GW2 champions guide

A list of GW2 champions sorted by region and zone with maps. This is a work in progress with Ascalon, Kryta and Shiverpeaks being completed.

Popular Champion Farms

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Plains of Ashford

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Diessa Plateau

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Fields of Ruin

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Blazeridge Steppes

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Iron Marches

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Fireheart Rise

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Kessex Hills

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Gendarran Fields

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Harathi Hinterlands

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Bloodtide Coast

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Wayfarer Foothills

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Snowden Drifts

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Lornar’s Pass

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Dredgehaunt Cliffs

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Timberline Falls

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Frostgorge Sound

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Maguuma Jungle

Caledon Forest

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Metrica Province  

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Brisban Wildlands  

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Sparkfly Fens  

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Mount Maelstrom

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Straits of Devastation

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Malchor’s Leap

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By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

40 replies on “GW2 champions guide”

Does is matter what level of champion for the weapons or will any champ drop any weapon? Like will ORR drop a cooler wep than Queensdale

Awesome work! Are you planning on also adding the chest and what weapon/skin can come out of it?
Would be awesome!

You forgot the Spider Champion behind the inn where the Champ Boar spawns. There is no event for it but it does drop a chest

thanks for this, Dulfy! looking forward to seeign the rest of the maps. : ))
quick “typo” – i think the map for Phinney Ridge/ Champ Oakheart in Queensdale is misplaced. currently it shows the same image as for the boar/wasp/spider, etc

You missed on champion in Gendarran Fields, it is by Almuten Waypoint, in an alley below the house. There are 5 spider eggs, if you squish the 5th one a “Champion Enraged Spider” spawns, no event, just a hidden something

This work is outstanding! How are you able compile and publish with this sort of quality is such short of a time?!

a lot of different champs seem to drop cobalt. i think it may be one that is a shared drop amongst Champs. i got mine from a Ghost champ. others have reported orges, as well as destroyer champs.

I got mine in Queensdale the other day. I’ve just started playing GW2 and was only level 15. I cant remember which one dropped it tho.

There is also a Champion Icebrood Norn that you missed in that little alcove just under the alcove with the skill point in it (and the Champion Kodan), in the far North West of Frostgorge Sound. Lots of champions in that little area!

this is a great area. you can cycle through the 3 on a relatievly short amount of downtime. lots of gilded strongboxes, and loot to be had. : ))

Dulfy, you are amazing, and a lot of the people I know on Guild Wars 2 think so too. Thanks for doing what you do! 🙂

Thanks, because they say “the farm” in Queensdale is an exploit and Anet will ban for it…I don´t farm in Queensdale but thanks 🙂

Yeah, they don´t listen and believe the chest is only per day per champion and actually the drop in Queensdale is bugged, but evidently isn´t…

Level Champion Abilities
43 Champion Ram Headbutts, has a rapid kick that does a lot of damage. Respawn is 1 min and can be soloed.
/! A lot more than 1 minute of respawing time
“Timberline Falls – Sector Zuhl
Closest Waypoint: Foundation 86 Waypoint – [&BE4CAAA=]
Group events
Defeat the giant Destroyer Troll”

/!Not a Champion, just a veteran with high HP.
Thank you for your work 😉

Metrica Province – Akk Wilds

Closest Waypoint: Akk Wilds Waypoint – [&BEIAAAA=]
Group events
Defend the giant ooze at Doctor Bleent’s camp

You Defeat the giant ooze, not defend it. 🙂 Outstanding work here though!

Not sure if you have a note in there for it that I’m not seeing, but there’s a champion spider that spawns just a little ways southwest of the champion cave troll by the Icegate waypoint in Gendarran fields. I’ve spent a few hours a the last couple of days just going back and forth between those two.

I got entropy from ice brood Kodak near drakkar waypoint I could have sold it but it looks way to cool ;3 also I really want crystal guardian it looks so cool…

Great for a guardian ;3

Wayfarer foothills has an extra champ that spawns with an event in Molensk (all the way to the south) it’s a dredge champion.

There’s actually 2 Champ Rams. One in Dredgehaunt Cliffs and one in
Timberline Falls. I’ve soloed both. Here is a vid of me doing the Ram in
It’s in Kronger Pass West of Kyesjard Waypoint on the hill above the pathway where all the earth elementals are.
There’s also a Champion Frostmaw wurm in Lornar’s Pass. Here’s the vid for that one
It’s just below the Bearstone Shrine poi in Bouldermouth Vale

There’s a Champion Modnir High Sage in Harathi Hinterlands in the High Timber Claim area at the Blackhold Mine Camp poi [&BJ4AAAA=]. Surrounded by some Veteran Modnir Commanders. Go all the way to the bottom of the mines where the water is. The champ and vets are standing at a landing at bottom of ramp.

1 correction to what I said. There is no longer a Champion Ram in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. It has been replaced with a Veteran, lame. and the Champion Risen Sea Turtles in the Sparkfly Fen jumping puzzle has been replaced with vets as well. The champ ram in Timberline Falls is still there. I just soloed him yesterday.

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