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SWTOR Greet the Overwatch Cartel Security title guide

A guide on how to obtain SWTOR Greet the Overwatch achievement and the Cartel Security title associated with Bounty Contract Week.

You will need to access the Cartel Bazaar that is located at either south most end (Empire) or north most end (Republic) of the fleet. From there, you will need to do a bit of jumping up some structures to reach the top with the sniper. Getting near the sniper will grant you Greet the Overwatch achievement and the Cartel Security title.


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17 replies on “SWTOR Greet the Overwatch Cartel Security title guide”

The first jump is a little easier if you have one of the longer speeders like a Lhosan Duster or an Aratech Rose; the additional length of the collision box of the speeder gives you a little more ‘reach’ when making the jumps. I wasn’t able to do it with rocket boots, but got it the first time with my Aratech.

Really wish folks would stop video taping their speed rounds and calling them tutorials. You’re supposed to be showing folks how to do something, not how quickly they’re doing it.

This is not a speedrun, this is a a video showing you how to do it by showing you the path to the top. What more do you want? What buttons to press and when to press the spacebar?


p.s. you are doing an awesome job on the site ty keep up the good work!

Damn,this taken a while for me to get….i had to use my sorceror..since he has phase walk XD:..that way i put a phase walk where i left of…jumped till i managed up….logged off,got back on..put another phase walk there and try jumping until reaching the end…it was HARD,cause most of the time i ended up gettting stuck on objects or getting knocked off by hitting the side of those hanging things

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