GW2 Clockwork Chaos invasions and achievements guide

A guide to the Clockwork Chaos invasions and by minions of Scarlet Briar and the Clockwork Chaos achievements.

How to start

Keep an eye on the Clockwork Chaos window at top right of your screen.


  • Before you do any invasions, make sure you advance the Vorpp achievements to Portal Invasion Closer so you don’t waste time and hit both achievement fields at once. If you are not sure how to do that, check out this guide.
  • Queen’s Gauntlet area is closed off until you finish Vorpp’s achievements and do the final story instance.
  • An invasion occur in a random map every hour on the hour (i.e. 2pm, 3pm, 4 pm etc). They can be on any map except Orr, Southsun or <level 25 zones. If you see the Clockwork Chaos box updates, immediately jump to that map.
  • If you are in an overflow map, you may not get an event to pop up. This is because if the overflow is created more than 10 minutes after the event has started, it won’t have the event. You will need to wait until the next hour.
  • If you are in an overflow and doing the event, do not go to home server’s map if you see the prompt comes up. That usually means that your home server map have already completed the invasion and you usually have no way to get back to the same overflow (unless you are in a party).
  • There are three waves of invasions, you have 45 minutes to defeat all 3 waves. Usually after the first wave is defeated, Scarlet will call in Aetherblade reinforcements. Defeating the Aetherblades will spawn the Molten Alliance reinforcements (the order can be switched).
  • After you complete all 3 waves of Twisted minion invasion and defeated both reinforcements, Scarlet Briar will spawn on the map and you will need to run immediately to her before the zerg kills her.
  • Scarlet’s Minions portal invasions are marked on the map with a crossed sword, Aetherblade pirates are marked with a red fan icon while molten alliance events are marked with a crossed mining pick icon.


Open world achievements

Closing Ceremony Attendee – 5 pts

  • Go to the Crown pavilion in Divinity’s Reach and complete the story instance.

Swift Closer – 5 pts

  • Close 5 portals within 15 minutes. You will need to head to those crossed swords icons and complete 5 of their events within 15 minutes. Make sure you are killing the twisted minions and not the aetherblades/molten alliance.
  • Also, after you close your first portal you will receive a buff for 15 minutes (might be invisible). All the portals need to be closed while the initial buff is active or you will not receive credit.
  • This is fairly easy to get with a large zerg.

Portal Closer – 10 pts

  • Close 5 of Scarlet’s portal invasions.
  • There is a good chance you can complete this achievement and Swift Closer at the same time if you are quick enough.

Watchwork Nightmare Wrecker – 5 pts

  • When closing the portals (crossed swords icon), a Champion Twisted Nightmare will sometimes spawn if your zerg is large enough. Defeating him will grant you the achievement.


Bane of Invading Captains – 5 pts

  • When fighting off Aetherblade reinforcements (red fan icon), look for the champion Aetherblade Pirate Captain which can spawn if your zerg is large enough. Killing him will grant you the achievement.


Molten Invader Menace – 5 pts

  • When fighting off Molten Alliance reinforcements (crossed mining picks icon), look for any Molten Alliance champions and defeat it.


Indiscriminate Adversary – 10 pts

  • Killing three differently named champions should grant you this achievement.

Friend of Fire and Frost – 10 pts

  • Stop a full portal invasion in Frostgorge Sound and Fireheart Rise
  • For full invasions you don’t need to go through all the waves and win, you just have to participate on a map that has an invasion, when the timer (45 minutes) ends you will get credit.

Scarlet Scambler – 5 pts

  • Scarlet will harass you when you are doing the twisted portals but she cannot be killed. She can be only be killed after you have defeated all 3 waves and the two reinforcements (Aetherblades & Molten Alliance).
  • Scarlet doesn’t have a lot of HP so you will need to get to her ASAP before she is killed.

Worldwide Invasion Responder – 15 pts

  • Participate in seven full invasions on 7 different maps.
  • For full invasions you don’t need to go through all the waves and win, you just have to participate on a map that has an invasion, when the timer (45 minutes) ends you will get credit.
  • If you are not getting credit, see ANET’s response under Invasion Canceler

Invasion Canceler – 25 pts

  • Participate in 13 full invasions on 13 different maps.
  • For full invasions you don’t need to go through all the waves and win, you just have to participate on a map that has an invasion, when the timer (45 minutes) ends you will get credit.
  • ANET’s response to people not getting credits.
    • First, Molten and Pirate events do not grant achievement credit. This means that if you hop into an invasion right as scarlet spawns, or if you spend an entire invasion on pirate and/or molten events, you will not get achievement credit for that map.
    • Second, disconnecting during an invasion seems to have some odd effects on participation credit, especially if you end up switching maps in the process (i.e. moving to a different overflow). You should still get credit if you participate in at least one watchwork event after reconnecting, but if you disconnect, you should assume your participation credit up to that point has been lost. This is far from ideal, but it would be a code-level fix, and we wouldn’t be able to get it in before the end of the event.
    • Lastly, because the previous two issues are not super obvious, people may be losing track of which maps they have already gotten credit for. The meta rewards are always given as long as you’re on the map when it ends. Many players expect this to mean that they also received achievement credit (which ideally should be a reasonable assumption). However, as this is not always the case, they may mark off a map as complete, even though they did not receive achievement credit.
    • So in order to receive achievement credit, you need to participate and complete at least one watchwork portal event, and still be on the map when the meta ends. It doesn’t matter how far the meta gets progressed, and you don’t need to participate in any Molten/Pirate events.
  • These are the 13 maps.
    • Gendarran Fields
    • Harahti Hinterlands
    • Bloodtide Coast
    • Sparkly Fen
    • Mount Mealstrom
    • Timberline Falls
    • Dredgehaunt Cliffs
    • Lornar’s Pass
    • Frostgorge Sound
    • Firehart Rise
    • Iron Marches
    • Blazeridge Stepps
    • Fields of Ruin

Scarlet’s Playhouse guide

Important: Scarlet’s Playhouse must be unlocked via doing Emissary Vorpp’s Field Assistant achievement. See this guide for that. While the ingame text may tell you it is a 5 player dungeon, it can be soloed and in some cases you may find it easier than doing it in a group.

Video guide (note this video is playing at 1.5x speed)


Saving Lord Faren

To get the achievement Raced to the Rescue, you have to save Lord Faren within 3 minutes. It is best to ignore everything and just run to Lord Faren. He and Scarlet can be found up this slope once you get past the lava area.


Once you get to Lord Faren and defeated the foes guarding him, you can pick up the fire extinguisher and use it on the fire under Lord Faren. Extinguishing the fire will cause Scarlet two summon 3 minions that you need to kill. Once you defeated them, Scarlet will try to lit the fire again and you will need to douse it again. Repeat this one more time and Lord Faren will be saved. If you are quick and do this under 3 minutes, you will get the Raced to the Rescue achievement.

  • The normal horrors mobs around Faren will only merge into veterans if you let them get low on HP. To avoid this, aggro/kill them one at a time if possible.
  • The three minutes timer doesn’t start until the event to put out the fire starts. You can try pull the trash mobs around Faren out of the event area so the timer doesn’t trigger right away.


Scarlet Round 1

Once you have saved Faren, you can skip all the mobs and run to Scarlet’s next location. Beware of mobs that try to knock you down or root you though.

For your first fight against Scarlet, you will notice red circles on the ground where cannon balls will drop from the sky. Kite Scarlet inside them and the balls will make her vulnerable to damage. Repeat this a couple times to kill her. If you want to make this easier, equip some block/invul/evade skills and just stand inside the red circle and put these skills up when the cannonballs drop down.


Scarlet Round 2

Scarlet have two skills you need to be aware

1) Dagger Storm where she will spin and spit out goo on the ground. This skill reflects projectiles and grant her stability.


2) Her hammer smash that is a frontal attack with a long windup. This attack deals a lot of damage if you don’t avoid it or interrupt it but luckily the animation is fairly obvious so you can avoid it easily.


Scarlet Round 3

For this round, you will need to be near the barrels when Scarlets jumps to you. If her landing circle has a barrel, it will explode and make her vulnerable. You will also want to have some condition removers since she has a nasty Torment condition.

Scarlet also moves around quite a bit so you can’t just stand next to any barrel and wait for her to jump to you. You will ideally want stand next to a barrel that is far from her current location as possible. She will move a bit and then jump to you.


Scarlet’s Playhouse achievements

Defender of the Crown – 10 pts

  • You automatically get this when you complete Scarlet’s Playhouse

Raced to the Rescue – 10 pts

  • Rescue Faren within 3 minutes. It is best to skip all the trash mobs and head straight to Lord Faren. See video above for a solo completion of this achievement.

Playhouse Perfectionist – 15 pts

  • Do a playthrough of Scarlet’s Playhouse without dying.
  • If you get downed you do not get this achievement! (not sure if bug or intended)

Soft Lander – 5 pts


  • You get this achievement not in Scarlet’s Playhouse but in the Crown Pavilion which you can access again after heaving completed Scarlet’s Playerhouse. You will find a pile of hay in the ogre area that you can jump from the top ring (where the gauntlets are) and land to get the achievement).



  • For every invasion you complete (you just have to be in that map when the invasion ends), you will receive a reward screen that grant you a choice of either 50 Twisted Watchwork Shoulder Scraps or 5 Scarlet’s Secret Stash (which have a chance to give the Twisted Watchwork Shoulders).  In addition, you will get Deluxe Gear Boxes, Embroidered Coin Purses and Elaborate Ritualist Bags.
    • These map rewards are once per day per account per map so you can get a lot of these rewards in a day by doing invasions on different maps.
    • If your failed the invasion, the rewards you get are less depending on which wave you have gotten to. (i.e. 10 scraps for first wave, 20 for second wave, 30 for third wave, etc).


  • Twisted Watchwork Shoulder skins can be obtained by assemble a 250 stack of Twisted Watchwork Shoulder Scraps or get lucky via Scarlet’s Secret Stash. The drop rate off the secret stash is fairly high. They are one time use consumable and can be dyed (see example).


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

95 replies on “GW2 Clockwork Chaos invasions and achievements guide”

I got it by going into Crown Pavilion after doing the
Playhouse…there’s a bale of hay in the Ogre area that you can jump
from the top level and land into.

1/13 Stop Scarlet’s protal invasions on 13 different maps! Fail 2 Finish 1 Map. only to complete the event in time?

You get 50 Twisted Watchwork Shoulder Scraps or 5 Scarlet’s Secret Stash, if your server completes the event.

I think you get 50 if you win, and 30 if you get to the final wave but ultimately lose. I’m guessing it’s 10 for the first wave, 20 for 2nd, 30 for 3rd, and 50 if you win?

Same thing on the secret stash: I’m thinking it’s 5 if you win, 3 for 3rd wave, 2 for 2nd, and 1 for 1st.

I have done one so far and got a choice of 30 scraps or 3 stashes when we lost on the 3rd wave.

On Swift Closer Achiv, we cant use Waypoints? because i completed 6 events and it didnt give me the achiv

Im doing onl the spades no the other, i kill the minions and it said event succeded, im on my 7th event and nothing

I enter at 42 min and i had 5 of them at 31 min, its less than 15min. Maybe its lag, i dont know, or maybe it because i used waypoints.
I remember an achiv in fields of ruin, the book ones and the propaganda that i only could complet withouth using waypoints

Having the same issue, 9 successful portal events popped up in 14 minutes. number 8 was at 12mins. No achievement popped up. Didn’t touch any of the Aether etc events.

Really getting frustrated with this. 7th Area iIm doing this now

Its like this, i was tired of trying to do it and nothing, so i went to the achiv marker on the H key and guess what? I had already done it xD
Or it was my distraction or there was a delay and it didnt shown up on the game that i did it because, as we know this days gw2 its lagging as hell.
My advice is to make sure you havent done it going to the achiv separator.

Just checked and Swift Closer is still at 0%.

Going to try without waypointing this time and see what happens :/

It is confusing, I think you don’t but what from Anet posted you need to kill off both the reinforcements and the 3 waves. I am not really sure until I can confirm it next invasion.

We actually just defeated her. I can confirm that you do need to kill the Aetherblades and the Molten Alliance reinforcements. People got really pissed, when they found out they had been misinformed 😛

It’s 50 Twisted Watchwork Shoulder Scraps not 5 :p
Also for Watchwork Nightmare Wrecker, they also spawn randomly during a portal event. Have had champs spawned multiple times when being with 5 ppl at a portal event :p

I think the reward depends on how far you can complete the event. I’ve done two now: first one was in Frostgorge Sound and we didn’t get past phase 3 (reward: 40 Twisted Watchwork Shoulder Scraps or 4 Scarlet’s Secret Stash, 2 green or yellow (don’t remember, but not exotic) Gear Boxes, 2 Embroidered Coin Purses) and second one was in Timberline Falls where we killed Scarlet (reward: 50 Twisted Watchwork Shoulder Scraps or 5 Scarlet’s Secret Stash, 2 Deluxe Gear Boxes, 2 Embroidered Coin Purses and 2 Elaborate Ritualist Bags).

I’ve had failed runs in which we got offered 40/4 and 30/3 scraps/stashes. And even one abysmal failure where we were only about halfway through the third wave – I got 1 (one!) scrap for that, and nothing else.

I failed 3 invasion out of 3 (yes, my usual bad luck) and I still have got 0/7 and 0/13 on Worldwide Invasion Responder and Invasion Canceler. It’s me or is it bugged?

Yes, same issue here, check forums to see many other players having the same problem. It’s related with their servers, I hope they’ll fix this asap

Found this out the hard way…if you’re in an overflow during the invasion and get the prompt to travel to the main instance, don’t. The main instance may have completed while the overflow is still in progress. No idea if I’ll get achievement credit for the 35 mins I spent bipping around overflow in Sparkfly since I traveled to a server where the event had already ended.

Indeed. You only have to ask yourself how come the main instance is suddenly short of players if the meta-event is still running; one or two people may drop out for personal reasons along the way, but many more is unlikely.

i did not die, but i got downed in the playhouse – i did not get the perfectionist achievement. can anyone confirm if this is a bug or intended?

I haven’t been on the playhouse but I guess it’s intended since on sigils like bloodlust (streak kills bonus) you loose the stacks when you get downed

If anyone feels a little slow on saving Faren in 3 minutes, you can start putting out the fires before you finish taking out the 2nd wave of enemies if you can handle the extra robot(s) with the pirates at the end.

Having issues with that fight. Looks like 3 waves and I put out the fires after last but wouldn’t progress the story for me.

Solo’ed the playhouse in a condition necro. Phase 1 and 2 were pretty cake, in fact I don’t think I took a bit of damage on phase one. Phase 3 however was awful since my build doesn’t really have great mobility. Once I solved that though, the fight was pretty easy. The key is to get away from her as quickly as possible.

Doesnt someone have an rotation of maps for the invasion in the clockwork chaos?

My guildies told me that it doesnt change…something like “dredgehaunts -> sparkfly -> lornar’s pass -> fireheart -> harati -> blazeridge”

I’ve seen fields or ruin-bloodtide-mount mailstorm-Timberline-blazeridge-frostgorge-Fire heart rise.
Pretty sure its random

Almost certainly random, in my opinion. I had Fields of Ruin twice in a row today, which isn’t something I’d expect the dev’s to have put in if it were a rotation. Makes it harder to get all 13, though.

Solo’d the playhouse on my PVT elementalist. Managed to get the ‘raced to the rescue’ and the ‘playhouse perfectionist’ achievement. When you’re in the tamini arena (with the spikes) you can skip all the mobs if you watch their pathing (i stayed on the left side of the arena). Consumables used: ‘Peach tart’, ‘Quality maintenance oil’ & ‘Fire elemental powder’. I used peach tart because that was the only consumable that was slightly useful that i had with me. So feel free that get something that goes with your build to make it a bit easier. I’d say the fire elemental powder was really essential to completing it. Since i have full PVT gear (WvW) i lacked some damage and the fire elemental can slightly make up for that.

Dulfy, thanks for writing these things, it makes life so much easier. This article though needs some editing, in terms of spelling and grammar. Other than that, amazing as always 🙂

Just completed playhouse on my bunker ranger; solo. No food buffs used. Didn’t receive “Playhouse Perfectionist”, as I got downed by one of the chaos minions that tosses out mines, other than that I believe the dungeon can be soloed by any profession/build.

Im trying to solo this on my Mesmer, Just got a question from the beginning how do you avoid the clockworks combining into a veteran?

Good question, I am not sure the answer to that either. I gotten the veteran before but when i went to record it on a new one, the veteran didn’t spawn. Might be due to how fast you kill them?

Thanks, Its easy to solo just annoying cause Its hard for me to get the Lord Faren when I’m stuck fighting the Veteran, anyway Thanks. Also Mesmer Rule.

You have to either kill them simultaneously, or agro one and fight it individually, and then destroy it. If you agro both and kill only one, the other will “absorb” it and evolve.

Anyone have a list of the 13 unique maps? I’m missing one map and swear I have done everything I’ve seen pop up (2 or 3 times I’ve seen the same maps), so I really am unsure as to what I am missing.

Edit: After reading some comments, pretty sure I’m just missing Mt. Maelstrom. Seems to be rare one. 😛

– Gendarran Fields
– Harahti Hinterlands
– Bloodtide Coast
– Sparkly Fen
– Mount Mealstrom
– Timberline Falls
– Dredgehaunt Cliffs
– Lornar’s Pass
– Frostgorge Sound
– Firehart Rise
– Iron Marches
– Blazeridge Stepps
– Fields of Ruin

As the last comment implies, it’s worth specifically spelling out that the “7 maps” and “13 maps” achievements (along with the Portal Invasion Closer from Vopp’s achievements) are for UNIQUE MAPS ONLY. I did the same map on two different days and it did not count toward any of these achievements. (This is a bit disappointing because it lowers the incentive for people to keep going to any map that pops, instead of only maps they’ve not completed.)

Also, I found out that if you defeat all of Scarlet’s waves and do not kill the pirates/dredge before time runs out, you will end with 40 pieces / 4 prizes as the reward.

Also, for what it’s worth, there are a couple threads on the official forums about people not getting credit for completing maps. It seems especially likely (but not completely related) if you disconnect and reconnect. Best to keep a list!

Is anyone else having trouble with trying to extinguish the fires under faren? they are staying lit even though I’ve gone over them with the extinguisher? More than once I’ve only had one flame left, tried to put it out but it stayed lit giving scarlet another chance to relight the others! Very frustrating when trying to do Raced to the rescue. Though it might just be me with my extinguishing technique 🙁

Well right after posting this I gave it another shot, it went crazy bugged! I only fought 2 rounds of twistedness , 3 fires refused to go out and ended up fighting the aetherblades once faren was out of the pot and talking! Still awarded achi though!

You need to update your video frequently because it’s WRONG!!! – I just took a 4 man team into the Play house and we wiped following your video… WHY? because they NERFED the dungeon, so you have to fight!
Seriously, stop providing incorrect information!!

1. They do not change the dungeon as far as I know.
2. Please provide examples where the video is wrong rather than claiming the info/video is incorrect.
3. You do know how scaling works right and you do know this is a video of me soloing the dungeon right? Trash mobs scale up with more players so you may not be able skip some.

I had trouble because I’m not a good player, but finished it solo in 50 min with 5 restart from wp. I think when you have more ppl everything scales up.

Sorry new at this posting stuff. I did read the guide and followed the video. I did run past mobs and only fought Scarlet. Thanks Dulfy

Honestly I don’t know how you always keep so calm in your responses to some of these stupid, angry, runde and ungrateful responses… O.o
I definitely applaud you for it. Keep up the good work and the good nerves =)

the second “responses” in the first sentence was supposed to be a “posts” ^^

And btw. Angry Player, I just soloed the the instance and it was a piece of cake 😛

I did it solo with no prep time. Also the Mechanics for Scarlet is insanely easy. I’d say its the player problem.

Just made Playhouse solo without any problems)) How could that 4 man wipe there?))!) haha
Wasn’t wathcing any guids, just entered with build that i had etc

cant seem to get the swift close achievement.. i have closed more then 5 portals in 15 mins and still did’nt get… is it bugged. i have watched this guide and got every single one except swift close. thanks.

I’ve had the same problem. Did it multipe times, I finished 5 events, all scarlet’s minions, way before the 15mn. Never got the achievement.

I found an Anet response to this issue. When you close your first portal you will get a buff (might be invisible) that lasts for 15 minutes. You will need to close 4 more portals within 15 minutes with the buff on or it won’t work. Not sure if that helps.

tnx for the tips… made the play house twice. fund it easier to get the under 3 min with 5 ppl

1 is putting out the fires as we start while other fight the mobs when we finish killing the target ones we skip all the remain mobs

i need only mount melstorm by the way the Watchknight Tonic is not a good one. u cant use it in wvw and it last for 5 min and then u need to wait 30 to use it agin

for the raced to the rescue achievement the 3 minute timer doesn’t start until the event to put the fires out starts. It makes it easier if you pull the few adds that are up there before the event starts and kill them out of range of the event so it doesn’t start until you are ready.

Did they add a veteran to the first round of mobs? I didn’t see one in the video and cannot solo the vet in time.

Someone in the comments section said you need to kill the two mobs simultaneously or aggro one, kill it and destroy it before aggroing the other. Otherwise the one will them will absorb the other and become a vet.

I’ve done the dungeon without dying (guardian)… but could not save
LordFaren in 3 min… killing the first round mobs is a great idea,
never knew how it goes with the timer…they should have posted to us
(the 3 min. timer)… so I give a next try with this tactic…

Also I’m watching almost every post (from dulfy), they are good, when
I’m not playing, I just watch the posts for 10 min. and I can do the achievements, so I almost ever do them in first try.

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