GW2 Queen’s Jubilee patch coverage

A list of all the content and guides related to GW2’s Queen’s Jubilee Aug 6 patch. More will be added/updated soon.

Weapon skins






Patch notes

  • John Doe

    Thanks Dulfy you are the best !

  • Halendir

    much love from here 🙂

  • Enderr

    Ty Dulfy, you’re the best ! 🙂

  • AmadeoKristoff

    How long is this event. Starts Aug 6th, until?

    • Ulfras

      Living Story typically lasts the entirety of the month it starts in

      • Mel

        Except when like the Elections / Support quests it lasts barely a week and stops with no warning. (Even when you are 3 stupid headshots from getting the second minipet…) I just wish they a. stop those damn limited-time things or b. at least did like for dailies and monthmies and have a countdown till the end.

        • ergr

          …I has been known from the very start WHEN election ends. Blame yourself for not reading.

          • ergr


    • Lakvar

      Not to contradict Ulfras, but they did announce 2-week increments of living story. However, much like the Labirinthyne Cliffs, it’s very plausible that we have this content for 2 weeks and then in the next patch, they tie it together with a new dungeon + story continuation of how you chase the Mysterious Aetherblade bird that tinkered with the clockwork robot, but, much to everyone’s disappointment, failed to kill Logan… So yeah… one month .. OR two weeks.

  • tattare
  • YoursFaithfully

    I am truly disappointed with this patch primarily for the nerf on dungeon token rewards for alts. I feel let down by anet and I feel like I wasted my time.

    • Homitu

      Um, nothing was changed about dungeon tokens. They were account bound before; they’re account bound now.

      • narg

        i think he mean you canot farm CoF p1 more then 1 per day (account daily), when you run all 3 path in CoF, you must go to another dung, if you want more gold. after patch dungeon give you 1-3gold per path, depend on difficulty, but only once per day.

        • Light

          He talks about tokens specifically. It used to be that you could run 50 tokens per alt per day, provided you waited 2 hours before repeating the same path. Maybe that’s no longer possible?

          • Blackle

            Believe they said that each path is per account now not per char so that means only once a day you can get max tokens.

  • Iwakura

    What are the ways to get the tickets to do the gauntlet and the gambits and what is the best way to obtain them. I’m assuming you need lots to get everything.

    • Fastest way is to buy Watchwork Spockets on the TP and then buy tickets from the various embassaries in the crown pavilion. They cost 20 silver and 15 sprockets for 5 tickets.

      You can farm them but it is incredibly slow.

      • Iwakura

        How much are sprockets going for on TP?

        • NG Obisdian

          1.09s ea

          • Iwakura

            So 36.35 silver per 5 tickets. Not too bad.

            • Lakvar

              It is a bit bad when you consider that each gambit also costs a ticket!
              So attempting a 5-gambit tier 3 fight and failing costs you 6 tickets. As you can imagine, this can escalate 😉
              I haven’t tried to calculate it, but I beating some of the tier bosses nets you a bag with a bunch of sprockets and a good amount of money, so you could turn a profit, sorta… That is, investing 36 silver, you can get more than 36s back.

  • Iwakura

    With the patch bringing higher drop rates on Tier 6 crafting materials can someone tell me the price on some of them now compared to what they were? I am not at home and can’t check it but I’m curious. Did the price drop that much?

  • Henner

    i got entropy somewhere in arah p4

  • Quam

    Just dropped Entropy from spider champion in the Priest of Melandru timed event.

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