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SWTOR Contractor and Freelancer Bounty packs preview

A preview of the upcoming Contractor and Freelancer Bounty Packs coming to the Cartel Market on Aug 21 with Patch 2.3.1. Ingame images are taken from SWTOR facebook.


Woodland Varactyl – Modeled by Rolly



Morlinger Aggressor


Meirm Bullfrog – Modeled by Rolly


Meirm Bandingo



Merim Dark Wolf – Modeled by Rolly


Gurian Emerald


Hyrotti Racer



Orlean Patriot



Ceremonial Headdress – Head only



Sacramental Headdress – Head only


Unfettered Trench Coat – Chest only



Minimalist Gladiator ChestguardChest only


Frogdog Pratice Jersey – Chest only


Rotworm Pratice Jersey – Chest only


Concealed Bodysuit

Concealed Bodysuit Auxiliary Body Armor
Concealed Bodysuit Lower Body Armor
Concealed Bodysuit Upper Body Armor


RV-03 Speedsuit

RV-03 Speedsuit Auxiliary Body Armor
RV-03 Speedsuit Lower Body Armor
RV-03 Speedsuit Upper Body Armor


Dynamic Vandal – Green area is animated

Dynamic Vandal Belt
Dynamic Vandal Boots
Dynamic Vandal Duster
Dynamic Vandal Gloves
Dynamic Vandal Pants
Dynamic Vandal Stetson



Voltaic Vandal – Purple area is animated

Voltaic Vandal Belt
Voltaic Vandal Boots
Voltaic Vandal Duster
Voltaic Vandal Gloves
Voltaic Vandal Pants
Voltaic Vandal Stetson


Potent Combatant – Red area is animated



Energetic Combatant – Green area is animated

Energetic Combatant Boots
Energetic Combatant Chestguard
Energetic Combatant Gloves
Energetic Combatant Headgear
Energetic Combatant Lower Robes
Energetic Combatant Utility Belt


Mandalore the Preserver’s Armor

Mandalore the Preserver’s Belt
Mandalore the Preserver’s Boots
Mandalore the Preserver’s Chest Plate
Mandalore the Preserver’s Gloves
Mandalore the Preserver’s Helmet
Mandalore the Preserver’s Leg Plates



Darth Sion

Darth Sion’s Leggings
Darth Sion’s Sash
Darth Sion’s Shinguards
Darth Sion’s Vambrace



Series 505 Cybernetic Armor

Series 505 Cybernetic Cerebrum
Series 505 Cybernetic Feet
Series 505 Cybernetic Hand
Series 505 Cybernetic Leg
Series 505 Cybernetic Support Belt
Series 505 Cybernetic Torso




AD-11 Heavy Blaster



CD-33 Blaster Rifle



JM-27 Assault Cannon



MR-36 Sniper Rifle



Vicious Assailant Dualsaber


Vicious Assailant Saber



E2-M3 Astromech Droid – Modeled by Tarkko


Rock Lisk – Modeled by Odesius


Jungle Lisk


Swamp Lisk – Modeled by Odesius


Skull-Faced Lobel


Chocolate Lobel


Model Defender


Model D5-Mantis


Color crystals, Emotes/Misc

Blood Red Color Crystal


Hot Orange Color Crystal




  • Heel Click


  • The Droid


  • Chicken

Female version



  • Chair 1


  • Chair 2


Mood: Outraged

Emergency Medical Table (regen item)


Title: Bounty Collector

Title: Freelancer

Dark Purple and Black Dye Module


Deep Gray and Black Dye Module


Light Gray and Deep Blue Dye Module


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

247 replies on “SWTOR Contractor and Freelancer Bounty packs preview”

Hey Dulfy thanks for the new pics! Any chance you could give us a preview of the new armour on male characters? Much appreciated

omg I must have cyber armor, hot orange crystal, varactyl, vandal armor , and morlinger mount . These are the best packs ever

The Headdresses. WTF!? Maybe the ugliest item I’ve seen in this game so far. And there are many ugly items.

Please! NO MORE frog-like pets. We already have a ton of pets that look like frogs.

And another ‘orange’ crystal that is yellow. The color blind person at bioware is still responsible for color crystals.

YELLOW ISN’T ORANGE! Please someone tell BioWare!

ive been saying for nearly a year they should make gear that makes you look like a robot, that’s the 3rd suggestion forum post of mine that just happens to be something they put in game not saying all me but kinda coincidental 😀

One of them should be complimentary, the other should be dumped into a pack, why the hell are people nodding and going okay at sticking a basic emote behind a cash wall?

Just for info Dulfy, unless it was an oddly intentional naming on Bioware part, your Frog dog and Rotworm “practice” jerseys are mislabled as pratice.

Ofc, they stick the fucking chair emote in a cash pack. How freaking typical of Biowallet. Christ I’m glad I unsubbed.

Must have for me are the Veractyl mount and the Hyrotti Racer and Orlean Patrior speeders, as well as the emotes. The rest I’ll pass.

Cool pack! 🙂 So there’s only one sort of varactyl in the pack? If they posted(or showed) previously that there were atleast 3 more variants, I’m guessing those 3 other colour variants may be acquired outside of the CM? That would be awesome news! Thanks again Dulfy for posting this! 🙂

Not sure if they changed it or just bugged in the preview window. You can’t even mount it in the preview window. I am hopping that it is because they changed it though 😀

Oh god. I might be wrong here but that /chicken emote looks like the dance GOB does in arrested development.

This is all the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Where is my spongebob+fry “just take my money” image when I need it…

I do believe I am looking forward to this pack, also I need to see those crystals in game, I find the way they look in the preview is always altered somewhat

so the bounty packs dont give cartel certs but the rep stuff given by the bounty company requires them? so you still have to buy the shipment 2 packs for certs and the shipment 3 packs for rep….Bioware you tricky bastards…

Finally! Some cool looking gear is finally coming,I want almost every one of those , like Darth Sion,Mandalore’s,Cybernetic,etc…

Bloody hell, I want EVERYTHING from this pack. It’s sickeningly good. *drools*
(as always I would have loved if those were game rewards for doing something rather than real money purchase, but hey)

The best pack ive seen so far. Ive spend a good money already on packs (not forced, i like some of the stuffs) but this one, if released as it is, its the best of all.
By sure ill try until get:

-series 505 Cybernetic Armor
-Orlean Patriot
-Blood Red Color Crysta

What a second. So instead of just fixing the issues with sitting in chairs they decide to make it an emote and one that we have to pay for. That is low and pretty sad. HA man BioWare is a trip.

you know most emotes can be found on the GTN for around 1000 credits? The emotes are way more common than any of the cartel items people want, and are effectively junk. Don’t want to spend CCs? search the gtn. That simple

That is besides the point. It is not about buying an emote with Cartel Coins or Credits off the GTN. We have been asking a while now for them to fix the chairs so that we can sit in them. In an MMO like this we should be able to just walk into a Cantina and click on a chair in order to be able to sit in it. We should not have to try and get our Characters lined up perfectly with the Chairs in order to use the Emote and have them look like they are sitting in it. I can see people taking multiple tries just to get it right and then getting frustrated at it over time. Also we are now just going have a bunch of people looking like they are sitting in a chair but not having a chair under them. It will look stupid. Unless of coarse they have it so a chair appears under them.

In any case is a a cheap way to try and get us over asking for the ability to sit in chairs. Which is pretty low and pretty sad in my opinion. That is just how I feel about it. I doubt I will change my opinion on this any time soon. 🙂

they also stated in the past cantina tours that the amount of assets (money, time, etc) needed to put into actually sitting in chairs in the game are in now way anywhere close to the demand for it. This seems like a good compromise.

Is the unffetted trench coat really that open in the middle or is this something new that can be worn over something else?

This is incredible, thank you so much for this pack BW, so looking forward to spend my CC’s on these amazing items, especially for the chair emotes…

Thanks for great work. seems like a lot of work for what i think is the coolest looking cartel pack so far. thanks very much.
was just wondering if the items of these packs were from 2 separate packs. like one pack for 320cc and 1 pack for 160cc.
if so which pack is the series 505 droid armor from and the darth sion armour just wondering because am very interested in getting these items along with pretty much all the other items.

Meh, most of the pack’s armor is Naked armor, which is ridiculous (for me at least), Sion’s armor is the design from The force unleashed, not his actual garb during Kotor II, i agree that Mandalore’s armor and the cyber armor are awesome, i’m buying that pack for the varactyl only anyway (which i’m 90% sure i WONT get)m i hope i at least get a model defender for my sentinel =)

I may have my issues with the Cartel Pack, but this looks like the best CP yet. The Unfettered
Trench Coat in particular looks fantastic, I can think of three of my characters in particular who would look fab in that.

I’d be so happy if they changed the size of the Varactyls, but the whine from people on fleet would make the servers collapse!

It may look ridiculously big but according to canon heights and lengths, its 4 meters high and 14 meter long. It should be bigger if were to be technical.

I actually don’t mind the length. At least you will stand out among the crowd. 😛

Well, how big are they in the “wild”? Guess I’ll check next time I’m on… hmm there’s some on Taris right?

Don’t know if this has been asked or even answered already,but does anyone know if the Sion set is Dye Modable?

Hey Dulfy,

any chance we can hear the sound effects of the new weapons from this pack. specifically AD-11 Heavy Blaster.

Great to see some more material with fresh new mounts, guns and armor. Must admit the new frogdog/rotworm armor is actually decent, and the Darth Sion gear looks great !!
Thanks for the updates Dulfy

Hi Dulfy,
I don’t suppose you know how much these Cartel Packs will be listed for?
Judging by the current trend (360 down to 320, and 180 down to 160), there is the (moderately strong) possibility of these packs being 280 and 140, but can you confirm/deny whether this is actually the case, if at all possible?

While we can speculate about the packs arriving with the next maintenance, I’m surprised they haven’t really posted much info about it, to generate hype etc.

Maybe it’s further away than we think?

Yeah, I’m just confused the why that is. But then again, I don’t know the thought behind their strategy anyways, I’m sure they have numbers supporting that from a business standpoint. 🙂

Gotta give BW credit, the new armor sets are looking better and better. Can’t wait to see what other kinds of sets like the cyborg set they come out with in the future. However that being said those headdresses are kinda ugly.

I agree, there’s more new models than I usually remember and that cybernetic outfit is unique, which bodes well for future. Having accepted that the CM is there to stay for a lot of cosmetic stuff a long time ago, I’m happy were getting more new models introduced instead of recolors or stuff already in the game.

I felt the same at first glance, but looking again I think I’m starting to like the Varactyl mount.

Yeah that will suck big time, it’s nice to finally have it. I hope they’ll add one that looks different that you can get IG.

exacly! ive added more 5500 credit to buy the 6k pack and i dont even know them items that come from each pac

If it costs so much money to be able to develop sitable chairs how come SWG had it upon release some what 10 years ago love this game for the most part but the chair thing is a big cop out

Love the new gear, I think Bio is doing a better job of it now. The Voltaic gear will look sweet on my slinger!

Bio will gain a hefty chunk of change from these packs, I see many people buying them. That sound when you open one I heard all night long last night on the fleet… a slot machine 🙂

BTW kinda new to this sight, but you do a awesome job Dulfy, much respect! Big thanks

Hey the mounts are messed up ingame I just got the mirem dark wolf and its the red one the mirem badingo is the white one got both today :Dso just change the names 😉

If anyone got a Varactyl and could post a vid showing the running animations from their PoV, I’d be grateful 🙂

Btw. I think they should start pushing out more dyes tbh. No white – xxx? ones in this pack? Sadness..

Does anybody know if Series 505 Cybernetic Armor is dyeable?

edit: nevermind I just saw the screenshots at the bottom

The Deep Gray and Black Dye is over 750k on GTN. I really don’t understand how a freakin dye is worth that much. Really puts a damper on me ever getting some of these dyes. 🙁 I’ll NEVER be able to get the Black/Black….a dye is not worth millions.

All depends on how many packs are bought and how many are dropped. Since the new packs are out I’m sure not many people are buying the one the black/black came in now.

I got two belts and a pair of boots in a hypercrate. A friend of mine got a couple belts/feet in her crate as well. Haven’t seen any of the other pieces yet.

I received two gloves and one feet. I have only seen one helmet, and it was one someone who had purchased 4 hypercrates. He had a full set.

The concealed bodysuit armour actually captures the light like vinyl/latex does and is more black then “black” dye. Too bad the chest as an under-shirt ;(

Yes the legs and boots will be awesome on my little female scoundrel, but agree was disappointed in the top with undershirt. They should have skipped the undershirt I feel.

I bought one pack last night, and all I got that should be worth some credits when it unbinds is the chicken dance emote….I hope so anyway.

woot just got Morlinger Aggressor it has horrible sound when you mount up but other than that its my favorite mount i personally like it more than the Varactyl but the Varactyl sound is a million times better

Anyone know if the Mand’alor armour follows through with colour unity of other armour pieces? Not the dyes, but the one that changes the armour’s colour to the same colour as the given chest piece.

I managed to get the entire Mando six piece set and I haven’t put it on cause its going up for sale but it would appear that it does match to chest piece so far as I know.

Alright. Thanks. I’ll see if I can’t find one of the helmets for sale. One of my agents is ICly a Mandalorian, so I was hoping the helmet would blend in well enough with his dark beskar’gam. Looks a lot better than using the Despot helmet for his helmet. Heh. Thanks again.

Well, had some spare cash this month so went wild. 72 Packs:


No – Varactyl (Almost cried when I opened last one and still no Vractyl)
1 – Wolf
1- Bullfrog
1- Bandigo
Got multiples of other speeders.


All but the Droid

Armor Sets:

Headdress – 1
Tonnes of the trench coats,
Couple Gladiator
Complete set of RV-003 and Concealment set with duplicates.
Couple practice parts (Not sure how many, selling all cause I hate huttball)
only got 2 parts of Vandal and Combatant sets. Had a couple repeats, so got 3-4 of each set
missing belt for 505,
2 mandalorian parts, 3 total but one was a repeat.
Complete Scion Set

1 Pistol, 2 light sabers.
All the Blood ones, no Hot Orange.
No Robot, mutliples of rest.
No emergency table.
Purple/Black – Lots
Grey/Black – 1
Grey/Blue – 1
That was what I got, looks like weapons are more rare than other packs.
There are going to be some high demand, rare items from this pack. Hope others have more luck than I did.

I got the 24 bundle set and managed
Scion Chest and Hands
Entire six piece Mando set (with no repeats so I think I was just very lucky)
A blaster
A rifle
Orlean Patriot
A few other misc speeders (no Varactyl sadly)
A couple purple/blacks
A grey blue if I remember
A Trenchcoat
Lots of Rotworm jerseys
A Frogdog jersey
The 505 belt
A few other armor pieces I don’t recollect
A ton of crafting components and a ton
of rep and exp buffs

Has anyone landed an Emergency Medical Table yet? I haven’t seen one person that has one yet.

Also, I’m curious as to what drops you feel are the rarest? So far to me at least it seems like most of the weapons, the EMT, the masks, and the Droid pet.

What can I say? I am the target audience for Bioware.and these cartel packs. Somebody has to keep the lights on for the F2Pers 🙂

True true…I just can’t see spending RL money on the gambling packs when I can wait a few days when they unbind and buy whatever I want with in game credits. They get my sub money every month, but that’s all their gonna get from me 🙂

I bought 12 hypercrates and no EMT or outrage. So, I’d make the assumption they’re not in these packs. Which is a shame because that’s what I wanted most, but there is always next time. 🙂

12??? Wow, that is a shame. I hope you can make ton’s of credits off the other stuff you got anyway!

Oh yeah lots of stuff to sell and hand out to guildies for little prizes and what not. Stuff happens and I’m not worried about it. I would say I’d get it in the next pack, but doesn’t look like we’ll have wait that long. 🙂

I have a theory that the distribution in the new cartel packs is very messed up….as far as I can tell, noboy has the Emergency Medical Table or the Emote: Outrage yet, which seems highly unlikely at this point.

Likewise the Morlinger Aggressor seems insanely rare.

Yeah, I’ve still not seen a medical table, but someone always says they know a guy who knows a guy who has one.

As for the emote: outrage, I’ve seen/heard nothing.

On Pot5 there are some Aggressors, although Varactyls are selling for much higher prices due to demand.

I spent an hour offering 500k to anyone who would show me the EMT. Not one word from anyone other than people asking me to whisper them if I found someone who had one.

At this point I believe it is safe to say something is amiss.

I’m on POT5 and didn’t see any Aggressors, so everyone must have kept them for themselves or they all sold fast. Maybe tonight I will be able to get one 🙂

I saw the aggressor one or two times, i did even possess one myself, before i sold it. But the EMT is probably not in the packs. Probably a screwup.

They screwed it up regardless. Not listed above as part of the pack; listed in collections as part of the pack. Can’t have it both ways, and I guess we know which way we get it, LOL.

Thanks. Not bad, but I’m sure your 40k is few and far between. Are they tradeable on the GTN? Or bind on pickup.

I got something similar to a Credit Boom (dont remember what it was called), that gave me over 100k credits.

Dev’s have admitted the screw-up, and are working on a solution:

“We are aware that the Emergency Medical Table toy that appears in the Collections Window was erroneously omitted from the Shipment 3 Bounty Packs. We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused. We are working on a comprehensive solution and will provide details in this thread soon as they are available.” – AmberGreen

has anyone else been able to dye the Combatants sets? Are they considered lore armor so can’t be dyed? I’m very confused.

Thanks a lot for all of the great info you put on your site, this one was definately helpful 😀

However, I do have one question, do you know what armor the sniper was wearing when he demo’d the new sniper rifle? It looked insanely cool and I’d love to get it for a sniper or my op.

Awesome stuff – really like it. But honestly if you spend real life currency and you don’t gamble with packs or harvest credits like nuts you ain’t gonna afford much of this :/
Still I prefer the way this game was before CM but i guess its the easy way of introducing content without adding story to it… cuts the work in half and triples the income.

Prices dropped like a rocket this weekend on my server, at least for the new armor. It all depends on the drop rate in each pack, and how many people will continue to buy the packs after the initial release. The dynamic and Voltaic armor are dirt cheap now….I’m talking under 10k for each piece.

Hold onto alot of that stuff. The prices will go back up. I bought 2 or 3 505 chest and a couple sets of Mandalore just to hold onto them and sell them down the line once price cutting stops.

I did same on a few items, like the concealed set. I buy the unopened crates and sit on those. People just don’t want to wait 2 days on them.

What I am looking for:

Hyrotti Racer

Series 505 Cybernetic Torso
Series 505 Cybernetic Feet
Series 505 Cybernetic Cerebrum
Series 505 Cybernetic Support Belt

Darth Sion’s Shinguards
Darth Sion’s Vambrace
Darth Sion’s Leggings
Darth Sion’s Sash

Mandalore the Preserver’s Helmet
Mandalore the Preserver’s Chest Plate
Mandalore the Preserver’s Gloves

Dynamic Vandal Duster

What I have to trade:

3 Dynamic Vandal Belt
2 Dynamic Vandal Pants
2 Potent Combatant Lower Robes
1 Energetic Combatant Chestguard
1 Energetic Combatant Boots

2 RV-03 Speedsuit Upper Body Armor
5 RV-03 Speedsuit Auxiliary Body Armor
1 RV-03 Speedsuit Lower Body Armor

4 Meirm Bullfrog
2 Meirm Dark Wolf
1 Meirm Badingo
3 Gurian Emerald
4 Orlean Patriot

2 Concealed Bodysuit Auxiliary Body Armor
2 Concealed Bodysuit Lower Body Armor

5 Rotworm Practice Jersey
5 Frogdog Practice Jersey

1 Emote: Chair 1
2 Emote: Chair 2
1 Emote: Heel Click
1 Emote: Chicken

1 Skull-Faced Lobel
4 Chocolate Lobel

I still have to wait the 36 hours for the bound status to disappear but if you are interested in a trade email me and we can meet in game to trade.

yes, gambling is a legal way to steal from people because the machines are rigged and will only win 1:1000 times or whatever the owner sets it to. People with an addiction feel that they have a chance and can end up homeless, probably worse than an alcoholic addict

Know how you feel, have NEVER got a big item! had given up for months but thought i’d have a crack on the new pack and still nothing, comp gift, chair, and a dye kit being the best from the packs i bought!

Kudos to Bioware for letting us all buy the EMT for 1 credit, since they failed to put it in the packs. I personally thought that was a fair move for everyone.

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