GW2 The Queen’s Gauntlet achievement guide

GW2 Queen’s Gauntlet achievement guide with walkthroughs on completing the various achievements associated with Queen’s Gauntlet. 

If you have any troubles with any of the actual fights, please consult this guide for Queen’s Gauntlet.

Meta: Queen’s Gauntlet Champion – 40 pts

  • Complete 11 of the following achievements.
  • Reward: Bag of Coins (2 gold)

Boss achievements

Achievements are rewarded for killing certain bosses in a certain manner or killing the endboss of each tier.

First Blood – 5 pts

  • Defeated 1 Queen’s Gauntet champion. You will get this when you fight your first champion.

Doobroosh Tranquilizer –  5 pts

  • Defeat Doobroosh with 10 stacks of Hormonal Imbalance. Very easy if you are ranged and just kite the quaggan.
  • Doobroosh gains a stack of Hormonal Imbalance (and grows bigger) each time he gets hit

Savage Brute – 5 pts

  • Defeat Masticus with max stacks (25 stacks) of Bloodlust active. Takes a bit of time to collect all 25. If you have pets/clone etc you may need to watch that they don’t kill Masticus before you get 25 stacks.
  • Easy achievement.

Blobs, Schmobs – 10 pts

  • Defeat Subject 7 without killing any oozes. Hard achievement if a lot of your attacks hits multiple targets. This one is really easy on a rifle/sword warrior as you can run around along the edge of the room in a circle while shooting Subject 7 (the oozes spawn on you so if you are well away from Subject 7, they will be at edges of the room). When Subject 7 gets low (< 20%), finish him off with a Savage Leap and Final Thrust from the sword.


Meatless Murder – 10 pts

  • Defeat Strugar and Chomper while denying Chomper any delicious meat.
  • You will need to utilize about 3 knockback, stun, daze, or cripple skills. Keep an eye on Strugar. If you see him throwing meat, crowd control Chomper and race to the meat before Chomper can get it. If Chomper is close to the meat, do a knockback to push Chomper away from it before grabbing the meat yourself. If your damage is decent, Chomper should die after 3 meats are thrown.
  • You will get this achievement as soon as Chomper dies, Strugar’s death is not required.
  • [youtube=]

Light Up the Darkness – 20 pts

  • Defeat Liadri the Concealing Dark after striking her with eight orbs of Blazing Light. Very hard achievement to get.

Light Snuffer – Complete first tier of Queen’s Gauntlet – 10 pts

  • Defeat Suriel the Blazing Light, the end boss of first tier of Queen’s Gauntlet.
  • Reward: Bag of Coins

Pirate Punisher – Complete the second tier of Queen’s Gauntlet – 15 pts

  • Defeat Ravenous Crew, the end boss of second tier of Queen’s Gauntlet.
  • Reward: Bag of Coins

Darkness Illuminator – Complete the third tier of Queen’s Gauntlet – 20 pts

  • Defeat Liadri the Concealing Darkness, the end boss of third tier of Queen’s Gauntlet.
  • Reward: Mini Liadri the Concealing Dark (she appears normal when summoned for a few seconds and then turns into the dark ghostly form). 


Gambit Achievements

Blood Sport Enthusiast – –Unlocked 1 Gambit – 5 pts

  • Unlock 1 gambit from the Master of Gambits. You will get this when you have defeated your first champion.

Blood Sport Connoisseur – 10 pts

  • Unlock all the gambits, you will get this achievement automatically when you enter tier 3.

Candle in the Wind –5 pts

  • Defeat Windcaller Kieldia with On Fire gambit active. Fairly easy to get if you have a high DPS spec.


Humble Victor – 15 pts

  • Win a third tier challenge with active Frailty and Squeamish gambits. If you are going for this achievement, you might as well get either the cripple or no dodge gambits too to get the Triple Threat achievement at the same time.
  • You can do this on either Subject 7 or Deadeye Dunwell. For Deadeye Dunwell, you will need to have at least 1 stun/knockback/daze skill for the first teleport and an addition invul/evade skill for the second teleport. See High Stakes Gambler


Risk Taker – 5 pts

  • Win third tier matches with one active gambit. You can probably fight Subject 7 with cripple/no dodge gambits on and make it okay.

Triple Threat – 15 pts

  • Win third tier matches with three active gambits. See below Humble Victor.

High Stakes Gambler – 20 pts

  • Win third tier matches with five active gambits.
  • If you have lots of AoE skills, pick Subject 7 and just stand near the boss while spamming AoE skills. This will kill any ooze that spawn and make it easy. Works really well for bomb engineers.
  • Otherwise, pick Deadeye Dunwell. Just make sure you have some invul/evade/stun/daze/knockback skills (you will likely need two unless the recharge is fast enough <10s). Don’t move when you enter the arena and just use ranged attacks. He will port directly behind you and you can stun/interrupt/knockback him to cancel the Headshot. Damage him as much as you can and when he ports again, you will need to use an evade/invul skill as he is likely too far away for stuns/interrupts. Finish him off to get the achievement.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Two questions; what is the actual difficulty on 1-10 of getting all of these and 2; I had read that there is a queue to get into the arena. How bad is the wait on these?

The queu depends on how much ppl are queued for it, you can have empty arena’s or you will have to wait for 1+ persons. I never had to wait longer than 2 mins

That’s good. How difficult is it going to be to get all these achievements I wonder? I’ve gotten every one for every event so far in the game myself and it’s just a fun little goal. I imagine beating a 3 with 5 gambits is nuts. Dulfy should post about which gambits would be the easiest to deal with in combat over others.

i did subject 7 with the first 5 gambits of the list (exhausted, on fire, frailty, squeamish, hamstrung), but it’s probably a bit class specific as i did it with my mesmer and needed a lot of reflect (focus#5) to negate the minion damage

Do somebody know where i could find advices to defeat some of them? I hoped to see some here and i don’t understand the fight with the fire Asura.

first he’ll cast a fire circle, you cannot go out, you need to avoid the flame bolt he throws at you in the circle

then he’ll pop fire right under your feet, you need to keep strafing and not remain stationnary

finally he’ll do both, a fire circle and you’ll have to continuously strafe inside

Dont kill anyone really “first”, use longbow, hammer or a mace offhand to keep the dog off jumping to the meat, also you can eat as much meat as you want if you got a stunbreak ready for every 4th application of it, best thing you could do is try dps them down to mid hp (both of em) early, while keeping the dog from eating (heals him), then finish off the dog, bulls charge the norn and 100b instakilling.

Well, not that I’m an expert, but if not asleep, you can consistently get to P2 this way (playing this on engie)
Phase one mechanics:

Liadri – stays in the middle. Has 3 stacks of invulnerability. Casts necrotic grasp (Necro staff #1). Casts triangle shaped AoE circles that cover area between her and wall in a cone – you have 4-5 seconds to get out or activate a blocking skill.
Orb – can be killed in 1 hit, pulls you regularly to it, putting you in a knocked down state. When coupled with AoE, you’re dead.
Vision of Mortality(VoM)- slow moving exploding bombs.
White light on the floor – if you kite a VoM into it, it despawns and leaves a light orb. Pick it up and throw at the boss (has a short wind-up animation that has you rooted in place). It removes one invulnerable stack.

Skills: A stun breaker / invulnerability can remove some of the RNG if you get pulled into an AoE by an Orb and you can’t dodge or use a block skill (Mist form, Elixir S, Distortion, Block on shield, etc). Having mobility in this fight is very useful. If you can get perma swiftness, do it. Blink / teleport skills are good as well.

1. Be cool.
2. Kill the Orb! Always! A ranged weapon could be your friend. A friend spectating could be a better friend to call the orb if it spawns behind you and you don’t notice right away.

3. Calmly kite in a circle – mark the white spiral when it spawns.
4. Wait for an AoE and either kite or pull a Vision of Mortality into the white circle.
5. Pick up the resulting light orb and throw it at Liadri, taking off a stack.

If you focus, the first phase is easy and quick and if you can get out of it on full health.
What changes in second phase is this:
Visions of Mortality are still coming. The AoE Triangle is now hourglass shape, cutting the arena in two (extends to both directions from the middle). Liadri is no longer stationary, but melee.

As an engineer, I got through all fights till this one using a 30-10-0-30-0 HGH – I will change it to 30-10-0-20-10 for this fight, keep grenades range, pick up speedy kits.
For utilities, so far I’ve settled on Elixir S, Tool kit, Grenades, Pistol/Shield.

If you play it cool and use your blocks smartly, you should get far. I am full condition spec but not sure if my damage will be high enough without 20+ might stacks so could prob. respect to a more zerker oriented engie.

Good luck.

I can only agree to Lakvar, except 1 thing, i didnt kill the orbs, cause if you get in down state, they could ress you. I played shatter mesmer so i have enough skills to be invul. 😉

How do you defeat the ravenous crew? I manage to get one down, before I die within seconds. Any order you should kill ’em in?

Boss>Healer>Sniper>Last guy, or if you got thief/warrior/shatter/in general zerker burst set healer as last since her regen could screw you over.

How do you kill liadri ?! She’s very hard to kill, and when you are lucky to put her in P2, the timer kills you…

Win third tier matches with one active gambit”
–> do we have to win 1 T3 match or the 4 ?
Seems impossible

Just succeded against Liadri after about 100 tries.
I’m engi, which is great because of the great sustain by healing tower (pop, overcharge, pick up). Useful skills are Elixir s and the toolkit 4 (the shield), since you can avoid the 1 hits like that.

Also used superior sigil of energy to regenerate endurance.
You need some toughness to survive the auto-hits, so I traited it.

Inventions -> Power shoes are damn useful as well.
Rest of gear was berserk with divinity runes.

First phase is easy with some training.
Just dodge the mobs and throw the cores.

2nd phase seems unfair, but the AoEs have a pattern!
They pop first on the first 50% of the map, then on the other.
That basically means that you can either kite the boss in circles around the map or just from left to right, where you have to look out because of the illusions.

I personally safed elixir s for the pulling thing. If you have 2 people just let the other one tell you, when one spawns. Would make it a lot easier.

The whole thing is just a skillfight, in which you cannot afford making mistakes since they kill you nearly every time. If you have any questions, ask.

After a few tries last night before I fell asleep, I plan to go in fresh with this:
Modelling after a tank guardian, who kills Liadri off of his retaliation buff.

Think it’ll work or needlessly complicated, since I can just go zerker and shorten the time I need to surviva, theoretically.

Also, last night I was convinced that Elixir S was a must, since most of the bad RNG tries I had ended on an orb pull into AoE. But I didn’t know to rez off the orb back then. Can still slot it in place of Bomb Kit, though, maybe a better idea.

Also, can you describe the AoE in Phase 2 again? I thought it looked more like a squished X or was I mistaken?
Congrats on being an engi champ 🙂

You can switch from one safezone to the next pretty fast, because no part of the arena is hit twice.

I don’t really know, whether retalition works well. Didn’t try that out.

But remember that you have only a limited amount of time before you fall to death.

I hit her down by throwing nades behind me – bombes should work just as well.

Also tried using shield and pistol in order to have 2 sigils to help me. Didn’t work out well, since I lacked the dmg to hit her down then (used survival stats though) – my time just ran out.

The orb revive thing doesn’t always work – plus you get disoriented, which killed me a lot.

All in all I’d rather try zerking her down, whilst remembering to have enough vita/toughness to tank a little of her dmg.

Alright, thanks. Food for thought and I have the gear so it’s as easy as respeccing. If orbs give me trouble in phase 2 I might go back to grenades for the range. Will post how it went for me.

Did it with the spec I posted below, just ditched bomb kit for grenades. I’d advice you go full 30 in explosions with grenadier even.
Learn to do phase 1 quickly, with magnet-kite-magnet on the first three whirlpools.
I had no problem with orbs except being saved by one, so I’d not go for Elixir S.
Boots not needed either if you kite in a circle with half the diameter of the arena – you’ll always be able to simply walk out of aoes or dodge just in time. Keeping chill / cripple on Liadri makes this a simple fight and if you feel safe, drop the shield for another pistol and glueshot her occasionally.
She goes down quick.

Against Liadri you might wanna consider using Bowl of Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew
on your toughest character. Engi and guard come to mind.

Just did the 8 orbs achievement on a celestial guard, using 0,0,30,30,10 and just a staff.
After a dozen tries you’ll notice that P1 has always the same pattern.
In P2 keep moving and whittle her down with staff #1 and your burn, which will also refresh your vigor on crit.
Staff #3 swiftness saves you a few dodges and makes kiting her and the shadows easier.
GL and do try to have fun.

I second that, except Engie can run a perma vigor build with just 20 useful points invested – so the food is less useful.
The Phase 1 streamlining is important – on engie you want to get it done with the first 3 whirlpools.
1. Spawn – kill orb. 2. Move onto whirlpool – face the spawn of the Vision of Mortality 3. Pull her with Magnet immediately 4. Pick up orb, move out of aoe, #1 on Liandri 5. Move towards next Whirlpool then a bit to the right – when VoMs get close, get on whirlpool. 6. One despawns, Get orb, throw at Liadri 7. Move onto last whirlpool – the last VoM walks into it – a Rift (Orb) spawns also at that time, so watch for that.
And there – you’re in Phase 2, hopefully on full HP! Just play it cool and kite in a circle with diameter half that of the whole arena.

Against Liadri, you can certain ranged attacks to dmg and destroy orbs. These orbs rally you, so if you find yourself downed and near one, attack one fast!

At my tries, the quaggan spawns not at his side. Instead, he spawns in subject 7. Makes this video impossible for me to repeat on my own.

Concerning the “High Stakes Gambler” (5 Gambits): As Engi with full
cleric’s and 10/0/30/30/0 (Bigger Bomb Radius, Healing Bombs, etc.) it
was fairly easy to take down Subject 7 with the first 5 Gambits active
(Exhausted, Frailty, Hamstring, On Fire, Squeamish). My skill setup
included Healing Kit, Bomb Kit, Elixir Gun, Flame Turret, Supply Crate. I
simply stood as closely as possible next to the ooze and spammed bombs
to damage it and any further oozes spawned. Due do Smoke Bomb and Smoke
Screen (Overcharged Flame Turret), only few attacks hit me. Ongoing heal
due to Healing Bombs, Healing Mist, Super Elixir and the main Heal
Skill kept me at 50%-100% HP during the whole fight.

Thanks Mortifer! I used your idea to great effect. My engineer was fully geared in rampagers equipment. Took me two attempts because I accidentally used Big Ol’ Bomb which threw the oozes all over the arena on the first go.

So it works with less tanky equipment as well. Your feedback is very much appreciated! Indeed one has to refrain from using those otherwise awesome knockback-skills =)

This worked perfectly for myself and my husband as engineers, both running with a shaman setup. Once we got the hang of it Subject 7 went down quite quickly. Also used Omnomberry Cookies just to help with health/healing.

For high stakes gambler if you are a mesmer and still struggling with it… Instead of the hounds you can pop time warp as soon as deadeye ports besides you and just melee his other eye out of him 😛 In my case he didn’t even have time to port the 2nd time

Grats on the kill. To be honest I’m annoyed that a Thief can simply stealth to avoid half the mechanics in that fight, something the rest of us actually have to manage.

Still tough, so grats.

don’t know if this has been said, but for mesmer just take mimic and deadeye will one shot him self with first shot normally

Hi Dulfy. When I did Meatless Murder today, I only got the achievement after I killed both and exited the gauntlet. Maybe it was something they changed in one of the patches?

deadeye and 5 gambits is easy on any char as long as you have exotics, reflect or blocks, invuln or ranged interrupts. Imo easiests classes are Guardian,Mesmer or thief.

Was pretty easy on Elementalist too. I just used Fire Greatsword elite, Arcane Shield, Lightning Flash (15/25/10/20/0). Was able to burn him down really quick, literally.

Took me a couple tries though. I found it best to immediately use Arcane Shield after you get your sword (beware the delay summoning can be deadly :P). And then use attack 4 to leap on him and then burn him down.

I also didn’t have full Berserker gear, but I think a full Berserker would obviously fair even better in this setup.

Gambits I used was Exhausted, On Fire, Frailty, Hamstring, Crowd Favorite.

Just figured I’d post this here in case someone had a question about it. 😛

Can someone tell me if doing these is possible with characters that aren’t lvl 80 yet? Do the enemies adjust to your level then?

It would be better to give people that want a challenge, the choice to choose a challenge. I personally, just want the achievements. I don’t give two fucks about a challenge it’s just in my way of getting the achievements done.

Make easy mode and hard mode, and those with hard mode also get 10g. For the people who like a challenge.

The ones who only care about chievs, give easy mode.

Problem: fixed.

I hate people like you. There’s a reason it’s called an achievement. If you are just as lazy as the next 400 lb fat-ass, I wouldn’t say you’ve ‘achieved’ anything.
I will look at your achievements, and all I will see is
5pts ‘Walked a dog’
10pts ‘Took a shit’
5pts ‘Ate a pizza’
It’s not a damn travelers guide for fucks sake.
Go get a passport for that.

he only speaks the truth..
only reason development studios keep churning out easy shit is because of lazy ass holes he was refering to

No, no way you can do it. Impossible, you need full zerker lvl 80 gear for most of these achievements, and you need food and I also needed boosters for the high stakes one…these achievements cost me about 40g so far and I still havent done liadra and meatless murder…. no, don’t even bother

Any advice on how to defeat Ravenous Crew as Engineer ? Tried that fight dozen of times yesterday and lost every time. What’s the best traits build for that ? Shall I dps with grenades ? What the kill order (healer first ? then melee pirates ?)

I just toke grenade kit and run around like dumbass threw grenades behind. Other skills: med kit, supply pack, eliksir S, tool kit.

I got all the achievements except the two Liadra ones, for 20 pts and Meatless Murder.

Full zerk warrior, using axe/mace and GS, also tried switching GS for rifle, and I can’t fucking do it lol, the guy allways gets his meat because i can’t see when he throws it or where he throws it

Forum chatter seems to indicate that Deadeye has gotten buffed in today’s patch. You might want to re-look at your walkthrough for him, dulfy. 🙂

As of today (although I expect it was patched earlier), you must kill both Strugar and Chompy to get the Meatless Murder Achievement.

I did it today after 2 tries, first try I killed Chomper but Strugar killed me. Second try however I got the achievement when I killed Chomper only, before Strugar died. So I guess it’s still pretty random

It’s worth noting that unlike every other part of the game, minion master necros have a super easy time with Windcaller Kieldia. I’m not sure if her tornadoes don’t affect the minions or what, but they tend to blow her away.

Hi Dulfy i still have problem with light up the darkness, my output dmg is not enough, do u use superior rune of scholar on ur mesmer?

stopped trying liandri as a ranger… kinda pointless and bottomless retarded by anet. this whole boss is against the ranger class.

everything one hits your pet.
the teleport orbs can only be destroyed with melee (YEAH FUCKING MELEE. if i go melee i have zero escapes).

made it to 60% or so but then she jumped on me and boom one hitted by a shadow or the aoe.

i hope this piece of trash will come again so i can go easy mode with thief or mesmer.

All gauntlet fights are doable across ALL class professions. Granted some classes have it easier on some fights, but this doesn’t mean that a single fight is specifically aimed towards only one profession. Since you’re doing this fight as a ranger, P1 damage can be mitigated by use of a greatsword (skill #4). When liadri is pushed into P2, you can swap to shortbow which has a cripple (skill#4) and a daze/stun shot (skill#5) to keep liadri at bay from her “cripple porting”. If caught within shadowfall without enough time to escape, you can swap to GS to block as needed. P2 is is important as you have to keep up damage through conditions, which the ranger has a wide arsenal to choose from. Play around with your utilities as well. – Rangers have traps that can cripple & bleed, poison, burn, or chill debuff. Just keep at it, is all I can say. These gauntlet fights test your ability as a player to be self aware, as well as using your class professions abilities to their full extent.

– Good luck!

No. It’s stupid. Not even Dulfy could do it. Notice there’s no Light Up The Darkness video?

Just because Duffy couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean other people haven’t completed the achievement. There are plenty of people on Youtube including mesmers who have done Light Up The Darkness. There is also a thread showcasing people completing it (Including Rangers). Besides, the person’s post wasn’t specific on whether he/she was doing the normal achievement or the 8 orb fight.

yes i do today with my guardian after many try, i use berserker gear with accessory and jewel soldier, for traits i use 0/0/30/30/10

High Stakes Gambler – 20 pts

…”Works really well for bomb engineers.”

Could you tell me a bomb engineer build and trait? Thanks.

my First Blood achieve is bugged I think, I’ve fought a ton of combatants and still not got this

same with Blood Sport Enthusiast / Connoisseur, i have all bosses unlocked and this has yet to trigger either

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