GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Aetherized Weapon skins gallery

A gallery of all the GW2 Aetherized weapons you can obtained from the Cutthroat Politics patch as either rewards from Candidate Trials or from the Black Lion chests.

Candidate Trials

  • Higher tiers have more chances to drop Aetherized weapon skins.

Black Lion chests.

  • Collect either a Black Lion Weapon Ticket or ten Black Lion Weapon Ticket Scraps, available exclusively in Black Lion Chests
  • You can exchange them for weapons at the Black Lion Weapons Specialist behind the bank in Lion’s Arch.

Aetherized Axe[&AgHDqwAA]

  • Modeled by Red Mauler


Aetherized Dagger – [&AgHEqwAA]

  • Modeled by Wilkz X


Aetherized Aspect (Focus) – [&AgHFqwAA]

  • Modeled by Asraen


Aetherized Greatsword – [&AgHGqwAA] 

  • Modeled by Jonstern


Aetherized Hammer – [&AgHHqwAA]

  • Modeled by Ninja Sonic


Aetherized Longbow – [&AgHIqwAA] 

  • Modeled by Sionn Frost


Aetherized Mace – [&AgGtqQAA] – [&AgHJqwAA]


Aetherized Pistol – [&AgGvqQAA] – [&AgHKqwAA]

  • Modeled by Rhenaya Aerlinthe


Aetherized Rifle – [&AgHLqwAA] 

  • Modeled by Baroness of Pound


Aetherized Scepter – [&AgHMqwAA]

  • Modeled by Asraen


Aetherized Shield – [&AgGuqQAA]

  • Modeled by Vex Gearsplitter


Aetherized Shortbow – [&AgHOqwAA]

  • Modeled by Vereesa Kitten


Aetherized Spear – [&AgHPqwAA]

  • Modeled by Mystery Moa


Aetherized Harpoon Gun – [&AgHQqwAA]


Aetherized Staff – [&AgHRqwAA]

  • Modeled by Vindicatum


Aetherized Sword – [&AgHSqwAA]

  • Modeled by Mystery Moa


Aetherized Torch – [&AgHTqwAA] 


Aetherized Trident – [&AgHUqwAA]


Aetherized Warhorn – [&AgHVqwAA]


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31 replies on “GW2 Aetherized Weapon skins gallery”

In a recent interview, Colin alluded to adding new weapons. Perhaps the Rapier will be a weapon type of its own

Wow… No rapier? 🙁 That was pretty much the only Aetherized weapon I was looking forward to. Still, the Rifle, Speargun and Pistol look pretty nice. The Steam Trumpet just cracks me up whenever I look at it. XD

By drops do you mean the loot of bags(massive) on the floor i only seen like 3 of them at max per run.

thank goodness i dont like most of it.~! now i can ignore and get on with life!

gonna miss those revolver though =’P

ANET is starting to piss people off by pulling the “rewards from chest only” thing. That is a FTP strategy. The “rare” drops will sadly be more like “ultra rare” for me.

But they sell on the TP for ~60g each which is very affordable unless you started in 2013. Also, how would you keep the items rare if they weren’t a rare drop, expensive, unlocked through progression or bought with real money?

Just play the trials, have a 1/1000 chance to get one, get gold while doing it. If you don’t have enough gold/time to get it then you have a last shot on the chests which you can buy and support the development even further.

LOL I started day of launch but I don’t play all the time; 60g is far from affordable unless you play everyday!!

ANET has made over 160 MILLION in game sales alone. This doesn’t include micro-transactions. So to pay four guys to sit and develop jumping puzzles and Mario Kart ripoff games isn’t covered by that? You have the same chanced to win the Pick 3 Lottery as to “winning” a rare Aetherblade skin.
Pick 3 Straight — Any 3-digit number from 000 to 999. Match in exact order
1 : 1,000. I should play Pick 3 to win real money and just buy gold from gold sellers to buy these skins from the TP sellers.

BTW, send me 60G since it isn’t much.

Never said it wasn’t much, just saying that it’s do-able and if you play the game you automatically get there. In GW2 there isn’t much to spend on except for looks so if the “Best” or rarest armour would be cheap then what goals would you have? Games are supposed to have long term goals otherwise you will get tired of it unless you’re playing it competitive which also can be seen as a goal (Getting better)

I will although agree on the gambling part and they should really make it less luck (Maybe sell dungeon keys who unlock a new mini dungeon with 1 guaranteed ticket reward or something) but I think the lottery scrap is a step in the right direction at least. But saying that they only add JP’s and mario kart games is such a big lie, have you seen the content updates? The Living story? The Holiday Events? The Balance Patches? Gw2 has done more than well providing stuff for us gamers.

And how would you make an item rare AND keep everyone happy? It is bound to have people who dislike it no matter how you try since people are different. Some prefer to work for their pay and some just wants it without doing something in return. Leeches of society I call them.

P.S If you would like tips on how to get gold search for Gw2TradingPostBlog, it’s run by a dude named Marcko and he helped me with my first 100g. Got a couple of friends who is up at 1000g O_O

P.S.S Sorry for all grammar/spelling mistakes or whatnot but I kind of did this in a rush.

nice to see some original designs but not really into the whole steampunk thing tbj.. what does it mean by “modeled by xx” ?

I was fortunate enough to get the greatsword, would love to get the hammer but I may end up just saying fuck-it because I don’t wanna spend money for a slim chance.

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