GW2 Support Token Cutthroat Politics guide

A guide to GW2 Support Token acquisition and usage in supporting the candidates for the Cuttroat Politics patch.



You will receive the Support Tokens (Account Bound) via a variety of means

  • You receive two Support Tokens in the mail when you login as an introduction.
  • You can purchase them for 14 silvers each or 10 for 1 gold from the merchant in the middle of Zephyr Sanctum.
  • You will also receive Support Tokens as rewards for participating in various activities that are part of the patch (Candidate Trials, Southsun Survival, Aspect Arena)
  • Support Tokens can also be acquired via slaying mobs, in dungeons, and in WvW



You can deposit Support Tokens in vote baskets in the middle of Zephyr Sanctum to support either Evon Gnashblade or Kiel.

  • Voting for Evon will reduce the price of Black Lion keys for four weeks, research of the new Fall of Abaddon fractal and offer up a weekly rotation of Southsun Survival, Sanctum Sprint, Keg Brawl and Crab Toss.
  • Voting for Kiel will reduce waypoint costs for four weeks, research of the new Thumanovreactor explosion fractal and offer up a weekly rotation of Southsun Survival, Sanctum Sprint, Keg Brawl and Crab Toss.
  • Both will also open up a round of minigames for players to play in: Crab Toss, Southsun Survival etc.
  • The Zephyrites will stop accepting Support Tokens on August 5 at 11AM PST in order to start counting them up. Be sure to turn in your Tokens before then!

Depositing the Support Tokens in the baskets will earn you Representation Buttons (1:1 exchange) for each of the candidates


  • Representation Buttons are account bound consumables. You can have more than one in your inventory so be sure to stock up to ensure you never run out of the buff.
  • Once used, the buttons will have an icon hover over you that shows who you are supporting and you also get a buff (lasts 1 hr) where you can complete tasks to garner support for that particular candidate.


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24 replies on “GW2 Support Token Cutthroat Politics guide”

Yeah, my guild vote for Kiel! I think we get both fractals (not this year of course), but the one which wins, will be first 🙂

Or, because you KNOW these are RNG boxes you could… know…

…not buy them?

Ellen Kiel is Traherne. In every way, except even more useless.

Out of curiosity, where did we learn that if one candidate wins, their minigame becomes part of the rotation? According to the content update page, both minigames (or at least just Southsun Survival) will be incorporated.

-Gnashblade: “I’ll host a rotation of popular activities like Crab Toss and Southsun Survival.”
-Kiel: “I’ll introduce a rotating schedule of activities such as Crab Toss and Southsun Survival.”

(both quotes taken right off the update page)

The thing is, that’s just your suspicion and not a fact. And every bit of ArenaNet-provided information (both from the website and in-game when you speak to these characters) points towards both Gnashblade AND Kiel offering Southsun Survival as a reward.

I appreciate the guides you put out, but you’re basically providing incorrect information and presenting it as a fact. And in this case it can actually influence voting. Fans of “Southsun Survival” may specifically vote for Gnashblade instead of Kiel because you’re making it sound like the same reward isn’t available from Kiel (when it is).

Please correct your guide with the information that is officially available to us. Kiel is offering Southsun Survival in her mini-game rotation.

The abbadon story is epic, yes. But it won’t be nearly as good once packed into a dungeon the size of a fractal. For this reason, among others, I am voting for Kiel.

I report a bug to ANet when you receive the 2 first support Token via mail.
I your mail is full, the mail arrives at position 11/10 and 12/10.
Then if you do not retrieve the support tokens and disconnect, the 2 mails are destroyed and you lost the support tokens..

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