patch 2.3 SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 2.3 Coverage

A list of all guides and content related to SWTOR Patch 2.3 which is scheduled to be released on Aug 6, 2013.

Content available this week (Aug 6)

Tauntaun Mount



New Flashpoints

These flashpoints have being buffed a bit since the release of the guide but the general mechanics remain the same.

Bounty Contract Week/Bounty Broker Association

While this event is not yet active, there is an achievement you might be able to grab inside the Cartel Bazaar.

Patch notes

Content available next week (Aug 14)

Bounty Contract Week

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10 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.3 Coverage”

Desler Explorer

From what I can tell, the Martinique Desler is a rare spawn instead of
the Desler Assistant, similar to the bonus boss in the Illum pvp part of
the Gree event. Respawn timer seems to be 5 minutes, I don’t have
information on how rare her spawn is, as I only killed 3 Desler
Assistants before Martinique Desler spawned. She dropped the Mount and
an epic rep token.

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