GW2 Copper-fed salvage-o-matic unlimited salvage kit in the gemstore

Some information and pictures related to the latest addition to the GW2 gemstore – unlimited salvage kit called Copper-fed Salvage-o-matic.

This items is account bound and costs 800 gems to purchase. It costs 3 copper per salvage and does not recover any upgrades from armor and weapons (it does recover upgrades, the gemstore description is wrong). . 10% chance to recover rare crafting mats and 20% chance to recover upgrades.


Sound effects – the salvage kit speaks when you salvage item but there seems to be a 10-15s delay before it speaks again tp prevent spamming.

  • Begin-destruction-protocol
  • Power-flow-at-30-percent
  • This-is-the-only-proper-course
  • Affirmative
  • This-is-most-remarkable
  • Now-I-shall-break-you
  • I-was manufactured-to-the-highest-standards
  • Threhold-achieved
  • Target-destroyed

Is it worth it?

  • Crude salvage kit – 32 copper/15 uses = 2.13 copper per salvage but have 0% chance to salvage rare materials.
  • Basic salvage kit – 88 copper/25 uses = 3.52 copper per salvage. Same chance to recover rare materials but also 20% chance to give back upgrade components.

Also keep in mind that Basic Salvage kits can be purchased for 77 karma each from a renowned heart NPC in Brisban Wildlands next to the Triforge Point Waypoint – [&BGQAAAA=]


  • Azukar

    i will stick with Crude one….

  • regnevakrad

    Thanks for the info about the karma salvage kit. I knew there was one around but couldn’t find the NPC on wiki when I wanted to find it ages ago.

  • Ares Zax

    … Dammit. If they hadn’t given it Hobo-tron’s voice, I could have resisted buying it! XD

  • Trancer

    So.. Is it worth buying..? I’m going to buy it if at least 5 people say Yes..!

    • Magnusito

      You need to salvage at least 100,000 items and then you will start saving money.

      So… No, totally not worth it.

      • Ares Zax

        As with the other unlimited tools in the past, you’d need to salvage a LOT of items to “break even”, but these tools have never been about cost savings. Rather, they’re there for convenience for the players who never want to bother with buying tools/salvage kits ever again. Basically, if you’re thinking about buying them to save money, don’t, because you won’t. Buy them if you’d rather not have to worry about ever running out of kits/tools again, or because you think they look cool.

        • Nostromo

          I imagine if you mainly use just 1 or 2 chars for farming/playing then this might be ok. But they really need a better/more convenient way of sharing things across characters, other than bank/guild stash, which is not always convenient to get to, eh.

          • Teri

            I agree and I know they probably never will but it would’ve been nice since its account bound if this maybe had its own slot accessible on the item panel, near the wallet maybe, and all your toons could access it. I have 7 80s, I don’t wanna have to run to the bank to salvage after every run. Nice touch with the voice though I guess, but until I see this potential magic find boost from salvage I probably won’t get it unless they’re taking it outta the gemstore before that…

    • John Doe

      It’s amazing. the robo voice is not annoying and its a great deal for an unlimited salvage kit.. Been waiting for something like this !

  • Jake Byers

    Ill just stick to my mystic salvage kit… I think i have used 50 charges in the past 2 months?

    • Floyd

      and with all the mystic stones we get from achievement chests, really no point in getting this. Its cool, but too expensive.

  • Mr. Auditor

    If you trade 31g for 800 gems (the going rate ATM), it means you essentially bought 9,688 crude salvage kits (31g / 32 copper), or 145,320 salvages.
    And that’s not including the 3 copper fee per salvage. So really the cost is 43.59.60 gold.silver.copper to salvage 145,320 items, plus the 31 gold to buy it, so the total cost for the purchase is 74.59.60 g.s.c.
    The total cost per salvage, assuming you can salvage that many items, is 5.1332 copper per salvage (74.59.60 g.s.c. / 145,320 items).

    • Tash

      that is correct only if you’re planning on breaking even, if the sole purpose of getting this salvage kit is convenience your cost per salvage is 3copper. all convenience items (tools) will starting “saving you” money probably after a year after the pruchase but you have to admit that having only 1 slot for an endless (as long as you dont run out of gold) slavage kit is pretty awesome, some would say priceless 🙂

      • Floyd

        I would say maybe two slots. keep a stack of copper on you at all times along side it. Preferably in an invis-bag.

        • Copper as in coins, not copper ore.

        • OMFG


  • XcmGT

    Dulfy, can this be used in PvP to salvage that gear?

    • Nope can’t use in pvp

  • Kelian

    I am all about this… this is why I get gemstones, and it’s account-bound!!!

  • Turin

    Its is a luxury convenience item, totally worth it. Real world money equivalent to $10, less than an hour’s work = not having to ever buy basic salvage kits again. gg anet.

    PS when is the unlimited Harvesting Sickle coming out?!?!

    • Kry

      Consortium Harvesting Sickle. Look it up.

      • Imaginos

        problem with the gathering tools is SOULBOUND on use, unlike this kit.

  • Monkey Fritz

    Remember that _eventually_ salvaging blues and greens is supposed to have a chance of permanent account wide magicfind boosts. At that point the convenience of not needing to constantly restock on basic kits may be more valuable, and this tool won’t likely be available then.

  • Flatbedotr

    I use crude for everything but greens or better. On a green I use fine salvage kit that cost 252 karma.

  • Ion

    I would buy this in a flash if it was the equivalent to a Fine Salvage Kit. The fact it’s just a Basic Salvage is disappointing and means I won’t be purchasing it. The 40% chance to pull upgrades is too important to me. The amount of gold I’ve made while MFing them to superiors completely outweighs the convenience factor of not having to buy more kits. Plus, I typically don’t go through all 4 of mine by the time I visit another merchant to sell & buy more kits.

    Dulfy – Do you know if its ability to pull upgrade components is a known bug or a misprint in the text? I can’t imagine why they’d put that in the item description if they didn’t intend for it to function like that…

    • Misprint in the gemstore description I guess.

  • Kevkelsar

    Seriously, people, this is not meant to replace the mystic, master, or black lion kits. It’s meant for salvaging whites and blues, which fill up our inventories faster than any other type of drops. As with the unlimited use harvesting tools, you will not likely ever break even if you buy this with in game gold. But for a measly $10 for an account bound unlimited use basic salvage kit? Totally worth it! I usually have 4 to 5 basic kits in my inventory for salvaging all the white and blue garbage, per character. This eliminates all that because it can be used by any character on my account, as long as I remember to put it in my bank before getting on a different character.

  • Yu

    Is it better to salvage blues or vendor them? I always vendor blues and salvage whites, is it generally better to salvage both?

  • xerver1

    Woulda been nice if there was an option to choose which salvage type, pay more copper for higher chance etc.

  • Kuso Baba

    Do you have to click the kit and then click the item for every item, or can you click the kit once and then click each item in sequence to salvage? Strange question but I hate going back and forth. I like white and blue salvage kits because you click them once and then click through all your whites and blues without having to re click the kit in between.

  • Ghisteslohm

    Can u use one Salvage Kit with all your characters?

    • It is account bound so you can but you will need to transfer to other characters via the bank.

  • Saigen

    Unlimited: “10% chance to recover rare crafting mats and 20% chance to recover upgrades.”

    Basic: “88 copper/25 uses = 3.52 copper per salvage. Same chance to recover rare materials but also 20% chance to give back upgrade components.”

    This sounds like it is not worth spending $10/800 gems on since you’re only paying 0.52 copper more per use for the exact same stats unless I am reading wrong? All you’re really paying for, like I said, unless I am missing something, is the ability to not have to run to an NPC and buy more salvage kits?

    • Rumstein

      Thats pretty much it.
      Same with the unlimited harvesting/mining/logging items. The number of uses to be worth it is phenomenal (60,000 or so uses of ORICHALCUM mining pick before it balances out), whereas this one is 480,000 uses. (~3g per 100gems = 24g, ~0.5c cheaper per salvage to use this kit)

      • Rumstein

        Or if you were to use RL money, compare using $10 for 800 gems:
        24g = 800 gems, or you can swap the 800 gems for 16g.
        meaning minimal cost will be 16g, making 320,000 salvages before it’s worth it.

        • zt

          Or you know, we could just buy it out of sheer convenience? 🙂

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