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SWTOR Bounty Supply Company reputation vendor items

List of items offered by the Bounty Supply Company reputation vendor. Bounty Supply Company is a new reputation that can be earned via buying Bounty Packs from the cartel market. The vendor can be found in Cartel Bazaar.


Vectron BL-37 Zephyr – Legend standing, 5 Cartel Market Certificates, 120k credits.

  • BoP, adaptive




All armor can be dyed except for Opulent Triumvirate armor set.

Corellian Councillor Armor – Outsider standing – BOP



Hazardous Physical Armor – Newcomer standing- BOP

  • Blue area is animated



Volatile Shock Trooper – Friend standing

  • Yellow area is animated



Opulent Triumvirate – Champion standing




Primordial Assault Cannon Grek – 48k, 2 Cartel Market Certificate – Hero standing


Primordial Blaster Grek – 12k, 1 Cartel Market Certificate – Hero standing


Primordial Blaster Rifle Grek – 12k, 1 Cartel Market Certificate – Hero standing


Primordial Sniper Rifle Grek – 12k, 1 Cartel Market Certificate – Hero standing


Over-tuned Derelict Lightsaber & Saberstaff – 12k, 1 Cartel Market Certificate – Hero standing


Companion Customizations

Andronikos Revel Customization 9 – 15k credits Newcomer standing


Mako Customization 9 – 15k credits Newcomer standing


Doc Customization 9 – 15k credits Newcomer standing – Screenshot provided by Xaldorna


Risha Customization 9 – 15k credits Newcomer standing – Screenshot provided by Xaldorna


Popular items from previous shipments

These popular items from previous shipments can be purchased again at the Bounty Supply vendors.


Name Credits Cartel Market Certificates Reputation
Adno Saberwasp 25k 3 Friend
Aratech Nethian 10k 1 Outsider
Cartel Luxury Skiff 100k 6 Champion
Cartel Recreation Skiff 100k 6 Champion

Regen items

Name Credits Cartel Market Certificates Reputation
Kolto Tank 25k 3 Friend
Music Therapy Probe 100k 8 Legend
Pocket Sarlaac 100k 8 Legend


Name Credits Cartel Market Certificates Reputation
Mini Isotope-5 Droid 10k 1 Outsider
SP-RO Power Droid 60k 4 Hero


Name Credits Cartel Market Certificates Reputation
Red Efficiency Scanner 20k 2 Outsider
Thana Vesh’s Belt 9.45k 1 Newcomer
Thana Vesh’s Boots 12.85k 1 Newcomer
Thana Vesh’s Chest 15.55k 2 Newcomer
Thana Vesh’s Gloves 12.85k 1 Newcomer
Thana Vesh’s Legs 15.55k 2 Newcomer
Thana Vesh’s Wrist 9.45k 1 Newcomer
Mira’s Boots 12.85k 1 Hero
Mira’s Gloves 12.85k 1 Hero
Mira’s Headband 15.55k 2 Hero
Mira’s Jacket 15.55k 2 Hero
Mira’s Pants 15.55k 2 Hero
Mira’s Belt 9.45k 1 Hero

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79 replies on “SWTOR Bounty Supply Company reputation vendor items”

Whoever thought up having items based on rep you can only earn with cash grab Cartel crap should frankly be fired and sent into the sun. REALLY a horrible idea, and makes subs like me disgusted.

None of the new stuff is all that great. They absolutely should provide stuff to people in exchange for money spent on the game. Most of the people who spend money on the CM and packs ARE subs. There’s been plenty of non-CM gear and stuff introduced into the game. The extra money brought in from the CM is the only reason this game is still around.

B.S. Vos_L there has not been a significant non-CM gear change since removal of the end game gear. The game needs more reason to be a sub. Subs are far more important then F2Ps they give a steady flow of cash in the bank the F2Ps maybe dump a few bucks here a few there. Since the dev switch out all we get is CM this CM that. You want extra money build a Subscription base, and give them a reason to keep dumping their monthly fee in that is how you keep a game going forever. I HATE to say it, but WoW has proven that year after year. Their base drop they drop more content, the base comes back, every time.

so the rep system for these packs is new but the cartel certs are the same as the last shipment am i correct?

too bad most of this stuff doesn’t look nearly as good as the contraband stuff, bioware is getting kinda desperate now.

Gonna post the Republic vendor aswell? Hope that it has some good companion customization unlike Imp side 🙂

Republic has Doc Customization 9 and Risha customization 9 but unfortunately I don’t have characters with those companions so can’t preview them quite yet 🙁

Any idea if the old cartel rep tokens can be used for the new rep? I have several gathering dust in my bank atm!

do you know if the grek variants of the primordial weapons have laser pointers like other grek versions of weapons? or is it just a HUD change?

More would wear it if they ever got their S**T together and made the Imperial trooper a playable class as stated before launch.

Not instead of, they were going to add it as class to the Imps , along with the Smuggler, as well as the Pubs would get the Bounty Hunter and Agent. They have the voice over already recorded they just were not finished with it at launch and said they would add it later.

Where did you hear this from? Been following this game two years before launch. Imperial Trooper was just speculation as a class before all (current) classes were launched. I don’t ever recall hearing anything about Imperial Trooper being a class. Have any info on this? Curious if this is true.

Absolutely! That’s how the pay for reputation system works. The possibilities are only limited by your wallet. lol

Can these items be unlocked via collections? The rep items from the first packs were in collections but couldn’t be unlocked to make copies of on other characters like other items in collections.

Make Risha Kaliyo?

I will never buy those packs, and I will never have cartel market whatever reputation. But this one is nice.

Maybe a bug? Since that Risha customization looks exactly the same as Kalyo cartel rep vendor one.

Or you really can race-bend your companions now? Then twi’lek customization for every romancible male please!

Though Risha is definitely a weird choice for companion race-bending, considering how her family has impact on the plot and so on.

They need to do some work on the Risha model there. kinda looks like her head was cut off. Not blended nearly as well as any of the other ones.

Am I reading right? we could buy some armor that sell for around 1 mill on the gtn from cartel pack for 15k or less? Like the Thana Vesh one?

anyway to get the rep without buying the pack, there is nothing in these packs I want but you need friend standing to buy the kolto tank.

Hi i would really like to know how i can gain reputation with the Bounty Supply Company. They don’t sell the required packs anymore on CC. I’m trying to purchase Thana Vesh armor set and also they sell it for 1 mil on gtn and not all of the stuff for it is up. Compare it to how much you pay for it at the BSC vendor it’s really cheap.


That’s the thing with some of the expired packs/reputations… It is hard or expensive to get them if at all possible. There is always the chance that they’ll be on sale for a promotion like the last black Friday deal which allowed for some of the old packs to make a temporary return. Or one might hope there will be a way similar to the Contraband Slot Machine to acquire reputation alternatively… Thought, judging from their first attempt at that, I’m guessing it’ll take a while before they try something like that agian…

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