SWTOR Relics of the Gree achievement guide

SWTOR  Relics of the Gree event achievements guide. Relics of the Gree will be returning for another two weeks starting on July 23, 2013.



Metal Achievement: Gray Perpendicular

  • Reward: Legacy Title – Gray Perpendicular, 50 achievement points
  • Kill Gravak’k and Surgok’k 10 times, kill 1000 droids, and kill 25 creatures with Mini Gray Secant in 5 planets.
Required sub-achievements
  • Advanced: Slugging the Slug (35 pts)
  • Advanced: Whomping the Wampa (35 pts)
  • But They Don’t Like Droids (85 pts)
  • Junior Research Project (50 pts)

Advanced: Whomping the Wampa (25 pts)


  • You will need to kill Gravak’k, the world boss on Ilum, 10 times.
  • Doing so will also reward you with Achievement Whomping the Wampa (10 pts), which is rewarded for killing Gravak’k once.

Advanced: Slugging the Slug (25 pts)


  • You will need to kill Surgok’k the world boss on Ilum, 10 times.
  • Doing so will also reward you with Achievement Slugging the Slug (10 pts), which is rewarded for killing Surgok’k once.

But They Don’t Like Droids (50 pts)

  • You will need to kill 1000 droids on Ilum. They can be found mostly north of the zone and inside the Gray Secant itself. 
  • Doing so will alos reward you with achievements They Don’t Like Droids (10 pts) and They Build Lots of Droids (25 pts), which are rewarded for killing 50 and 250 droids respectively.

Junior Research Project (50 pts)

  • You will need to purchase Miniature Gray Secant from the Gree reputation vendor on Western Ice Shelf, which requires Legend standing and 50k credits.
  • You can do this achievement regardless if the Gree event is active or not, so if the planets are getting a bit crowded, do it another time.
  • You will need to travel to 5 planets and kill specific creatures while having your Miniature Gray Secant out (you will need to re-summon it upon arrival to every planet).
  • Planets like Tatooine and Quesh are fairly easy to complete while planets like Alderaan and Balmorra can be extremely time consuming as the creatures you need are scattered all over.

1) Bormu – Balmorra


  • Bormus are mostly located in Markaran Plains on the west side of Balmorra. This place is the best place to farm them for the achievement as there are 10+ Bormus in close proximity with a respawn timer of 4.5 minutes. Other Bormu locations are also listed for convenience.


2) Womp Rats – Tatooine


  • For the Womp rats at the Imperial speeder in Mos Ila, you will need to kill them before the guards get them.
  • For other Womp rats, it is best to not attack them first but rather run into them and let them aggro you. This is because Womp rats tend to spawn friends to help them but they won’t do that if you kill them in one hit.
  • Numbers inside circles indicate the number of womp rats you can find in that particular location.


3) Lraida – Alderaan


  • There are two types of Lraida, regular ones and Bolraida.
  • Lraidas are scattered all over Alderaan but you may have the best result in Alsakan Lowlands. Respawn timer for these Lraidas is around 4.5 minutes.
  • A map of Alderaan is provided for reference for those who are unsure of the various sub-zone connections in Alderaan.



4) Lobels – Quesh


  • Lobels are literally everywhere on Quesh, which makes this planet very easy to complete. Lobels come in singles and in packs of 4-5 (packs seems to be more prominent in north part of the map).
  • Numbers inside circles indicate the number of lobels you can find in that particular location.


5) Acklay – Belsavis


  • There are two really good spots for Acklays – high concentration north of High Security Section outside/inside the Republic Detention Compound (accessible by all) and another spot in Maximum Security Section where you can find several elite and a champion Acklay.
  • Numbers inside circles indicate the number of acklays you can find in that particular location.


Player vs. Player

Metal Achievement: Blue Octagon

  • Reward: Legacy Title – Blue Octagon, 25 achievement points
  • Kill 50 players with the Gree Orb explosion and kill 100 players of the opposite faction in Western Ice Shelf
Required sub-achievements
  • Energy Bomb (25 pts)
  • Line Bisector (25 pts)
  • Remember Fray! (10 pts)
  • In Memory of the Fallen (25 pts)

Meta Achievement: Red Octagon

  • Reward: Legacy Title – Red Octagon, 25 achievement points
Required sub-achievements
  • Energy Bomb (25 pts)
  • Line Bisector (25 pts)
  • Ice Cold Revenge (10 pts)
  • Echoes of Victory (25 pts)

Energy Bomb (25 pts)

  • Defeat 10 players with the Gree Energy Orb explosion in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum.
  • The Gree Energy Orb is obtained during the daily PvP quest Charging the Pylon and explodes when it is deposited onto the pylon, if the player carrying it is killed, or if the orb expires.

Line Bisector (25 pts)

  • Defeat 50 players carrying the Gree orb in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum.

Remember Fray! (10 pts)

  • Kill 10 Imperial players in the Western Ice Shelf as a Republic player while the Bolster is active.

In Memory of the Fallen (25 pts)

  • Kill 100 Imperial players in the Western Ice Shelf as a Republic player while the Bolster is active.

Ice Cold Revenge (10 pts)

  • Kill 10 Republic players in the Western Ice Shelf as an Imperial player while the Bolster is active.

Echoes of Victory (25 pts)

  • Kill 100 Republic players in the Western Ice Shelf as an Imperial player while the Bolster is active.
  • fefewewfwfetmef

    Oh. This is unexpected.

    But the achievement system seems to be for people who care useless titles only.

    I don’t give a sh*** on titles, but I like to complete achievements. It would be fine if there would be also rewards for people like me.

    • Cave

      Yeah. Why not add cartel coins as rewards for all achievements instead of just a select few?

      • kranitoko

        Because that way, EA will be losing out on possible money of course!

        Silly Cave ;P

    • UncannyJedi

      Funny that you do not care for titles, but care enough to tell everyone that you don’t.

      With titles, at least you can show off the ones that are harder to do – e.g. Galactic Hero, Explorer, Beastmaster – people see your name and title, but they don’t look at your achievements.

      Achievements are for people that like them – i got over 17k achievement points – for me it’s one of the reasons to play. I already have gotten the Junior Research Project achievement done Should take about 2-3h, though that was only me on the planet killing those animals.

      I would prefer that they fix the Planets with bugged achievements SOON, but those of us that want those fixes, seem to be in a minority.

  • Sylin

    50 players with the Gree Orb Explosion? As if the center ring isn’t already a bloodbath–now you have to damage a player down to about 30% health, somehow click the orb depository and hope they don’t interrupt you channeling, and then hope the ensuing blast kills them. I get the feeling most players will just coordinate kill swapping for this achievement. Takes the fun out of it.

    • Meirana

      I can confirm – that’s precisely what happened on my server. It just promoted camping the center and swapping for the pvp “elite”, while solo or duo players trying to do the pvp quests were completely outnumbered and stomped. Pretty poor design.

    • Sciclex

      You don’t have to channel the middle and explode for it to count, you can simply get them down to low HP then let them kill you while you are carrying one, having the on death explosion kill them.

  • Theho

    Regarding the Gree Energy Orb achievements: You need to kill 10 players with your own explosion, as well as 50 players who are carrying the orb and explode on death. Note that these achievements do no accumulate, they are completely separate from each other.

    Also, for the 50 players with an Energy Orb achievement, kills count only if you are the last person who lands the killing blow. So being in a group does not help too much with the achievement, since only one will receive this as counting. Honestly, I have no idea how you should complete this achievement unless you find a willing victim who let’s you kill him 100 times.

  • DH

    The easiest way to complete the “kill 50 players who are carrying an orb” achievement is to pick up an orb yourself and jump to your death off of a bridge or cliff. Since the death log reads the you have killed yourself with fall damage, and you were carrying an orb, it counts towards the achievement. Cheap, but after 1.5 hours of trying to kill other players in mid before they capped and only getting 6 last hits, this made a lot more sense.

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  • Cheetoz

    Line Bisector is worded wrong. You only have to kill 50 people CARRYING orbs, not with orb explosion.

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  • Mulokhai

    As a Sage, the way I did “Energy Bomb” and “Line Bisector” was by colecting orbs on the pylon, and 2 bridges, near the spot where republic players get teleported to, using Noble Sacifice, and jumping off the bridge. That nets the kills for “Line Bisector”. As for “Energy Bomb”, while I did “Line Bisector”, if I had a orb and saw a lonely player, I would attack him, take him to 15%ish HP, then let him kill me, blowing me up, and killing him with the explosion. Took me like 2 hours, total, for both achievments.

    • Kerberos

      Something else to add: you can easily gank a group of 3-4 when carrying an orb (as long as the orb carrier is not the tank) and when you get their hp down to about half just do /stuck and it kills you, blowing up the orb and thus killing the player 😛

  • aaa

    realy guide fore this epic

  • AriesCZ

    Anybody knows if the Junior Research Assistant achievement can be done of Republic character? I just can’t find any attackable Bormu on Balmorra (all are green-friendly)

    • This bug was reported a while back but I am surprised they havn’t fixed it yet hmm.

    • mystic

      They fixed it 🙂 Go search around Okara Droid factory 😉

      • AriesCZ

        thanks found them by accident yesterday, but much less than on Imperial Balmorra (just 2 herds of three for now 🙁 )

  • JustinCredible

    There are many Level 55 Iraidas south east of the House Traders Circle. Follow the small path leading to the H4 of the Republic Bonus Quest and go up south into the hills, leading you outside the regular map. There are also Level 55 Manka Cats, maybe intresting for Biochem Crafters too …

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