GW2: Queen’s Gauntlet will remain until September 3

As expected, Queen’s Gauntlet and the associated Crown Pavilion will remain here until September 3. The only that will be removed once the Queen’s Speech patch arrives is the story instance.

The Crown Pavillion (which includes the Queen’s Gauntlet) will be turned off after September 3rd and will remain off until it’s ready to return. The open world balloons and beacons of Kryta activity will also deactivate at this time.


As we have mentioned previously, most of the Queen’s Jubilee content will be available after the next release which goes live on August 20th.

The only piece of content that you won’t be able to complete after the August 20th is the Opening Ceremony story instance, which is presented the first time you enter the Crown Pavilion. Please note that this also includes the achievement for completing this instance.

All other Queen’s Jubilee achievements will continue to be available, including the daily achievements (which will rerun in a similar order).


  • Sesimie Dimie

    Ty for the info….i don’t just love your site…i need it 😛

  • Moggle

    Would the mini pet from Liadri be obtainable in the future?

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