GW2 Queen Jennah’s Jubilee achievement guide

GW2 Queen Jennah’s Jubilee achievement guide with instructions on completing the various achievements associated with the Queen’s Jubilee patch coming up on Aug 6, 2013.

Meta achievement: Queen’s Jubilee Completionist – 50 pts

  • Complete 16 achievements from either this category or Jubilee dallies (they are listed under daily but will have a different icon from the normal daily achievements).
  • Completing the achievement below will not grant you enough to finish the meta so you will need to do Jubilee dallies.
  • Reward: Mini Watchknight – Account bound

Pavilion Party-Goer – 5 pts

  • Visit the Crown Pavilion, you will get this at end of the Opening Ceremony story instance.


Opening Ceremony Attendee – 5 pts

  • Attend the Opening Ceremony story instance (see above).

Party Crasher Crusher – Defeat 100 party crashers – 5 pts

  • Kill Aetherblade pirates or other enemies trying to spoil the Jubilee.
  • You can kill some Aetherblade pirates in the story instance, rest can be obtained by killing Aetherblade pirates in the various events surrounding each Balloon tower.
Tiers Kills Pts
1 1 1
2 50 2
3 100 2

Pavilion Participant – Complete 15 events in the Crown Pavilion –5 pts

  • Complete events in the Crown Pavilion
Tiers Events Pts
1 1 1
2 5 1
3 15 3

Balloon Tower Tourist – Visit 30 Balloon Towers – 19 pts.

  • Ascend hot-air ballon towers and claim a royal gift (chest) at the top. Balloon towers are marked on your map and can be found in every open world map except Orr and Southsun Cove. If the gate to the tower is not open, talk to the Ballon pilot and complete whatever event they need.
  • Note that you cannot use the same tower again, you will need to find a tower with unopened chest.
  • Reward: Hot Air Balloon Souvenir


Tiers Towers Pts
1 1 1
2 5 3
3 10 3
4 20 5
5 30 7

Locations of all Balloon Towers sorted by zone with closest waypoints (copy the code into the game chat window). If you do not have 100% map completion or having difficulty using the waypoints, use this set of images provided by Eduron Stonewall instead.

Details Show

Luminary of Kryta – Complete 4 Beacon of Kryta torch runs – 15 pts

  • Reward: Flame of Kryta – Use this torch to find your way in the dark (account bound, replace your weapon skins)
  • Please see this guide if you are having trouble with locating the torchbearers or with any of the torch runs


Tiers Runs Pts
1 1 1
2 2 3
3 3 5
4 4 6

Winner and Champion – Defeat five types of Queen’s Champions –10 pts

  • You can find some champions as part of the events near the Balloon towers. You will need to kill five different champions. Which one spawns is purely random.
  • There is a champion that always spawn in Eldvin Monastery in Queensdale near Krytan Freeholds (he actually spawn from a different location but walks to there). You can just camp there and if you see a champion spawn run to the balloon tower nearby to activate the fight. If there is an escort event running, you will need to finish that one first and then the champion event will become active.


  • Champions
    • Champion of the Heavy Hammer
    • Champion of the Blazing Gun
    • Champion of the Lightning Blade
    • Champion of the Whirling Edge
    • Champion of the Stony Shield
Tiers Runs Pts
1 1 1
2 3 3
3 5 6

Champion of the Colleges – Kill 100 enemies while representing Rata Sum – 10 pts

  • Represent the Rata Sum in the Crown Pavilion and kill enemies while you have their buff on


  • Escort asura emissaries to hot-air balloons (each escort count as 10 kills). Note that you can find emissaries of all races in all the maps.
Tiers Kills Pts
1 1 1
2 25 3
3 50 3
4 100 3

Champion of the Legions – Kill 100 enemies while representing Black Citadel – 10 pts

  • Represent the Black Citadel in the Crown Pavilion and kill enemies while you have their buff on
  • Escort charr emissaries to hot-air balloons (each escort count as 10 kills)

Champion of the Crown – Kill 100 enemies while representing Ebonhawke – 10 pts

  • Represent the Kryta in the Crown Pavilion and kill enemies while you have their buff on
  • Escort human emissaries to hot-air balloons (each escort count as 10 kills)

Champion of the Wild – Kill 100 enemies while representing Hoelbrak– 10 pts

  • Represent the Hoelbrak in the Crown Pavilion and kill enemies while you have their buff on
  • Escort norn emissaries to hot-air balloons (each escort count as 10 kills).

Champion of the Pale Tree – Kill 100 enemies while representing The Grove– 10 pts

  • Represent the The Grove in the Crown Pavilion and kill enemies while you have their buff on
  • Escort sylvari emissaries to hot-air balloons (each escort count as 10 kills)

Champion of the Council – Kill 100 enemies while representing Lion’s Arch– 10 pts

  • Represent Lion’s Arch in the Crown Pavilion and kill enemies while you have their buff on

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

109 replies on “GW2 Queen Jennah’s Jubilee achievement guide”

These grindy achivs keep on comming . I for one will select only the ones with a decent worthy reward at the end and skip the rest.. too tedious

well I’d rather have some grindy achievements than pure luck based achievements like betting on moas and the one of crab toss game(I’ve got this one but luck shouldn’t have something to do with achievements)

Luminary runs aren’t dailies. The daily for today is the balloon visiting one that shows up in your daily tab.

Was trying to figure out why I had 14 achieves for Jubilee and there was only 13 listed. xD

“each escort count as 10 kills”. Does this mean escorting them gives you 10 kills regardless to whether you kill 10 or not? I ask because there’s a good chance some of the mobs will be tagged and killed by another player with the amount of people completing it.

I’m confused. There are 2 towers in Queensdale, I’ve climbed both and only one had a chest. My achievements also only state I’ve climbed 1 tower.
Do they have to be in different zones?

Queensdale seems to be bugged in this regard (at least people on the forums have the same issue). If you get one chest it counts as you got them both. Luckily there are more chests/towers then the achievement calls for.

BTW another tip for the run, talk to the NPC that gives speed buff. For the race beginning at Lyssa WP, jump right at the end to reach the last beacon.

Luminiary Tip:

Go to one of the priests prior to talking to the torchbearer to get the 5min swiftness boosts from them.

Right before you talk to the torchbearer, also apply swiftness to yourself with any skill that grants it. Trust me, swiftness helps!

Having a partner using shouts on you helps as well.

On the third run (Lyssa Waypoint), it is advisable that you get the beacons that are on the tower (3 of them), then head back towards the ramp and go up. Don’t go for the obvious beacons first.

Same applies for the fourth run (in the gardens).
I’ll see if I can give like a map or something.

There are four “Torchbearers” I believe they’re called in Divinity’s Reach. You can find them on the map with a scroll icon with a golden star inside. One is up west of the Palace Waypoint, for instance. There are two others to the east near Rurikton Waypoint and Kormir Waypoint, respectively. The last one, I can’t remember the location of.

But this achievement (i guess there will be more) is not showing up at Queen Jennah’s Jubilee tab – so it’s pretty confusing 🙂

Thanks, Dulfy. I wish it was this obvious to figure out what to do by just playing the game 😛 I can never figure out where to go for this stuff. Great guide as always 🙂

This was just for my guild but some of you might want it 🙂

(NOTE) This is for EU Servers, I’m not sure if NA Balloons are in the same places.

P.S My name’s my Gw2 name not my RL name xD

Okay so the list is Stoney, Blazing, Whirling, Lighting, and Heavy. Bit of an edit the guide is wrong there is only 5 but it shows 6.

There are 5 total. This guide incorrectly says it’s 6 right now, but your Achievement should have it as “Defeat all 5 types of the Queen’s Champions.”

The champion changes each time they are defeated.
I do the same ballon twice and get 2 differents champions for the same place.

They’re chosen randomly, more or less. I’ve been waiting in Queensdale near Crossing Waypoint, and the order seems to be: Escort -> Clear area -> Champion -> Escort.. Champions were until now: Stony, Lighting, Heavy

The total event is 1 month but come the 19th they should have part 2 of this event and then it will start to come to a close.

Ok so is it me or did they ninja-nerf the drops and gold in the Pavilion? When the patch came out I made a quick 10 gold in 15 mins. Now after 2 hours of farming I only made 3 gold. And I am not the only one saying this but so are my guild mates.

He didn’t say that. He asked if it was nerfed without Arena Net mentioning it in the patch notes from the last update. Maybe you should try to read his post before responding.

I was in there in the early AM. We were in there with an anet guy, and the modinir champs were spawning nonstop. Later on an update they mentioned “fixed a bug were champs were spawning too much”. It was a bummer, but I was glad to make a quick bit of gold before the update.

Yo dude, I never said it was a bad thing or anything like. I do not see where it is written that it is a crime or a sin to wonder about something. Read the post next time, or if you dont care to read it, at least dont waste your own energy and time typing an invalid response.

Check that there isn’t any other jubilee event going on (the escort or attacking aetherblades). If there’s any going on, you’ll need to finish it (or wait until it’s finished) before you can fight the champion.

How many balloons are there? One of the balloons (the one near Kryta Waypoint) don’t count towards my achievement (I’m very sure it hasn’t counted yet since it was the 4th balloon I tried visiting). I hope I can still make 30.

I’ve been hammering through achievements and am stuck on the Winner and Champion achievement. 4 of 5 champs killed and I have been to all 30 towers and even rode the cycle on one tower for each region and was continually getting the same champs. There should be I guess a unique champ per area didn’t see much randomness last night. Any chance we could collect what champs spawn in what regions? I really want to get this last champ knocked off.

I’ve got the same problem. had the Axe, Gun, Hammer, Greatsword (think he was, I got there late but managed to tag). Can’t for the life of me find the last one.

I just completed one of the torchruns for my daily and it didn’t give me it to me T.T
So how am I suppose to get this for my daily then, if I can’t even get it lol.

I only completed the dailly after I done all 4.
They are really easy anyway, I done them all first time without speed buffs and still had at least 20 seconds left on each :S

Do champions change or are they the same champion for each location?

For example, If I get Whirling Edge Champion at Queensdale Balloon and kill it, will the next Champion spawn be Whirling Edge again, or is there a chance it’ll be a different one?

I see, well I noticed the champion spawn is waiting even when the event isn’t up. So I just kept changing area until I found the last champion I needed and waited for it to trigger.

You should update the Champion achievement (Winner and Champion) to say that you have to kill all 5 Different champions, not just 5. A list of all of their names would be nice too. 🙂

is “Winner and Champion” bugged? I’ve killed tons of champs (Hot Air Towers 30/30 done) and it still says 4/5 types done. Also i havn’t seen any other type than those 4 already listed here… :c

The achivment is dodgy, i was lacking Hammer guy, who i had to kill 4 times for the achiv to finally count him in..

I’ve seen the champion spawn at the tower, and slowly walk to where you challenge them… also when the champion is ready, as you come close to the balloon guy he’ll say something about looking for new challengers for the pavilion

I did the torch run but i’m still 14/16 achievments towards the Queens Jubilee w/ nothing else to complete. Anyone know where i’m stuck?

Yesterday I did the daily for it and it didn’t count towards the Jubilee Achievements but today it did count.

I also would like to point out exact same issue. Jubilee Dailies so far: 3 events in Pavilion (done), Torchrun (done), fly/visit balloon (done). I believe the first one wasn’t checked on my list of dailies even though it was counted towards daily set of achievements.

i dont have any daily achievements that look any different, theyre all the regular star icon thingies, sup with that?

I could be wrong, but I think the balloon events cycle like this:

Aetherblade Killing>Escort>Champ

Then it repeats.

Each map has two balloons except orr and southsun, which have none. You should be able to get more than enough since I never did any of the Charr maps and still completed it.

Can we have the information aobut the queen’s champions locations, I need 2 more but Its a hassle to find the last ones, ty.

There are no locations, at every balloon any cahmpion can spawn. The types are not bound to locations as far as I’ve seen.

And as said below they are a three event round so if you are missing one and don’t want to keep running around, do those events and it will cycle – not fun but doable.

Then go on to the next one…in the next area or the other balloon on that map 🙂

If you aren’t quick, you will be locked out of a balloon you just spent a lot of time alone completing – so get back to that balloon as soon as possible – or you will have to do the next event as well.

Boy that is a frustrating timer – I’d not have PUT a timer on that one except maybe a daily on each balloon 🙁 , silly programmers. Don’t think about sore fingers from arthritis or other debilitating conditions.

Thanks again for the guide…Balloon towers tourist took a couple of hours while I looped through the various maps – having explorer title helped there. Also managed to get crasher crusher, winner and champion, and head starts on the champion of the * achievements.

Now it’s a little grindy-grind for a couple-three hours in the pavilion (follow the zerg) and the other requirements are done. I’ll probably be up around 7-10 gold at the end with some new rare or exotic gear. Not bad.

I’m having trouble with the towers, I’ve only been able to get 1 tower per zone even though there are 2 towers in each zone, a bug maybe? anyone else have this problem?

1. The crown pavilon is still available untill Sep 3. ( you need to finish scarlet’s playhouse to gain acces again)
2. You can’t escort emmissaries in the crown pavilon. they’re events that happen at a balloon tower( each escort counts as 10 kills). You can however kill enemies while under influence of a cities buff when inside the crown pavilon.

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