GW2: Ascended armor coming this year

Game Director Colin Johanson mentioned today on that forums that while players won’t expect legendary armor anytime soon, Ascended armor will be coming this year.

You won’t see legendary armor any time soon, you will see Ascended Armor in 2013 for sure though, yes.


  • MAGpie

    This makes me sad :`( Don’t get me wrong, I like new stuff…. but to re-equip all my toons. It damages my serenity.

    Unless this is just the inclusion of an infusion slot and no stat changes from Exotic to Ascended… I’ll be fine with that.

  • Azzer Salech

    The ascended WILL be better than exotics though, I do hope that it’s with both a way to give infusion and Runes, because i don’t need infusion slot for anything at all.

    It’s a little sad that Ascended gear is introduced really because that makes Exotics quite useless, i guess it’s good for earning gold though as salvaging Exotics isn’t what many people do so getting some runes/sigil that way might help the economy but on the other hand it will increase gem prices even more.

    • Ares Zax

      In my opinion, what ANet should do is include a way to upgrade Exotics to Ascended items, perhaps via the Mystic Forge. This lets people feel that their Exotics are not “wasted”, but were merely another step on the way to ultimate power. 🙂

  • Osu

    The thing I loved most about GW2 is the relative lack of a gear grind. Sad to see that go away. I’ve done more mat farming in the last 2 weeks than in the previous year to make a couple ascended weapons. I really, sincerely hope they make the ascended armor gear grind more achievement-based than farming-based. Or maybe they will make it really grindy in yet another thinly-disguised attempt to get more people playing “esports.” (spvp)

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