GW2 Gemstore masks

Gallery of the three new masks put on the gemstore as part of the Queen’s Jubilee patch. They cost 400 gems each. The male version of these masks look identical. 

Mask of the Jubilee – 400 gems

  • Certain parts are black and do not change color when dyed.


Mask of the Queen – 400 gems

  • All parts dyeable


Mask of the Crown – 400 gems

  • Only one dye color can be applied.


By Dulfy

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17 replies on “GW2 Gemstore masks”

Dulfy, a question : do you know the effect of new runes and sigils ?
Could you post them here when you are aware ?
Thanks for your great job !

Not that I couldn’t find out from just logging in personally, but are these combat mask or town clothes?

Right, because the single digit percent of items in the gem store targeted towards female characters is just too much. Absurd. Your complaint should be about the oversexualization of female characters in this game, if anything, but instead you wasted your opportunity.


@buy “Gems” to get a ……….

where is the different from an Dealer and GW2/MMOG

What you are saying makes zero sense. can – and must – sell items in the gem store to bring in revenue for a game with no monthly fee. Save these types of complaints for when they sell gambling boxes a la Rich Dragon Coffers that have a[n infinitesimally small] “chance” at containing a “rare”, at best, skin. Those practices are predatory and should be condemned; selling an item for X gems is fair and ethical.

Hello, can you give us the ig code for these items please ? I can’t preview with my full armor, thank you.

I found it on reddit :

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