GW2 Cutthroat Politics patch coverage guide

A guide to the GW2 Cutthroat Politics patch scheduled to be released on July 23 and runs until August 6, 2013.


Weapon/Armor Skins



Patch Notes


Desert Rose Backpiece from Southsun Survival (rare drop)



Zephyr Rucksack from Aspect Arena (rare drop)



Mini Evon Gnaslblade and Ellen Kiel for completing achievements (pics courtesy of Aurora Mistfire)


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

21 replies on “GW2 Cutthroat Politics patch coverage guide”

I agree, but I was hoping to see vids from here instead of being forced to watch twitch preview of the second half of living story.

Enjoy your wildstar class and weapon restrictions and horrible control scheme along with poor races to choose from and gimmicky home instancing.
You have rose colored glasses for that mmo just like a typical member of the great unwashed, fickle and fleeting.

BTW, you can also get Desert Rose Backpiece and Zephyr Rucksack from Fortune Scrap Vendor. Each of them costs 200 Fortune Scraps.

I got at least 3 roses but not a single Zephyr Rucksack :{
the second I posted this comment I got one 😀

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