GW2 Clockwork Chaos patch coverage guide

A list of guides and galleries related to the GW2 Clockwork Chaos patch which will last from Aug 20 to September 3.




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and the grind-content continues…
i tought the jubilee-patch was too much grind but THIS?!? (again 17 achievments, 45min invasions, on 13 different maps, which rotation i can’t affect) omg. and this every 2 weeks.
i can’t play the real game (dungeons, fractals, level an alt)

Godforbid it take you longer than 3 hours to complete content.

(It should be noted that while the new content is being released every two weeks, the content is available for four. Even at a snail’s pace, I’ve completed all my achievements long before the deadline.)

well, grow up, get a Job and a Family – and you will see, it’s not that easy to complete all of this grind-achievments.
and btw. as i’ve written above – i’m a dungeon and fractal runner, i like to play the premium pve-content with my guildies
A few of them had quit gw2 because of that grind. ANet always told, they will leave the grind out of GW2

Dont do it… do your dungeons and fractals if thats what you enjoy. I dont see anywhere where someone is forcing your hand into playing the new content.

I too am finished already with 80% of the new content. Ive played twice since the patch. My wife only once and shes already 50%. It shouldnt take your more than 6 to 7 hours tops to finish 95% of the new content. The one that I can agree on is the 13 zone achievement. That one I may or may not finish. Just like my first comment though… I dont have to and neither do you.

What Bob said. The reason I’ve moved at a snail’s pace is because I have a career, I have a family and I grew up awhile ago – and I’m 80% done with these new achievements. In fact, I’ve begun Fractal leveling a new character in the mist of all this!

It sounds like you need to time manage your gametime, Sam, instead of blaming ArenaNet.

In a way I agree with Sam. People finishing in 6 to 7 hours… really???
The one achievement takes 5 hours minimum, and that is if you actually play for 5 hours straight… and get into a zone that is running the invasion.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the content, and the game, but I am struggling to find time to play the non-living story game.
Please don’t flame me for being negative, I am just saying that people do have a point… there is a lot of content coming our way. Currently I am just making an achievement or two from the living story per day, and then my dailies. No time for anything else… like some farming or looking at a new build, etc.

No it doesn’t take that amount of time. You can play and see all new content in less then 2 hours if you are willing to get some help. The most time-consuming part of this is the fieldwork. You can reasonably argue that doing a total of 6 metaevents is steep (cause they take 45 minutes each), but this run’s for 2 weeks. You don’t have to do it in 1 night. If this is still taking too long you can alway SKIP this. All you need is to do the closing ceremony and have someone who did it take you in his/her party into the playhouse. This way you can skip the fieldwork all together and leave the grind out of it. As for getting into the zones. I would wish that Anet would make these kind of things more clear. You can do these events in overflow. But you have to start this within 10 minutes after it started. Each event start at a whole hour, running for 45 minutes and then a 15 minute break.

An MMO should be playable for ALL players, not only those who have only a few hours per week time. There is absolutely no need to do the living story. The rewards doesn’t make you a better player.

The living story is designed for those people who have seen regular pve and played the main story. And even when you have done that. If you enjoy dungeons and fractals more then do that instead. The living story is fun but not at all required to have a nice gaming experience in Tyria.

With all respect good sir. Living story offer unique end game people have been asking back in september when question of “no end game?”. We do all love the living story, and it features. But as a player i feel things are going too fast. As you said, and the OP said, tight time schedule due to real life stuff reward us with partly anything with the event. People with lots of spare time will just say, sorry your loss. It suck for us with barley time.

Again you tell us to drop living story if we cannot make it or when this isnt fun anymore. I disagree because living story feature these things because, like the farm we must take advantage of the things going on, otherwise you just become the player losing out stuff.

Again the design of living story was suppose to be two weeks with content with four develop team rotating on stuff. I feel like if they redesigned some aspect of it like… One big content for a month, than advance to the next would be win for us all because.

1. People with barley time has a month to clear stuff out.
2. People who has time doesn’t need to nag on forums “sorry your loss”
3. People doesn’t need to feel forced to do living story to “not” miss out any stuff.

Why i say forced cause there are so much posts on the internet addressing the issue of being forced to do living story.
Pvp/wvw guilds are dying out of this etc.

Basically a redesing of this event would be ideal. As event lenght, and probably mash all up together.

Again this game was suppose to be a place to escape from reality without any extra effort put into it (gear threadmil)

Nobody is forcing you or anybody to do living story. I personally found Flame and Frost and even Secrets of Southsun lacking content. Flame and Frost was bout 2 hours content in a full month and Secrers of Southsun could be done within 3 hours.

Your talking bout gear treadmil. Besides the crystals and the flame and frost insignia’s there has been no pressure to grind anything. The rewards are almost all cosmetic. So any grind or pressure to do things is what you put yourself up too.

Yes, this months events are a good farm for legendary stuff. But keep in mind that the events in Orr have been altered. And nobody is forcing you to get a legendary. I personally don’t even think someone with a legendary weapons is automaticly a good player. Many people with one are excellent flippers on the TP.

So please explain which grind is needed to make you play the game better??

Yeah i love this new stuff, i think people just like saying the word grind. grind this grind that. Some people just play PvP and WvW.. some enjoy the new content some just play fractals. It is optional. Oh and i have a massive career in technology on some nice $$$ and do lots of education and work at the same time. gaming is a fun thing to do if the game is not fun dont play it.

When im pissing my GF off she tells me to do my daily’s.. #snap #gametimemanagement. The new content cycle allows me to play multiple games at once and for that i am thankful. Good job AN. i love the new polish that has been put onto the game new sounds and effects keep the refinement up. and

Thank you dulfy for helping me out when im stuck you are a MMO fiend. Respect

Well i dont see what the fuss is all about, im a single parent of 2 boys, full-time employee and full-time student, and still managed to finish this weeks content in 4 days :/, as with any living story patch..

I think it is funny that people are complaining about too much content. Just do what you like, you don’t need to do 100% of everything! I have very limited time to play and have never gotten into fractals, dungeons, or WvW. This living story stuff *is* the end game for me, and I’m loving it!

Sam I agree with you, all these patches, just massive grind, and imo ppl saying dont do it, rly, c’mon, you almost obligated bc u dont want to miss out on gold and new possible skins that drop. Me personally I would like a month break from all these patches and let us play the game without always worrying to fall behind.

Any idea if crown pavilion is gonna be closed on sept 3rd? Wondering should I invest in the skins / runes / sigils now or when I actually need them.

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