GW2 Emissary Vorpp’s Field Assistant achievement guide

A guide to completing GW2 Emissary Vorpp’s Field Assistant tasks and acheivements for the Clockwork Chaos patch.

Before you can do any of the Emissary Vorpp’s achievements, you will need to head to the Crown Pavilion and participate in the story instance Closing Ceremony. At the end of that story instance, you will meet with Emissary Vorpp.

Note: Queen’s Gauntlet area is closed off until you finish Vorpp’s achievements and do the final story instance (Scarlet’s Playhouse)

Meta Achievement: Emissary Vorpp’s Field Assistant – 5 pts

  • This is a meta achievement you complete by doing the achievements below. The achievements below are unlocked sequentially and won’t all appear on your achievement window at once.

1) First Portal Invasion Responder – 1 pt

  • Location: Ascalon Settlement in Gendarran Fields.
  • Waypont: Ascalon Settlement Waypoint


2) Invasion Witness Interviewer – 1 pt

  • Go back to Ascalon Settlement and talk to this Citizen


3) Portal Invasion Closer – 1 pt

  • You will need complete 5 full invasions to get this achievement. Each full invasion lasts about 45 minutes and start every hour on the hour so it will take you 5 hrs to complete this achievement. Please consult this guide on the invasions and associated achievements.
  • For full invasions you don’t need to go through all the waves and win, you just have to participate on a map that has an invasion, when the timer (45 minutes) ends you will get credit.
  • Do not confuse this achievement with the Portal Closer achievement under Watchwork Chaos. These are two separate achievements and not completed the same way!
  • After you have participated in 5 invasions, use the Holographic Communicator and Vropp will tell you the next step.


4) Portal Component Procurer – 1 pt

  • You will need to get the following 3 components. Make sure you are in a large enough zerg so the champions spawn instead of veterans.
    • Focusing crystal from a champion Aetherblade Pirate Captain
    • Oscillating Diaphragm from Champion Twisted Nightmare
    • Translator Beacon from one of her larger portals (i..e portals that spawn champions will usually work, you will probably get this when you get the other two crystals).
  • The components look like pink crystals so make sure you don’t destroy them!


5) Teleportation Facilitator – 1 pt

  • Use the Holographic Communicator in your inventory again and Vorpp will tell you to go back to Divinity’s Reach Crown Pavilion to meet with him. He is not marked on the map for some reason but you can find him here. Talking to him will complete all the achievements in this category and reward you with a Positional Relay Beacon that you can use to access Scarlet’s Playhouse.


By Dulfy

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100 replies on “GW2 Emissary Vorpp’s Field Assistant achievement guide”

It’s not working for me, I finished the whole map invasion event- didnt work, and I also finished the smaller portal events- still didnt work :/

seems to not work like that, i had 3/5 while i only participated at 1 of it, i did a second and it stayed at 3/5

Three Components needed to build the portal:

focusing crystal from an Aetherblade Captain
oscillating diaphram from a Twisted Nightmare
translocator beacon from one of her [Scarlet] larger portals

i have 2/3 now.

the smaller portals seem to be what the molten shamans come out of. the others are “larger” portals. i got my 2/3 from a normal minion portal and the nightmare of course

If you look up in the sky there are often big portals instead of the smaller ones which are at every portal event.
I got mine from one where Scarlets Robos attacked.

But if you need it just do the Invasion-Events, you will probably get it very fast.

There is an achievement called “Emissary Vorpp’s Field Assistant” that requires scans of 5 portals. I don’t understand how to do this. I attended one of Scarlet’s invasions for the full time and got 3/5 on this. Despite Vorpp saying the scan is automatic, I don’t understand specifically we need to do.

I’ve looted all parts already but I trashed the first two because the components have no description and they really look like heart quest/event trash items. Dulfy, do you know if you can reloot them or get them back in some way?

happend to me as well. but even with the first two crystals not in my inventory any more, the achievement for getting them was completed and the ‘lil guy let me complete the quest and get the positional relay beacon.

“Make sure you are in a large enough zerg”

So content is now created with the idea of zerging? /siiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhh

Just wanted to point out that if you didn’t start the quest line with vorpp, you will have to do ANOTHER 5 invasions. The ones you did before getting to that point don’t count. Which is bs. Either that, or I’m bugged.

anet bunch of fuckers, attending the invasion and still not getting points from it, I got the item and started the qeust

Cant seem to get the archivement from the asura done…4/5 Invasions and not counting anymore. Made around 10 now, different maps…but nothing. Its just not updating anymore. Any Ideas?

Once a character completes Vorpp’s mission, is the Pavilion unlocked for all your characters on your account? Or does every single character have to complete it? (That’s just crazy if it is!)

I dont get it. I am at phase where i need 5 Invasions, and I’ve done 8 since that!
Yet still stuck at the same msg from the Communicator :/

So I have to do the entire achievement to get back in to the gauntlet to buy my hammer skin? Not cool if true

You could also just find a group to do the funhouse, and once completed, you are able to enter the now desserted pavilion.

True, I hadn’t finished the story line yet but joined someone else and did the funhouse and could go in the pavilion (:

I loved scarlet’s playhouse. Got the achievement. Not too hard, not too easy. This was super fun ^_^

I’ve got Oscillating Diaphragm on 1 character and Focusing crystal on another one, third didn’t drop but I’ve got achievement Portal Component Procurer so WTF? How I get to the Crown Pavilon?

I finished the Funhouse in a party, while I was in the middle of my own Vorpp chain and now I cannot enter the instance again with Vorpp as it immediately pushes me to the old Crown Pavilion. How can I complete the personal chain now?

I got all 3 crystals, and i need to find Vorrp at DR, but he is nowhere to be found and i cant get into Crown Pavilion. Any ideas?

Had the hugest problem finding him. Ran around DR for a good while circling the pavilion. He’s near the Crown Pavillion Waypoint. Just head down the stairs and look right next to the biggish glowing thing. The reason I couldn’t find him was there was a LOT of people crowded around, and being an asura he’s… well… short. But he IS there near the portal. Look out for that “Talk [F]” queue.

I have the Position Relay Beacon, how do I get to the playhouse instance? Sry if it is obvious but I can’t click on the Beacon etc.

Hi! I made the closing ceremony with one char, low level and he got the item to call vorrp and it is character bound. Can you still make the above without the item, and if I want to get the item with my level 80?

I’m stuck at 4/5 Invasions. Played fulltime on 9 Invasions on 7 different maps, but the count doesnt raise.
On the other hand the achievement for 7/13 different maps also doenst count up. So maybe Anet implemented a bug?
Any other who experience this?

You can’t do 13 invasions on the same map to get the achievements, you need to do a full invasion on all of the 13 maps. That’s why it’s stuck at 7/13 for you (because you only did 7 different invasions). And for the 4/5, is it possible that you alrdy did invasions before talking to Vorpp? If so the next invasion (on a map that’s not 1 of the 4) will grant you 5/5.

Not sure if it’s any help to those who can’t get the 5/5 for vorpp, but I noticed that, for me, it only counted the invasions I did on my home server. When I guested to other servers, it didn’t count for his achievement, but it counted for the “do-an-invasion-on-13-maps” achievement.

[…] — GW2 Emissary Vorpp’s Field Assistant achievement guide. “A guide to completing GW2 Emissary Vorpp’s Field Assistant tasks and acheivements for the Clockwork Chaos patch. Before you can do any of the Emissary Vorpp’s achievements, you will need to head to the Crown Pavilion and participate in the story instance Closing Ceremony. At the end of that story instance, you will meet with Emissary Vorpp. Note: Queen’s Gauntlet area is closed off until you finish Vorpp’s achievements and do the final story instance (Scarlet’s Playhouse)” […]

I have not been able to get the crystals. been playing this for 5 days. don’t understand what the problem is. Other people have said they just appear in their inventory. Is there any other way to get the crystals?

I have been in at least 4 invasions today from beginning to end and they have not shown up on acheivements or as part of the vvorp completion for 5. Do you have to be part of a group for it to count?
Thanks for all the work you do Dulfy!!!

Just to clarify, you WILL NOT. Get progress towards closing portals if you have not talked to him. You WILL NOT get crystals unless you have gotten all 5 invasions AFTER talking to him

Also of note that the 5 completions may not actually count toward Closer. Seems random which ones do/don’t. (I’ve had failures count and successes count variably.)

I did not get the Positional Relay Beacon after collecting all 3 items. I have finished every achievement but had no space at this moment. if I speak with vorrp again he just opens the portal again. can I destroy the 3 items?

I destroyed all 3 of my crystals. Is it possible to go out and get them again? I know I know, I should have came here first to read Duffy’s guide. 😛
I’ve been trying for a while with no luck. :/

I should have checked that location first. When I didn’t see him in his original location I thought it was because I destroyed the crystals.

Thank you Duffy!

Hiho all 😉 is the portal achievement still bugged ? i destroyed one crystal too, but Vorpp says i have to meet him in DR.When im talking to him nothing happens

Don’t talk to the Vorpp by the waypoint. Go to the spot where it’s marked above. The Vorpp at the waypoint is a phantom. And actually, I saw two Vorrps there.

So many times that I thought I was going nuts.

I finally had to be invited into the Playhouse – since it still to this moment doesn’t show for me – wherever it is…

I”ve been in once, but I have no idea how to get back in – and that last map? After watching the same map four times a day – finally one cycled in that wasn’t the “same”.

The event was terribly directed.

Hi, if I participate invasions with my alt (that doesn’t have comunicator – its soulbound to my main char) would I still get achievments for Vorpp?

Yes, but you’ll want to get another communicator from vorp (located near crown pav entrance) for last stage

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