revive hundreds of times. Or have your ship exploded and back to normal in one second. Or carry pets in your pockets. Or fight a Hovertank with a blaster.

Going by many escort quests ingame, the average Voss, Jawa, and protocol droid can also run as fast as a speeder. And speeders don’t really go that fast to begin with. They just seem fast compared to plodding along on foot.

Someone did the math in a thread I once saw on the swtor forum and he came to the result that the fastst speeder travels by 60 km/h
that’s not incredibly fast

Out of curiosity, what was the fastest mount in VANILLA WoW? 120km/h?

I say Vanilla because I’m still hopping for 120%, 130% and 140% speeders next year.

I never saw the point of Dewbacks as mounts. I mean Tauntauns make sense because they can survive in the climate of Hoth. The speeders were having trouble adapting so they used Tauntauns.

But Dewbacks make no sense. They have speeders working on Tattoine so why use a slow moving lizard creature?

Tauntaum mounts…I have a tip for improve the game faster: Bring back SWG so we can play a real SW game!!! Those things was already there since 2004.

Believe it or not, many things in SWG were far superior to those in TOR, especially in the early and final months (I’d really have liked to see where SWG would be now if EA and LA had allowed it to co-exist with TOR).
I like TOR and have been a subscriber since (pre-) launch, but I would prefer to play SWG over it any day, as it was an actual MMORPG and didn’t feel like a single player/co-op game with MMO elements halfheartedly tacked onto it in what appears to be a quite sloppy manner.
Sure, SWG had it’s weaknesses and those are generally much improved in TOR, but the things SWG excelled at TOR is lacking in severly. Heck, TOR doesn’t even have the simplest multiplayer communication features like chat bubbles, for example (please visit to support chat bubbles in TOR!). But that’s just one thing. There are countless others like housing, proper space combat (including atmospheric flight towards the end!), mounts (including multi-passenger ones), POB ships for 20 players to man stations on, pets, crafting, entertainment, image design (that unlike the Appearance designer kiosk had much more options and didn’t cost cartel coins to boot), a great armor/clothe recolor system, an appearance tab, a variety of species including Wookiees, Sullustans, Mon Calamari, and more, moddability, subscribers being actually valued and listened to (at least in the final years), and the list goes on.
In my opinion, the best features of SWG mixed with the best features of TOR would make one killer Star Wars MMORPG.

In the end when Lucasarts ended SWG there were under 20k subs and was decreasing by 5k every 2-3 months, im really not sure where all the nostalgia is coming from since that game was dead well before they removed the license from SoE.

I wont even start on the major issues that SWTOR currently have.. Like the major focus on the cartel market and the poor amount of bug fixes and class balance.. At least its combat system is working.. more or less, better than SWG ever had.

it was actually less then that because SOE counted people who had a Station Pass (allows them to play all of SOE MMOs) as subscribers even if they never played SWG

You are comparing 8 years of an MMO to 1.4 years of a new MMO. If you go by the same timeline SWG didn’t even have any Space flight.

SWG was also full of game breaking bugs, boring missions,

I mean just look at SWG version of flashpoints

or their mission termainls. Yup these were the only quests in the game.

and half the time the mission would bug by spawning the target UNDER GROUND or IN SOMEONES HOUSE. so you had to abandon it and go back to get another one.

Personally speaking, I never really liked SWG the times I tried to get in to it. Perhaps it’s because I am more in to the story aspect of games and other aspect SWTOR excels at IMO, rather then housing etc. I kinda fail to see how SWTOR isn’t a real SW game either. In many ways, I would personally take the Old Republic era rather then the SWG/film era. It is a shame it had to close though, would have been nice to have both games available for those who wanted them.

You mean the game who went to freee to play in 8 months while the other lasted 8 years ? You mean the game without end game or replayability, with a skyfox simulator and crafting for dumbs or the one with a real economy player driven , full explorable, with cities ruled by players, open worl combat and with real space? LoL talking about 6 years old guys.

I don’t feel as if I can comment on most of your other comparisons (Although things like player houses and cities never really appealed to me) but how can you say that SWTOR lacks re-playability? Each class has their own unique story, each gender has their own voice actor, many quests have different outcomes and events depend on your Light Side/Dark Side choices (Including the class story) etc. Far more re-playability them any other MMO I can think off.

You are saying it… the game has one history for each class(something stupid for the genre, but seems like people now preffers live other peoples stories than theirs…). When the story is over the game is ovewr, repeat the same warzones , flashpoints and operations again and again for years is just boring.. .SWG wasa sandbox, every day was …a different day, events like planetary invasions was different every day. We lived our lives in a star wars universe. im sad for the people who never could experience the real SWG. I have 7 toons at SWOTR just because it says SW in the box, but never felt the joy or the pride we experienced the 8 years we played SWG. Everysingle guy of my old swg guild left swtor the first 2 months. Was so plain, so easy…so repetitive and dead… was not a mmorpg, wass a graphic adventure with coperative features.
Sorry but SWG was much more complex and fun…

Personally speaking, I think its brilliant that they have added such a class system in to an MMO. I play games for the story mostly, not really for how complex, or hard they are or to prove myself to anybody, and SWTOR has the best story and level of immersion in any MMO I have played. The story may stop for a bit in some ways when you reach endgame, but they do continue to add both story content with new Flashpoints (We are getting two in 2.3), WZ’s and the like in expansions and patches. As I said before, sandbox-style games like SWG and others never really appealed to me. Each to there own though, and I am sorry that SWG is no longer playable. I must ask why you continue to play SWTOR though, despite the fact you seem to find little enjoyment out of the game.

as opposed to the game that failed so hard they completely redesigned it from the ground up to save it?

I’m honestly horrified at the possibile consequences of being dismounted by damage whilst riding a Tauntaun.


Some people will go mad rageing, if you can use it on other planets than Hoth and Ilum! Lore-rape, lore-rape!

But now we know how it’s going on. Many cute little things, fluff for the player. Classic Star Wars archetype – Ewok, Taun Taun – what will be next? Thats how they will make money in SW:TOR.

I think it should be pointed out again, if not already, that we have no idea just how this mount is going to be added in-game. Yes, it could be via the CM, or it could be sold as by a vendor, it could be a reputation reward, it could be a drop off a boss, it could be a subscriber benefit, it could be a pre-order bonus for a new expansion, it could be something completely different or it could be a several of those things. All we can be certain for sure is that one day, this will most likely be a mount added in to the game! ^_^

rofl failure? The second largest subscription MMO is a failure? Well if the second largest subscription MMO is a failure that means every MMO that isn’t WoW should be shut down according to you.

Sub based MMO? I thought we were talking about ToR, the sub based game that failed so hard they went F2P in under 18 months. Shit Rift held its sub count longer than ToR AND they got TaunTaun mount first LOL.

Not my fault this game sucks, I saw this article pop up and just wanted to LOL at this failed PoS. You guys can continue to worship your poorly made MMO.

rofl so a article just magically appeared on your computer about SWTORs success and you thought you would laugh at it for failing?

Shine on you crazy diamond.

The article is about ToR Finally getting Tauntaun mounts, which I am sure will cost you a pretty penny. But Live in your bubble where your failed MMO is the 2nd best on the market atm…..

Brain Sleider is likely a disgruntled WoW fan pining for those vanilla days of yore. Don’t worry Brian, you can always snuggle with your screenshots and fap to your fraps.

But please tell me What is the BEST MMO on the market? I really want to know

rofl then why are you here? I don’t like the Transformers movies in fact I think they are one of the worst movies ever made. But I would never waste my time going to a Transformers website to bash it for no reason.

I just ignore them. Yet you feel the need to keep up on all the news of SWTOR and take time and effort to bash it.

When you troll, you’re not supposed to go “full retard”. You’re supposed to be more subtle. We’re not SUPPOSED to notice that you’re an idiot within a second or two of reading your post. Back to school with you.

we are talking about TOR its still the second largest Sub Based MMO.

Tor just had larger goals then Rift. TOR at its lowest still had more subs then RIft at its peak.

The fact is it was run by EA and EA made sure it always stayed in the black. TOR has always been profitable EA made sure of that.

I’m sure TOR has made more money in its 18 moths then RIFT has its entire life span. So I fail to see how thats a failure

You also seem to be under the impression that F2P is a dirty word.

Comparing RIFT to SWTOR is a bit like comparing apples to oranges.

SWTOR had a budget of over $200 million and had full access to a decades-long multi-billion dollar established IP with hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. RIFT’s budget was “over $50 million” and was developed from scratch (IIRC). Just looking at budgets, it’s easy to anticipate SWTOR would have substantially higher earnings and subscriber base. As of May 2013, SWTOR’s actual subscriber numbers were ~500,000 which, I’m sure everyone can agree, is at least 30% higher than RIFT.

In RIFT’s defense, the “entire life span” comment is a bit of a misnomer since RIFT’s only been around nine more months, not years. RIFT did pay for itself twice over within the first nine months. Both games have had a paid expansion. Both games offer subscription and F2P models now.

However, if you look at what’s actually being *played*, RIFT’s numbers crush SWTOR by ~10x over the past couple of months according to Raptr. RIFT users are extremely sticky and have been playing considerably more than SWTOR players. You can make that mean whatever you want.

I realize none of this will sway anonymous conversations on the interwebs, but I do believe there’s plenty of space in the MMORPG-sphere for many games to be “successful”, even if they don’t strictly meet our (of completely exaggerated and unrealistic) expectations.

I’ve never heard of Raptr but I know by Xfire’s tracking SWTOR has been crushing RIFT by hours played.

Seeing as more users still use Xfire I would trust their numbers.

So take that for what it is.

Of course very simply more subscribers of SWTOR pretty much equates to more hours played.

I agree that there is plenty of room for succesful MMOs. In fact i’d even contend that any MMO that is still online and adding new content is succesful.

It’ been a WoW copy cat, with story cut scenes, from the beginning. Whenever the devs don’t have an idea they look at WoW and do it the same way.

There are some TOR-unique ideas, but they are all no longer progressed. Shame!

This games pvp scene NEEDS arena. Its much easier to set up than 8 man teams of Ranked. You’re probably angry that Bioware stole your sweet roll so now you bash every other progression the game makes. Bottom line: The PvP Scene NEEDS Arena or some kind of small scale PvP. If you’re too blind to see this and just label it as stealing from WoW then you simply cant be helped.

All i’m saying is that there better be a Cartel item that allows you to regain health by cutting open the taunttaun and sleeping inside it.

The SWG fan-boy’s killed SWG with there bitching and tantrums.and here it is year’s later and they still cant move on it’s just sad. You all hated SWG when it was live but now you love it so much,you cant let others be happy in a new game.

No, we hated CU and NGE. SWG had tons of great elements. Player housing, fantastic crafting system, space combat not on bloody rails that NEVER changes even ONE time.

Absolutely correct, SWG killed SWG. Cu was decent but lost the richness of original SWG. And NGE was just awful, you go from the most rich skill/weapons systems ever. To a water down dumb down shadow of its self.

To say SWG fan-boys killed SWG (Dave Miller said). is Ignorant, and just plan stupid

I am really glad to see finally animal mounts have joined the game, I think they kinda overused the mechnical mounts with all their different colours etc. The pvp scene looks like it’s going to get a great boost with those new Arena’s.

I haven’t played SWTOR in a while (finished playing shortly after RoTHC as I refuse to play F2P in this game as it’s so poor), I might return when these patches get added to see how much the game has progressed.

I do hope this game improves a lot (even tho I think it has the best MMO PvP out there) but lately the game has felt very flat (and not impressed with the cartel store as they putting way too much effort into that content rather than the “games” content which is fine if they want to go that way but drop the sub and be like GW2 don’t be greedy and expect subbing and store like that)

Cause it doesn’t cost anything to develop games right? There is sooooooooo much to do in this game after you’ve finished the story, just gotta go find it man!
I have no problem with the cartel market cause it plays a big role in keeping this game going.

My comment is the one directly below this one (for some reason it posted as guest instead of my name)

lemme guess, same ridiculously slow speeds as the mounts currently in game… And what else do they do? Can they jump higher than other mounts? Can they attack mobs for you or allow you to wield your weapon without dismounting? I’m guessing every f2p noob with their parents credit card and a few cartel coins will be able to get one too… Get ready for 1000 tuantauns roaming the fleet!

If they want to entice us to stay with this game they should give us something new once in a while! How about a pod racer mount that actually goes faster than the non-pod racer mounts! How ’bout a flying thranta mount! Is that so hard bioware???

For those wondering about the speed of the tauntaun mounts…

Tauntauns were the primary prey of the wampas. Besides their horns, natural camouflage, and their safety in numbers, tauntauns also relied on their ability to run 90 kilometers-per-hour(55.16 miles) to survive. The wampas got around this by ambushing their prey — attempting to kill them before they could escape. -Wookiepedia,

Average Human running speed is 5-8 miles an hour, and sprint for short distance at an average, 12-15miles an hour. Let’s equate the ‘sprint’ in TOR as say, 15miles/hr. Your top speeder speed(Speeder Piloting rank 3) is 110% of running speed. so your top speeders in game would have a top speed, on average, of just 31.5 miles an hour. A Tauntaun, with their running capability, is essentially a 267.5% ‘speed’ mount. Check my math though, I might have messed it all up ;P In which case, forget everything I’ve said.

And for those saying ‘Lore-rape’ regarding riding Tauntauns anywhere aside from Hoth:

Some years after the Galactic Civil War had ended, tauntauns were exported from Hoth to the cold-climate regions of other worlds such as Coruscant. They were used as mounts, beasts of burden and tourist attractions. However, they longed for their old home and became surly and stubborn because of this homesickness. -Wookiepedia


Unlike its larger cousin, though, the scaly tauntauns lived in small groups beneath the surface, near hot springs and geothermal vents. – Scaly Tauntauns, a slightly smaller subspecies of tauntaun,

I guess pretty much like Huskies and Malamutes, though at home in a colder climate, can survive/adapt in a warmer climate. So essentially, a genetically enhanced tauntaun that is adaptable to any weather is not so much of a stretch. And hey, which company better to pull it off than Czerka? I’m a much ‘Lore-oriented’ person myself, but regarding this sort of topic? I could give a rat’s ass about lore. ;P

Hi Dulfy, not sure if anyone has posted it here, but a guildmate of mine found some PTS notes/info on how to obtain the tauntaun mount, just forwarding here. Feel free to delete my post if it has already been posted 🙂

Based on some new data on the PTS, it looks like there will be some kind of quest to obtain the Tauntaun mounts:

Mountain Tauntaun – Unlocks the Mountain Tauntaun creature mount. Movement speed increases based on the rank of your Speeder Piloting skill. The Mountain Tauntaun is a reptomammal indigenous to icy climates such as Hoth. An expert creature handler can domesticate Tauntauns as riding animals.

Tundra Tauntaun – Unlocks the Tundra Tauntaun creature mount. Movement speed increases based on the rank of your Speeder Piloting skill. The Tundra Tauntaun is a reptomammal indigenous to icy climates such as Hoth. An expert creature handler can domesticate Tauntauns as riding animals.

Tauntaun Domestication Data – This datapad contains a record of zoological data about the Tauntaun species which would prove useful to creature handlers. With enough data, Tauntauns can be domesticated and trained as riding animals.

You can collect more data by using a Tauntaun Lure to study the creatures in the wild:
Tauntaun Lure – Nectar-rich fruits are scarce in icy climates, making them an attractive snack for growing Tauntauns. Animal handlers use these fruits as lures in order to befriend and domesticate wild Tauntauns.

Tauntaun Lure – Has a chance to lure out a Protective Tauntaun when fed to a fawn in a Tauntaun nest. Defend the nest to collect domestication data.

Protective Tauntaun – Defend the nest to collect domestication data.

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