GW2 Phoenix Magitech Braham armor gallery

Update: July 30, 2013. They now available in the gemstore! A gallery of the Phoenix, Magitech and Barham armor you can find with the latest update. They can be purchased in the gemstore for 800 gems each.

As usual, both Charr and Asura share the male model for both sexes.

Phoenix – Light Armor – [&AgGXqAAA]

[&AgGrqAAA] Helm
[&AgGvqAAA] Shoulders
[&AgGnqAAA] Chest
[&AgGpqAAA] Gloves
[&AgGtqAAA] Leggings
[&AgGlqAAA] Boots





Magitech – Medium Armor – [&AgGWqAAA]

[&AgG3qAAA] Helm
[&AgG7qAAA] Shoulders
[&AgGzqAAA] Chest
[&AgG1qAAA] Gloves
[&AgG5qAAA] Leggings
[&AgGxqAAA] Boots





Braham – Heavy Armor – [&AgGVqAAA]

[&AgGfqAAA] Helm
[&AgGjqAAA] Shoulders
[&AgGbqAAA] Chest
[&AgGdqAAA] Gloves
[&AgGhqAAA] Leggings
[&AgGZqAAA] Boots






  • Asura medium – Natures Unwanted
  • Norn heavy – Gerard
  • Sylvari Light – Ahlou
  • Lukai

    that asura heavy braham helm, it reminds me of a diablos helm from monster hunter.

  • Natasha Garcia

    Makes me so angry that they never offer the female asura the female clothing models!!!!

    • Lenitas

      I’m with you on this. Super annoying

    • Cobalt

      I would love the female phoenix armor on my asura ele.. i like the male version on asura that is there but the boots… damn, they ruin the armor.

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  • Guest

    Human Male Braham, I need it!!

  • Nekker

    Could we have the Ig Code please ?

    They spoke about ascended stuff, do you think this is it ?

    • Shino

      Probably like the black lions chest, need to spend 1000 gems just to get 1 piece ( aka 34 gold )

      • Kilgorn Siegebreak

        Uhm…did you not even read Dulfy’s description? You buy the whole suit for 800 gems once they’re released. L2Reading Comprehension please.

        • To be fair, they posted 6 days ago, it was only posted on the gemstore last night so they had no idea.

    • Amileia

      Braham’s Armor (heavy)
      [&AgGfqAAA] Helm
      [&AgGjqAAA] Shoulders
      [&AgGbqAAA] Chest
      [&AgGdqAAA] Gloves
      [&AgGhqAAA] Leggings
      [&AgGZqAAA] Boots
      [&AgGVqAAA] Full Set

      Magitech Armor (medium)
      [&AgG3qAAA] Helm
      [&AgG7qAAA] Shoulders
      [&AgGzqAAA] Chest
      [&AgG1qAAA] Gloves
      [&AgG5qAAA] Leggings
      [&AgGxqAAA] Boots
      [&AgGWqAAA] Full Set

      Phoenix Armor (light)
      [&AgGrqAAA] Helm
      [&AgGvqAAA] Shoulders
      [&AgGnqAAA] Chest
      [&AgGpqAAA] Gloves
      [&AgGtqAAA] Leggings
      [&AgGlqAAA] Boots
      [&AgGXqAAA] Full Set

  • ano

    so female light armor wearers get something that looks good an unique while males get the acolyte set. nice

    • Agri

      I am super angry right now. What is so Phonixy about new male light armor? 2 feathers that looks like leaves?

      • Agri


    • Shino

      Whoever said that areanet wasn’t sexist lied, they only put good details/effort into female clothing.

    • Anni

      Indeed. Sorely disappointed. Wimmen get all the cool-looking stuff…

    • Shifted

      Hey, Males get the awesome Magitech boots, while females get some silly shoes. My human engi just got swag 😀

  • VsYu

    Can anyone suggest a good dye to match with Asura’s Braham Horns?

    • Iver


  • ena

    beautiful skins *_* anet is driving me crazy dresing up my chars. :S

  • Imaginos

    more goddamn buttcapes. no money for you Anet.

  • Mikey Moo

    awesome skinz

  • Anni

    Great… more trenchcoats for medium.

  • sylvari

    why do you never have sylvari samples?

    • Because all human/norn/sylvari use similar models

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  • Bob

    Are these not available in game still?

  • cytonz

    So there is no way to get these skins for pve ?

  • angel crystal

    just code

    * Magitech (meduim armor): [&AgGWqAAA]
    * Braham’s (heavy armor): [&AgGVqAAA]
    * Phoenix (light armor): [&AgGXqAAA]

    • thanks for those 😀

  • Nanika

    I like the phoenix one :3 wanna get it for my sylvari ele 😀

  • Collie

    Good thing I got those free 400 gems from the achievement chest.

  • PJ

    Female Phoenix outfit = amazing, Male = suckage


    • Steve MD

      i agree except for the one sided shoulders,

      i dont get that,

  • Ha, that Asuran heavy helm looks awesome.

  • john

    The heavy one is atrocious! The light one is amazing, but this heavy, just freaking NO.

  • Betox Frias

    I love the heavy… I only play asura, so YES =)

  • manlymandoesntlikeskirts

    god damn skirts….. im a man….. let me dress as one

  • Frostyflakes

    Some day, after they’ve made 50 different types of medium male armor, maybe they will decide to make the 51st not a trenchcoat. Someday…

  • Zaboo

    The Medium Female human/norn armor.. does the skirt show underwear or does it cause the legs to vanish into a more modest nothingness?

    • Pika

      The skirt shows underwear 🙂

      • Zaboo

        Hm, not sure how I feel about it then. TY for the answer!

  • Dungeon Man

    Am I the only Asuran who has a problem with armor not covering ALL MY TOES!~? Anet… I wish to have WORDS with you!

    • Cobalt

      The toes thing drives this asura nuts as well.. if the tier 3 racial was cheaper i would buy those boots as they seem to one of very few boots that do the feet properly. I shouldn’t have to do that though, Anet pls don’t get lazy with your art.

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  • Akechi

    I want the med skirt for my thief, I really do, except it clips with my armor -.-

    • Nick

      same :[

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  • Gabriel Feycat Cuellar

    Is the skirt on Brahm’s armor attached to the top like a trenchcoat? I really like the top on my charr, but not if it’s going to come with that skirt 😛

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