SWTOR Patch 2.2.3 update notes

SWTOR patch notes for patch 2.2.3 which will head to live servers on Tuesday, July 23.

Game Update 2.2.3 Patch Notes


Cartel Market
    New Items
    • A new bundle is available on the Cartel Market. The Unlimited Content Bundle offers players the ability to participate in all extended content. Note: this bundle contains items that require level 50. Cost: 2650 Cartel Coins (Discounted by 50% for a limited time!)
    Bug Fixes
    • The Primordial Blaster Besh is no longer Main Hand only and can now be equipped as an Offhand weapon.
  • In-game Customer Support tickets are now limited to 1610 characters.
  • Jumping without a weapon drawn will now animate properly after using a vehicle.
Classes and Combat
    Jedi Knight
      • Quickly using an ability that does not respect the Global Cooldown (such as Saber Ward) after using Force Camouflage no longer causes the player to become invisible.
    Sith Warrior
      • Quickly using an ability that does not respect the Global Cooldown (such as Saber Ward) after using Force Camouflage no longer causes the player to become invisible.
Companion Characters
  • Ashara Zavros no longer displays incorrect skin texture when Customization 3 is equipped.
  • The Pocket Sarlacc and Portable Relaxation Unit now include the bullet text "This item is not consumed on use" when viewed in Collections.
  • The "Revan’s Heir" Title has been added to Collections.
  • The following items are no longer missing art in the Collections Window:
    • Reusable Jawagram: Awesome
    • Reusable Jawagram: May The Force Be With You
    • Reusable Jawagram: Party On
    • Ebon-wing Flutterplume
Crew Skills
    Crafting Skills
      • Crafting Underworld Implants now requires the correct amount of materials.
Flashpoints and Operations
      Mandalorian Raiders
      • To prevent instances where Gil could not be looted if he is killed mid-air, his corpse is now teleported to the center of the room.
      Terror From Beyond
      • Dread Guards now deal slightly less damage and have decreased health in Nightmare Mode.
      Scum and Villainy
      • During the encounter with Dread Master Styrak, all players standing in the "Nightmarish Discharge" will be damaged, rather than just one.
      • During the encounter with Dread Master Styrak, healers who have obtained their 36-point Skill Tree ability (such as Salvation) are now far less likely to be pulled into Nightmare Manifestation and be forced to face their Companion Character.
      • During the encounter with Thrasher, damage from the Demolitionist’s "Rocket Launcher" ability now applies when the rocket collides, rather than slightly before.
      • Thrasher’s "Massive Stomp" no longer affects players standing on the upper level of the encounter area.
      • When a player is killed by Titan 6’s "Huge Grenade", the combat log will no longer incorrectly indicate that the player was defeated by Grapple.
Items and Economy
    • New Vehicle! The Red Sphere vehicle can now be obtained as a rare drop from Xenoanalyst in Hard Mode.
    • The "Unify to Chestpiece" option now functions properly for Dye Modules with only one color (Primary or Secondary).
    • Using a non-stackable item while there is another item of the same type in the Inventory Window no longer causes the additional item to become bound to the player.
    • The Imperial Collector’s Edition Vendor once again sells Customization 3 for Ashara Zavros.
  • New Achievements are available for the Relics of the Gree Event!
  • Imperial Agents are now properly granted the Achievement for completing Chapter 1. Players who have already completed Chapter 1 will be retroactively granted the Achievement and its rewards.
  • Defeating the final encounter in The Foundry Flashpoint in Normal or Hard Mode now grants the appropriate Achievement.
  • While on Makeb, players no longer need to complete the mission step "Regulators Diverted Troops from Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring to the Cartel Mining Mesa" in order to be granted the "Making the Connection" Achievement.
Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droid
  • When a buried treasure is found with the Seeker Droid, there is now a higher chance to find deployment boosts, reputation trophies, secure crates, or speeder parts.
  • The Seeker Droid no longer has a random chance to dig up items when the player is not near a buried treasure.
  • Junk items dug up by the Seeker Droid are now level 10 or below.
  • Gear can no longer be dug up by the Seeker Droid, with the exception of Dreadseed and Star Forager armor.
  • Special buried treasure (one per Seeker Droid digsite) now has a greater chance of being a rare speeder part.
Missions and NPCs
      • Relics of the Gree missions now provide Basic Commendations instead of Classic Commendations.
      Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droid Missions
      • The Alchemy of Evil (Republic): Removed some enemy barks during the "Defeat the Corrupted Sithspawn Experiment" mission step.
      • [HEROIC 4] Dark Design: This mission now displays all tasks properly in the Mission Log.
      • Hidden Perils: This mission no longer provides a reward option between two items with identical stats.
      • Where Madness Takes Root: This mission no longer provides a reward option between two items with identical stats.
      World Missions
        • Stage 2 – Demoralize and Demolish (Imperial): Players on this bonus mission are now able to click on the Jedi Monuments to destroy them, rather than needing to defeat a droid over the statue’s head.
        • Disgusting Native Life (Imperial): This mission is now available for players who have completed either of the "Forcing Their Hand" missions.
      Relics of the Gree Event
      • Enemies in the Western Ice Shelf during the Relics of the Gree event are now level 55.
      • Xenoanalyst is now level 55 and drops improved loot in all difficulty modes:
        • Elite Commendations and Ultimate Commendations
        • Arkanian Tokens in Story Mode
        • Underworld Tokens in Hard ModeThe new Red Sphere vehicle as a rare drop in Hard Mode
      • Gravak’k is now level 55 and drops improved loot.
      • Surgok’k is now level 55 and drops improved loot.
      • Gravak’k and Surgok’k now drop both Black Market and Hazmat gear.
    • Players who queue for a Warzone while in a group can no longer become "stuck" in the queue without the ability to leave.
    World PvP
    • During the Relics of the Gree Event, Bolster is enabled in the Western Ice Shelf of Ilum for level 50-55 players.
    • Players are no longer given an incorrect error message in some cases when purchasing a character unlock that also has an account wide unlock.
    • Global experience modifiers (such as Double XP Weekend bonuses and guild experience bonuses) are now taken into account when previewing rewards for current missions in the Mission Log.
    • Codex entries no longer contain text that is cut off, allowing for information to be properly displayed.
    • Imperial Agents who complete or have completed the mission "The Fall of House Cortess" on Alderaan are now granted the "Operation: Silverplate" Codex entry.
    • Imperial Agents who complete or have completed the "Armageddon" mission on Corellia are now granted the "Black Codex: The Star Cabal’s Endgame (Agent)" Codex entry.
    • Players who complete or have completed either the "Regicide" or "Usurper" missions on Alderaan are now granted the Persons of Note Codex entry for Bouris Ulgo.
    • Troopers who complete or have completed the "Prisoner of War" mission on Alderaan are now granted the Persons of Note Codex entry for Markus Thul.
    • Sith Inquisitors who complete or have completed the "A Woman Scorned" mission on Alderaan are now granted the Persons of Note Codex entry for Rehanna Rist.
    • Unlocking HK-51 now grants the Faction-appropriate Persons of Note Codex entry.
    • The HK-51 Codex entry no longer counts towards or is required to complete entries on Belsavis.
    • Players are now able to unlock the "Devaronian" Species Codex entry.
    • Semi-colons no longer prevent Guild Member Notes or Officer Notes from being edited.
    • Guild Experience Bonus will now be applied to the amount of experience displayed in the Mission Reward Window upon completing a mission.
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
  • Corrected several instances of missing text in the French and German versions.
  • Human Male characters with head option 22 no longer feel pretty and now wear the male versions of all equipped gear. Additionally, when equipping some of the more revealing outfits, their legs will display the proper texture.
  • Corrected rare instances where players were not charged properly when using a Paid Character Transfer.


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