SWTOR Treek Companion Customizations

A gallery and list of SWTOR Treek companion customizations introduced with patch 2.3.

Treek Customization Bundle – 300 CC and includes customization 1-3.

Treek Customization 1


Treek Customization 2


Treek Customization 3


Bounty Hunting Treek Customization – 250k credits/Friend standing with BBA reputation


  • Stridr

    Could you add her original appearance to this page if you don’t mind? It’d be great for reference.

  • Messerpemsel

    Can they be traded?

    Noone sells them on the GTN.

  • Valmorph

    Does anyone know if this unlocks for all characters, or just for one?

  • Jo

    Rakghoul Treek? Yavin Treek?

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