GW2 set 2 minis gallery

A list and gallery of all the GW2 set  2 minis introduced with the Clockwork Chaos patch. Pictures provided by Elysia Xanas.

Note about organization: This list is organized in the same pattern as the Miniature Set II storage in your bank. Read the name of the minis from left to right row by row and it would correspond to this list!

Special Minis

These minis do not come from set 2 and occupy a different storage space in the bank. They apparently can be obtained via the mystic forge by throwing minis at it. This applies to all 3 exotic minis except for Mini Mr.Sparkles, which is account bound and cannot be found on the trading post (Mr.Sparkles was given to players to went to Gamescom and met the Arenanet panels) Pictures are provided by S I X E S.

Note: There is a specific recipe that will provide any of the three exotic minis when placed into the mystic forge (recipe provided by Dismagus – thanks!)

Place the following into the mystic forge

  • Twisted Nightmare
  • Twisted Horror
  • Twisted Mender
  • Twisted Reaver

Mini Steamrider – EXOTIC


Mini Steam Hulk – EXOTIC


Mini Mechataur – EXOTIC


Mini Mr.Sparkles

Set 2 minis

Mini Bandit Saboteur – FINE


Mini Bandit Scout – FINE


Mini Bandit Cutpurse – FINE




Mini River DrakeFINE


Mini Swamp DrakeMASTERWORK


Mini Skale BrackishFINE


Mini Black Wind RiderMASTERWORK


Mini Swamp Spider –  FINE


Mini Eelob PoisonfangMASTERWORK


Mini Modniir Ice SageFINE


Mini Skarn DarkhoofRARE


Mini Harathi SharpshooterFINE


Mini Tamini WarriorFINE


Mini Twisted Nightmare – RARE


Mini Enraged Twisted Nightmare – EXOTIC (picture provided by Wigglecandy)


Mini Twisted Horror – MASTERWORK


Mini Twisted Reaver – FINE


Mini Twisted MenderFINE


Mini Dredge Resonator – FINE


Mini Dredge StrazarMASTERWORK


Mini Hylek Tlamatini – FINE


Mini Hylek Cuicani – MASTERWORK


Mini Hylek Amini – MASTERWORK




Mini High Inquisitor MautRARE


Mini Inquest GolemcasterFINE


Mini Inquest Extinguisher MASTERWORK


Mini Inquest Technician – FINE


Mini Peacemaker ShocktrooperFINE


Mini ZojjaRARE


Mini Peacemaker SharpshotFINE


Mini Peacemaker SoldierFINE


Mini Seraph Juggernaut – FINE


Mini Seraph Medic – MASTERWORK


Mini Seraph Recruit – MASTERWORK


Mini Seraph Archer – FINE


Mini Ragar Shardhammer – RARE


Mini Shaman Of JormagFINE


Mini Svanir Hunter – FINE


Mini Wolfborn Berserker – FINE


Mini Wolfborn Shaman – MASTERWORK


Mini Wolfborn Hunter – MASTERWORK


Mini Wolfborn – FINE




Mini Black Moa – EXOTIC


  • Murth

    I’m going to call it first but Birthdaygifts? I’ll be dissapointed but ok :p

    • Morten Møller Jakobsen

      Shouldn’t be possible. A: We were told we got Queen Jennah and B, no character should be a year old yet. 4 days to go.
      Edit: And some of them are on the TP.

      • Murth

        ok :p

  • Roving Spirit
    • S I X I S

      yeah, that’d be me. i’ll post full videos of them later today.

  • I so want me a clockwork mini. With close to 400 some hours in game (not many, I know) I’ve only ever gotten one mini from set 1. I got a few risin knights but I feel like those dont really count.

  • S I X E S

    Mini Mechataur, Mini Steam Hulk, and Mini Steamrider photos. I’ll post the attack animation videos shortly.

    • Awesome, thanks alot!

      • S I X E S

        Video of the Steamrider’s attacking animation:

        Some more information about those 3 minis:

        – They have their own health bar, and they are Level 1 as indicated in the photo below, however, their level doesn’t scale with the zone’s level like players or ranger pets do.

        – They accept boons from allies, so you can give them might, swiftness, aegis, regen, etc.

        – Player traits like the Guardian’s grandmaster trait Altruistic Healing (Applying a boon to allies heals you) will trigger a heal for the player when you provide a boon for the mini pet. [I’m not sure if this is intended, but it works lolololz].

        – They have their own idle animation, attack animation, death animation, and moving animation. Unfortunately, they don’t have swimming animations, so they despawn when you go into water. The Mechataur and Hulk have loud stomping, mechanical noises when they move, and the Steamrider just makes the laser beam noise when it attacks.

        – When they die, you have to open your inventory, put away the mini pet, then click it again to summon it otherwise it just stays dead and doesn’t respawn.


        Anyhow, if you want to record some video of your own with these, message me in-game: Six.8051

  • Dis

    I know where to get them. Thank you for your patronage!
    Server: Yak’s Bend

  • Dis

    Since I feel like I have made enough money I will tell you the recipe.
    Server: Yak’s Bend
    Pm me if you have questions.
    Ign: Dismagus
    Anything inflammatory will lead to you being blocked.

    • Dat

      anyone tried this ?? i am sceptical

      • Whoever is trying this, be very wary, It could be a means to manipulate the market. I have no idea if the posted combination work or if it is a scam.

        • Dis

          It isn’t a scam.

          • Aisi

            Can we have a video then please? 🙂

            • Dis

              If you are going to be a bunch of rude kids, no. I already stopped making money from them and was kind enough to post the recipe. You can decide for yourself.

              • Aisi

                Sorry, I wasnt being rude! Im just missing one exotic for my collection achievement + I dont have the money to throw away testing 🙂

              • Dis

                migiesmith just did it twice. PM him/her to confirm.

          • Rumstein

            Scammers always say that

        • migiesmith

          Gives you one of the exotics each time

        • Dis

          Whatever… I am tired of people and their shitty remarks and pms. Not only is it rude, it is insulting to think that my generous efforts to help the community would be met by such skepticism. I assure you, I will never ever post anything valuable to this crappy community again.

          • Masahiro

            Does it still work with recent updates?

            • Dis

              It is a recipe, not an exploit. I would assume so, though I haven’t tried since the new patch which I updated 20 minutes ago.

              • Masahiro

                well… if u are willing to try give us a heads up…

          • It is nothing personal but people in the past have done this to scam others with precursors etc. so people are a bit more cautious now.

            Since you posted it here, I have to warn people so they don’t get scammed in case it doesn’t work out.

            • Dis

              Oh well, occasionally I do get a nice pm asking me how and they trust me, then do it and are happy with it. Other times I get crappy pms saying how I’m a scammer when they clearly haven’t tried it. I didn’t get this recipe from any outside source. I figured it out on my own. If you (Dulfy) want I can send you the money for the mats and you can try it. If it works send me money back. If not, then you can keep it.

    • K, looks like it is legit due to multiple people confirming it. I will add it to the top and thanks 🙂

  • The Spirit Molecule

    I love steampunk themes ^_^

  • Mockingbird

    The mini ice imp looks exactly like the mini storm imp.. Am I missing something?

    • Eh most of these set 2 minis were minis that got removed from beta, so I wouldn’t be suprised if you see a similar model to set 1 stuff.

  • Man of Oak

    I just used Dismagus’s recipe and have to say he is 100% legit. He deserves his props for finding and sharing the recipe!

  • PhantomDragon

    Dismagus recipe works

    • PhantomDragon

      Thanks for sharing Dis

  • horrorflytrap

    it works i just did it a couple times… about 13 gold to buy gems to try and get the minis u need.. but yeah i did it twice

  • Akamon

    does anyone know if the Mini Enraged Twisted Nightmare can be forged? :DD

  • Paeroka

    I got mini Mr Sparkles yesterday. They were given out during the community event after gamescom. It will probably be like the t-shirt codes where fansites will get those codes to give away. And maybe PAX? I don’t know about that, of course. I just strongly assume that they won’t be exclusive for the people who attended that community event because that’d be very silly. 😉

    • Thanks, kinda unfortunate if they are indeed event only but hopefully that is not the case 🙂

      • Paeroka

        There will at least be one event where we’ll get codes to give away. So I assume – and hope! – that there’ll be plenty of codes to give to people. I love that I got a code, but I would love it even more if everybody who wants one can get one as well. 🙂

        • AbnerDoon

          I hope so, I’ll be honest though I want the real Mr Sparkles. 😀

        • Mortifer Ultor

          At the Gamescom? When, where and how?^^

          • Paeroka

            During the Community Event on Thursday night.

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  • Spellchecker

    so crushed, made a mini steamrider today and no lasers or nothing 🙁 They fixed it

  • Necro Lazarus

    If any of you guys could help me it would be awesome!, I have cultural tier 3 on my Asura Guardian and I want to match the colours on the Peacemaker Shocktrooper, but being colourblind its really hard for me to tell which dyes they are, does anyone know which are the 3 dyes used for this model? Many Thanks,

    • Tiny Jadzia Dax

      Base color: Pitch
      Glow and outline: Sky

      These seem right, as far as I can tell.

  • Mouse

    Don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t seem to find the Set 1 Mini Pet Gallery. Was it taken down, or am i just blind?

    • Oh I never made one but I can probably do it I guess 🙂

      • Mouse

        Thank you for letting me know. Glad i wasn’t just blind, lol.

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