GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Champion weapon skins

A list of weapon skins players can acquire from the newly updated champion loot drops. Item codes are taken from Dragonzz6 on reddit.

All of the following weapons are tradeable and can be purchased from the Trading Post in addition to farming the various champions.

Looking for a list of champions? Here is a guide to most open world champions. Note that Orr is unfinished and champions inside dungeons will be added shortly.

Champion Type Loot Bag Weapons
Inquest, Dredge, Steam, Aetherblade Deluxe Gear Box Arc, Levvi’s Detector, Mecha Anchor, X6-31 Beta
Pirate, Bandit Embroidered Coin Purse Arc, Bonetti’s Rapier, Cutthroat Caller, Impaler, Rockweed Spire
Flame Legion, Fleshreaver Elaborate Ritualist Bag Arc, Cobalt, Knowledge is Power, Monsoon
Icebrood Quaggan, Krait, Largos Shell Pouch  
Destroyer, Icebrood, Ghost, Elemental Gilded Strongbox Cobalt, Crystal Guardian, Entropy, Genesis, Impaler, Knowledge is Power, Rockweed Spire, Scepter of the Highborn, Shiverstone, Stardust, Truth, Twin Talons
Branded Branded Strongbox Crystal Guardian
Risen (except Krills) Gilded Coffer Beacon of Light, Entropy, Knowledge is Power, Rockweed Spire, Scepter of the Highborn
Centaur, Warbeast Embroidered Saddlebag Anton’s Boot Blade, Arc, Poyaqui’s Noggin
Troll, Ogre, Giant, Ettin, Jotun Oversized Rucksack Mecha Anchor, Poyaqui’s Noggin, Shiverstone
Grawl Tribal Sachel Cobalt,
Hylek Beaded Pouch  
Ooze Slime-Covered Strongbox Arthropoda, Crustacea
WvW Lords Embroidered Belt Pouch Exterminator, Guild Defender, Phoenix Reborn, Truth
Plants Heirloom Seed Pouch Phoenix Reborn, Song of the Temptress, Stardust, Truth
Skale, Skelk, Karka, Wurm, Jellyfish, Drake, Shark, Skelk, Boar, Ram, Grub, Wind Rider, Risen Krill Fallen Adventurer’s Backpack Cobalt, Guild Defender, Impaler, King’s Remembrance, Lord Taeres’s Shadow, Monsoon, Scepter of the Highborn,  Song of the Temptress

Anton’s Boot Blade – Dagger – [&AgGyrwAA] – Modeled by Rya Zaikora

  • Reported drops: Centaur/warbeast champions
  • Loot bag: Embroidered Saddlebag


Arc – Longbow – [&AgG0rwAA] – Modeled by Karen Heldstadt

  • Reported drops: Crucible of Eternity, Aetherblade champion, Bandit Champion in Queensdale, CoF P1 last boss, Pyroxis in Crown Pavilion.
  • Loot Bag: Deluxe Gear Box, Embroidered Coin Purse, Embroidered Saddlebag, Elaborate Ritualist Bag


Arthropoda – Longbow – [&AgG3rwAA] – Modeled by Saturnyn

  • Reported drops: Champion Ooze in Metrica Province
  • Loot Bag: Slime-Covered Strongbox


Beacon of Light – Axe – [&AgG2rwAA] – Modeled by Rudan Silverblade

  • Reported drops: Subject Alpha in CoE
  • Loot Bag: Gilded Coffer


Bonetti’s Rapier – Sword – [&AgGgrwAA]- Modeled by Eleryn

  • Reported drops: Bandit and pirate champions
  • Loot Bag: Embroidered Coin Purse


Cobalt – Greatsword – [&AgGxrwAA] – Modeled by Cobalt Light

  • Reported drops:  various champions
  • Loot Bag: Elaborate Ritualist Bags, Fallen Adventurer’s Backpack, Gilded Strongboxes, Tribal Satchels


Combustion – Scepter

  • Reported drops: Prison Warden in CoF P1
  • Loot Bag: Elaborate Ritualist Bag


Crustacea – Shortbow – [&AgG4rwAA]Modeled by Sionn Frost

  • Loot Bag: Slime-Covered Strongbox?


Crystal Guardian – Greatsword – [&AgG5rwAA]Modeled by Captain Jean L Picard

  • Reported drops: Icebrood champions and Svanir champions (also try HOTW), Ember Champion in Cursed Shores, Pyroxis in Crown Pavilion.
  • Loot Bag: Gilded Strongbox, Branded Strongboxes


Cutthroat Caller – Warhorn – [&AgGnrwAA] – Modeled by Hades Z

  • Reported drops: Queensdale Bandit champion, Pirate Champions
  • Loot Bag: Embroidered Coin Purse


Exterminator – Rifle – [&AgGurwAA] – Modeled by Karen Heldstadt

  • Reported drops: WvW Lords
  • Loot Bag: Embroidered Belt Pouch


Entropy – Hammer – [&AgGkrwAA]Modeled by Gatiha Dragonflame

  • Reported drops: Risen champions and Frozen Maw, Dwayna Temple pre event, Arah, Subject Alpha in CoE.
  • Loot Bag: Gilded Strongbox, Gilded Coffer


Genesis – Hammer – [&AgGlrwAA] – Modeled by Petra W

  • Reported drops: Frozen Maw
  • Loot Bag: Gilded Strongbox,


Guild Defender – Shield (middle has an emblem of your guild) – [&AgGrrwAA] – Modeled by Genesis Girl

  • Reported drops: Champion Boar in Queensdale, WvW lords
  • Loot Bag: Fallen Adventurer’s Backpack, Embroidered Belt Pouch


Impaler – Spear – [&AgGwrwAA] – Modeled by Grimtalon Crush

  • Reported drops: Boar, Spider and Bandit champion in Queensdale, Lieutenant Kholer in AC
  • Fallen Adventurer’s Backpack, Embroidered Coin Purse, Gilded Strongbox


King’s Rememberance – Focus – [&AgGirwAA] – Modeled by Illussie

  • Reported drops: Champion Boar in Queensdale
  • Loot Bag: Fallen Adventurer’s Backpack


Knowledge is Power – Focus – [&AgGhrwAA] – Modeled by Herald of Slaanesh

  • Reported drops: Frozen Maw, CoF P1 final boss, Icebrood Wolf in CoE, Champion Risen Giant in Arah
  • Loot Bags: Gilded Strongbox, Elaborate Ritualist Bags, Gilded Coffer


Komalie’s Sacrificial Blade – Dagger – [&AgG6rwAA] – Modeled by Jayden Croft


Levvi’s Detector – Rifle [&AgGtrwAA] – Modeled by Ashlee Quinn

  • Loot Bags: Deluxe Gear Box


Lord Taeres’s Shadow – Sword – [&AgGprwAA] – Modeled by Alaschylus

  • Reported Drops: Champion spider and wasp in Queensdale, Champion Ooze King. Champion Wurm in Frostgorge Sound, Skelk Scavenger in Ascalonian catacombs.
  • Loot Bags: Fallen Adventurer’s Backpack, Slime-covered Strongbox


Mecha Anchor – Hammer – [&AgG8rwAA] – Modeled by Thand Bladebreaker

  • Reported Drops: Steam Ogre in Metrica Province, Troll champion in Queensdale
  • Loot Bags: Deluxe Gear Box, Oversized Rucksack


Monsoon – Staff – [&AgHArwAA] – Modeled by The Commissar

  • Reported Drops: Champion Boar in Queensdale, Flame Legion champions, Champion Spider Queen in AC
  • Loot Bags: Fallen Adventurer’s Backpack, Elaborate Ritualist Bag


Occultist Flame – Torch – [&AgGorwAA] – Modeled by Tiberius Raikage


Phoenix Reborn – Axe – [&AgG7rwAA] – Modeled by Herald of Slaanesh

  • Reported Drops: Oakheart Champion in Queensdale, WvW Champion Lords
  • Loot Bags: Heirloom Seed Pouch, Embroidered Belt Pouch


Poyaqui’s Noggin – Focus – [&AgGjrwAA] – Modeled by Grimtalon Crush

  • Reported Drops: Champion Troll in Queensdale, Legendary Centaur in Queen’s pavilion.
  • Loot Bags: Oversized Rucksack, Embroidered Saddlebag


Razah’s Nightmare – Torch – [&AgG+rwAA]


Rockweed Spire – Trident – [&AgGmrwAA] – Modeled by Grimtalon Crush

  • Reported Drops: Bjarl (icebrood boss) in COE p1, Risen Megalodon champion in Cursed Shores, Bandit Legendary in Crown Pavilion.
  • Loot Bags: Gilded Strongbox, Gilded Coffer, Embroidered Coin Purse


Scepter of the Highborn – Scepter – [&AgGsrwAA] – Modeled by Bornthisway

  • Reported Drops: Spider champion in Queensdale/Champion Icebrood fish in Frostgorge, Karka Queen in Southsun, Lupis in Arah, Risen champions, Pyroxis in Crown Pavilion, Graveling Champion in AC P1
  • Loot bags: Fallen Adventurer’s Backpack, Gilded Strongbox, Gilded Coffer


Shiverstone – Mace – [&AgGvrwAA] – Modeled by Genesis Girl

  • Reported Drops: HOTW Path 1 Aldus Stormbringer, Troll Champion in Queensdale, Icebrood Champions in Frostgorge Sound
  • Loot Bag: Gilded Strongbox, Oversized Rucksack,


Song of the Temptress – Warhorn – [&AgG9rwAA] – Modeled by Genesis Girl

  • Reported Drops: Ascalonian Catacombs final boss, Oakheart Champion in Queensdale, Champion Plains Wurm in Blazeridge Steppes
  • Loot Bag: Heirloom Seed Pouch, Fallen Adventurer’s Backpack


Stardust – Shortbow – [&AgGzrwAA]

  • Reported Drops: Twilight Arbor, Icebrood champions in Frostgorge Sound, Evolved Husk in CoE P2, Champion Rotten Oak in Queensdale, Risen champions in Orr
  • Loot Bags: Heirloom Seed Pouch, Gilded Strongbox


Truth – Axe – [&AgG1rwAA]

  • Reported Drops: Frozen Maw, Oakheart Champion in Queensdale, WvW Lords
  • Loot Bag: Gilded Strongbox, Heirloom Seedpouch, Embroidered Belt Pouch


Twin Talons – Sword – [&AgHHrwAA] – Modeled by Grimtalon Crush

  • Reported Drops: Spider Queen in Ascalonian Catacombs, Karka Champion in Southsun Cove.
  • Loot Bag: Gilded Strongbox


X6-31 Beta – Harpoon Gun – [&AgGqrwAA] – Modeled by Sorrow Night

  • Reported Drops: COE, SE, Aetherblade champions.
  • Loot Bag: Deuxe Gear Box


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

349 replies on “GW2 Champion weapon skins”

Killing champions. Each “family” of enemies (Flame Legion, Inquest, Oakhearts, and so forth) have specific skins tied to them.

Yep. Aetherblades are outlaws, so any outlaw could drop them. I am not entirely sure about this, it’s just an assumption. (Bandits and Pirates in the Pavilion *wink-wink*).

I really start to find it ridiculous how A-net is focusing on Greatswords instead of other skins… I mean, compare the amount of good looking GS and then Longbows. It is just ridiculous…

To be honest the skins in this game are terrible. I wish they would put better looking ones in. A 5 year old can think of cooler weapon designs

I have to admit you’re kinda right, I have a feeling that ANets design team has no real oversight and everyone just kind of comes up with an idea for a weapon, throws it together and they gather up the assets and toss them in the game without ever really looking to see if they’re even passably decent

To be fair this greatsword isn’t that new, though. It’s a recolored version of ebonblade with the particle effects added

Sad every weapon got a new skin, but Daggers got an existing one with a slightly shinier blade. Can we get some nice looking Dagger skins for once instead of only getting Greatswords?

To be fair, just about all of these weapons are either recolors or existing skins with new particle effects. I agree though, the dagger leaves a lot to be desired.

I was hoping we could get something like the purple sword with shadow effect for daggers (the sword was in the patch screenshot preview), but no. Every time there’s an update with new skins you just know daggers won’t get anything good looking.

Hmm at first we were crying that there’s no updates no new stuff. Now ANet is working on super speed adding new stuff every 2 weeks and we’re getting crtl+c ctrl+v weapons. I hope that they will find sweet spot someday.

I want that Mecha Anchor SO bad. One of few hammer skins that actually looks like a bigass HAMMER and not a tiny little sledgehammer.

I fucking know, right? Total necro torches. Ranges running around with a skull torch just doesn’t seem right…

Any idea from which Champions to get these skins?


[&AgG5rwAA] – Greatsword

[&AgGkrwAA] – Hammer

[&AgGprwAA] – Sword

I hope this is not all I would love to see some cool new staves, the monsoon one might aswell be lvl 1 staff, generic design, no effect, nothing 🙁

This can’t be all can it :(? Dang it, I was hoping for a cool pistol for the thief I’m leveling. Or a nice dagger instead of these generic, dull ones! Definitely getting that purple glowy sword though, and I wish I had a character that still needed a greatsword skin because both of them look awesome!

The Impaler has been found as a drop from the bag that the boar in Queensdale now drops, so it likely comes from beast family champions.

Got a scepter (Scepter of the Highborn) from a bag off the champ spider in Queensdale, located on the hill southeast of the hunting lodge poi.

The currently “nameless” torch is actually called Razah’s Nightmare. Just got it in a drop, and it is showing up on the trading post as well.

Aside from the Rapier who everybody loves (and love the Princess Bride/GW1 nod too), I really like the Entropy/Genesis hammers too. Archdiviner Hammer FTW. 😀 Scepter of the Highborn is awesome looking too. Finally, a scepter that actually looks like a scepter!

Found where?!?! where?!?!?!?!!?!?!? at least a hint (i know some want to take the profit of it so many ppl dont tell this things…)

might it be safe to say we get ’em from sons of svanir champs? :DD
thanks for the heads up! i reaaaally want that mace.

odd.. there is no record of it on the wiki and what not.. I know there is Combustion the torch.. this is combustion the scepter.

Got an Occultist Flame from the Giant Branded Devourer in Fields of Ruin. I assume it drops from any Branded Strongbox.

Witnessed someone get it from a Ritualist Box dropped by Champion Flame Legion Shaman in the Gauntlet, confusion.

Mine dropped from Frozen Maw event. Good luck, I’m pretty sure there’s only been two drops today so it seems to be very rare compared to the other champ weapons.

Thanks for the response. Am I right in saying that I can only loot that container once a day per account?

entropy im not sure but I’ve heared rumors that genesis drops from the maw champ so if I were you I would start there good luck and btw I’ve been looking for entropy too

maybe from shadow behemoth since genesis is light good color for Maw and so genesis is for dark LOL…xD

according to a coulpe post(er)s on reddit, Entropy (purple Cultist hammer) can be dropped from Risen champs!

afaik, all the weapon skins should drop from the little boxes/bags, etc that you get from the champs.

someone feel free to correct me if not the case!

from a reddit thread, ranged from destroyer to AC to orge champs. so maybe it’s one of the more “common” ones, if you will?

as of now I know genesis drops from the Maw event

according to reddit, the shadowy hammer drops in orr.

Crystal guardian drops from icebrood champs stated lower in the comments.

people have been reporting:
Entropy Dropped from Risen champs & Frozen MaW

Genesis Dropped from Frozen MaW

Crystal Guardian dropped from Icebrood champs & Svanir champs
(@Evil Killer next time read the comments it is all in there)

I got the Scepter of the Highborn last night from a boss bag from Fractals of the Mist. Don’t now which one though. We had dredge, underwater and the Svanir one… So since it also drops from Icebrood champion i’m guessing it was from the Svanir boss? idk though

What is the drop rate for these items? In other words, how much time should I expect to spend farming before I start seeing these fancy shmancy new weapons?

I noticed that too. Went through the pictures, Some looked really cool, some looked rather dull. As I was nearing the end I was thinking “No pistols?”.

I got cutthroat caller from pirate champ in the pavilion and monsoon from flame legion champ in the pavilion and also from cof p3 (i assume every flame legion champ can drop it)

I see the list of weapons and where they commonly drop… I was just wondering if this is only during this event or is this something that will keep going after the event. Im also wondering if these are champions found only in the “crown pavilion” or can they drop from champs in the rest of the world? Thanks !

Just got Genesis from an Embroided Coin Purse, from the Boom Boom Baines boss in the Crown Pavillion, I’m so happy :DD

Got Bonettie’s rapier from Pyroxis’s bag in Crown Pavillion, pretty dadgummed stoked. On my level 55 too =P

This weapons drop only from champions/bosses that are writen near weapon or can they drop from other ones to ? For example can King’s Rememberance drop from Risen Champion also ?

It would be nice if Dulfy would reply.

They can probably drop from other ones as well, just recording where people got them at this point, can make a generalized list later on when we have enough data.

The shell-like longbow is called “Arthropoda” and dropped from the giant ooze in metrica province

Is it possible we could get some ingame shots of it? Or even it in your inventory?

I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m very skeptical of it dropping from a not-karka.

already sold it. and even if i took a screenshot of it in my inventory it would not prove that i got it from the ooze. seems like you will have to trust me 😉

Fair enough.

I didn’t actually realize how little Champ Oozes there were in the game, so it makes sense it took this long to find. Sorry for being “that guy.”

my brother seen someone get the Metal Anchor hammer from that one champ boss you fight after doing the Matrix Key puzzle stuff

Genesis drops in Frozen maw but is from the shaman’s box so i quess all the skins are(just got it^^)

Town clothes. It’s Mad Kings outfit from Halloween and the hoodie is Phantom’s Hood from Halloween as well.

From what I’ve gathered, weapons are based on bags, not enemies, so just gather information on what champs drop what bags, then focus on what bags drop what weapons.

Knowledge is power – droped on Arah P2 today. It seams that the droop for weapons is rootary or randomized.

Genesis seems to drop from a gilded strongbox off of the Frozen Maw. He drops an exotic strongbox the first time you kill him and then white ones every kill after that. However the exotic bag has a different icon than the bags of off icebrood champs, which have the same name. Something I think is odd.

yea, there’ve been reports from others that certain bags with the same name don’t stack. so there might be a little more than just bag types to the loot tables.

Frozen Maw -> name of the place, Svanir Shaman -> name of the guy that drops the stuff. Srsly get it right.

Anyone else think that the skin drops are linked to the item the Champion drops (e.g. Embroidered Coin Purse, Oversized Rucksack) rather than the race of the Champion itself? Maybe we should start tracking it via that method too.

It is but it is alot easier to get people to remember what champion they just killed rather than what loot bag just dropped. I am making a list of what champion people said they got the weapons from and also making rounds to kill the champions myself to see what bags they got. Then I can connect the dots.

Song of the Temptress I got from Ascalon event in FotM, so it seems it’s not limited to AC dungeon. I’m sorry, but I didn’t pay attention to the name of the bag I got it from.

Got Lord Taeres’s Shadow on champion Wasp in Queensdale. I seriously think you can get pretty much every drop off any champion tbh.

Got the Crystal Guardian dropped from final boss on SE Path 3. I believe it was in a Gilded Stongbox, but I am not sure.

Like I said, it is much easier for people to recall what boss they got it from rather than what bags. Once all the champion loot data have being gathered and verified, I can switch it to bags.

prrroobbabbbly should have looked a little harder there… GG random commenter now don’t you feel like an idiot.

I’ve got Levvi’s Detector off of the Legendary Dredge Powersuit in a Lvl 38 Fractal (not that the level matters). Already sold it.
I can’t recall the name of the bag the guy dropped, but I think it was some Gearbox.

People the skins depend of the type of box and box type depends on type of champion… For instance many water champions say Ice wurm in Frostgorge drops Fallen Adventurer Backpack and so does Risen Scorpion in Cursed Shore. The Backpack had chance to drop Lord Taeres’s Shadow no matter where you got the backpack that contained it.

:DD grats! i haven’t done Frozen Maw all that much. so it’s just the final champ that drops a box yes? and you got it from that one?
also, can we only do Frozen maw once a day? i did it twice once and the second time, the end boss champ didn’t drop a box : (( i thought the limit would only be the chest?

oops, late reply. thanks, Dulfy. ya, that musta been something like that. :// o wells. : )) better luck next time!

I just got Scepter of the Highborn from the champion reward bag after defeating Pyroxis in The Crown Pavilion

I farmed Cursed shore – got a stack of Gilded Coffers, around 45 Fallen Adventurers Backpacks and 10 slime covered stong boxes. I got Rockweed Spire, Entropy and Knowledge is power from the coffers. Then Scepter of the Highborn and Cobalt from the Backpacks. Glad I got a few skins after the hard work 🙂

Just got Arc from the champion loot bag after fighting Pyroxis in The Crown Pavilion. That’s the second time Pyroxis has dropped a champion weapon for me. 😉

Got Scepter of the Highborn from AC P1, fought the Graveling champ after the Spider Queen, Fallen Adventurers Backpack

Dulfy I got my Genesis from HotW p1 but idk from which boss. My bag was empty. After finished HotW p1 I opened all the champ boxes abd I found this cutie in my bag ;D

Just wanted to post, I just got the Arthoropda (long bow) from one of the champ boxes that drop from the Karka Queen in Southsun Cove.

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