GW2 Luminary of Kryta Beacons of Kryta Achievement guide

GW2 Luminary of Kryta achievement guide showing you how to complete all of the Beacons of Kryta as part of Queen’s Jubilee.

Where to start

There are four Torchbearer NPCs in Divinity’s Reach, they are located in Plaza of Lyssa, Rurkton, Kormir Low Roads, and The Upper City. You have complete all 4 runs for the achievement. If you are having trouble, you can talk to Priest of Lyssa to receive a 5 minute speed buff (there is one located at Plaza of Lyssa waypoint) but you don’t need it to complete most of the torch runs.


Plaza of Lyssa Beacon of Kryta Run



Rurikton Beacon of Kryta Run



Kormir Low Roads Beacon of Kryta Run



The Upper City Beacon of Kryta Run



Reward- Flame of Kryta

This is an account bound permanent torch that override your weapon skills and provide light in dark places.


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8 replies on “GW2 Luminary of Kryta Beacons of Kryta Achievement guide”

I’m bummed they only put in 4 races, and you have to get all 4 to get the achievement. I wanted to do more of them, and I could imagine if one of them were irritatingly hard, it would have been a pain to complete.

On the stream, they have said that if people like particular content, they should give them feedback about it. I’m sure that if people wanted more races, they would be more willing to make more of them. Although obviously not in this patch cycle.

I just asking from a torch, now we need some permanent and very dark content dungeon, ruins or castle to use it XD

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