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SWTOR Desler Explorer mount guide

A guide on getting the SWTOR Desler Explorer mount from CZ-198. This new mount was introduced as part of patch 2.3.

This mount drops from the Supply Yard – Loading Platform section of CZ-198. Loading Platforms is at the very top level of CZ-198 Supply Yard.



The mount is a guaranteed drop from Martinique Desler which is located in the location shown on the map. She is actually a rare spawn (170k HP sniper mob with orbital bombardment & terminate attacks) and a placeholder named Desler’s Assistant usually spawn in her place instead (doesn’t drop the mount). You will need to kill Desler Assistant everytime he spawns to have a chance to spawn Martinique Desler.

The respawn timer is exactly 4.5 minutes. Most players got the mount after 1-2 hrs of camping (after the Aug 8 patch, Martinique seems to spawn much less frequent and you can expect to wait for up 10 hrs to her to spawn).


Thanks to Screaming_Ziva on the official forums and fatsheep for the info

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167 replies on “SWTOR Desler Explorer mount guide”

Bit hard is a weak word… didn’t even get to farm it yet because there is always a republic rape squad camping it

You’re also saying the respawn timer is about 5 minutes. Been here for ten minutes and the assistant is still here.

Do you reckon we gotta kill the assistant before the actual boss showing up?

Yes that is what i meant, sorry if it wasn’t obvious. Placeholder means a mob that will spawn instead of the actual boss and you will need to kill it to get a chance to spawn the boss.

Damn i was there 2 hours yesterday…

Now there’s 5 people there 🙁 ill have to try at about 3 am too haha

Do you have to have friend-level rep in order to loot the mount? Or can you loot it but just not use it until you have the required rep?

That’s my account and character name in game :p chubbygoat is a nice name, might have to steal that ^^

We’ve been in the one we’re on since 1 and it’s now 4 and no desler yet, plus we’re being ninja camped by a someone named XIIX who is being a big pain in the ass.

Well we finally gave up on it. XIIX was just causing too much interference, I hope he gets the thing and chokes on it.

I wrote a quick program to count down from five minutes once I clicked ‘START’, and it seemed to respawn at about 30 seconds, leading me to believe the respawn timer is actually 4 minutes and 30 seconds, not actually 5 minutes. I’ll run additional tests once my PvP flag wears off 😉

Seems like she appears between killing 25 TO 50 assistants.. So some might be lucky and get there “fast”, while others grind for hours and hours..

Finally got it 6 hours 11 minutes on “The Shadowlands” server luckily I was in an instance by myself.

I went there this morning at 6.30 when only 13 people were online on CZ-198 – of course two of them were already camping the spot! Three hours later the same two players were still there. This is going to be fun… 😀

im a marauder and i swear im attacking it first but this person next to me is still looting the junk mobs and i dont get to…
any tips on what skills to use etc when trying to get this with multiple people around?

In a solid 7hr period, only saw Desler spawn twice. Methinks the spawn rate for live is a bit more then 1-2 hrs camping. More like 2-3hrs.

Could you clarifyy on what you mean by having to kill him every time he spawns? Someone on Shadowlands has been saying that it means that the player who wants the speeder has to kill him multiple times in a row, but I doubt that’s true.

It sounds like a made up theory. There is a small chance to for the rare boss to spawn instead instead of the assistant and the game doesn’t track who killed the assistant before.

That multiple kill theory is complete rubbish. I killed 52+ of the assistant in a row and was able to loot them all. No boss spawned during that period. The whole thing just seems like a random chance to spawn each time. All these theories flying about remind me of the good ol’ holocron days in SWG.

Good thing I prefer the Czerka Executive, ’cause there’s no way I’m gonna sit on my ass for 6-7 hours waiting lol!

If you are the first to attack does that mean you get the drop?

Do classes that have an AoE attack that last a few seconds and just spam that have a better chance to attack first (and thus get the drop?)
If a tank taunts even though he/she isn’t the first to attack will he/she still probably get the loot?

Just a few questions I had

Yes, you have to attack first.
Most AoE classes start their attacks at about 4.45minutes lasting into the 4.5min spawn time. This helps with the first hit.
As a BH i got the first hit, but quickly had the boss’s attention taken off of me because of tanks. I still got the loot.

So, I just got the mount from a drop. The respawn time was 4.5minutes like posted, but in the thirty minutes that I was there, Martinique spawned twice. When i first walked up to the spawn location some imps and pubs, four total had been waiting for drop boss, we killed 1 assistant, Martinique spawned. One of ’em looted. Fed up with waiting three people left the area. The next two spawns were Assistants, then the third was Martinique again. This is post Aug. 8th patch, yet i didn’t have to wait the supposed 3-5Hrs. Just thought this would add some new info on the spawn rate. I’m on the PVE Jedi Covenant server.

My theory is that the more people are waiting for her the lower is the chance for her to spawn. So please, everybody leave the spot and let me test my theory! 😉

I had a instance for myself and I had been killing the assistant for 6,5 hours until finally Matinique finished her beauty sleep and showed up. Not sure if this was worth it.

Finally got the speeder after a third day of killing assistants. Interestingly there were only two of us there prior to her arrival. The other guy was imperial and was swapping over to a republic toon to add me to his friends list when she spawned. So I was the only one there when she showed up. Probably just coincidence that I was there alone but it’s an interesting one.

Was standing there for 20 min, saw her spawning but someone stole the kill :C Sometimes it’s crowded there.

Judging by the comments and my own experience, it looks like it is a percentage chance that the spawn will be Dessler, perhaps only <1%. This means she CAN spawn twice in ten minutes, or not at all in 10 hours. Good luck!

Ok, have a new theory from “sexy” (/eyeroll) A-smith on Shadowlands, he thinks that it might actually be population based. The reason for this, which actually seems to make a lot of sense, is that Martinique seems to spawn much more frequently in crowded instances. Anyone else think this could be true?

Sorry, I believe it is not true! I got the Desler in Level 2 with about 20 players. And he appeared in 6 hours 3 times. The day before he appeared in 10h only once. With the same number of players.

Only luck!^^

hi Dulfy unrelated post but I attended the cantina tour in Chicago last night and was wondering if you wanted the pics and video and if so how I could either send em to you or upload em here

I camp’d 1.5 hours and got the speeder [JC server] Someone had killed her 5-10 mins before I came to the spot.

Theoretically, if I hit the Martinique Desler first but then die while fighting her and someone else kills her, do I still get the loot? Assuming that the Desler doesn’t reset and I rez myself on the spot after the fight.

No, If you start the fight and die while some else is attacking your enemy. That person is now owner of the fight and he will be given the loot. However if you have a a group and you go down while your other group members our still alive and they manage to kill the boss or just stay alive while other people kill the enemy then your group will remain the owners of the fight and you can loot. Pretty sure that’s how it works.

No, definitely not true. This happened to me to the PVP droid during the Gree event a lot. If you have tagged the boss at the beginning of the fight, you will get the loot, even if you die and other players kill the mob. The only way for those players to get the loot then is to walk away so that the mob resets, and then be the first to attack it.

Dropped once in 15 hours… Had a rotation set up between some Aussie and US players on Harbringer that kept constant check on the boss at all times.

The spawn is about 5 hours. I saw her spawn at about 9:30, then I finally was able to kill her at about 2:35AM when she respawned.

Spawn is not 5 hours. Saturday I killed her twice in a two hour period. Once at about 5:30 and then again at 7.

It is my belief that there is no set spawn timer, the Martinique Desler just has a very small chance to spawn each time, regardless of when the last one spawned. So it could spawn twice in an hour, or once in 15 hours

Would really like it, but I don’t think I’ll ever get it..

Is it true that it doesn’t drop 100% from M. Desler like someone further down wrote?

Well, I camped it again just in case it was a bug or something. Only took five hours for her to show back. Needless to say, I got it and am quite pleased.

today on BC server she spawned 4 times in a 4 hour period im starting to think there is a proximity meter on her now scene i stood in the spot Monday for 10 hours and nothing all 4 times she spawned today no one was around

Met her twice today… once was with a group but lost the roll…. second time I tried to solo but was killed by a random opposing player. I found her a bit hard to solo on a PvP server with a big chance of having someone disturb your wait.

This is dumb. First the “damage first” rule (seriously it makes no sense) and now reduced spawn. Got my kill stolen today because of that and now it’s been three hours and still nothing. To hell with this mount.

Got mine today after 3 days of on and off farming 3 hours a day. Shadowlands server. To the jedi sage that kep trying to steal my kills, haha enjoy the rest of your farming.

I was pretty lucky. It took me 26 Assisstant kill (not in a row, ’cause 1 or 2 missed in pvp with few reps.) before Martinique spawned. Btw a stupid Sentinel just showed up at the end of the boss fight, and desperately tried to kill me, but he was already late. 😛 So sad. 😀 The Server was Tomb of Freedon Nadd. Good luck guys!

got mine today at 4:30 am EST. Martinique was already spawned with no one camping. I was afraid that as soon as I started fighting the droids before her someone would arrive and attack her. no one did and I got my ride! this was on begeron colony

I had nearly the same luck. When I arrived at 6am in the morning the assistant was standing there and Martinique already dead on the ground. I killed the assistant and the next time Martinique spawned again… but the fight went horribly wrong and I died. I tried it a second time and it didn’t went so well again but another player helped me and finally I got my Desler 🙂

Got mine at ~2:00am MST on Ebon Hawk after 5 hours and 63 straight placeholder kills. Felt brutal, had to call in a hand to kill Martinique when she finally showed. Thankfully she isn’t immune to Whirlwinds.

I just camped the spot for 2 hours starting a 8:00am to 10:30am after about what seemed like a million assistants she finally spawned. I almost had her untill I got knocked back into the droids at which point I was mowed down I died at having her at 1%. Needless to say after I died some guy ran up and killed her apparently he was standing back watching and he got the kill and the speeder. This is the first time I ever camped a sight needless to say I won’t be doing again.

Welp just spent 8 hours and 24 minutes for her to spawn, right as she spawns a guy comes and ninja’s the kill… This is time-lost drake all over again. FFS. -_-

Update: now over 8 hours today and still nothing. It is not from lack of killing the assistants, I have killed them every time without fail.

Waited 3 hours then she spawned, 9 mins later she then spawned again. There is no Re-spawn timer just complete luck.

Camped with a friend of mine, he is a sniper, I’m a sentinel. We camped from about 10AM to 3PM GMT+3 in The Red Eclipse. In exactly 2:58PM Martinique Desler spawned and my friend got the first hit. I was eating a sandwich. Then he told me he is ultra sure that after 8 hours the mob will spawn again. So that means 11PM. I decided to camp, just to be sure. At around 5PM an assassin joined me in my camping adventure. We were talking about PC gaming for the next hour. ( StressedEel, the user below me )

At exactly 8PM the mob spawned and he got the kill. I was ready to jump off a building. But I stayed, continued camping. Exactly 10 minutes after he got his mount (the 2nd spawn) Martinique Desler spawned again and we both watched her for about a second and I hit her. Half a second after that a marauder that just came from behind leaped on to her. Good thing I hit her first and yes, I was super lucky.

So first camping – 5 hours. Second camping – 5 hours. Third camping – 10 minutes.

TL;DR – There is no respawn timer on the mob itself. Confirmed. It’s completely random.

Camped the spawn for 25 hours straight before Martinique finally appeared (11p.m. to 12 a.m. the next day). For about 16 of those 25 hours I had the second instance all to myself. Happy to have the mount but don’t think I’ll be trying to get it again for any of my alts.

to many people camping this thing not really worth the time in my opinion i might go after it if it cools down in a month

Just stopping by to add to others’ comments about it being completely random. A guildy of mine spent over 8 hours straight camping this thing yesterday with no spawns.

Today, I got two in less than two hours. I camped for about 45 minutes, got one, and then killed two more spawns. I then ran SM Meltdown, came out and killed an assistant, ran SM Labs, and came out to a second Explorer.

Like others below me, it is random.

I figured I’d update my previous post. I got a third Explorer tonight, a few hours after I got my second. By no means was I camping the spot. I probably killed another 10 assistants, while doing the dailies and waiting for czerka queues on my alts, before I got it.

Interestingly enough, the last 30 minutes I was camping while I was surfing the web (figured I’d tab back in every 4:30 just in case. I was heading to bed, but decided to see one last respawn before doing so. Low and behold, Martinique was there to wish me a good night.

My journey was made incredibly easier because I play late-night. There were less then 10 people on CZ my final two Explorers, and I only had to compete against another player for the first of my 3.

Good luck to everyone still trying for this.

I spent a bit over 7 hours a few days ago in order to get it. From around 0800 GMT until ~1500 GMT. I camped there and killed all the assistants during that period.

I finally got my Desler explorer. I was camping from mid-third to half 6, and then in then in the evening from 7 to 9 and on 9 o clock she came finally. I was camping Saturday a few hours. I finally got it, but i need a friend standing and i do not have it yet. VAT i also need to call somebody Because she was too strong for me to solo. Happy farming peoples.

Got this yesterday, after about 2 hours of camping it at 1-3am. Be careful of opposing players flagging themselves as she spawns, I had a gunslinger flag himself, pull the nearby group and lead them to me, then attempt to get me to attack him.
Luckily the boss killed him and I got the drop!

If that happens and they do kill you, do not respawn If the mob remains in combat and does not reset. Your tag still sticks even if you are dead and even if they do kill it, it is still your loot.

And just to illustrate how utterly random the spawn chance for Martinique Desler is:

Began spawncamping for her, waited for 20 minutes, killed two of her assistants… and then she appeared.

Currently going on 12 hours farming for first drop…..they need ti make this mount ut on fucking ach not a group ach.. holy fucking shit

I just tried this – she was already spawned when I went there. This was just a few hours after patch 3.0.0b went up.

My guess is, she spawns first thing every time a new instance is created, and a new instance was created after the patch. And since most people are focusing on other stuff, no one had tried to fight her yet.

Camped for 3 hours, won’t bother with more. Bioware should strive to exploit completionists and OCD-victims less with such vile RNG-dependent tricks.

If you’re angry at Bioware about random spawn times, you can pass the time writing letters to Powerball complaining about the low odds of winning. Make sure to send a copy to your state legislature as well.

Spent over 28 hours spawn camping this over the course of two weeks, and I finally got this randomly today after I finished up Czerka dailies. Don’t give up on this drop, keep at it and stay positive. It WILL drop for you!

Checked on a whim and found the Assistant. Killed him and waited. First respawn was Martinique and some Operative came outta nowhere and took the kill. *sigh* Back to waiting…

I killed the assistant 65 times before Martinique spawned. This was over a period of 2 days, camping around 2 hours per day and now I have the mount 🙂

After 4.5 hours of camping non-stop and about 60 spawns of the Desler Assistant Martinique appeared.
Completed 26NOV15 from 7am to 11:30am MST.

2 hrs yesterday, 7 hours today, many assistants dead…..and now it’s in my cargo hold waiting for me to hit friendly! Dropped at 1:09pm Eastern time on Shadowlands.

I spent about 2 hrs running various alts through the dailies on CZ. I would run in and kill the assistant on the way through coming back and kill him again before returning to the drop box. Someone else shows up and started camping while I was switching, so I moved to the pvp instance, 2 alts later that mount was mine!

took screenshots, Wrote a ticket to CS, got a reply 3 days later that they can confirm the kill in the logs, and they sent it via mail

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