GW2 The Queen’s Speech patch details revealed

The official GW2 website released the details today of the next patch titled The Queen’s Speech which will begin on Tuesday, Aug 20.

August 20, 2013

The celebration of Queen Jennah’s rule continues in Divinity’s Reach! All over Kryta, people are talking about The Queen’s Speech, which is rumored to contain a major surprise. What will the Queen reveal to her people and the world? Find out on August 20!


  • Developer Livestream – August 19

    Take an inside look at the features in the Queen’s Speech release with ArenaNet devs during the livestream on our Twitch channel on Tuesday, August 20 at 12PM PDT.

  • The Queen’s Speech – Begins August 20

    Don’t miss history in the making as Queen Jennah wraps up her gala Jubilee with a momentous speech to her loyal subjects and visitors. Starting August 20, be sure to visit Divinity’s Reach and hear what the Queen has to say!

  • Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Bash

    On August 31, we’re holding our first-ever Anniversary Bash and Guild Wars 2 Invitational Tournament! The event will be held in the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle, WA over PAX Prime weekend – if you’re in town, come and join the fun! We’ll be streaming the entire event for you to watch from home.
    Learn more.

New Rewards

  • Birthday Gifts!

    As characters created right at the launch of Guild Wars 2 hit their first birthdays, it’s time to introduce our first Birthday Gift! Characters that are one year old will receive a Mini Queen Jennah, a 24-hour Birthday Booster, and a Scroll of Experience.

  • Infinite Watchknight Tonic for completing the meta achievement
  • 10 days of special sales in the Black Lion Trading company which will bring back limited sale items such as the gathering tools. This sale will start on Fri Aug 23 at 12:00 am PDT.

New Features

  • World vs. World XP and Point adjustments

    We’re making it easier to earn World XP points for playing normally in World vs. World by increasing the WXP rate across the board! As an added bonus, we’re adjusting World vs. World Ability Points so that your total points are equal to your current rank. New characters will start off with one ability point, and all existing characters will receive one more!

  • World vs. World Trebuchet Mastery

    Become a master of destruction with the new Trebuchet Mastery ability line! Increase your efficiency with Trebuchets by upping your basic shot damage, increasing your Trebuchets’ hit radius, adding a new supply-draining effect to your basic shot, and learning a new Healing Oasis skill that provides healing to your teammates.

  • The End of Culling in PvE

    On August 20, we’re turning off culling, which will remove the limit on the number of characters you can see on-screen at once. The cities of Tyria will now be even more vibrant and bustling than ever!


  • korejro

    If the character was created on the end of October, is it still get Mini Princess?

    • You may have to wait till end of october.

  • Kaeti

    If your character is on 11 months into the game and doesn’t get one, does she get one when she hits 12 months to get the birthday gift?

    • That is what it sounds like from the description. I am sure you will get it eventually 🙂

    • Dalton Cabbage Clement

      It’s a character birthday gift. They will most likely work the same way they worked in guild wars 1, the only difference being you will probably receive the gift in your mail instead of directly into your inventory

    • Chiara Marcocci

      99% yes

    • MAGpie

      That’s how it worked in GW1. So I believe so.

  • guest

    i hate pets which are mini-humans… that looks so dumb!

  • Jasper

    So we can purchase all those infinity-use-tools? 😀 i hoped that they will give us a chance again

  • chaddhunter

    I think it will be the same as GW1 where after every 12months you get a birthday present in the mail. Not sure how long you have to wait type in /age to see 🙂

  • I’m very happy that culling is ending in PvE. This will make things much more awesome.

    • lulala

      which mean I’m gonna get a new graphic card or be lagged to hell? :((

      • Hopefully not. They reduce spell effects & character model complexity as the number of players increase…that’s how they do it in WvW at least.

  • dbgamer

    this patch seems a bit light, no?

    • Yes but there might be some stuff they are not revealing to be as a suprise 🙂

      • dbgamer

        I hope you’re right.

        And thanks for all the work you put into this stuff Dulfy, we’re all grateful.

      • Modori Kita

        A bit light? No more Pve culling sounds awesome and its more then enough for me. 😉

      • Tash

        We know that You know something. Would you care to divulge? at least a small detail?

        • I don’t actually, there is no preview this time. It is just what the dataminers have said.

          • Tash

            I don’t buy it but thx 4 a quick reply. cheers

        • LocoMan

          Some things we do know… they sent at least the guru website a clock with a poem that hints about scarlet attacking Divinity’s Reach and burning it down, and if you go to the release website right now, it’s all defaced with a big red X over the title, green paint covering Queen Jennah’s body, and big red X’s over her eyes… so I’d say it’s a safe bet that more will happen than what they’re letting us know right now.

    • katreyn

      You have to also think that the Gauntlet/Pavilion is sticking around till September. So they could probably get away with adding nothing more.

      But I wouldn’t be surprised they do some other stuff in there as well. 🙂

  • Iwakura

    Do you think the gauntlet and balloons as stuff will remain into this next patch?

    • Yes I think they will

  • xantes

    worst game ever made XD FINAL FANTASY and WILDSTAR FTW

    • Chiara Marcocci

      What’s the point of coming here saying that? o.O act like childish fan

      • Shinokata

        Trolling. Trolololololol?

    • wgef

      And the most idiotic thing ever done is come to guidesite for a game you don’t play or like just to say that. Yes, you are an IDIOT.

  • ShiShiII

    fml … i have recently deleted my necromancer … and now i read of that 1 year thing … ,_,

    • qeloqoo

      I feel for you. Did the same with my asuran engineer once my norn engineer hit 80… Reasons were: 2 engis – don’t need, medium armor looks bad on asuras.

      • ShiShiII

        so we wont get awarded 🙁 ?

        • You will get the mini when your current char reaches 1 year mark I think

  • godsaw

    A speech im sure nothing will happen. hehe

  • chili

    I want new legendaries already.

  • Николай Пахомов

    The Queen will die!!

  • Graewoof

    Will each character receive a present on their birthday? I have many alts.

    • Yes I believe so

      • Bartowski

        Would you do a list of all these items that were temporary? As someone that has been gone a while, id love to see this.

  • John Doe

    Best thing is the Gathering Tools are comming back <3

  • Murth

    So on August the 28th I’ll get 8 Mini Queen Jennah,8 24h boosters and 8 scrolls of experience (which are useless as all my chars are over 20)….

  • Static

    “Tick tock goes the clock
    It’s almost time for time to stop
    Something you all must understand
    Your world is built on fog and sand

    You’re out of time, your jig is done
    It’s time for Scarlet to have her fun
    She has some hard lessons to teach
    To the people of Divinity’s Reach

    So mark the date in permanent ink
    The hour is later than you think
    On the twentieth day she’ll start her games
    And warm her hands over Kryta’s flames!”

    • Static

      For those who have not seen, there is more at work than we’ve been told (obviously!). The Queen’s Speech page has been changed, with Jenna’s eyes crossed out and a large red X crossing out the title.

      • Sime

        I think, the next update will be epic (like all previous) and it will be really interesting..:D

      • DaGhostDS

        All of those are Mad king reference, pre event to Halloween i think.
        Scarlet, leader of the Aetherblade = Mad king follower?
        There seem to be some indication toward White Mantle force and Mursaat resurgence.

        There is also “It has also been stated by Linsey Murdock that ArenaNet have some “really cool plans” for the Mursaat in Guild Wars 2.” from

        Time will tell… Tick tock goes the clock..

        • Static

          Yeah, there’s been a lot of speculation about White Mantle due to ominous Reddit posts, but nobody has been able to confirm if the posts were made by Arenanet or not.

      • korval

        Why so serious?

  • The Spirit Molecule

    How about they nerf Liadri, or make the timer unlimited on Liadri….so I can get Light Up The Darkness …

    • Cosmos Black

      Stick with it, my friend. It cost me 30 gold and a lot of spare evenings but I have the achievement and am pleased at overcoming the challenge.

    • UE

      How about they make it a fight you can just run up to her and hit her once and you beat her and all the dragons fall over and every single achievement is unlocked for you and you get the title of “I am the best ever”

      Sounds more your speed.

      • Rex Smashington

        The dome is a valid complaint. The fight is terribly designed. Near impossible to do on a full height/weight Norn warrior due to camera clipping.

        • geoff0011

          I did it with my Norn warrior with little camera difficulty. It was a tough fight, but I managed to drop her in the first 10 or so attempts. Turning off the post processing was a great Dulfy tip. The rest is just figuring out her patterns. It’s not impossible, just very unforgiving.

          • UE

            I did it even with post processing on with a necro lol… although that was more because I had no idea that turning it off would do anything till I went back later to get achievements

        • UE

          I was responding to the original poster, not to the camera complaints.

          Liadri complaint not the camera complaint.

    • k

      just remove the goddamn dome, the crazy camera angles actually makes me nauseous

  • Jack Cinderpaw

    “10 days of special sales in the Black Lion Trading company which will bring back limited sale items such as the gathering tools. This sale will start on Fri Aug 23 at 12:00 am PDT.”

    Does this mean we’ll be able to get Fused / Sclerite Weapon Skins again? Oh please say it’s so! >.<

    • Ranique

      You can still get them if you have the item needed to trade. For fused weapons the tickets drop from BL-chests. BL-chests are not limited items (and neither are the keys). So given the statement the answer is that you don’t have a change that they will be able to be obtained if you dont have a ticket allready. As for the sclerite weapons. The tickets for them dropped from RNG-boxes that where a limited item. So it might be.. However, the statement Dulfy is quoting is not saying ALL limited items in the tp are being brought back.

      • Jack Cinderpaw

        Shortly after Flame and Frost ended, Fused Weapon Tickets were removed from the loot table of Black Lion Chests. You can no longer obtain either ticket needed to purchase these beautiful weapon skins. I keep hoping they bring back other ways to obtain these tickets, but so far, no luck…

  • Shinigami Blade

    “WHat you don’t know is that, when Thorn was finally murdered, the gods sent my daughter to the Mad Realm with him. They thought she’d have a calming effect on him. She’s there now.” Speaking of Zola, did anyone see any mention of her in last years Halloween release? One theory for who Scarlet is, Zola was a PIRATE’S daughter after all.

    • Shinigami Blade

      After another look second guess is she’s from Elona and seeking revenge for the closing of the desert gate.

  • Bob

    Secret revealed:

    The Queen will proclaim that all Ember Farming in Orr will be nerfed. The citizens of Tyria will revolt and kill her.

  • DJJ

    Stuff will go kaboom! ;D

  • Damaj

    Can I finish achievements from Queens Jubilee in this patch? Thanks for answers.

    • Yes you can

    • korval

      Until September 3rd

  • mika fire leaf

    so we might get rox’s quiver set back or not i nead it again i lost mijn =)

  • korval

    Going out on a limb and saying the Queen is either a watchknight constructed by the Inquest or, what is more likely, a long lost descendant of White Mantle founder Saul D’Alessio. Her full name is Jennah D’Alessio! Who better than the queen and her mysterious Watchknights to turn on Divinity’s Reach?

    Scarlet and the Aetherblade are linked to the White Mantle who still worship the Mursaat some 300 years later. Who are the Mursaat? They are beings capable of time travel. Their knowledge of Tyrian magic become so powerful their race was able to leave the planet ages ago. But they are slowly coming back.

    Their return is calculated and planned to coincide with the awaking of the elder dragons. For what purpose? Exploiting the potent magics they can use for their needs. The Inquest’s primary goal has been to research these elder dragon magics as weapons. Thaumanova Reactor and Crucible of Eternity shows that this research is ongoing, though it may have been hindered at Thaumanova Reactor for obvious reasons. They and the Aetherblades are working in concert for a common purpose.

    Rata Sum is an anagram for Mursaat. The lands now occupied by the Asura and Sylvari, known as the Tarnished Coast, as well as the Ring of Fire islands all belonged to the Mursaat in the past.

    Worth noting if you visit Martyr’s Tomb in Ruins of Holy Demetra, Harathi Hinterlands [&BKIAAAA=] you’ll find the tomb of Saul D’Alessio is empty. It is believed that bandits have taken the remains. Bandits, who are believed to be working for the White Mantle, are behind many attacks against the Krytan government. Also worth noting in a chamber near the tomb there’s an arrangement of candles in front of the ruins of a Dwanya statue. The candles are not what’s interesting. What’s interesting is that the statue has been destroyed in such a way that it defies the laws of gravity. This is something the Inquest can do with great ease. It would not be enough to simply take Saul D’Alessio remains but the destruction of a “false” god statue by followers of the “true gods” Mursaat would be icing on the cake.

    So in recap we have the Mursaat leading the White Mantle. The White Mantle in turn lead the Inquest, Aetherblades, Bandits, and scores of other groups. All of these groups are promised things they desire and even given the tools and tasks that will fulfill those desires. Aetherblades with their air ships and abilities to harness lightning. Inquest with their bleeding edge technologies and ability to research things that appeal to their intellect. Bandits with their desire to obtain wealth and bring authority to ruin. Then Jennah who, if proven to be a descendant of White Mantle founder Saul D’Alessio, becomes the central figure through whom ALL of this is possible.

    And then there’s Kiel who perhaps has sensed this all along and has used her rapid promotions to continue her investigations.

  • Jordan

    Does anyone know if the Deadeye farm will be nerfed on the 20th?

    • Murth

      Would make sense that they give him the same rewards as subject 7 gives.

    • Daniel

      Who said anything about a nerf?, even if he will drop green bags you still get 8~10s from them so it doesn’t really matter.

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