GW2 Southsun Survival Cutthroat Politics guide

A guide to the GW2 Southsun Survival minigame introduced as part of the Cutthroat Politics patch.

How to start

Talk to Evon Gnashblade to start this minigame



  • Be the last alive.
  • Look for ammos, rations, traps and weapons to help you survive.
    • Ammos are limited in quantity so use them wisely.
  • Kill or avoid other competitors to survive.
  • If you die in the first two minutes of the competition you can revive. Beyond that time, you fade into the Mists.
  • Everyone starts around the bonfire with a limited number of supplies. You can try and grab some supplies or run elsewhere to try and get supplies in a safer manner.
  • There are fruit bushes all over the island you can scavenge for rations to keep your hunger at bay. There are also supply camps where you can scavenge for supplies.
  • You get a debuff called Hunger that depletes your health over time (-5 HP every second and you have 1000 HP). This prevent you from hiding in one place the whole game.
  • Once you fade into the Mists, you will need to collect revenge motes that players leave behind to set traps for other players. Blue revenge mores are left behind whenever a survivor scavenge for supplies or attack/trap another survivor.
    • Traps that summon a Champion Karka
    • Traps that alert everyone on the island of your location .
    • Traps that drops all of your collected rations.
  • You have a rare chance to get the Desert Rose backpack from playing this minigame.


You are equipped with a bow at the start but no arrows. Once you find arrows, you will find the following skills active (#5 skill is active regardless of arrows)

Icon Skill Name Description
gw2-single-shot-southsun-survivor Single Shot
  • Fire a single arrow at your target.
  • Consumes one arrow.
  • Range 2000
  • 1.25s cast time
gw2-crippling-shot-southsun-survivor Crippling Shot
  • Fire a crippling shot at your target. Crippled foes move at a reduced speed until a ratio is consumed.
  • Consumes one arrow.
  • Range 2000
  • 2s cast time
gw2-disarming-shot-souithsun-survivor Disarming Shot
  • Shoot a disarming shot at your target. Disarmed foes cannot use bow skills until a ration is consumed.
  • Skill consumes one arrow.
  • Range 2000
  • 2s cast time
gw2-head-shot-southsun-survivor Head Shot
  • Shoot at your target’s head, killing them instantly. Cannot move while aiming.
  • Consumes one arrow.
  • Range 2000
  • 2.75s cast time
gw2-sprint-southsun-survivor Sprint
  • Applies Swiftness
  • 45s cooldown

The following skills are not active until you find the appropriate item from scavenging.

Icon Skill Name Description
gw2-consume-ration-southsun-survival Consume Ration
  • Recover all health, and remove Cripple, Disarm, and Bleeding
gw2-ration-trap-southsun-survival Ration Trap
  • Places a ration trap at your location. Creates a fake passion fruit plant that explodes on proximity
gw2-pickpocket-trap-southsun-survival Pickpocket Trap
  • Place a pickpocket trap at your location. The foe who trips this will be knocked down and lose all items.
gw2-alarm-trap-southsun-survival Alarm Trap
  • Place an alarm trap at your location. The foe who trips this will cause a loud noise and bright lights to flash, revealing their location.
  • Torment (20s): 200 damage, 200 damage if moving
  • Torment (10s): 100 damage, 100 damage if moving
gw2-apply-camouflage-southsun-survival Apply Camouflage
  • Become invisible, as long as you remain in place
  • Duration: 10s
  • 45s cooldown

When you die past the two minutes mark, you turn into the mist form and gain the following five abilities, all except #5 requires motes of revenge to function.

Icon Skill Name Description
gw2-pull-of-the-mists-southsun-survival Pull of the Mists
  • Place a trap that instantly teleports you to whoever triggers it. Consumes 1 revenge mote
gw2-nice-trip-southsun-survival Nice Trip
  • Place a pickpocket trap at target location. The foe who trips this will be knocked down and lose all items. Consume 4 revenge motes.
gw2-a-sign-from-beyond-southsun-survival A Sign from Beyond
  • Place an alarm trap at target location. The foe who trips this will cause a loud noise and bright lights to flash, revealing their location. Consumes 4 revenge motes
gw2-call-of-karka-southsun-survival Call of Karka
  • Summon an invincible karka at target location. Consume 10 revenge motes.
gw2-mists-merge-southsun-survival Mists Merge
  • Dash forward at the speed of light

Map & Scavenging

You don’t have the entire Southsun Cove map to roam. You are mostly restricted to the eastern half as that is where settlements (blue icons) are. Form these settlements you will scavenge for supplies. Settlements eventually run out of supplies and become inactive (grey icon). Red settlements are occupied by karka and cannot be accessed.


You have a chance to grab supplies from the big bonfire at the start. There are rations, weapons, arrows, traps, and kits to grab. This is also a good opportunity for players who snatched weapons and arrows to smack around other players for easy points.


Once everyone scatters from the bonfire, your supplies will be limited to these blue settlements where you can find Miscellaneous Goods if you hold down the ctrl key.


You will also find some passiflora between settlements. There is a very high chance that these are actually traps (#7 Ration Trap) that will explode when in proximity so don’t go near them unless you absolutely need rations


In addition to the passiflora trap, beware of the alarm trap. There will be a beam of light and noise around that location with the minimap beeping. If you go near it, you will get two stacks of Torment and will likely die unless you have rations.


Players that die and turned into mist form will need revenge motes to use their abilities. Revenge (blue) motes are dropped everytime a survivor scavenge an item or kill/trap another survivor. Survivors who are happily scavenging should be ware that doing so will give “fuel” to the mist opponents, allowing them to use their abilities on you.


Most the abilities possessed by the mists opponents are more annoying than harmful but if they can gather up 10 revenge motes, they can summon a champion karka on you who will literally one shot you unless you get lucky and dodged the attacks.

Survivors can check what another survivor is carrying by looking at the buff icons under their names. The two most position ones are the arrow count and the ration count. High arrow and ration counts are good targets to kill as they will drop these when they die for you to scavenge.



  • If you can, try grab the pistol from the bonfire. The pistol have 3 rounds, each round is sufficient to kill a player, giving you a headstart in points.
  • If you see another player is making a Headshot towards you (the animation is fairly obvious), shoot them with your #1 skill. This will damage them and interrupt their Headshot. If there isn’t enough time to react, try to dodge the arrow.
  • A good time to aim your headshot at someone is when they are bending down to use a ration. They are likely looking down at the ground while doing this and less likely noticing you shooting them.
  • Camouflage and headshot is a good combo. You can get a good headstart on a headshot before they even notice it. 
  • The champion karka you summon sometimes won’t be able to catch the escaping player. Try summon the karka when they are in a narrow passage or bending down to use the rations.
  • Best place to summon a karka is on a  crowded settlement filled with survivors looking for supplies. This can net your karka a multi-kill, earning you a lot of points.


  • Scavenging: 1 pt /scavenge (this includes revenge motes too)
  • Arrow hits: 1pt/hit
  • Player kills: 5 pts/kill
  • Sucessful traps: 2 pts/trap
  • Final Survivor: 50 pts


You earn the following achievements towards Support Evon Gnashblade

Survival Survivor (5 pts)

  • Play 15 games of Southsun Survival
Tier Amount Points
1 1 1
2 5 1
3 15 3

Southsun Survival: High Scorer (5 pts)

  • Earn 2500 points while playing Southsun Survival.
Tier Amount Points
1 1 1
2 100 1
3 1000 1
4 2500 2

Southsun Survival: Master Marksman (10 pts)

  • Use 10 sucessful Headshots against opponents in Southsun Survival.
Tier Amount Points
1 1 1
2 5 4
3 10 5

Southsun Survival Regular (0 pts)

  • Play 6 rounds of Southsun Survival
  • You get a loot bag containing 1 rare


You get a chest everytime for completion which includes

  • 2 Support Tokens
  • 1 Bag of Coins (couple silvers)
  • 1 Thimble of Liquid Karma (728 karma)
  • 1 random green/blue item

Rarely, you will also get the Desert Rose backpiece



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30 replies on “GW2 Southsun Survival Cutthroat Politics guide”

BR wasn’t even the first to have people (children included) kidnapped and fighting in an arena. ;} It’s an idea that people will eventually come up with. This is more HG than BR.

The end of the last beta before the game’s release they gave all players on a chance to play a mini game Called Hunger Battle Royale, or something similar. It was a lot like this. I believe that’s what they’re referring to.

Well hunger didn’t really play a part in Battle Royale, it was the explosive collars that drove them to turn on each other! If the match starts with each player given a random weapon… (I never got to grab the pistol!)

I won a game last night and no Rose, thought for sure they would give you one if you won automatically but ahh well. Its a fun mini game and kudos to Anet for not making “Be the soul survivor” an achievement. I don’t think I could have taken the community outrage if there was such an achievement.

You can check them out at the Fortune Scrap dealer in the Zephyr Sanctum area. That and the rucksack from the Evon’s game.

can’t say I’ve ever seen that light armor before… it’s not listed in any of the armor galleries. Anyone care to clue me in?

It’s the conjurer rare armor (what the Elementalist trainer NPC wears in LA).

Get it via some of the high end story quests, drops from boss chests, etc. Its quite common on the TP.

Was a good idea on paper but the game from what I seen encourages people to be lazy, the winners often just have enough rations to stay put and cos they’re not scavenging the ghosts that tail them won’t be able to karka them. 102 games I played, got 6 roses out of it, it can be fun I’ll add, I was the last man standing just once, had a few 2nd places but for those struggling with the rather demanding 2500 pts achievement while the survivor bonus is substantial (2%) often the mvp isn’t the survivor, you can farm many points from scavenging and collecting revenge motes, use the basic trap as a ghost and that’s 2 pts when triggered at the cost of 1 mote, best part is it does no harm to the survivor so you can do this a lot!

I think Arena Net should have awarded players more for kills and also how long they survive for to make the game more active, the way it’s been set up as a ghost or even as a survivor it’s largely not in your interest to kill others!

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