GW2 Zodiac Weapon skin gallery

GW2 Zodiac weapon skin gallery. Zodiac weapon skins are newly released with the Clockwork Chaos patch and can be puchased at the Black Lion Weapons vendor for Black Lion Claim Tickets. They are tradeable and can be also purchased on the Trading Post.  

Item codes provided by Dragonzz6 on reddit.

Zodiac Axe – [&AgEerwAA] – Modeled by Kenya Tasa


Zodiac Dagger – [&AgEhrwAA] – Modeled by Dubhe the Thief


Zodiac Focus – [&AgEkrwAA] – Modeled by Kleara Pie


Zodiac Greatsword – [&AgEnrwAA] – Modeled by Krispykremez


Zodiac Hammer – [&AgEqrwAA] – Modeled by Rommye


Zodiac Longbow – [&AgEtrwAA] – Modeled by Kenya Tasa


Zodiac Mace – [&AgEwrwAA] – Modeled by Ulfarr Hraerekrsson


Zodiac Pistol – [&AgEzrwAA] – Modeled by Dagrun Shadowshift


Zodiac Rifle – [&AgE2rwAA] – Modeled by Cazza Gearburst


Zodiac Scepter – [&AgE5rwAA] – Modeled by Shinoa Runeweld


Zodiac Shield -[&AgE8rwAA] – Modeled by Asgaeta


Zodiac Short Bow -[&AgE/rwAA] – Modeled by Sparta Meow Woof


Zodiac Staff – [&AgFCrwAA] – Modeled by Ward Zabach


Zodiac Sword – [&AgFFrwAA] – Modeled by Nata Chardilos


Zodiac Torch – [&AgFIrwAA] – Modeled by The Commissar


Zodiac Warhorn – [&AgFLrwAA] – Modeled by Collette Stenger


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

58 replies on “GW2 Zodiac Weapon skin gallery”

If you want realism go play Chivalry or whatever. This is a fictional world, and there are fictional weapons, deal with it.

Dulfy how do you make your character’s iris and pupil white?

Update: Thank you everyone for the numerous replies letting me know what it is. Necromancer Wraith mask. Awesome. Okay, please, no more replies. I get it. Thanks. You can stop now. I’m serious. No more replies. I know! Hey, you, I know you’re getting ready to reply to this comment. Don’t.

It’s the “Wraith” mask that you get as a starting Necro (which can be
transferred to other light armor characters by using transmutation

Necro wraith mask. Gotten when you create a necro, and can be transmuted onto another item to switch to a not-necro light armor user.

It is one of the necromancer starting head piece. You can make a necromancer, get that, transmute it to another piece and transfer it to whatever character you want.

So my character can’t wear a helm with this head piece then. Bummer. If it’s a decision between the two I’m going with my head gear armor. It would have been nice to have white pupils and iris as standard.

just like how guardians start out with pauldrons/mesmers with masks/engi’s with back packs. necros can start with white eyes which is an item. transmute it with an account bound head piece and you can wear it on other characters.

Aaaaand another totally ugly weapon set 😀 I really wonder who these weapons designs… He’s bad 😮

Nowhere near close to the awesomeness of the GW1 zodiac weapons. I was drooling when I got my monk a zodiac +5 energy/20% enchantments axe. This axe is so meh and so is the rest of the set.

i actually like some of these. Def not as horrible as the weapon set from the jubilee although that may have been their plan. Make a terrible weapon set so that we are impressed with a mediocre set…..

So with that warhorn you effectively blow a…


And then they give me a warning in the forums for making a spicy joke so mild that would be PEGI+5.

ANet, you are crazy in the coconut.

Zodiac Sword, Greatsword and Dagger look pretty cool to me. 🙂 Do these also cost 1 Black Lion Claim ticket? Or 5?

While none of these looks fit my style they are nice. If I had a place to collect them, I might try for them to play with every once in a while but since I don’t it’s a waste of development time in my eyes, so to speak. Fortunately their does seem to be folks who really do like them and I’m glad they will make someone happy.

LOL, it is funny how some people just love to complain. These weapons are very close in style to the originals. With the small updates to the style and the graphical advantage of a newer game, the look of the new set blows away the GW1 set (mind you, I loved those old ones when they were current 🙂 )

Yes you can keep transmuting it. As long as you have the Crystals / Stones to keep moving over the look. Murth either didn’t understand your question, or doesn’t understand the game.

[…] — GW2 Zodiac Weapon skin gallery. “GW2 Zodiac weapon skin gallery. Zodiac weapon skins are newly released with the Queen’s Speech patch and can be purchased at the Black Lion Weapons vendor for Black Lion Claim Tickets. Looking for models: If you own any of the weapons below, I would love to take a high res picture of them. Please contact me in game (IGN is Dulfy). US servers only.” […]

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