GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Sovereign weapon skins gallery

A gallery of the GW2 Sovereign weapon skins you can purchase from the various emissaries in the Crown Pavilion.

Sovereign Eviscerator – Axe – [&AgF5rgAA] – Modeled by Stupherzz


Sovereign Cinquedea – Dagger – [&AgF8rgAA]- Modeled by Arich Von Squish


Sovereign Artifact – Focus – [&AgF/rgAA]


Sovereign Crusader – Greatsword – [&AgGCrgAA]- Modeled by Kamik


Sovereign Warhammer – Hammer – [&AgGFrgAA] – Modeled by I Do Bite


Sovereign Greatbow – Longbow – [&AgGIrgAA] – Modeled by Sionn Frost


Sovereign Punisher – Mace – [&AgGLrgAA]- Modeled by Roanark Stormshield


Sovereign Firearm – Pistol – [&AgGOrgAA] – Modeled by Cunn Fewshun


Sovereign Arquebus – Rifle – Modeled by Fiaren – [&AgGRrgAA]


Sovereign Scepter – Scepter – [&AgGUrgAA]


Sovereign Protector – Shield – [&AgGXrgAA] – Modeled by Fiaren


Sovereign Crescent – Shortbow – [&AgGargAA] – Modeled by Sionn Frost


Sovereign Pillar – Staff – [&AgGdrgAA] – Modeled by Pyre Krayn


Sovereign Spatha – Sword –[&AgGgrgAA] – Modeled by Genesis Girl


Sovereign Beacon – Torch – [&AgGjrgAA] – Modeled by Fiaren


Sovereign Herald – Warhorn – [&AgGmrgAA]- Modeled by Fiaren


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That was fast! Thanks for the gallery, dulfy. 🙂 I’m getting a real Meso-american vibe from these weapons. Rather cool considering the GW1 Kryta inspirations. Personally though, the only weapons I kind of like is the Hammer and Torch.

So far:

Sword – hammer – longbow – shortbow – Shield

Greatsword – Axe – Pistol – Rifle – Dagger

Warhorn – Focus – Torch – Scepter – Staff

Hehehehe.. as I always say, different strokes for different folks, glad you like it.. 🙂

Then again, I’ll wait until I’m back home tonight to see them in-game, might change my mind then.. 🙂

Turrible…just turrible Why do they continue to make pistols look like just a plain curve? How about making them actually looking like, you know, a gun?

The only bad thing about GW2 are the weapons, there aren’t many good looking ones. I get the feeling they just sit and sketch something “cool” without thinking how it will work with the rest of the game. I want weapons that actually look like weapons not a dripping squidarm or like these, a 120 kilo cement lump “gun”. :(((

Also.. look at those bows, are they even bendable? Bowstring? God these weapons really piss me off.

Designer of sovereign must have been the same person as Lionguard and Priory set. Not 2013 worthy. Seems like a decade old. The chiseling looks fine but the angular shapes are too rough. Need ultra high settings to judge, but so far, bit let down

Permanent Finishers:[&AgEkrAAA][&AgElrAAA][&AgEmrAAA][&AgEnrAAA][&AgGzrgAA][&AgG0rgAA][&AgFNrwAA][&AgFOrwAA][&AgFPrwAA][&AgFQrwAA][&AgFRrwAA][&AgFSrwAA][&AgGKrwAA]

There are HUNDREDS of empty chest links like the ones above.

Preview and Click Weapon Only for this one: [&AgHLrQAA]
Anchor: [&AgHMrQAA]
Dungeon Offerings:[&AgH5rQAA][&AgH6rQAA][&AgH7rQAA][&AgH8rQAA][&AgH9rQAA][&AgH+rQAA][&AgH/rQAA][&AgEArgAA]
Secret Treasure Maps:[&AgEBrgAA][&AgEDrgAA][&AgEErgAA][&AgEFrgAA][&AgEGrgAA]
Beacon of Kryta:[&AgECrgAA]
Jubilee Finisher:[&AgE5rgAA]
Copper-Fed Salvage O matic:[&AgE6rgAA][&AgE7rgAA]
Royal Pass for the snobby and rich:[&AgE8rgAA][&AgE9rgAA]
Mask of the Jubilee/queen/crown:[&AgE/rgAA][&AgFArgAA][&AgFBrgAA][&AgFCrgAA][&AgFDrgAA][&AgFErgAA][&AgFFrgAA][&AgFGrgAA][&AgFHrgAA][&AgFIrgAA][&AgFJrgAA]
Flames of Kryta (Permanent Torch):[&AgFdrgAA]
Hot Air Balloon Souvenir:[&AgFergAA]
Mini Watchknight:[&AgFfrgAA]
Queen’s Gauntlet Entrance Ticket:[&AgFgrgAA]
Watchwork Portal Device:[&AgFirgAA]
Recipe for the Portal Device:[&AgFmrgAA]
Recipe Rune of Exuberance:[&AgFnrgAA][&AgForgAA][&AgFprgAA]
Recipe other new runes:[&AgFqrgAA][&AgFrrgAA][&AgFsrgAA][&AgFtrgAA][&AgFurgAA][&AgFvrgAA][&AgFwrgAA][&AgFxrgAA][&AgFyrgAA][&AgFzrgAA][&AgF0rgAA][&AgF1rgAA][&AgF2rgAA][&AgF3rgAA][&AgF4rgAA]
Sovereign Axe:[&AgF5rgAA]
Sovereign Dagger: [&AgF8rgAA]
Sovereign Focus:[&AgF/rgAA]
S. Hammer:[&AgGFrgAA]
S. Longbow: [&AgGIrgAA]
S. Mace:[&AgGLrgAA]
S. Pistol:[&AgGOrgAA]
S. Rifle:[&AgGRrgAA]
S. Scepter:[&AgGUrgAA]
S. Shield:[&AgGXrgAA]
S. Shortbow:[&AgGargAA]
S. Staff:[&AgGdrgAA]
S. Sword:[&AgGgrgAA]
S. Torch:[&AgGjrgAA]
S. Warhorn:[&AgGmrgAA]
More Recipes:[&AgGprgAA][&AgGqrgAA][&AgGrrgAA][&AgGsrgAA][&AgGtrgAA][&AgGurgAA]
Infinite Watchknight Tonics:[&AgGvrgAA][&AgGwrgAA][&AgGxrgAA]
Set 1 Minis:[&AgGyrgAA]
There is also a placeholder set for the next set of armors and weapons presumably in next patch.
There is a permanent sickle placeholder, not sure if it is for a future perma sickle or not.
Watchwork Sprockets:[&AgGLrwAA]
New Exotics including rapier and scrolls:[&AgGgrwAA][&AgGhrwAA][&AgGirwAA][&AgGjrwAA][&AgGkrwAA][&AgGmrwAA][&AgGnrwAA][&AgGorwAA][&AgGprwAA][&AgGqrwAA][&AgGrrwAA][&AgGsrwAA][&AgGtrwAA][&AgGurwAA][&AgGvrwAA][&AgGwrwAA][&AgGlrwAA][&AgGxrwAA][&AgGyrwAA][&AgGzrwAA][&AgG0rwAA][&AgG1rwAA][&AgG2rwAA][&AgG3rwAA][&AgG4rwAA][&AgG5rwAA][&AgG6rwAA][&AgG7rwAA][&AgG8rwAA][&AgG9rwAA][&AgG+rwAA][&AgG/rwAA][&AgHArwAA][&AgHBrwAA][&AgHCrwAA][&AgHDrwAA][&AgHErwAA][&AgHFrwAA][&AgHGrwAA][&AgHHrwAA]

enjoy … i’m still in my office and i’m looking forward going home and try all this… so please post as many images as u can

Ugh, don’t want well… any of these. They all look like they’re made out of cardboard boxes, ANet really needs some quality control to stop whose ever terrible idea it was to design something like this from being able to get this stuff live

I really hate to be one of those people spewing negativity on a gaming forum. But seriously, these are incredibly ugly. Maybe the shield and torch are usable, I don’t think anything else is, though.

I agree. First thing I thought when I saw them, they are way too big and completely ostentatious. Personally I would like to see some understated weapons. I get that a big, butch, burly warrior Norn wants a honking big greatsword, but my tiny human mesmer looks ridiculous running around with it lol

Good thing about them is I don’t have to work towards one xD

Ebonblade <3 still my favorite, I wish Anet introduced more like it, we have enough freakishly huge paper mache ones already, give me something believable.

All of the new staffs released with this patch look sub par and don’t have any particle effects to make up with it. Looks like I’ll stick with the zenith spire

Do these skins bind to account like the Zentih skins and are re-useable, or are they one time only use?
Cheers, first post and loved this page for ages .. thank you 🙂

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