SWTOR Bounty Contact Week event Overview

A guide to the SWTOR Bounty Contact Week, a monthly recurring event that will start off on Aug 13, 2013 with Patch 2.3. This event will run one week of every month.

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Getting Started

Once the event is live, players can find Captured Bounties at many key intersections between different sub-areas of the fleet. Clicking on them will start a short cutscene that will guide you to the Cartel Bazaar area of the Fleet (south/north most end of the Imperial and Republic fleet respectively) where players can find mission terminals that grant missions to this event.

  • You will want to be at least Level 45 with a character on the opposite faction that is at least level 15 if you want to get all the achievements. If you don’t care about achievements, be at least level 15. While the Henchman and Crime Lord targets do scale to your level, they may not downscale to your level if you are below the mission level for that particular planet.
  • This event runs for a week every month so be sure to take advantage of it when it appears or you will need to wait for a month.


Henchman and Kingpin Missions

Players will only be able to do Henchman Bounties at the start of the event. You can only do one Henchman Bounty per day per character but you get to choose from six planets. The Henchman Bounties are all fairly similar between the planets but if you want to complete some of the Henchman achievements you will want to switch between a couple of the planets. Completed Henchman Bounties grant one Completed Bounty Contract, which is tradeable so you can transfer between your characters or sell them to other players.

Once you have five Completed Bounty Contracts on a character, you will be able to unlock Kingpin missions on the same six planets. You will need to talk to the vendor next to the bounty mission terminal to purchase unlocks for these Kingpin missions. The Kingpin missions are weeklies and only one can be done on a character per day. What this means is that you can only do the Kingpin mission for a specific planet once every month the event returns since the event only lasts for one week. It costs 5 Completed Bounty Contracts to unlock a Kingpin mission but they reward purple reputation items in addition to a Completed Bounty Contract.

Since the Kingpin missions are weeklies and the unlock is character based, you can do more Kingpin missions by unlocking them on other characters.

Keep in mind that Kingpin bounty unlocks are character specific and does not extend to your entire legacy! 

Reputation, credits, and comms

Each Henchman Bounty will reward you with

  • 1 green rep item (BBA Official Mark of Service ) and 1 blue rep item (BBA Official Certificate of Achievement) (270+630 = 900 rep/day or 990 rep/day if you have 10% reputation bonus)
  • 1 Completed Bounty Contract
  • 5240 + 13620 = 18860 guaranteed credits per mission. You also get a random 1-3k additional credits from a lockbox.
  • 2 Basic Commendations (if you are Level 55).

For each Kingpin Bounty, you will get 1 blue rep item (630 rep) on every character that unlocks it. In addition, completing each Kingpin Bounty will reward you with

  • 1 purple rep item (BBA Official Token of Exemplary Achievement)
  • 1 Completed Bounty Contract
  • 19642 credits as guaranteed mission rewards. You also get a random 1-3k additional credits from a lockbox.
  • 3 Basic Commendations (if you are Level 55).

If you do not have any guild reputation bonus, you max reputation/week before using the purple reputation item to boost it over the limit is 11970 (+1440 = 13410). If you have 10% guild reputation bonus, your max reputation/week is 11979 (+1584= 13563). Calculations provided by this reddit thread.



Rank Rep Cumulative Rep Weeks to Reach
Weeks to Reach
Weeks to Reach (12672/week) Legacy Title
Outsider 2500 2500 0 0 0  
Newcomer 5000 7500 0 0 0  
Friend 7500 15000 1 1 1 For Hire
Hero 10000 25000 2 1 1  
Champion 15000 40000 3 3 3  
Legend 30000 70000 5 5 5 The Professional



  • One achievement for completing the bounty
  • One achievement for capturing the Henchman alive
  • One achievement for killing the Henchman

Eight Henchman targets are available and you can usually find them on 3-4 planets. You do not need characters on both factions to complete all of the Henchman achievements. The Henchman bounty guide has a list of Henchman sorted by location.

Crime Lord

  • One achievement for completing the bounty
  • One achievement for capturing the Crime Lord alive
  • One achievement for killing the Crime Lord

Eight Crime Lords are available on 8 different planets. You will need characters on both factions to get all achievements. Luckily the character on the opposite faction has to be only Level 15.

Fully Authorized

  • Unlocked all Kingpin Contacts (legacy-wide)
  • Reward: Legacy Title – Death Mark in Seven systems and 20 Cartel Coins

Crime Lord Contracts

  • Completed a bounty on every Crime Lord (legacy-wide)
  • Reward: 20 cartel coins

Bring’em All in

  • Captured all bounties alive (legacy wide)
  • Reward: 20 cartel coins

Take’em All down

  • Killed all available bounties (legacy wide)
  • Reward: 20 cartel coins

Wanted: Dead or Alive

  • Complete Bring’em All in and Take’em All down
  • Reward: Legacy title – Wanted: Dead or Alive and 20 cartel coins

Greet the Overwatch

  • Reach the sniper that is at the top of the cartel bazaar cantina (see video)
  • Reward: Legacy Title – Cartel Security

  • SWTOR Fanboy

    Looks awesome! 😀

  • Solo-nite

    Wow that looks really tricky to do. If SWTOR continue with these jumping puzzles which I hope they do cause they are fun they really need to improve the jumping mechanics.

    • ForsakenxKing

      I just wish they kept the rewards for jumping puzzles limited to achievements and titles. They are fun the first time but I hate having to do them on multiple characters just to get a little stat boost.

      and as usual, thanks for the guide. especially the reputation chart. 🙂

  • fefewewfwfetmef

    As always. A well made guide. Thanks!

  • Sarigar

    Yeesh, six months before I can get my HK skin? Great… just in time for Valentine’s Day?

    • iceberg265

      That table is in weeks not months.

      • Vicious

        And BH contract week is only one week per month… DERP

        • vantos’kallig

          Play alts, get rep faster DERP

          • Sarigar

            The weekly cap is across all characters, not per character.

            • Gavin

              Get enough trophies, and you can gain rep when the event is going on.

              • Gavin

                *isn’t going on, I meant to type.

              • Sarigar

                That’s a good point, Gavin!

        • iceberg265

          I didn’t remember that, no need to be a huge douche about it.

        • BrianDavion

          yeah but remember you can stockpile rep items after the fact so I garentee you you’re gonna see people with the HK skin 6 weeks afetr the event launches

  • Kira-chan

    Oh boy, I can’t wait for my JEDI to be a BOUNTY HUNTER

    ‘Cause that makes soooooo much sense.

    • matt30822

      Then don’t take YOUR jedi to become a bounty hunter… No one is forcing your jedi to become a bounty hunter.

    • Subaruu

      There are actually plenty of instances where Jedis have become Bounty Hunters. Cade Skywalker for instance (only a Padawan, but still).

    • Messerpemsel

      My Jedi hates the republic, does bad things and she wants to be free of the stupid council. There is only passion! The Force shall free me.


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  • Mr. Guest

    Jeez, Dulfy. How many tries did it to take you get to the sniper? 😀 I’m diggin’ the legacy title unlocks, by the way.

    • Less than 10 tries? It wasn’t too bad, not after the ROTHC jumping stuff.

      • matt30822

        This. I did it a longer way then this which took me about 5-6 tries but really was nothing compared to some of the datacrons. Even my friend who fails at jumping even at the simplest datacrons was only there for for about 20 minutes.

        • Pruffanish

          Ya, after watching the video I did it on my first try. I don’t know about your server or the people online but there was someone offering to pull you up in the event it was too challenging. It really wasn’t that bad, thanks for the tutorial 😀

          • AbsolutGrndZer0

            Yeah was a guy doing pulls for 20k, you paid his friend standing below, then he pulled you up. I was like meh ok i’ll do pay 20k. Heh.

  • Forb

    Question: Can you intercede to the sniper?

    • Don’t think so

      • Amadus

        No, we tried it. Best way to do this is just like the +10 datacron. Just get a Sorc up on the edge and start pulling people up. I used intercede on another player that was already there.

  • Darth_King

    hi dulfy epick re-views just and ubstract question,the progres from test saves at ur real account?

    • hmm?

      • Lucas

        My guess at translation would be: Hi Dulfy! Epic reviews. Just an abstract? question, does the progress from the PTS transfer to your real account?


  • Dremel

    Any tips on this stupid achievent jump? Rocket Boost dosn’t help in any way.

    • alieneyetx

      Use a mount. 🙂

  • Darth_King

    yeh sry last mesage i was in a hury then

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  • Mumakil

    So if my math is right, 10 toons doing bounties on 6 days will neat enough rep for legend? Good thing i have nothing to do next week.

    • Wrathgar

      It’s capped like all rep except the one with the cartel. Once you reach the cap, your rep tokens do nothing until reset the next week. But you can then use them until you cap again for that week, and so on until you’ve used all your banked tokens or the event goes live again next month and you start the process over until you max out.

      • Mumakil

        Duh, I was talking about how many toons it would take to get the max amount of tokens to cap rep every week for the next 6 weeks to get legend.

  • Qorsan

    Question: “Once you have five Completed Bounty Contracts (i.e. on day 5 of the event if you do it everyday), you will be able to unlocked Kingpin missions on the same six planets.” does that mean if you send all completed bounty contracts to one toon it will unlock it on the first day for that toon?

    • No these Completed Bounty Contract are BoP and cannot be traded.

      • AbsolutGrndZer0

        Changed on live 🙂 They are no longer bound.

  • Dormei

    How long Bounty Contract event will it take ? i mean for when ? 🙂

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      I’m not sure I understand what you are asking, but I’ll try to answer.
      The event lasts one week.
      But the event will return once every month.
      I don’t know when it starts since I’m not playing the game any more, but I think it starts next week.

  • Caveman

    Is it possible to do these in groups and do you get credit for it?

    • Cave

      Yes it is. Groups get the same quest together and all updates count for group members, even consuming looted Information counts for the group. Very commendable, Bioware!

  • Cael

    They must have changed it since testing as the Completed Bounty Contract tokens are now tradeable/mailable. or its an unintended change.

    • Yes it does appear so. I believe it is an intended change so you can unlock Kingpin missions much sooner.

  • Marita

    Quick Question: Once I unlock a Kingpin Mission on a Toon, will I then be able to do that Kingpin mission on said Toon daily or would I need to collect another 5 Bounty Contracts to do it again?

    • Once unlocked, you can keep doing that kingpin mission daily until the event ends.

      • Marita

        And is that unlock just for that Toon or Legacy-wide? >_<

        • Unlock is character specific.

          • Marita

            Thanks Dulfy! You’ve made my afternoon grinding a lot easier! 😀

            • AbsolutGrndZer0

              Just a quick reminder that now each Kingpin is once per week on a character. So, if you want to do say Nar Shaddaa more than once in a week, you will need to have it on multiple characters. However, if you have Nar Shaddaa and Voss, you can do NS today and Voss tomorrow.

              • Marita

                Yea, I did notice that. Thankfully I got all the Achievements last time around. This time I’m just grinding the last 10k of rep I need, so the purple rep tokens are much appreciated! 😀

  • Shoe

    Hmm..are there any purple rep items that can be found? I’ve only seen blue and green so far

    • Not currently. Looks like it is all green and blue so far.

      • MBK

        I suspect its to try and prevent too many people banking excessive amounts of reputation and hitting legend before the next event. Though with 10 toons you can still gain a weeks worth of rep a day, however now you can only over exceed the cap by a smaller amount

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  • Anthony Phillip Cuchra

    Just putting this on this one since its the newest one, but it looks like over capping your rep is no longer possible. I over capped last week by about 300 and this week im done 300 rep on my total even though I haven’t done anything yet. Not sure though needs to be tested

    • John Eh

      I over-repped on the “Ordnance Acquisition Corps” for the last two weeks and it didn’t carry forward this week. Which reputation did you over cap?

      • Anthony Phillip Cuchra

        The Adjudicators which I think is the Rep version of the ODA. and there is no way I clicked an Ad rep item while I was doing BBA because I did just enough of them to get the weekly cap.

        • Spurius

          I was able to over cap no problems my adjudicator/ordenace rep is now hero with 2,126 which is 2 weeks of 13,563

          • Anthony Phillip Cuchra

            No watch your rep cap when the new week starts tuesday and see if its the full 12k or if its been decreased by a set amount.

            • Spurius

              sure we can do that, but there is no way to reach hero and have 2,126 rep point toward champion without overcapping it by 1,563 both weeks.

  • Nate

    You get basic comms at level 53.

  • Russell Moody

    Does anyone know when the “day” resets? Can I do a quest with my toon at 11 pm, and another one at 1 am (with a midnight reset) or do I have to wait 24 hrs between contracts?

    • MBK

      I guess reset time is in line with the regular daily reset time

      • Russell Moody

        Which is when? I’m on a European server and in UK, so I don’t really get when the daily reset time is (which I assume is based on US time)?

        • Kernow

          Reset is 1pm GMT

          • Torv

            12pm GMT*

  • John Eh

    It seems that the henchmen don’t move on a given day for an account. Going to back to the same planet I always got the same henchman. Did everyone who did Nar Shada yesterday get Novane? It is possible they are static for the event. So Henchmen are linked to a planet every time the event hits.

    Has anyone managed to check this today to see if they moved around?

    • No they are not linked to a planet. I just got Zinda Kent in both Nar Shaddaa and DK.

      • John Eh

        Yeah you are right today the guys moved around and it seems random. I hope I don’t get stuck doing Hutta as my last planet. Last night I just gave up on Hutta because there were tons of players running around and no guys to interrogate.

  • Sadriel

    What does that checklist link do? Nothing comes up for me, but a white screen.

    • It is a google documents word file

  • Spurius

    There is a small mistake on the table of when you can reach each reputation. If you start on week 0, you can reach champion on week 2 for the 13,420 and 13,563 columns, also you reach legend on week 5 for all three.

    • Thanks but actually you can’t reach champion on week 2 because the new max is now 12600 and 12672 since there isn’t a purple rep for this reputation. Legend in 5 is still spot on though.

  • John Eh

    Presumably today’s patch reduced the number of contracts needed for Kingpins from 5 to 4. Dropping the total number of contracts needed to 32. from 40. Let’s hope the increased spawns of “Shady Characters” makes Hutta usable again.


    • Spurius

      they didnt reduce the number of contracts needed, they reduced the number of shady characters you need to talk to the contact.

  • Kai’dera

    Can anyone plz explain to me this line: “You will want to be at least Level 45 with a character on the opposite faction that is at least level 15 if you want to get all the achievements.”

    • Wolffgang

      If you’re Republic, you need an Empire character at level 15, or vice-versa

    • Broll

      Voss requires level 45, so you need to be at least 45 to get to that, if you can get to that on one faction you can get all the bounties but the two that are faction restrictive to the other faction, that will require a level 15 of the other faction.

  • Lysimachos

    you dont need 2 weeks for hero im already hero lol

    • You only need 2 weeks if you don’t go over the cap. Otherwise it is 1 week

      • Lysimachos

        in that case yea

  • Homsikpanda

    i only have 1 character and it’s only lvl 42 and 1 character of other faction that’s lvl 12-13? i’m not in a guild

    i’m not worried about achievements, but i would like to try and get hero ASAP because i want the contract hunter helmet/armor :3 (helmet mostly )
    from what i’m reading here it doesn’t sound like i’ll be able to do it in 1 week, can anybody help/suggest ways i might be able to aquire said helmet within a week? 🙂

    • Twinhammer

      Level up your alt to level 15 so you can do the Henchman contracts twice a day. Save up or buy Completed Bounty Contracts untill you have ten of them. Then unlock Kingpin Bounty Contracts (five Completed Bounty Contracts each) for both your characters. If you do that you’ll have more rep tokens per day plus the rep tokens for simply unlocking Kingpin bounties.

      How I got to Hero from Friend in a day was doing the Henchman bounties on nine characters (disturbing altoholic, I know ;P) and a couple of Kingpin bounties (i think I did three or four total to max out weekly rep and get myself to Hero).

      I’d say prepare for next month as best as possible. I totally get what you say about wanting to get to Hero for the armor and helmet ;)! Same here. So I leveled alts to lvl 15. As much alts as time would allow, in a month. Plus side is you can play around with the other classes and AC’s, get a feel for them. Goodluck mate ;)!

      Edit: I just found out the Kingpin bounties have a weekly lockout, so no purple rep token per day per char. sad panda 🙁

      • AbsolutGrndZer0

        Well, is it one Kingpin per week, or one of each Kingpin per week?

        • Twinhammer

          On a single character you can do them all if you want, but one Kingpin per day, still.

          • AbsolutGrndZer0

            Right I checked today, my mercenary did Nar Shaddaa yesterday, so she couldn’t do it again but she was able to do Voss.

  • Twinhammer

    Good news everyone! The requirements for the Voss Kingpin bounty contract is now level 42.

    Also quick question: yesterday I capped weekly rep for BBA. But If I continue doing the dailies and save up the rep tokens, can I use them next week? Or can I only use them during Bounty Contract Week? I assume the former, but need some clarification 😛

    • Ya you can use your rep items anytime

      • Twinhammer

        Awesome! Superthanks 😉

  • Josh Hamano

    If you save up a bunch of the completed bounty mission tickets, can you continue to do Kingpin dailies once the week is over? Like will the missions still be there from the terminal even though the event is over?

    • Nope, the terminal is not accessible anymore

      • Josh Hamano

        Aaaaahhhhh dang. So essentially it’s more like 5 months to get to Legend rank, since you can only do them one week out of the month.

        • Galiphile

          Well, yes and no. You can stock up on rep reward items and consume them each week. You are able to purchase all rep rewards even when it’s not currently BBA week.

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  • Vintt.

    Dulfy, it’s been a while. Still love the site and can’t believe I missed this stuff. One question: Is it worth it for a 55 to do the lowbie contracts? Or just repeat high level (Voss?) ones?

    • Yup, the mobs are scaled to your level and there are achievements too. I always do the dromund kaas/coruscant bounty cuz ease of transport and then I will do the hutta/ord mantell kingpin cuz I am lazy

      • Vintt.

        Thanks for the quick response. Being the laziest BH in the SWTOR universe, I appreciate the tip!

  • C W

    Question, If i own the quest but bring along a friend higher than me (that doesn’t own the quest) will it scale to the higher leveled friend?

    • Nah it should scale to your own level

      • Anarriea

        I was level 55 and went to help a buddy on her lvl 40+ char. The bounty did scale to 55 even though she owned the quest. So we went in with 2 of us but not in a group. She pulled then I helped her finish the boss off.

  • Billgrim

    I have never done Bounty Contracts until tonight. I have done one each for the day for my two alts. My main however is “Not eligible for this conversation” when I click on the mission starter carbonite piece. I stopped playing a few months back but right before that I had signed up for a bounty contract during the available week but never ended up doing it and abandoned it to make room in my mission log. Even though I never started the mission I am just hoping my main character has not been eternally glitched out of doing bounties. I have tried logging multiple times and still nothing. Has this problem happened to anyone else?

    • Just go to the cartel bazaar section and see if the quest terminals will give out the quest. The mission starter is one time quest only.

      • Xaffax

        I had the same problem, the mission terminal was right there waiting for me to click it. Problem solved.

      • Billgrim

        You were right thanks for the help and the quick response Dulfy!

  • Salvatore Lagonia

    Only one per day? Why limit us so much? You create new content for the first time in a while and we can only do it a few times?

    • Lindsey Lewis

      The reason is because it has the highest XP payout in the game for the quest. You get XP three times: once for about the amount of a normal quest of your level, another for twice that, and then a third for 40K base. If this wasn’t daily, one could easily level probably all the way to 60 inside a day or two. Of course, once 12x XP is back, I’m not sure any reasoning still exists for this limitation, but then again, completed contracts are used to buy rep items and can sell on the GTN for 60-100K depending on your economy and the time of the month.

  • Lindsey Lewis

    In response to “start interrogating and then move on without waiting”, this is not the best idea unless there are no other people around. Multiple times I’ve had Shady Characters stolen from me because someone else tagged it as soon as it turned red. In other words, you don’t have much choice but to stay and wait unless you wanna risk some scrub stealing your kill.

  • Archexecutor

    Have they removed the kingpin bounties? O.O They were all unlocked on my main several months ago, and now – gone… >.<

  • Shawn Morin

    Dulfy, you’re AMAZING. thank you for the google document that is super helpful. The damn achievement system in game should tell you which planet each crimelord/henchman comes from!

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  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    Dulfy, if that Google doc is yours, may want to consider adding in Crime Lord Unlocked as a column.

  • Sielanas

    No commendations awarded, I was disappointed.

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