GW2 PvP Permanent finishers on the gemstore

Pictures and videos of the GW2 PvP permanent finishers available in the gemstore. These permanent finishers are account unlocks with unlimited uses that can be used in both sPvP and WvW.

Last updated: Feb 4, 2014

Finishers sorted by Alphabetical order

Finisher Release Cost
Cow Queen’s Jubilee 500
Gift Wintersday 2013 600
Great Jungle Wurm Origins of Madness 800
Mad King Twilight Assault 700
Quaggan Edge of the Mists 800
Sanctified The Nightmares Within 600
Scarecrow Twilight Assault 500
Snow Globe Wintersday 2013 700
Snowman Wintersday 2013 700
Spectre Queen’s Jubilee 500
Super Explosive SAB: Back to School 600
Thornroot Queen’s Jubilee 600
Toxic Offshoot Tower of Nightmares 600
Twisted Watchwork Clockwork Chaos 800
Vigil Megalaser Tequatl Rising 700
Whump the Giant Queen’s Jubilee 800

Queen’s Jubilee – August 6, 2013


Whump the Giant – 800 gems


Spectre Finisher – 500 gems


Thornroot Finisher – 600 gems


Cow Finisher – 500 gems


Clockwork Chaos – August 20, 2013


Twisted Watchwork Finisher –  800 gems


SAB: Back to School – September 3, 2013


Super Explosive Finisher – 600 gems


Tequatl Rising– September 17, 2013


Vigil Megalaser Finisher – 700 gems


Twilight Assault– October 1, 2013


Mad King Finisher – 700 gems


Scarecrow Finisher – 500 gems


Tower of Nightmares– October 29, 2013


Toxic Offshoot Finisher – 600 gems


The Nightmares Within– Nov 12, 2013


Sanctified Finisher – 600 gems.


Wintersday 2013– Dec 10, 2013


Snow Globe Finisher – 700 gems

Display 4 variants inside the snow globe.



Wintersday 2013– Dec 17, 2013

Gift Finisher – 600 gems


Snowman Finisher – 700 gems


The Origins of Madness– Jan 21, 2014

Great Jungle Wurm Finisher – 800 gems


Edge of the Mists– Feb 4, 2014

Quaggan Finisher – 800 gems


  • zamira

    dulfy u do know anything about the event finishers from previous events? really miss them now 🙁

  • Henny

    Previous events finisher are not unlimited, each ticket only provide 5 chance to use. ( I use 1 snowman and gift ticket for test.

    • zamira

      ok ty

    • Kuro Inu

      yeah well it says limited finisher in the description. I’m sure arenanet is going to make unlimited finishers in future. maybe we will see unlimited versions next Christmas. but they’ll probably be rare like the permanent bell etc.

      • Lupus Bumpus

        I kept the snowman and gift finishers from winter in my bank. Today I got them out and clicked them — their icons on the finisher page lit up and now I have 15 charges that I can activate.

  • Murth

    You get unlimited use of your pvp rank finishers, deer,dolly,wolf,… but what to do with the limited pvp rank ones? They should be useable in the mystic forge :p

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  • Mockingbird

    Hi, I just wanna ask if you’ve got a video or pictures of the event finishers like the Mad King and Scarecrow…

  • Lord

    Hi Dulfy, Super explosive finisher from SAB : back to school is no longer avalaible in the gemstore (until next release of SAB)

    • Samer

      will there be another release of SAB?

      • I am betting on april 2014 most likely

  • Jizateci

    vigil megalaser is awesome

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