SWTOR Tauntaun mounts guide

A guide to acquiring the Tauntaun mounts and locating the Taun Fawn nests released with SWTOR patch 2.3

General Information

The vendor that sells the mount/questing items can be found right outside the Dorn base/ Aurek base. They will give you the tauntaun mounts in return for Tauntaun Domestication Data.

  • Movement speed depends on your speeder rank
  • Bind on legacy, no level requirements


You have two routes to obtain these Tauntaun Domestication data

1) Buying it directly from the vendor by buying the tauntaun domestication data they sell for 100k credits each (direct purchase)

2) Save some credits by buying Tauntaun Lures for 500 credits each and then get the tauntaun domestication data by yourself from various taun fawn nests (questing)

Mountain Tauntaun – 2 million credits  or 20 Tauntaun Domestication Data


Tundra Tauntaun – 1.5 million credits or 15 Tauntaun Domestication Data  (subscribers only)


Questing aka Taun Fawn Nests locations

If you wish to save some money however, you can purchase the Tauntaun Lures for 500 credits each from the same mount vendor and then get the Tauntaun Domestication from Tauntaun nests instead of buying them from the vendor. You will need to use the lures on these Taun Fawns which have a high failure rate (~20% success chance) If you succeed, a wampa will spawn and killing/looting it will allow you to get 1 Tauntaun Domestication Data. .


These nests will also show up if you scan with your macrobinoculars.


Known locations for TaunFawn nests (use maps below)

-2486, -1381

-3480, -123

-2839, -123

-2281, 219

-1685, 927

-2766, 1567

Note: You can switch instances to get these taun fawn nests at the same location. Cooldown timer on these Taun Fawns seems to be 25 minutes to 1 hr. 

Icefall Plains (2 locations)


Clabburn Tundra (3 locations)


Whiterock Wastes (1 location)


  • NewStartinSA

    Are they still only usable on Hoth and Illum? I can’t see myself spending that many credits on a speeder I can only use on one planet.

    • atschai

      It seems like dulfy is on tatooine for the pics

      • NewStartinSA

        This is true! it does have the best light!

    • Telanis

      “still”? they never were

      • Newstartinsa

        In a galaxy far far away. ONE YEAR AGO. There was a rumor BEFORE THE TAUNTAUN’S WERE RELEASED into the wild. That they were going to only be able to survive on the cold winter planets of Hoth and Illum. They were rumored to become exhausted when on warmer planets like Tattoine. So questions were asked. Brains were picked. ONE YEAR AGO, BEFORE THEY WERE RELEASED.

        but thanks for being a dick anyway.

  • Jennifer

    Any info where nests are? Random or set spawns?

    • NewStartinSA

      It says direct purchase so i am guessing they are on a vendor

  • Crash

    Nest location to get Data-pads from at -2850; -100

    • Jennifer

      Also at -3500 -128

  • Dan Azonia

    They really upped the credit costs on stuff this patch.

  • uhhhhhhhhh

    Are they usable on the fleet?

    • Yes useable everywhere you can use a speeder.

  • Dremel

    Maybe I understand what’s written here, when I can log in. I forgot to download the patch while the server have been down.


    Tauntaun Domestication Data, Tauntaun nests… *scratches the head*

    • Hikarih

      I know, its confusing right?

  • sozic

    -1690, 99 near dorn base

  • Sarigar

    Tauntauns lay eggs??

    Also, not sure I follow this: you can buy it for two million, but you have to spend two million on the data first? Or you buy the data, and use the data to buy the tauntaun?

    • Brando

      Yes, you buy the data from the vendor for 1.5 -2 million credits total and then use the data to purchase the tauntaun. OR you go out into Hoth and hunt the nests with lures to draw out the fauns, Upon success ya fight a wampa, it drops the data. So that’s 15/20 wampa fights depending on which mount you want.

      • Sarigar

        I do like killing wampas… that sounds like a good route for me. Thanks for the clarification. πŸ™‚

    • Ennui DeBlase

      Because Platypus.

    • Bokata

      You can buy data off the vendor for 100k each. Buy the amount of data needed, and then trade the data in for the mount you desire.

  • darkfather

    Millions for a stupid mount? “face palm” I am flat out sick of the ridiculous prices Bioware is dishing out on stuff anymore. The new companion is a million as well. I pay 15 bucks a month for NOTHING it seems. IF they cant nickle and dime you with cartel, now they do it with credits. I wont be buying any of these then. I refuse to pay these ridiculous prices.

    • Realist

      2 million is not an unreasonable price. Honestly in this game just with dailies you can make this in a week. If you are max level and find 2 million to be too hard to make then you are doing something wrong. Also read the article again, you don’t have to spend any credits, just spend ~ 30 mins killing wampas and you will have enough data to buy them without credits. Plus one is only for subscribers. If you still feel like the game is not worth $15 a month, then unsub, it’s your (mom’s) money. If 30 mins of work is too much for you then look elsewhere for your instant gratification.

      • darkfather

        My mother lives 3 states away. Insulting people just shows your lack of maturity. Maybe YOUR mommy needs to tend to her childish kid?

        • Telanis

          If Realist want his comeback he would have wiped it off your mother’s face. Try to be more original.

        • jimbeam

          in case you didn’t notice he put mom’s in (parentheses) meaning its either your money if you pay your own bills, or your moms if you DON’T.

      • Sean

        thank you someone with sense

    • CT1313

      Entitlement much? 2 million credits is not something far fetched. You act like you can’t directly work toward acquiring the tauntaun mount by farming the domestication data. People like you cry over anything and everything. Why are you even playing the game if you want everything just handed to you for free? You are paying a subscription to actually play the game. And yes I am a subscriber, no I do not feel this is an unreasonable way to acquire the mount, At least BioWare gave us options to just buy it outright or pay way less and work for it.

    • Guybrush

      If anyone’s wondering why MMOs are in the state they’re in, darkfather is a prime example of why they have become like a slightly better version of Farmville.

      Send him everything in his mailbox, because “he’s paying 15 bucks a month” and can’t be bothered to get anything by actually doing something.

      • Telanis

        If only there was some way for him to not play the game at all!

      • scionfall

        “I already work in this game every single day.” I think this really sums up DarkFather’s problem. He sees everything he does in the game as work and not as play. Don’t get me wrong, I have my beefs with swtor too but overall I think they’re starting to come into their own and figure out who they are in the realm of MMO’s and their future looks pretty exciting. I think their 6 week minor game updates are great. Just when I start to get a little bored they come up with new content to play through.

        • SWTOR Fanboy

          Agreed. This update was awesome, and there is another major one (new planet, 2 new ops, tons of new PvP stuff) just around the corner. The game feels like it’s going strong. I hope that they do an advertising push to try and pick up the people that fled the game shortly after launch. SWTOR now really is a beastly game, and IMO doesn’t get near the credit/ attention it should (but I’m just a tiny bit biased ;p).

    • Vrath

      This is great. Mounts are a credit sink it is nothing you “need”. There use to be other mounts in the game that had a high price and there is still the Trisa Prime for 2.5 Mill from a vendor. Or you can buy hoverchairs and the command thrones for over 2 Mill. Its a luxory item and I suspect they watched the GTN and saw what people paid for the Command thrones and other desired mounts.

    • darkfather

      I already work in this game every single day. Trying to earn millions of credits for ONE item is not something I would EVER do in a game. And never have. Any money I get goes to crafting/crew skills and sending armor/mods with legacy gear to alts. I would never, ever, do hours and hours of boring grind just for ONE item when I need it for other things. That’s ridiculous. and boring. Games are supposed to be FUN. There is nothing “entitled” in ANYTHING I have said. I pay 15 bucks a month already as it is with 4 55’s and 7 other levels of alts. I think subscribers deserve some better perks. You elitist types frankly disgust me.

      • Kjara

        If you have 4 55s, making a million credits should be *cake*, you could do it in a week of dailies without breaking a sweat. Keeping lowbies in full custom gear is expensive, but (a) don’t you have any planetary comms to spend instead? and (b) it shouldn’t be *that* expensive. Are you replacing their gear every time they level? That’s just inefficient. IMO, either manage your spending better, or manage your earning time better. Or, maybe the best alternative, realize that the Tauntaun is meant as a challenge, and apply yourself to beating it.

        Or, y’know, do the quest and kill Wampas instead.

      • Telanis

        Yes, there’s absolutely something entitled to paying for a game as it is and then whining about how it doesn’t cater to your need to get shit for nothing. If you don’t like the game, fuck off. If you don’t like this content, don’t do it. Simple.

        And yeah, a million credits is spare change. If you put a minute’s thought into it you could make a million in a second of crafting — set it to go and log out till it’s done.

      • I did exactly this

        If you are legacy 40, which I assume you are.

        1 million credits + 700 cc (if you have 2 months of subscriber cc saved up, it’s “free”) is all you need to allow all your current and future characters, even those not on your main server, to get Treek without paying a single credit or cc more.

        For someone who does this much crafting and gearing for your alts, I think the amount of effort needed is quite minimal.

      • Rex

        1 million credits is 4 days of dailies. Also, unlike most MMOs TOR doesn’t tier their currency. In most MMOs 1000 gold would be equal to 1 million credits,

        Even though its not how credits should work, I almost wish they had tiered them so whiney idiots would keep complain how outrageous the costs are when they are pretty on par with other MMO in game currency costs.

        • Lexia-doig

          With regards to Dailies and the quoted 1 million credits, You can earn in a week , this is totally wrong.

          A person in our Gulid worked it out that when the Gree event is on , you can earn just over 5 million credits doing all dailies in one week (prior to Patch 2.3). I tried this out and got bored and stopped @ 3.8 Million in 7 days. I regulary earn approx 380-400k or more doing dailies in a day of approx 6-8 hours of swtor time,(when i`m on days off, and nothing to do) split up for breaks of course.

          Illum will give you 5-6 repeatable Dailies as standard (non Gree) for approx 55-62k for 40 mins of your time *IF* that. If you also include Gree events with Xeno II (SM + HM) with that count its approx 170k with them and approx 3-4 hours.

          Makeb offers you a good 5+ dailies each dropping approx 16-20k in credits each, So that`s at least 80-100k or more in credits, per day. (ive not fully completed Makeb yet)

          Section X (Belsavis) will give you a good 60-100k in Credits a day. It will take Approx 2 hours.
          Blackhole (Corellia) is pretty much the same above. And will take a good 1.5-2 hours

          • scionfall

            Overall I think they did a good job with the dailies. Unlike other popular MMO’s the daily grind isn’t a requirement to obtain the best gear in the game. You can get by not doing a single daily and still have a real shot at the best gear this game has to offer.

            If you’re level 55 and Black Hole takes you 90 – 120 minutes to complete then something is seriously wrong. With exception to the Heroic I can complete Black Hole in less than a half hour (about 45 – 60 minutes with the heroic). I can also complete the Ilum dailies in about as much time (no gree dailies included in that figure). I would suggest taking a look at how you approach these dailies and come up with a more efficient plan of attack. There are little nuances and shortcuts you can do to make the runs quite a bit faster (like destroying the box for the Black Hole Daily HyperMatter Directive that is actually outside of the enclosed quest area near the mobs with the nitrogen tank).

    • darkson

      darkfather… you are everything that makes this world a bad place… please go kill yourself… that is all

    • Lol.

      Did the tauntaun this morning as a sub. Took me less than an hour to gather my 15. Yep…that’s a hell of a grind…

    • Xelab

      I fully agree with darkfather, this mount should have been available on Hoth from the launch, and should have cost same as other mounts. And I agree that doing even a week of dailies is too much “work” for 1 item, and it is not play “anymore”. Since you do the same content repeatedly, its not even fun anymore. Instead of doing your dailies go study and find a real job. I personally play only for story content, and spend 2-3 hours on weekdays after work. On weekends I spend my time with gf. In one week I manage to finish at least 1 planet worth of class, side quest, heroics and bonus series quests (I do every single quests) on multiple characters (I multibox). I would have been completely broke if not for money bot that I have written myself (it gives me around 1mil/week across my 10 characters). To sum up, I fully agree with darkfather, and I think that it is elitists who spoiled this game, that have nothing better to do and live/work in this game 16 hours a day without weekends. You guys should go work in investment banking; there at least you will be getting real money for your effort!

    • Hikarih

      I agree, its the same with the woodland veractyl mounts too. its annoying for those of us who don’t have subscriptions and have a credit cap! I wish they would be reasonable about the mount prices!

  • Dalara

    The pictures for the mountain tauntaun and tundra tauntaun are under the wrong headings. Just thought I would let you know. Thanks for all the great info!

  • Duane

    Just timed the CD for individual Fawns… its between 25-30 minutes

    • Cool ty for info

    • Buddy

      I’ve been over 40 minutes at one nest and it still won’t let me refeed

      • Helper

        Hi dude, try switching instance

    • Duane

      Timed again right after, same nest… CD was 55-60 minutes. Guildie, same nest 10-15.

  • Kjara

    Does anyone know if the Wampa-hunting is done in a group, will there be multiple Data drops, or is there just one item to be rolled for? Thanks.

    • Sombody

      Everyone can click the taun fawns and get a chance. If a tauntaun / wampa is spawned everyone can help, but only the person who spawned them gets anything.

      • Kjara

        Interesting, thanks!

  • Thrado

    Is this going to be a permanent feature?

  • Kalreth

    Do the tauntauns show up in collections? If so how much to unlock?

    • Galathir Darkstone

      Nope. These are not collectible. The initial item in BoL, so you can pass it to another toon in your Legacy, but once it is used for a toon, it is consumed. You’ll have to earn another for a different toon. As someone else said, we’ll probably see a CM version at some point. In the next Packs, I’d bet πŸ˜›

  • Legofilmscompany

    Does the Wampa spawn as a Level 55, or will it change to your level?

    • Sombody

      I’m level 50 and they spawn at that level, so I am guessing they scale.

  • keeraa

    very nice new content: Open PVP, increasing economy, awesome mount =)

  • Tyran

    Is the looted data bound in any way? Bound to legacy? Tradeable? Can it be sold on gtn?

    • Crucifixion Cruxi

      It’s not bound in any way. Read the item of it please

      • Tyran

        Maybe I’m at work and can’t login to read the item? There’s no screenshot of the item here.

        • dodgerfn

          it can be traded but not sold on the gtn

  • defector k

    Dulfy u shouldnt remove it. apparently he is not watching what happened in MMO world. GW2 is 4th and SWTOR 6th in population. Since other bigger games have been covered with 100 other sites, Dulfy will keep the crown with those 2. That means smart mind.

  • Anhelitus

    if i already granted this mount to one of my characters, doest it appear on my alts when it is supposed to be bound to legacy ?

    • No, bind to legacy means that you can give it to your alts as long you havn’t used it on your main. Once used then it is bound to that character.

      • Anhelitus

        Well f***, thanks Dulfy

        • chip

          all BOL is transferable even after use. if you have hit 35ish you get a quest for a BOL weapon that i am able to freely trade between toons even after equipt

          • vfm

            Duh, can you read…

            Armor and weapons are NOT consumed after use.
            Speeder IS consumed item after use. You dont have the item anymore after you use it, you gain speeder ability.

            BOL in this case is to prevent you from selling it, but allow to buy on one character and give to other one for using.

      • Darth Stewie

        ??? I have the entire Sand People Bloodguard gear (Grand Aquisitions Race event) that’s currently on my main and I can actively give that to any of my other alts. BoL is all transferable between alts, always has been.

        Now this mount, like all mounts is a one-shot deal in that mounts can’t be transferred. Maybe that’s what you meant and not ‘Bound to Legacy’ in general as I took it?

        • Kjara

          I don’t think mounts work that way — when you use the item, it’s consumed, and the mount is added to your abilities. Can’t pass it around after that.

        • We are talking about mounts here, not armor. Once you used a mount it goes under your speeder tab and cannot be transfered to another char.

  • Caveman

    I’ve lured 44 tauntaun fawns so far and only the 1 lured out the protector and Wampa so I could loot the data. That’s way below the 20% chance you quote in the article.

    • Nomar

      Or you just seem to have bad luck

      • keeraa

        I have the impression that luring more often reduces the spawn chance. In the beginning, I had almost every nest a lured tauntaun but now it is like every 4th or 5th nest that something is happening.

        (Psychological effect of negative experiences tending towards pessimistic perceptions should also be considered :-p)

        • Nomar

          It really is just a random 20% chance. I got my last 4 in 2 nests. So it just matter of luck

    • ChrisIA

      It is way below 20%, add to that the data is not a 100% drop from the wampa.

      • Galathir Darkstone

        This is not true. If you kill the Wampa (Defend the Nest), you will ALWAYS get the data. And after gathering data for 3 mounts, I got about 16% success rate, personally. I could be up to 20%… but I expect it’s closer to 1 in 6 than 1 in 5.

    • Magnesium

      I bought 80 lure and once I had used them all, I had 16 data. I could have been lucky, but that’s the 20% chance exactly.

  • Mumakil

    I’ll just wait on the cartel version and unlock it for whole account. You know its happening

    • AriesCZ

      Probably, but it will be some CM-exclusive coloration of Tauntaun (maybe with huge CM logo emblazoned on its side πŸ™‚ ).
      To be honest, I am pleasantly surprised that Tauntauns are achievable by in game actions at all

      • dodgerfn


  • Sean

    I think its worth to put out that the wampas u fight scale to your lv i have a lv 44 alt and have only been fighting lv 44 wampas and the rest lv 55 have been fighting lv 55 ones

  • Hihihihihihihihi

    i got it in 15 lures lol

    • Swigityswagwhatsinthebag

      … Yeah, well, i got it in 14.

  • Dremel

    Ok. Got it. ETA for a Bantha?!!!

  • Revan

    is it just me or are the tauntauns faster than the other mounts?
    i chased a tauntaun-mounted sorc with my blue sphere nad he was actually gaining distance…

    • saiaku

      While on Hoth I was on my regular speeder and a guy on a tundra tauntaun. I think maybe it will run slightly faster on hoth (maybe ilum too?) since he was outrunning me as well.

  • Lurtz

    Apparently they respawn at X times which are completely independent from when the lure is used: I had just used it on two of three Taun Fawns in a nest and there I see those I’ve already used the item on disappear at the same time and reappear immediately after.

    • Sibakero

      Yeah, was about leave one of the nests when it reset and I got to feed the 3 fauns again almost immediately after I’ve fed them the 1st time. Was about 15 mins in(and it was the 4th nest on our rounds) on the 3rd instance switch. But probably an hour in since I first fed my 1st faun for that day. Anyone have more input on this as there might(just might) be a set amount of time for the reset? πŸ˜€ Awesome work as always Dulfy! Thanks so much for all this!

  • Lexia-doig

    Nice Guide Duffy , Keep it up πŸ™‚

  • Name!

    Dulfy I just wanted to post that I’m super impressed with this site and all your helpful up-to-date SWTOR info. Can’t believe you’re just one person doing all this. Thanks a lot!

  • Jynxana

    Just in case anyone is adventerous like me and wanted to play NPC dodge ball on Hoth with an underleveled character and go after a Tauntaun — probably not the best idea w/o a group. I went as a level 30 character, and the Wompa that came after me was level 35. It did not end well. So while the Wompa scales to level, it only scales down so far …

  • Sarigar

    Took me about two hours to accumulate 15 data. If you work through all the nests top to bottom (or reverse), then switch instances, you can keep up a pretty good pace. Just watch out when using AOE at the nests, people will try to get you flagged and gank you.

  • Darth_King

    dulfy love u πŸ˜€ i knowed only about one nest πŸ˜€

  • Ann Noviello

    hi i have a question please~ i was on hoth the other day and found some wild untamed taun tauns and was looking forward to buying for 100k a mount but when i tried to log in yesterday after the patch, before the servers went down this morning 4 matainence, i got to exactly 91% before i got an KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR that should down my whole laptop, new running windows 8, anyone have any ideas on a fix? this has never happened to me before, thanks!


  • Sin

    Possiblt stupid question, all I see is the Mountain Tauntaun 20 Tauntaun Domestication Data… I am a subscriber… where does one get the Tundra Tauntaun for 15 TDD? Or does it “unlock” after purchasing the Mountain one?

    • There is another vendor next to him called Subscriber vendor or something

      • Sin

        Ah, TY, will have to check it out tonight

  • Whoola

    if your Tauntaun dies the quest fails and you don’t get a tauntaun data.

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  • hownowbrowncow

    I think the drop rate may have been improved with the follow up “a” variant patch. I’m getting a drop or two every nest now.

  • Quzusid

    you are awesome dulfy!! saved my ass big time!:D

  • me

    Am I doing it right?
    When I go to a nest, I click each baby and try to lure it, so costs 3 lures.
    Then I leave and go look for another nest.
    Is this right?
    Should I try to target each baby like that, or does that not do anything?
    I don’t know if I am wasting lures, or if I just keep trying the same nest over and over till I get one, then move on.
    Anyone know how it actually works?

    • Ya you need to use 3 lures per camp. If you don’t get anything. move to another camp or switch instance.

  • Caveman

    Are both mounts the same except the appearance?

  • Gilford

    May be a dumb question, but I was under the impression that once you did the quest once it unlocked for all characters in your legacy. This was noted by the little shield legacy icon on the tauntaun when I finally got the 15 pieces of data. Did I just misunderstand, and the quest has to be done separately by all characters on a single account?

    P.S. Your guide was insanely helpful, along with the rest of your site, keep up the good work.

    • The two tauntaun mounts here do not have legacy unlock since they are not cartel market items. The little shield symbol simple means that are bind on legacy and can be transfered to alts as long you don’t use it on your main.

  • JKrevan

    Just gotten my own tauntaun now… took me a while but way less than what i thought it would take..

    but NOTHING takes the idea OFF my mind that the tauntauns are NOT faster (vene if by only 5%)

    • wilcofan99

      I actually have an answer to the speed thing. I was at the cantina tour in Chicago event (first person to ask a question actually) and somebody asked about faster mounts in the future. They said that the engine is the limiting factor and they found in testing that if they increase mount speed it will slow down performance of the game so until we see some work done on the engine, the faster mount thing is out of the question πŸ™

      • Daniel Moreno

        It really does, too. I got launched at mach crazy by Dread Tooth to the top of a cliff on the other side of the map from him when I got too close to a group fighting him. I hit 5 fps slide show from 40.

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  • daniel

    im soo close to getting a tauntaun it would be quicker if i knew how to switch instance how do u?

    • no by de

      “M” Hoth (1) click the drop Box (if there is one) and go to Hoth (2) – (x) X = 3+

  • Nami

    5 hours and only at 11. data F2P sucks. i wish i was a Sub to get the mount at 15 data.

    • iceberg265

      Sub then.

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  • ??

    so dulfy if you dont use the tauntaun on the char you unlock it on, then you can send it to as many alts as you want and unlock it? or am i not understanding this whole bind on legacy thing

    • No it just means you can send it to another character (and only 1 character) in your legacy if you don’t plan to use it on the current character.

  • Koysono

    Not possible to chance no longer in hoth

    • Koysono

      *to change instance

      • Kami3006

        Yes, you still can change instances. I did the nests on all three that were up just a little while ago.

    • vin b

      it depends on the number of people on your server, if you have a low population server you may not have instances available to switch to

  • Kelyn

    Better off grouping with another partner, one day help him or her get their tauntaun and switch the next day.

  • Bamasbackontop

    For the Best Way to Do it you need to do the three in clabburn tundra then swap instances.
    After that you will need to got to dorn base get the one to the far right of it then swap instances.collect some at the one under dorn base swap instances and do it again. Finaly if you havent got twenty/fifteen then you can repeat.

  • Bamasbackontop

    I went on a killing spree appearently jedi dont seem to be that smart had two lv 40’s try to jump me and I basicly slaughtered them after that the next 5 nests I went to the same people kept trying to jump me. lolz

  • zus

    all 6 nests can be ran in 15-20 mins, you can switch to other instance if available or get inv in.
    my timer regardless of instance was 25 mins from my last fawn fed. imperials have faster times as they have bases on all three maps, approx 35K credits for subsciber mount and 40K for ftp/preferred one and about 2 1/2 hours roughly per mount. on my pve server there are a few imps who will kill your mount, but usually if you help them they help you rather then kill so both parties win and run times increase. bind on legacy means you have so long to mail the item to your alts(toons), once the mount is USED it is gone and no longer a legacy or mailable it becomes an ability. if anyone wants me to show them nest run for efficiency ingame name(republic) zus’tt’yushess, and i will bring you for a loop. not really playing my imp alts at this time. earliest you can go data collecting is level 35, the elite is same level you are currently. data is also tradeable, and sometimes found on gtn cheaper then trainer sells data for. i dont find a need, as 2 1/2 hours is really fast.

  • stemensis

    Guys, help! What do you mean by “switch instance”? How I can quickly collect Tauntaun’s cards?

    • Sparkgan

      ok, to switch instance you click M then above the mini map image on the bottom right is where you can switch instances πŸ™‚ hope i helped also thw quickest would be 2 hours. you need 20 datas to get a ftp/preffered tauntaun mount and i think 10-15 for member. hope i helped! if not just whisper me (IMP) Soultracker or Rubifyre or Catamir and (pub) Doliaxa πŸ™‚ have fun! πŸ˜€

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  • PrzemysΕ‚aw Narbutt

    is this still up to date?

    • Tyxz


      • Yuki Aya Masahiko

        U can still switch instances but only like 1-2 times before u have like a 4hr cool down.

        • Jimbo

          Haha what? The CD is 10 minutes no matter how often you do it. You can also do tricks like go to your Stronghold and return to get assigned to a different instance.

      • Darth Me

        You can also only switch instances if there is another available. So, if there are only 30 people on Hoth, there won’t be a second instance to switch to.

  • DragonTayl

    For what it’s worth, though I did use the information here and was very successful:

    — I accidentally bought one of the expensive data pads thinking that was the device you “loaded” with data.
    — I required 118 lures to acquire the other 14. (approx 12% success). At this rate you’d need 127 or so to get to 15, or 160 to get to 20.
    — I used “switch instances” method successfully (bring up your global map, bottom right corner) though there are restrictions based on population in an instance and how often/recent you have switched.

  • Francis Marino

    Ok so I used this guide today to get my mount, I used 50 baits, go to a nest bait the three then switches instances bait move to the next nest and then rinse and repeat

  • Tjens

    Ok. I got the tauntaun, but is there a stronghold decoration for her.

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  • Aingeall Knightley

    I know this seems ancient, but I want to help as well. The guide works very well, only nowadays, the Taun Fawns have a feeding timer of 25 minutes to an hour. So run all nests, cange instance, repeat works, until you return to your first instance. Then you have to wait untill the cooldown is off. Logging out of the game does not reset the timer, though another player suggested using alts if you want to farm fast. I have not tested this myself, since I wasn’t that much in a hurry.

  • Case Stringer

    I’m just doing this again for the first time in a long time for an alt. I just wanted to mention now that there will always be a pve and a pvp instance of the zones, more if there are lots of ppl on Hoth. It would be nice if they adjusted the % on spawning a tauntaun at the nests upward a bit…

  • Case Stringer

    So, It wasn’t too bad. Took me around 2.5 hrs to get the 15 needed for the subscriber Tundra tauntaun. I even got 2 out of one nest. I just waited for the body of the wampa to fade before I used a lure on another fawn. It didn’t seem awful as it did the fist time I did it. Just make sure you swap between pve/pvp instances after you check all the nests. Cheers!

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