GW2 Queen’s Gauntlet guide

A guide to GW2 Queen’s Gauntlet’s activity introduced as part of the Queen’s Jubilee patch.



Getting there

You will need to access the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach and then go up the platform. Talk to the Ringmaster to start. Each fight costs 1 Queen’s Gauntlet Entrance Ticket, which can be obtained from doing events around Balloon Towers in the open world or from the group events in the lower half of Queen’s Pavilion.

Additionally, you can purchase 5 of them at a time from the various emissaries in the center of Crown pavilion for 15 Watchwork sprockets and 20 silver.


Unlocking bosses/gamits

You can only unlock the next boss if you have defeated the previous one. Previously defeated bosses can be challenged again by talking to the Fight Manager.

You will also unlock more gambits as you defeat more bosses.


Gambits are unlocked progressively as you defeat more bosses. In tier 3, you will unlock all of the gambits. Each gambit costs 1 ticket so activating 5 gambits would cost you 6 tickets.

  • On Fire: A burning debuff will be applied to you
  • Exhausted: You have no endurance and cannot dodge roll.
  • Frailty: Takes increased damage from attacks.
  • Squeamish: Deal reduced damage
  • Hamstring: A crippled debuff will be applied to you.
  • Crowd Favorite: Face an additional opponent in the arena at the same time.

My mesmer build

Got a few asking what build my mesmer is using.

Build: 4/4/0/6/0 with III, X, IV, I,  V, VIII, II as traits.
Runes: Ruby Orbs, Sigils: Bloodlust on GS, sigil of or air or force on sword/offhand.
Gear: All berserker gear, all trinkets are ascended.

Tier 1

Halmi Hammerfell

  • Lethal Frontal Smash

Regular attacks hits for very little damage but has a huge windup frontal attack that you need to avoid. Failure to do so will down you. You can also daze/stun/knockback/knockdown him when he is charging up this attack to cancel it.



  • Grows when Struck, Shrines when Left Alone

Quaggan that gains a stacking buff called Hormonal Imbalance that Increase his size and deals more damage the more times you hit him (this reset if you don’t hit him for a while). Ranged can kite him around while melee can save their cooldowns and jump in to whack on him from time to time.

Ranged players can get Doobroosh to 10 stacks easily and earn the Doobroosh Tranquilizer achievement.


Windcaller Kieldia

  • Summons tornados


Summons a whole ton of tornados (causes knockdown) that increase in number as the fight goes on. You will need good mobility and burst damage to defeat this one. You can use stability to prevent the knockdown from the tornados.


You will get the Candle in the Wind achievement if you fire her with the On Fire (burning debuff) gambit on. This is pretty easy if you have a high DPS build as the fire won’t do too much harm.

Suriel the Blazing Light – Endboss

  • Endboss of tier 1, you have a longer time limit and a bigger cash prize if you beat her
  • Lethal Solar Flare Attack, Invulnerable While Blazing Light Active


Suriel will have a bauble at the start that make her immune to all forms of damage. You will need to drag her into one of the shadow wells in the arena (stand near it and once Suriel comes to you just stand in it) to remove that bubble. This will also deplete the shadow well so you will have to find another shadow well nearby quickly before she casts Solar Flare. This bubble will reappear in the fight so you will need to remove it several times by dragging her into shadow wells.


Standing in the Shadow well will cause constant tick damage to you (also applies weakness/cripple) but give you a buff called Shrounded in Darkness which protects from Suriel’s lethal Solar Flare attack (instantly down you otherwise). Suriel casts Solar Flare when she waves her hand but the animation can be hard to see so it recommended that you stay near a shadow well and get that buff when it expires. If you have the buff when Suriel casts her Solar Flare you will be knocked down for a few seconds but it is nothing to be alarmed. When you have the buff, you also have this black goo around your character as a visual indicator as well.


A good mobility spec is recommended as you may need to move from shadow well to shadow well quickly.

Tier 2

Tyre Ragemaw

  • Deals damage inverse to remaining health.

He is fairly easy especially for a ranged and you can just keep your distance when his HP is lower.


  • Extremely high health, Orbs grant players blood rage.

You will need to gather 25 orbs to gain 25 stacks of Bloodlust for the achievement Savage Brute. You do more damage the more stacks you have so you have to actually watch out that your pets/clones don’t kill Masticus before you get 25 stacks.



  • Lethal fire rings


The key to Salazan fight is to keep moving and avoid his flame cones. When he casts his flame circle, which he always does as his first move, you have to stay inside the flame circle unless you have an invulnerability ability. If you try to cross the flame circle without it, you will die.


In addition to avoiding the flame cone and staying inside the flame circle, you also have to keep moving and not backtrack as you leave a flame trail behind you that damages you.


Crew of the Ravenous – Endboss

  • Captain Barricus – Inspires Crew Members (give them swiftness, might, and fury), Grants Swashbuck’s Daring (dodge attack periodically) to Allies upon defeat.
  • First Mate Gaets – High damage, grants Envenomed Blades to Allies upon defeat.
  • Master Gunner Adil – Calls Cannon Strikes, Grants Ace in the Hole (Equip them with pistols) to Allies upon defeat.
  • Stitches: Heals Allies, grants Good Nutrition (regeneration every second) to allies upon defeat.


Both Captain and First Mate are melee while Sitches and Master Gunner are ranged. If any of them dies, the remaining ones heal to full.

The kill order I used for this is Sitches (because she heals) –>Captain (buffs other pirates) –> Master Gunner –> First Mate. It is something that worked for me and not necessary set in stone so you may play around with it abit. Stitches do grant a regen buff to remaining pirates when she dies so if you find that troublesome you may leave her last. Getting rid of Captain ensures that there is only 1 melee chasing you around which lessen some of the damage and you can then take out the Master Gunner that is shooting at you.

It is worth mentioning that Master Gunner does have a cannon attack AoE ability but it seems to be mostly harmless as long as you avoid the red circles while kiting.


Tier 3

Subject 7

  • Splits into new oozes when damaged


Splits into new oozes around your or your pet/clone’s location when damaged. The new oozes that he splits out heal him so try use ranged attacks if possible to distance the oozes from Subject 7. What you can do is use ranged attacks and walk in a big circle at max range from Subject 7, this will distance yourself from the oozes and ensure most are far away from Subject 7.

You get the Blobs, Schmobs achievement if you manage to kill Subject 7 without killing any of the other oozes. You will need to make sure to use single target ranged attacks and ranged clones/pets to make this easier. I find it really easy to do this one with a rifle and sword warrior as you can just run around in a circle with the rifle and when Subject 7 gets low then use Savage Leap and Final Thrust to finish the job.

For mesmers, Subject 7 is a good boss to get your gambits achievements as you can easily rally off the oozes who will probably spawn next to your high DPS melee illusions that are attacking the boss.


Deadeye Dunwell

  • Deals increased damage with killshot at long range, teleports.


Deals increased damage with Killshot at longer range, teleports around and there are mines that will instantly down you if you step on them. A good burst DPS melee spec with some evade/invul skill is perfect for this. The faster you kill him, the less chance he will teleport somewhere far away and do a headshot that instantly down you.


If you can time it, use your evade/invul etc against his Headshot (you get a red circle under you when he is charging up headshot). He always teleport to the same spots. The first teleport will be right behind you and you will have enough time to run to him as long as you don’t step on any mines. If you don’t move when you port into the arena, you can range attack him until he teleport to right beside you and then swap to melee to burn him down.

For the second teleport, however, he actually teleport to opposite side of the dome and you won’t make it to him in time before he one shot you. Therefore, you will need to use an evade/invul skill and activate it when you see the red circle underneath you.

Note: Some people have reported that Block and Projectile reflects skills do not work against his Headshot but evade/invul skils do.  Also, Projectile reflect works against his Volley attack.

Unless you have lots of AoE skills, this guy is good for getting the 5 gambit achievement High Stakes Gambler. You will need at least 1 stun/knockback/evade/invul/daze skill for the first port and an additional invul/evade skill for the second port. Make sure you don’t move when entering the arena and range him down. He will then port right behind you and you can do knockback, knockdown, stun, evade etc to cancel his headshot. DPS as much as you can and when he teleports again to the opposite side of the dome you will need an invul/evade skill to block the Headshot. Assuming you have good DPS, he should die before he can get the 3rd teleport off.


Strugar and Chomper

  • Strugar: Throws delicious meat, wields Caladhog (damage increased by 200%)  upon Chomper’s death
  • Chomper: Eats delicious meat, gains Meaty Rage (200% increase in damage and movement speed) upon Strugar’s death.

The goal here is to kill Chomper first and deny him as much of the meat chunks throw by Strugar as possible. Use cripple, knockback, stun/daze whatever you have on Chomper. The meat you grab will give you a lot more DPS and once Chomper is dead you can finish off Strugar fairly easily.

Note: Immobilze skills don’t work on Chomper

The fourth meat you eat will stun you so have a stunbreaker ready for that.


For the Meatless Murder achievement, you will need to utilize about 3 knockback, stun, daze, or cripple skills. Keep an eye on Strugar. If you see him throwing meat, crowd control Chomper and race to the meat before Chomper can get it. If Chomper is close to the meat, do a knockback to push Chomper away from it before grabbing the meat yourself. If your damage is decent, Chomper should die after 3 meats are thrown.

You will get this achievement as soon as Chomper dies, Strugar’s death is not required.


Liadri the Concealing Darkness

  • Liadri is an extremely tough fight with two phases.



  • To help you dodge, you can try some food such as Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew (quite expensive but give you +40% endurance refill rate).
  • Join a group and have her marked as a target by using ctrl +T. You may lose your target (especially in phase 2) during the fight and that can be fatal when you are trying to burst her down. To quickly acquire your target, just press T.
  • Turn off post-processing so your screen doesn’t turn black when she blinds you.
  • Have skills that give you invulnerability or block incase you can’t dodge out of the AoE circles.
  • Have a condition removal or swiftness for phase 2 since you will be crippled.
  • Blind works on the Visions of Morality and if you blind them when they explode, they won’t kill you.

Phase 1: In the first phase she is invulnerable to damage until you throw three Orbs of Blazing Light at her. To spawn these Orbs of Blazing Light, you will have to kite the Vision of Mortality (walking bombs that can instantly down you) that spawn into the white whirlpool. You will then need to grab the Orb of Blazing Light and throw it at her to remove 1 stack of her invulnerable debuff. You have to do this three times. Note that Blind works on these Visions and can prevent you from getting one shotted by their explosions.


While you are trying to do that, Liadri will attack you with Necrotic Grasp which hits anywhere from 1.5-3k damage per hit (can be blocked by projectile reflects). She will also cover 1/4 of the room with red circles called Shadowfall which explodes about 4-5 seconds later instantly downing anyone caught in it. If you have a skill that evades attack or give you invulnerability (i.e. Mesmer’s #2 sword skill Blurred Frenzy), you will be able to block the Shadowfall attack. Otherwise, stay in the middle of the room so you can dodge out of it easily.


There is a pattern to the Shadowfall circles, she will cover quadrant 1 first, then quadrant 2, 3 and 4 before returning to 1. Knowing this pattern can be useful but sometimes you can lose your orientation due to all the running and it becomes useless.


To add to the fun, she will also spawn orbs called Cosmic Rift that will pull you. These orbs die in one hit from your melee weapon and can be used to resurrect if you are downed. I tend to kill them since they can pull you into the Shadowfell circles.


One more thing that you need to pay attention to is that she will sometimes blind your screen, making it so that you cannot see the Shadowfall circles. You can go into your graphic settings and turn off post-processing to eliminate this.


Phase 2: Once you remove all 3 stacks of her immunity buff, she will immediately try and lunge at you (hits for 7k). Her shadowfall AoE circles is now a figure 8 shape and will cover two corners of the room.

The trick to phase 2 is to run in a large circle nonstop around the edge of room. This allow you to avoid most of the incoming Shadowfall circles as you will be at the edge of them and can easily dodge to safety.

Liadri’s whip attacks will cripple and weaken you, making it so you can’t move and dodge as much. On top of that, if the cosmic rifts spawn, you will get pulled. Sometimes the pull can be good and pull you out of her Shadowfall circles but more likely the pull will come right before her Shadowfall circles explodes, instantly downing you. 

If you are playing a mesmer, you can stick a Phantasmal Warden on Lidari when she is spinning in a circle. The warden does a ton of damage to her but has to be timed properly to be effective so you don’t summon it on her while she is chasing you.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

201 replies on “GW2 Queen’s Gauntlet guide”

so are you supposed to dodge Liadri’s attacks until you throw 3 light orbs at her, then just dps her down…? 2 minutes is way to short

warrior: 0/20/30/0/20
greatsword/rifle, healing signet/signet of stamina/endure pain/balanced stance/signet of rage works just fine.

Liadri the Concealing Dark is quite fun with the right build.

She procs an AoE like the one that Alpha uses in CoE (dodge it after 2-3 seconds), random shades spawn across the arena which you have to lure into light wells. The item they drop removes 1 stack of invuln of Liadri, you need to do this 3 times to be able to damage her and 8 times for an achievement.
You get downed instantly by either getting hit by the AoE or walking into a shade.
After she loses her invulnerability she will put very long cripples on you and proc bigger aoe’s, the shades will continue spawning too.

Rifts spawn too, they are harmless but they have a nasty pull. They get destroyed in 1 hit and if you get downed near one you can rally of them instantly.

Recommended build: high on vigor, invuln and blocks.

Got my mini 2 hours ago 🙂

“Recommended build: high on vigor, invuln and blocks”

Necromancers are so OP for this fight.Nerf Necromancers.

I bursted most of it down pretty easy with Necro. We are great at kiting melee based mobs. Deadeye is quite easy once you pull him to his first teleport point and burst him down, then he just teleports on top of himself.

While fighting Crew of the Ravenous, you have a “Revealed” buff constantly up. Is this intended? It makes it hard, maybe impossible, to finish using a Backstab-build thief. :S

You are intended to change your strategy at each fight. I have beat him easily using Sword/Pistol and Shortbow, focusing on blinding and evades. Kill the captain first, then whoever you feel confortable with.

I ran w/ my guardian using strifes build for fractals, I’m up to tier 3. I believe order has a lot to do with it. I went after first mate, the captain, the healer, and the guy who does the raining fire. I used spirit sword and hammer, with wall of reflections and renewed focus. Good luck!

If you go for range first, it is possible to kite the melee if you got cripple and movement control abilities.

For a mesmer, Moa morph works on Salazan, but you can’t Blink through the ring of fire without getting downed.

on the last phase the boss cover the room with red circles xept for 2 oposite places, lets say north and south, the next time he pop red circle, the only safe spot will be west and east, after that they alternate over and over, the best way to beat her as a guardian was being full tank and using retalation because of the insane atack speed she has, and runing between “south and east” then “east south” because of the constant pop of slow she does, other class might find it easier to do whole clock rotations

For Dunwell, get a reflect wall (smoke screen, feedback, temporal curtain, guardian stuff) and/or a block skill, also a dps build.
Drop your reflect near the start, dps him ranged – what happened every time I watched the fight was he’d port directly towards you as his first teleport.
You can finish the fight then and there if you have enough damage and probably without being hit at all. His sniper shot can be blocked or dodged (not sure about reflected, but I suppose that’d kill him ^^)

DPS build and an eye for dodge timing on his headshot skill is all you need. Did it on the first try. And with a ranger too.

Thanks for the tips guys, I ended up timing the dodges and once I could do that, it was pretty easy. What helped a lot was closing the distance so the damage wasn’t so hot. Now for Liadri… lol

Necro is pretty easy with a burst spec. Just pull him to his first teleport spot, DPS him down. He teleported to second spot at 10%, I just dodged to him, finished him off. Even if I failed at rolling to him, could always try finishing off last 10% with down state.

It’s easier for Necro and Mes, yes. Because they have good damage output in their clones/minions. For a ranger’s pet to have any sort of damage output you have to spec for it, decreasing the ranger’s own already inexistent DPS.

Have you even tried ranger before you write such statements? My Jungle Stalker crits up to 3k and i ve already beaten Liadri with my ranger so stop trolling… Ranger isn’t a bad class.

read what Whoisthatguy wrote – also there’s another tactic…
you don’t need your pet to deal damage – you summon a pet, use it’s buff for your purpouse (might) then send it to it’s death – not to deal damage, but to detonate the shadow clones. At the same time you just keep your distance from the boss and dps her with your longbow.

Necro and minions… One AOE and there aren’t no more minions, 40sec CD in a 3min fight… Not easy at all.

Tips for Subject 7 achievement.
Very easy to do with a ranger and a longbow. At start walk to the middle and use your 4th skill on it.
Then just spam 2,1 and keep using 4 on it to knock it on the wall. I don’t know why, but none of it’s blob spawn near it. So it doesn’t even heal. Easy one.

I will do with 5 gambits this as soon as able, before it’s fixed 🙂
I take it there’s no defiant buff? So I can knock him 2-3 times at the start of fight.

Also easy: Necromancer with scepter, since it has no cleave, can’t be body blocked (that I noticed) and you can fear him away from the others.

In theory just about anything that doesn’t have cleave/pierce makes this achievement easy.

That said, I should use that to do the 5 gambit achievement.

You’re welcome.. now it just has to work 🙂
Make sure you also try Speedyh’s way, described in the comment below. I’ll try it without Rocket Boots, but you could take the Elixir S instead of something else, to remove the RNG of being pulled into an orb and dying to AoE and a quick VoM exploding on you before you can kill the orb and rez yourself.

I finished it, after soooo many tries ending in <5%.
I can tell you – switch the bomb kit for grenades, maybe even go full grenadier with 30 points in Explosions.. it'll go fast.

If you get the rotation at the start, you'll be able to get to phase 2 extremely quickly, with just the three first whirlpools. Magnet the VoM on the first, kite one mob into second (knock second away with shield #4), then kite the one you knocked away into the third. At each one, you'll have time to pick up the orb, get out of aoe and throw.

The last boss is pure bullshit, her orbs pulls you to the AoE or to the shahid illusions.
And don’t forget her 1~2k auto attack spam.

If the orbs are a problem for you, get a friend spectator, preferably on voicecomm with you, to call when they spawn. Have a long range weapon to kill them before they pull you or rez off them when downed. Get a stun breaker / invulnerability skill (mist form, elixir s) if a problem. The 1-2k auto attack can be negated if you have some toughness + decent healing.

Anyone have some good warrior builds skill/traits for these or is it as per usual for us warriors, zerker everything?

When I play my warrior I’m a zerker everything and have always been, everywhere, but for the sake of this boss, I’d consider hitting a few nice traits, like Last Stance (Defense VII), 15 in Strenght at least, 15 in discipline for the minors.
Also, I’d prob. go in with Axe / Shield for the block and burst and a GS for whirlwind evade and rush.

For utility, signet of stamina, endura pain and … Bull’s charge.
Maybe also slot in some P/T/V items for the extra defence, even if you take the 20 points in defence.

I finished her in a condition spec on my engineer after 20+ tries ending in <5% and 20 tries.. ending.
My warrior pal, who was spectating the whole time, calling orbs etc, got it done in about 10-15 tries, running a full condition spec with sword/sword and longbow. She melted! Well, almost … but warrior condition spec is pretty powerful and sword 2 used well is great mobility for this fight.

Ill give that a go. The straight up axe/mace rotate to GS build just crazy burst damage worked well for me until I got to the end boss of tier 2 the pirates. I had to respec to my normale PVE Build(Heal/shout) to get through it. Had no problem with Subject 7(i assume the achievement for not killing a blob is easier if I just use a rifle) Going to try the other fights tonight. Ill keep the 2 sword condition spec in mind for Liadri. Thanks for the tips!

Quoting from our forums, Bunny Hits Faces on his spec (S/S+L – 0-30 (III-IX-XI)-30 (II-VII-XI)-0-10 (VI).

“Reason I swapped to warrior is that my glass mesmer takes 2.8k dmg per boss autoatk, in a 15k healthpool with 1 shitty heal.
Compared to warrior’s 3.4k toughness the boss was a joke and all you have left to do is not get hit by the red shit. (Stack vigor and endurance).

This ( would imo be the optimal setup for getting this done easily.

You have the stupid amount of damage mitigation with almost 3.4k armor and equally impressive condition damage @ almost 1900 without a single might stack on you, cast your elite and you have 2k+ conditoin damage going. You only really need to hit the boss with 2 attacks: impale (sword #4) and pin down (longbow #5) and they will deal 17k & 19k damage while you just focus on staying alive. 2 rotations of this + some splash damage (throw down your longbow F1 when full) and she’ll be a goner.

Don’t forget to make the most of the #2 sword leap to get to safety fast and the #5 sword block when in deep shit.

Watch out with the Fast Hands trait as this bugs when picking up a light, causing your weapon swap timer to reset; just stay away from this trait.

(PS: This setup is hilarious in WvW where a single skill can bleed people to death if they’re unable to cleanse.)”

Guradian in need of Strugar and Chomper advice. I can not keep Strugar off of me to collect meat and chase dog around, but I don’t have enough burst damage to kill him. I’ve tried different food buffs, going for speed vs condition removal/smite vs knock downs/knock backs. I’m at a complete loss here. I’ve also tried to just grab 3-4 meat and not get hit or attack until buffed, but he just keeps pulling me in– bleed/cripple and 6K hits when I’m out of dodge/speed. I’ll try any spec and any weapon combo suggested. Thanks!

hey there, i just did him with my guard. you really need to grab some meat before you deal damage. take “Stand Your Ground” for stability with you and “Retreat” for an additional aegis. you should take out the dog first.

Thanks for your replies. Hammer was a great idea but I failed at it. It’s true I could not kill them without eating meats. I found I needed 3. I missed one or two but still succeeded by just running. I stopped trying to damage or clear conditions or control dog. I just ran and dodged until I could get 3 meats. When I got 3rd I used all cool downs to kill man as fast as I could, then dodged/ran to heal, then killed dog. I lack skills but could succeed with this run-for-your-life approach.

I had trouble until I started using hammer, I put up warding to keep the dog in there so he couldnt get food, and used the knockback to keep him from the food as well. Retreat for swiftness and aegis to block his pull is good too. after I had about 5-6 meat I just got them next to each other and smashed them in a few hits, they died about the same time, so didnt need to worry about enrage that way.

I have the same problem with Deadeye Dunwell, think it’s a bug and one of the gambits is somehow stuck in the arena (I never activated it myself).

It’s one of the bosses, they cause zone wide knockdown. Some of the other bosses also shot crystals and fireballs zone wide.

thanks, Dulfy. will you be planning on putting up guides or small walkthrus for the achievements related to the Gauntlet? specifically the 5 gambit one and Light in the Darkness (hit Liadri with 8 crystals)?

that does seem to be the tough one. regardles, good luck! am sure you’ll be able to figure it out. :DD will be giving all of these a shot too once i get the Jubilee achieves out of the way.

Dulfy, hi and thanks for all your event guides these past months 🙂
On the subject of Liadri, I want to offer an alternative to
“The trick to phase 2 is to run in a large circle nonstop around the edge of room.”

For me the trick was to run / kite in a much smaller circle, with diameter half that of the room. It let me comfortably RUN out of almost each AoE and I had my dodge for stuff like evading her lunge attack or an unexpected orb. If you can cripple/chill her back, while cleansing your conditiosn or avoiding the cripple altogether, the fight turns simpler and simpler.

Hey Dulfy,
just did the Subjekt 7 Achievement and thought about some Tips.
First of all, the “Meaty Rage” from Strugar and Chomper lasts longer than the Fight.
A nice little extra Strength Buff, which can be very usefull for other achievements.
The Subjekt 7 only spawns oozes around you. Use a ranged Weapon and dont walk over 180 degrees around the Subjekt or the oozes will walk to the Subjekt and coulb be accidently killed.
As always, thank you very much for your guides and sry fpr my bad english 😀

For Deadeye Dunwell, block is not working. I get downed. Niether warrior sword 5 on or thief’s smoke screen stops headshot.

On my warrior, I tried Deadeye a few times myself then I switched to my chain stun, mace/shield, and 2hd hammer build with full zerker gear. Knocked him in a corner and interrupted everything he tried. He never teleported or tried to headshot me like this.

As a guardian I can’t seem to kill Liadri in time, no range dps. I’m using scepter auto attack for dps in phase 2 and staff for swiftness during phase 1. Retreat and remove conditions. I can get her to maybe 10-20% consistently,. Full zerker gear, not even sure if this is possible as a guardian with any other gear set.

I try to put the number 2 aoe move on her when she spins, but with the limited camera angle I can’t even target her location while moving around. Imo its very poorly designed for melee professions. Tried ~10 times, won’t bother completing. Dunno if I missed something.

Well, if you read other comments, also here:, you’ll note that Guardians have had good success rate. A guy killed her using staff only and full celestial. Another went full tank and she did a little too much damage on herself due to the retaliation. If you’re struggling with dodging/evasion, don’t run in a big circle, like Dulfy suggests, but in a circle with diameter half that of the radius of the dome. Also, streamline your Phase 1 – getting through it quickly is key, so you can be lazy in phase 2. Some CC on her and evading her lunge attacks are also helpful. I haven’t read about a zerker guardian build for Liadri so far and your comment leads me to believe you haven’t looked properly at what Guardians can do and your options. Good luck.

I beat her using a pure dps guardian build, using the exact weapon sets as you did! It can be done with dodge food and after phase one, just concentrate on kiting her/aoe’s while autoattacking her and you should be fine! BTW, my build concentrated in shouts so you might wanna try it out 😉

Well I tired another ~5 times and finally got it during the countdown. Not sure how you guys were doing more damage. Maybe I am too slow during phase 1.

If you push Subject 7 to the corner closest to the catwalk you talked to the ringmaster, some people can help you kill him. Do not know all skills which work but Elementalist’s Dragon’s Tooth (scepter, fire, 2) can be summoned inside the cage

I know you can do it once you learn the timing on the aoes.. Just go a standard bunker (0/10/0/30/30) with D/D or D/F. Stay in earth and spam 1 while strafing (I say this over backpedaling because this way you can keep a decent distance from her.) If she gets close, use dagger 2 and if you’re not sure you can dodge an aoe, use focus 5 on earth. Every second AoE, swap to Water for your dodge – it clears conditions and will heal you for around 2K. As long as you keep circling the arena, she shouldn’t be able to touch you and with perma-vigor, you’ll always have the dodges necessary.

Thanks! Finally I get it, I was bunker with D/D and spam the first attack of water, is so risky because I kill her with a second to enrage due to low damage.

Ranger build would be great. I dmg 1/5 of her hp and i cant do more, cause i need more dodges to evade shadowfall

I managed to do it with a ranger running 30/30/10/0/0 with shortbow/GS
Signet of Stone (a good safety net but it won’t stop the visions if they touch you)
Signet of Renewal (helps get rid of cripple in phase 2)
Lightning Reflexes (an evade and vigor, good stuff)

Markmanship tree:
Signet Mastery
Piercing Arrows
Signet of the Beastmaster

Skirmishing tree:
Sharpened Edges
Primal Reflexes
Quick Draw

Wilderness Survival Tree:
Wilderness Knowledge.

You will have a ton of dodges but if you should run out, it can still happen, there’s Signet of Stone to save you. Phase 1 you do just as normal, I prefered to use the GS to take care of the Cosmic Rifts but I’d save them for rallying off of in Phase 2. For the extent of Phase 2 you just kite her around with the shortbow, crippling and dazing/stunning her as often as possible. If you can keep aware of them it’s helpful to use a rotation of evades when dealing with her shadowfalls. I would use dodge roll, quick shot, dodge roll, quick shot, lightning reflexes, repeat.

You don’t actually need any dodges at all on Liadri. The key is to not run around the edge of the room as all you’re doing is giving yourself the longest possible path to run. Instead run in a circle as close to the center of the room as possible. Even if you’re crippled the entire fight, you can simply walk to safety on every Shadowfall.

Out of curiosity since this is considered an activity does anyone know if these achievements are going to move to the activities tab or the historical tab when their gone?

It is hard to say given that these Gauntlets have special domes etc that are only present in the Crown Pavilion, which isn’t permanent. If they do include it under activities, they would have to construct a new area for them or something.

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So far I’ve managed to do all of it on a guardian without changing any traits or gear. on the final boss now.. most were done in one try, knowing how to kill and what to avoid is key. (the guardian is NOT berserkers)

Just fyi, I notice that Projectile defenses do not work against killshot either. Wall of Reflection, Feedback, Shadow Wall (the thief one, idk if that’s what it’s called), Dagger Storm. Additionally it’s impossible to stealth once he aggroes on you.

get a bow out and keep moving round and round (whether its in the whole arena or while inside his circle of fire), don’t try to melee him

I did it with the normal axe/mace+gs post patch zerker build. Just swapped the GS for a Rifle for this fight. Beat him with little issue just keep moving and when in the circle of fire just dodge the cone. Gluck!

thanks a lot, I changed my zerk armor for knight’s armor, changed power for critical strike, took rifle and made large circles and it worked on first try

Yep, strafe left/right and do not go backwards to avoid cone. Stay in the ring. When ring of fire goes strafe anit clockwise or clockwise but stay going one way. I used Sceptre/focus and it worked well using this method. But yes was my worst boss before chomper.

Tips/Guide for Meatless Murder acheivement as a Zerker Mesmer:

– Signet Of Inspiration
– Blink
– Mantra Of Distraction

– Full Zerker
– I did this fight strictly with Greatsword Only. (My OH were sword/focus)

– I used Duffy’s build that consisted of 20/20/025/5 with III, X, IV, II, V, VIII as traits.


Before you head into the ring, pre-cast Mantra Of Distraction (you will be able to use this ability 2x). Once the fight starts, target Chomper and cast Phantasmal Bezerker, followed by Mirror Blade. Auto-attack and keep casting Phantasmal Bezerker, whenever it’s off CD. Use Mantra Of Distraction on Chomper whenever you see Strugar toss out meat. This should give you more than enough time to run/dodge roll onto the meat before Chomper gets to it. Since you can only use Mantra Of Distraction twice, you’ll rely on your Blink skill to get to the 3rd meat thrown out by Strugar. If you followed this guide correctly, Chomper should be next to near death or dead. When Chomper falls, finish off Strugar in whatever fashion you deem best.

Nice, I used a slightly different weapon setup. sword/pistol + gs. First meat I used the pistol #5 skill, for second one I used a knockback from the gs as I forgot to charge up Mantra. For third one I used the signet right as he was about to grab the meat.

I killed Chomper before or just after the 1st meat was thrown a couple of times and didn’t get the achievement despite preventing him from eating any, so there might be a requirement for a certain amount of meat to be thrown in total before killing him (when I got the achievement there were 3 pieces thrown I think)

I need help with Subject 7 and the Achiv to not kill any minions :c
My only character is elementalist (full sodier’s, staff) and due to ele’s AOE nature and the fact the slimes spawn NOT on top of ME but on top of THE SUBJECT is not helping :ccc
Also i would like to point out that the minions Ooze do run to the subject to heal him, even if lured far away :c

All I can think of is either glass cannon zerker scepter/focus with X/30/x/x/x or scpter focus tanky condi ele wit x/x/30/x/x. circle round the edge of the room.

Yeah I saw that video. He did way better then me. D: He managed to kill him before the first teleport. But it took me after his first teleport to down him. Which isn’t so bad.

I initially tried the scepter build as I run the usual 0/10/0/30/30. It worked pretty good but I had to be a lot more mobile obviously and have a couple blocks for his killshot.

Edit: Erm this was for a response to another post from Murth but I managed to accidentally post here. D:

Yeah S/F is the way to go for this.

I did Fresh air build (30 air/30 water/10 arcane)..Just put in Fresh air and some other stuff that may of been helpful (really depends on you and what you are comfortable with getting). Got some cantrip regenerates for vigor but I didn’t really use it (for cantrips got arcane shield, mistform and earth armor, only used arcane shield – can easily drop one or two of those for fire signet for more damage or something). Oh and I used the healing signet that heals on spell cast. But I wasn’t sure it was really necessary.

Just spammed number 2 scepter while making paths around the room in a circle. Changing to water occassionally and back to air to get that bolt from 15 lightning in. It worked like a charm.

Just don’t use the Elemental elite and it will work great. Elemental tends to cause the oozes to spawn on him which you don’t want.

I am a mainly Staff Ele and I was trying to figure out how to do this and this is what i came up with. I had some rare set of weapons I bought from culturual vendor recently so I used those and my usual Berserker/PVT gear set up. Nothing too fancy there.

Other way I found slightly interesting to work before I respecced. Is I just used Lightning Hammer + Fire elemental summon and auto attacked him to almost dead without killing any adds. If you have enough berserker gear I imagine its possible.

Ranger on Crew of the Ravenous isnt too bad.

Full berserkers with shortbow:
30 (1/8/10) / 30 (1/10/12) / 5 / 0 /0

Kill order:
Stitches -> Captain -> First Mate -> Master Gunner

Dodge the AOE from the master gunner and take them down 1 by 1.

I got downed once but having my pet heal me while downed gave me long enough to kill the guy and get back up.

Anyone have some tips for guardian for doing Liadri? i can survive and run circles around the room, but i can’t get her down before time is up

From our forums:

this is how it ended for me. (Guardian)

Full berserker gear. (pack runes)

went with Staff (sigil of energy)

and had sword / focus in offhand (fireblast and energy sigil) (focus nr5 can fully block shadowfall if liadri herself dont hit you more than once

used staff mainly just spam number 1 (wave of wrath) and get to p2 asap. as time is a bit tight (scepter does more dmg but high chance of hitting her visions) staff simply hits everything. then stay close to middle and keep spamming 1 like you stole it.

Heal skil (shelter- make this work just as much as a “ohh shit. no more dodge” button as it can fully block shadowfall

Shouts. (i used resteat stand your ground and save yourself

Elite- Renevet Foccus ( another shaddow fall blocking skil

i beat her the last few seconds before she would have started to count (or so it feels)

I must say, this is truly the hardest content in the game so far, I made it to the final boss and has a lot of difficulty, but after getting the pattern, everything becomes way easier.

After working a little bit on my ranger build, I succeeded in getting all of the achievements for the Queen’s Gaunlet. I am just pointing out that any classes can do it, even thought a lot of people think it’s impossible with a ranger, I did it.

A lot think the 5 gambits is harder then Liadri 8 orbs, for me the 8 orbs was a pain while the 5 gambits on Deadeye Dunwell was a joke and took me around 15 minutes. ( 3 tries )

Also looking for your skill and trait build for a Ranger. Used over 200 tickets trying the 5 gambits on Deadeye Dunwell. The main nightmare is that the one gambit disables rolling which makes the snipe undodgeable. You can use the Sylvari “Take Root” to dodge one, but otherwise this skill is insta-kill…

Any tips for Subject 7, Guardian (Asura). I am using Racial skill of summoning offensive golem but when its lifetime expires, I cant do more DPS without killing other oozes. Any advise?

Your best bet is to run around the outside of the ring in a circle and use a ranged attack. I know that Guardian ranged isn’t that great but it might do enough damage.

I would think golem would be a bad idea since I found that summoning the Elemental elite could cause the oozes to spawn near him and that is what heal hims. So you want to keep the oozes as far away from him as possible (reason you are staying at the outside edge).

Equip Scepter & Focus (primary) and Hammer (secondary). Run around in a circle against the wall of the arena hitting with ranged attacks. I recommend #1 Orb of Wrath so that you don’t hit anything else. Every time you hit Subject 7 oozes will spawn at your location, thus the reason why you want to keep running in a circle.

Eventually some of the oozes are going to hop to center where Subject 7 is located. When about 2 or 3 are near Subject 7 and its health is around 40%, switch to hammer, run in and Banish (#4) Subject 7 away. Make sure only Subject 7 is the target. The hit should be powerful enough to fling Subject 7 close to the arena wall.

Once Subject 7 is out of the center the rest is easy. Do direct damage on it; no AOE. Pop all your CDs and whatever else you have to keep yourself alive / reflect damage / do burst damage. Basically you want to get its health down as quickly as possible while there’s a couple oozes nearby.

This was by far the easiest of all the Gauntlet NPCs.

I have all achievements except the 8 orbs of Light on Liadri, which I’m chasing now and did them on engineer. I’ll copy my experience from my forums:

For LIADRI: – includes guide.


I did the High Stakes Gambler (5 gambit achievement) vs Subject 7 picking up

On Fire, Exhausted, Squeamish, Hamstring, Crowd Favorite

and running a condition build with Rabid Armor and Celestial jewels (described in the guide above)

Do not pick up Frailty, you might get owned by Dobroosh the Quaggan or just by ooze firepower. Squemish is weakness but that’s fine since you’re dealing condition damage.

I believe I went in with my normal HGH spec with grenades, pistol/shield, elixir U and bomb kit.

The idea was to kite in a smallish circle and pepper Subject 7 with grenades, go in with bombs from time to time. Use Big ‘Ol Bomb smartly, not randomly – you want your oozes to be grouped up or only in one side of the arena. Knock or immobilize the quaggan every time he gets close (Important: it appears if you knock him away a couple of times, he despawns!), toss elixir U and use your shield 4 and 5 to negate some damage and the fight gets done fairly comfortable.


It is the same deal for the Humble Victor, except it was actually harder to pull off.
I’d say stick in melee range at the start, so you can put the hurt on the small oozes and rez off them if downed.
Pick up healing when using a kit Alchemy trait and put 10 points in Tools to get Speedy Kits and Invigorating speed in Alchemy – for more dodges. Reflects, bombs etc still a factor. If you get downed, it’s better to go down between your turrets from the elite – and pull a hurt ooze there so that the flame turret can help with dps.


Setup for the Meatless Murder achievement….

I went with Bombs, Flamethrower, Rifle and Elixir U.

I picked up the swiftness + vigor combo and sitting duck in Firearms, though the dog does not seem to be affected by Immobilize.

I’d engage with dps for a couple of seconds, then drop the Big Ol’ Bomb and switch to rifle. Once they get blown up, rifle #2 Chomper, at least to cripple and wait for that meat.

The strategy is knock him away every time he heads for a meat, avoid the pull and get a little lucky. Once you have 3 meats + and two knockdowns, time to burst him down.
Use whatever you have on hand + your elite for a stun – he should go down quickly and that’s achievement done!


Blobs, Schmobs

This I did on warrior by accident back when farming Subject 7 was profitable… (now nerfed).
On engineer should be much easier – say, pick up the above build, stay at range and just abuse grenades (make sure you have cooldown spec).
If you never get close to the Ooze, the small ozes will spawn away from him.
Utilize your reflects/blocks.

Hope that was helpful – Good luck 🙂

Maybe I’m just bad but the liadri fight is just impossible. Second stage I can’t even get a hit in as she has 3 aspects shielding her from meelee and constant running form the aoe stops from getting a ranged attack in.

I don’t know if I just have the right setup for these fights but I’m on the last one and I’ve only had to repeat three of the other bosses (and one of them only once) and beat the remainder on the first try. And I’m playing a low HP/high armor condi elementalist with SD/glyphs, not a particularly impressive build, just what I find to be the most fun.

And by the way, if I may say, the guides have been horribly misleading on this event. Two of the ones I repeated I wouldn’t have had I not followed the guide found here first, as soon as I did it my own way I did each on the first try.

Strugar and Chomper
This guide is kind of worded in a way that makes it seems like you have to kill chomper first, as in it’s a mechanical requirement of the fight. Which I tried, then I reread it and decided to go for killing Strugar first. I was able to kill strugar when he had only thrown six pieces of meat, from there chomper is easy to kite and dodge. And I’m running a condi build, a burst build could probably down Strugar within two pieces.

Crew of the Ravenous
First, I didn’t find any of the on-death buffs to be powerful enough to warrant a specific order. I just bunched them all up, stacked as much control as I could on my bar, then laid the smackdown. The ranged are going to continue to attack you even if you kite, and one of the melees chases you with a crazy gap closer anyway, so he’s going to continually catch up with and burst you. Stay at melee, pay attention, use your dodges and interrupts, focus on a single target.

The third was windcaller Kielda, who I just sincerely had a hard time with 😛

So basically you killed them in a different order. Good for you but don’t call what I wrote misleading just because you did it differently. This stuff is not set in stone, everyone will have to adjust their stuff based on their build/class etc.

No that wasn’t the issue at all, in fact I don’t even know which order I killed them in.

It was more that you stated that kill order matters so much, in fact that comprises 4/5ths of the text in the guide for that fight. Trying to follow that and several other orders rather than going with what came naturally as I opened the fight got me killed several times. When in reality so long as you focus on one while paying mind to the attacks of the others it doesn’t matter at all.

If you have an easy time with the boss fights then of course kill order doesn’t matter. I even wrote under the crew of ravenous “. It is something that worked for me and not necessary set in stone so you may play around with it abit.”

In the Chomper/Strugar fight, it is alot easier to kill Chomper first because Strugar throws out the meat. By having Chomper already targeted, it is alot easier to control Chomper and deny the meat to him since you are already attacking him and putting conditions such as cripple on him. Once Chomper is dead, you can mostly range Strugar and avoid alot of his nasty attacks.

Your issue is that the fights are easy for you due to your class/spec and you can disregard the kill order. This isn’t the same for everyone else.

The way I see it, guides ain’t for following word for word unless you really, really, haven’t a clue. It does exactly what it means to do, point you in the right direction. The builds/class used is just one example, but it is your own experience and method that decides the outcome. It’s like the weather station telling you it is gonna rain, extremely useful information, but it is still up to you if you want to take an umbrella or how to react knowing this information. The information here has always been useful and relevant but success is going to vary with different classes and styles, so no, don’t agree with you that the information is “horribly misleading”, as it is there as it is intended for and am sure pieces of information and visuals posted in the guide was still used in the deductive process your own success.

I seriously can not complete the Crew of the Ravenous – Endboss one… I use zerker or pow touh vit gear.. and i get down after just killing stitch or the captian.. i am a warrior.. .help me guys? i dont know how to even do this..

Saw a warrior do it with 2 sword, bow. His gear was rabid with rabid trinket. Traits were 30 arms 10 defense 30 discipline. With 3 8 11, 2, 5, 9,12 respectively for actual traits. He said he ate life stealing food, most likely used oil for more precision. He used endure pain frenzy and shake it off with healing and rage signets. His kill order was stitch, captain, mate and then gunner.

A guild mate of mine is trying to get past the same fight. When I saw this warrior rocking deadeye I asked and he was nice enough to give some guidance for my mate.

thats great man…. .i will give it a shot.. hopefully.. i can like pass those pirates.. wasted more than 20 tickets.. getting ticked off..

it worked.. although the 9 skill refers to axe.. which u said he uses 2 swords.. so i dunno how that works lolol

I beat him today on a zerker warrior with GS, Axe/Shield on the second try.

As soon as it starts I dropped banner of strength and banner of discipline in the centre, popped signet of rage and went straight for master gunner and quickly took him down (using endure pain to avoid melee from captain and the other one). I then pulled two captain and the other melee one to the opposite side from the final range one and killed them quickly (using shield 5 for a break in the middle). Final one then goes down easily.

Hope it helps.

Better edit the Deadeye High Stakes Gambler advice. Reports are flooding in on the official forums that Deadeye was changed significantly with today’s patch (Deadeye farmers FTL)

Deadeye is still doable/farmable as a zerker guardian with zero or 4 gambits. Haven’t done 5 because my guard isn’t geared out with ascended gear to make up the damage for squeamish gambit, and the quaggan gambit hits too hard.

Suspect your talking about crowd favorite, is there a list anywhere that shows what you would get if you took it in any of the battles?

Yes, I’m completely stuck on this guy now. With or without gambits. Any updated guides to get this guy down?

He apparently uses Kill Shot from the center if you try to range him at the beginning. I didn’t move, was ranging, and got hit for 32556 using Kill Shot. He was at the center, didn’t tele to me. 🙁

ok for guardian the best option is The Perfect DPS Guardian Build by BrazilTheHue but for skill go with
Signet of Resolve

Save Yourself!

Hammer of Wisdom

Sword of Justice

Renewed Focus [Elite]

kill order

1. First Mate
2. Master Gunner
3. Captain
4. Stitches

on my second attempt i made it

have a problem with Strugar and Chomper
im a mesmer and after i stop the first 2 meat stuff he threw 2 together and for different places,,, how can u stop that?


I have a problem with Chomper as a Warrior.
I tried to used the Rifle with crippling and Condition increase, but Strugar always pulled me at the beginning and let Chomper got the meat.

If someone has beaten them as a warrior, can you give me the attributes, skills and gear used for that ?

Or can you give him the same stast for a Norn Ranger/ Asuran Guardian ?
Thanks a lot

All you need is cripple/chilled and/or Swiftness and (ranged) puls/fear/knockback/… and ofc enough dmg to kill both within the timelimit. Going full tank is not necessary.
As far as I can remember immob doesn’t work.

I found this to be the toughest fight before Liadri…it took me about 50 tickets. I found it much easier to beat Strugar first, but then Chomper was insane.
Bottom line is…you need to get three meats before Chomper does. I got two, Chomper got the next one, and I got the fourth one to make my 3rd. I then easily beat Chomper and Strugar shortly after that.

My traits: 30 Strength III, IX, XI / 10 Tactics III / 30 Discipline III, VII, XI
Skills: Mending, Banner of Strength, Stomp, Kick, and Mistfire Wolf
Weapons: Greatsword (set 1), dual axes (set 2)
I also had a Plate of Orrian Steak Frittes that I consumed for the +100 power buff.
1. Immediately plant banner upon entering arena.
2. Follow that with activating your mistfire wolf
3. Target Chomper and sword skill 5 to charge Chomper
4. Engage skills: 1, 2, and F1 (if fully charged) on Chomper keeping an eye for food throw
5. When food is thrown, stomp and go grab food…re-engage fighting after picking up food.
6. When second food is thrown, sword skill 5 to charge and immediately upon reaching Chomper use kick skill to knock him back…grab food and re-engage fighting again.
7. Third food throw is a crapshoot…sometimes you’ll get it if you’re quick…sometimes Chomper will get it.
8. After you do get your 3rd food. I would suggest if skills 2 and F1 are still re-charging, switch to axe and use skill to take Chomper down/out because it will also hit Strugar for damage.
9 With Chomper down, switch back to GS and skill 1, 2, and F1 to get him in a few seconds.
I still have not beat this without denying Chomper any meats, but I find it easy with the strategy I have here. Also, I don’t go with full zerker gear…for some reason I was dying before killing either one. I go with a toughness armor and use food/banner for power increase. Works for me.

i maxed out CC iirc, i remember i didnt expect to win it buy i got to deny him the whole time and he died pretty quick, i balanced zerk traits with sentinel gear and 1/2 zerk and ptv trinkets. mace, shield, bull rush and i think i also had the aoe stomp launch. my last utility was endure pain i think, as i wasnt able to tank both of them much even with halved zerk build.

Heads up on Deadeye, blinds work against him as well.

If you’re running as an elementalist, I suggest using Scepter focus. I ran it with the following build and finally nailed him on the third try

For chomper, after numerous deaths, I ran with this build

I focus fired on chomper, saving all my stuns for the opportune moment, keeping a close eye on Strugur. Note how I’m using Sigil of Energy and Meat stew to boost my endurance regen. You should be able to dodge most of Strugurs attacks this way.

Good luck everyone!

Hi Dulfy,
can you update this part with your actual mesmer build (as they change stats since last Queen’s Gauntlet ) ?
thanks a lot

Just a question. I have only Liadri left (from last year).
You say on phase 2 to run in large circle on edge of room to dodge to safety. Does it means the Shadowfall circle does not go upto the edge of room (far from Liadri ?
Thanks for your answer, even if you done it last year.

Question 2: For Liadri, would you use the same skills as last Year ?

Liadri fight is the same. You can probably do the exact same thing and beat her. But, the shadowfall circles DO go up to the edge of the room. You need to stick to the wall to avoid the visions of mortality that won’t ever catch up with you if you run a big circle around them

Finaly got the miniature and the title. 😀
Used a warrior condition build with sword (torment 17k) and longbow (fire 14k, bleeding 25k…)
It took me around 20 tries to understand the build, but then I managed to beat her in a few tries.
I didn’t notice before that the joy and proud you get when you managed to defeat her.

It is possible to life steal Liadri without bothering with the crystals. Used my necro and it worked 🙂

Yep LIfe stealing. but it has been nerfed with the 3th june patch.
Liadri now has an health regeneration during phase 1

I think my conditions still worked (cripple, fear, chill) and my Golem’s Knock Down (used Necromancer.) But didn’t pay close attention, since I just focussed on grabbing the meat. Immobilize didn’t last year aswell unless the guide got updated. Goodluck!

I think it’s specifically just Immob that does not work. I was able to get it on my ranger by utilizing knockback, cripple,and chill, as well as some creative/lucky movement on my part.

Hi Dulfy, can you say if Blobs, Schmobs is still possible? Cause I tried with rifle warrior, mesmer and scepter guardian and nothing -.- The damn little oozes spawn in him not in me.
The heal is a nightmare and because the oozes spawn in him i hit them cause they are like shields to the Subject 7.

try it with a ranger, use shortbow, lynx, skill yourself so the lynx deals shitloads of damage, use trollunguent and try to poison the ooze at about 30% (right before you get downed). the conditions and the pet will finish the ooze off, worked for me with the first try 🙂

I used my thief Dagger specced full Berserk eagle runes. Popped thieves guild and nuked him to hell. Done first try through.

I’ve tried rifle warrior about 15’ish times and I can easily say it isn’t. When you hit S7 the oozes will split next to him, healing all the time whilst he’s firing at you. Best shot I managed to get (with berserker) was down to 75%, and that was a lucky time.

I can kill him with warrior or guardian or mesmer, not easily but i can, i just need to have luck for him not to heal a lot, what happens too many times, like several times with my mesmer i get him like 10% and then he heals like 50ish, this is stupid -.-
Bu like i was saying, i can kill him but i just cant kill him without hitting the oozes, that is whats troubling me.
People are saying ranger or necro or thief can kill him easily, well, lucky me those are the only 3 classes i dont have or are not equiped xD

I have all professions and thief got closest. Longbow ranger or rifle warrior is not even worth it, Subject 7 will outheal you like a toy.

I quickly found out ranger is the most useless profession. My thief, guardian, necro, mesmer are all a ton more fun to play and all have more killing power in their own way. My poor ranger (my first character) is just sitting there at level 53.

Gotta come back with an update as I finally managed to get this achievement. I ran it with d/d zerk/valk thief, 4/6/0/4/0, Spider Venom, Haste, Ambush and Thieves Guild, with hardened sharpening stone (power) and mango pie (regen/vit). After my fourth try I actually got it as a pretty close call.

Got subject 7 in 1 try plus got the killing no oozes achievement with my mesmer. She is traited to strengthen phantasms. Mixture of zerker, knight, cavalier gear (all exotics). I just summon the duelist, then the swordsman while kiting around the perimeter. Once the duelist recharges I keep them coming until I can keep 3 duelists. Use mirror for the reflect and blurred frenzy whenever it recharges (quick if traited) just to get the 2 seconds of evade. Pretty easy. Just make sure you target subject 7 and keep the phantasms on him not the oozes and they did all the work for me.

Scorpion wire is great to separate subject 7.
Used ALL my big dps moves .. subject 7 spawned blobs … scorpion wire’d him out of his cluster of blobs and used all the big dps moves again … done!

The trick to Blobs, Schmobs is to have ranged single target attacks that don’t use projectiles. A condi necro with a scepter is ideal. Don’t use any aoe skills, just auto and #3. All you really need to do to win is stay at max range in one spot and jink side-to-side with your strafe keys to throw enemy projectiles off target (this is really important!). You can do the 5 gambits easily at the same time with the right traits and utilities.

Take Corrosive Poison Cloud and cast it on top of yourself if the projectiles get too extreme near the end. (Do NOT cast it on the enemies. Use it as a self-shield only.) It’ll just absorb everything for a while and you can stop moving. Especially important if you’re doing 5 gambits at the same time and things get rough.

There’s a bunch of good traits and utilities. Scourge for Demonic Lore etc. Curses for either Lingering Curse or Parasitic Contagion, etc etc. If you need gear just get some dire stats (or similar) stuff off the TP. You could probably do the fight in greens tbh, once you know the build and tactics it’s so easy. One of the gambits disables all your ascended gear anyway!

any sugestions on how to do the high stakes gambler achievement on subject 7 with engineer? I’m using bomb/supply crate and also tried elixir gun and still only getting him down to 65-70%. Please show build/traits so i can get this done!

This year I’ve actually found an alternate strategy to work better for me on Liadri. With the right food/traits/gear vigor uptime is still pretty good, but it definitely took a hit from the 100% uptime I had last year, but on my guardian, I decided to tough it out, staying closer to the =center when possible. The exact center isn’t safe but in general it makes for a much shorter travel distance, and thus makes it a little easier to step out of threatened wedge without dodging. In the end I had to resort to this method to get liadri done with on-fire and finish out the “do everything with one gambit” achievement.

Help! I’m a condition elementalist and I can’t get past Suriel. I can beat her down to about half health on my best tries, but that’s as far as I get. Anyone have tips on how eles can defeat her?

Is this literally the only advice I’m going to get? No pointers on what spells or abilities to use, or what fight mechanics I can use to my advantage, just ‘get a different armor set’?

Wow, thanks.

berserker gear automatically means you need a power build instead of condi. Also my main is elem, and this is a pure crap to play gauntlet with him. So I swapped to power thief for burst damage. But different bosses mey requaire different classes and builds for easy kill.

Ele in general is crap, as it’s the worst profession in the game. But conditions makes it even worse, yeah.

Oh, I see. I forgot that Dulfy also covers Diablo III, Wolfenstein 3D, The Sims and Minecraft. Thanks for reminding!

I’m new to Gauntlet and find the info helpful, but I have a game play mechanics issue. It revolves around the initial camera view when my dual begins. My camera view starts zoomed to the ground and I loose precious seconds re-orientating to find my opponent. Any suggestion or base settings I’m missing to start with a wider view of the dueling arena?

It’s probably already been mentioned, but Strugar and Chomper (and by extention the Meatless Murder achievement) is a whole lot easier as a human character. Reaper of Grenth renders Chomper barely able to move for a good 18ish seconds provided you keep close enough to apply the chill, making beating him to meat much easier. Combine it with any kind of stun or whatever and you’re good to go.

While I don’t have a tutorial I do have a hint from observing other people fighting him. At times he will get a breakbar and if you manage to stun him he will lose the ‘lots of health’ buff allowing you to damage him. So I’m guessing that his breakbar is the trick to defeating him. 🙂

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