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SWTOR: Germany Gamescom Cantina Tour files

The latest Cantina Tour happened in Germany around the Gamescom area and here are the files from the thumbdrive, including concept arts for new Dewback mounts. Special thanks to Markus/Flup and German fansite for sending in these images!

Screenshots from Oricon, the new planet in Patch 2.4.


Concept arts of some upcoming and existing Cartel Market items (including new Dewback mounts!)





High res image of the F5-SC Battle droid from Refer a Friend rewards


Lastly, Makrin Pet coming to Cartel Market


Summary of Q&A (provided by Azod Sawave of TOFN)

  1. Chest farming on Makeb is not considered an exploit.
  2. Hardmode and NiM Lockouts wont have different lockouts anytime soon, but they are "working on it"
  3. Czerka-198 is not instanced, so you can meet other people and the place feels more like in an MMO.
  4. Cartel Market stuff comes out so frequently, because its alot easier to make than "playable" content. The people working on the Cartel Market are far, far less, than the people working on flashpoints/operations etc.
  5. The SSPP (Super Secret Space Project)  is awesome
  6. No new classes or AC. They’d rather extend current AC.
  7. They rather do planetary story arcs, than class stories, because the group experience is better, when playing through them (like on Makeb)
  8. No combination of space and ground missions, because the technical problems to overcome.
  9. There wont be any non "normal sized", non basic speaking playable species (i.e. no playable Jawas)
  10. Removed gear, like Tionese, Columni and Rakata, probably won’t have a return, but "never say never"
  11. Open databases of the game for third party websites? They want to do it, but dont know when they will have the time for it.
  12. Weird stats on some gear (like alacrity on tank stuff), to encourage people to min/max their gear.
  13. The reason why there is not as much PvP content as PvE content is, that PvE allways need new content to clear, while PvPers are generally happy, "as long as there is someone to kill".
  14. They are aware of class balance issues, especially in PvP, but want to wait until 2.4 goes live, before they start tweaking. Don’t expect changes before patch 2.5-2.6.
  15. There won’t be changes to elevators, so you still have wait for them.
  16. There will be PvP gear, that can only be aquired, when you have a certain PvP rating. As far as I understood, they are not only cosmetic.
  17. No official PvP leaderboards at first.
  18. "The removal of RWZs was a very, very, very hard decision."
  19. They think, that people who like competitive PvP are both interrested in RAs and RWZs. They felt, that not enough people were playing them and now want to introduce RAs as the place for competitive PvP in SWTOR.
    The reason not to keep RWZs is, that they think, that with two seperate rated queues, both will be too starved, so both RWZs and RAs pops will be too rare. However, the chances that RWZs will return are quite high, when they see, that the RA queue is used alot.

Once again, special thanks to Markus Larisch/Flup from Germany,  Azod Sawave on ToFN, and German fansite who sent these screenshots/Q&A stuff to me!

Are you going to the Seattle Cantina Tour on Aug 31? I would love to have the cantina tour thumbdrive images from you! You can submit them to me via email!

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

90 replies on “SWTOR: Germany Gamescom Cantina Tour files”

That’s some seriously badass artwork as I’ve come to expect. Thanks as always for getting this stuff out to the community Dulfy!

Looking forward to that Fully Upgraded Assault Cannon and Saber. Could take or leave the animal mounts, got enough of that in WoW, but the bottom Varactyl looks cool.

Anyone know why the third Oricon picture (the lower one) has a random panel with a giant number 5 on it? Is that some sort of developer sticky / reminder that they forgot to take out when they took the pic? It’s kinda funny, but Aurabesh handles numbers differently than English does… so it’s a bit saddening if that was intended.

I noticed that the weapons says “attachement”. Does that mean that we’ll get to customize the look of the weapons with gadgets like scops and that sort of stuff? Cause that would be awesome

Nope, that just means that in one pack you’ll get the base version, next pack will have the version with the attachment on it and the third pack will be the colour variant version. Like the Primal weapons came in a “basic” version and the most recent version had the holographic “attachments.”

Maybe, but an holographic atachement is not the same as a scope or some of the stuff on this pictures. The primal besh is the same with an holo stuff added. This is something different, it completeley changes the design of the weapon

The bio-mounts are cool, but I haven’t really considered them till seeing those new ones, mainly the black dewback.

Dulfy are the dewbacks gonna be like the tauntauns that you can get with questing or are they pack items like the varactyls?

I knew there was something eerily familiar about that mask! 😀

I loved Monkey Island, and played the 1st 3 titles countless times! 🙂 I couldn’t stomach the ‘3D’ versions after the 3rd though, totally disappointed they didn’t stick with 2D animation they were clearly known for…

I’m guessing BW has a new designer or a bunch, working for them now. Whoever these people are, looking at all those gear(Masks, rifles, psitols, etc..) sketches, kudos! Certainly doing a way better job than the previous ones( most especially Campaign Gear – Kell Dragon era) IMHO. Illustration style certainly looks different. on topic, All these are really awesome, can’t wait!!! My top three though are: Beast-like Skull Mask, Black Dewback and Armored Black Tauntaun!!! 😀

Epic as always Dulfy!

…exept for the sloppy jobs in making the armor not hang down through the speeder…a scarf not disappear into the legs etc…An expensive armor – the caretaker set – from cartel market is totally laughable when you see the scarf go behind the legs all the time…waving back and forth. I really want that set but you just cant avoid to see the flaw there.

Those are technical issues that pretty much exists in all games. Real time calculation of cloth, and in this case, hanging parts of them are pretty much unrigged, so you cant to anything with them, is very cpu intensive. Calculating how your cape will fall over tauntaun in realtime will pretty much kill your gameplay. It has to be phantom since if its solid object again calculation of physics will pretty much kill your gameplay as well. Tho this game doesnt feature pretty much any physics but anyway… I recall one cinematics, when you doing some companion mission, I think Vette, where you literally see muff of female NPC due to here clothes get stuck into body model. I even escape it few times… not to watch the muff over and over again, but to check if it will fix eventually… it didnt 😉

On the other hand, rigging them and making predefined bones position when you are mounted are pretty much viable solution. However, those are not the things that can be fixed over night for wide variety of armors with capes that exists in the game.

When it comes to the Cartel Market, Subscribers might as well be Free to Play Players. But nobody cares about that. So they win.

Like it or not, endgame gear doesn’t near singlehandedly keep the game financially viable.

I’ve no real love for the cartel market, but if it’s the difference between game or no game – and let’s face it, it is – what it sells needs to be appealing to people.

This says: don’t buy the cartel pack we gave you this week, more interesting items are comming.


Mea culpa, they really look like the new Lisk pets. (Jungle, Rock and Swamp Lisk added with the Countractor and Freelancer Bounty packs)

They are lisks, they’re listed as ‘rakghoul’ because that is the default body/model that they’re built on.The artwork clearly shows juvenile lisks, with their top eyes closed.

So, they haven’t understand PvP players. Thats for sure. ‘The reason why there is not as much PvP content as PvE content is, that PvE allways need new content to clear, while PvPers are generally happy,
“as long as there is someone to kill”.’

PvP player want a scenario that gives them more than killing other players. But now I understand why some parts of the game are stuck, and why they are bad. because BioWare doesn’t understand anything.

Generally, people on warzones (on my server) play as if there is no WZ objectives at all, and each wz is a pretty clear deathmatch. So probably BW aren’t that wrong after all.

“No new classes or AC. They’d rather extend current AC.”

No that’s the route I didn’t want

—————Tier 3a
——Tier 2a
—————Tier 3b
tier 1
—————Tier 3c
——Tier 2b
—————Tier 3d

When I started this game I wanted Guardian, Sentinel, Shadow the 3 melee Jedi classes.
Then I decided those would be my main but I’d like to try the other stories making another 6 classes, as well as to get the legacy perks.

If they split the Guardian, Sentinel and Shadow further and I wanted both of each I then have to level another 3 of the same class.

I can’t with that.

your model suggests a 3rd AC. i dont think thats what they meant. i think they meant they may expand skill trees or add skill trees to the existing AC’s

haha yh hopefully it’s that
no new ac can be interpreted in different ways, like they wont make a 3rd ac for all classes or they wont make a 3rd tier ac

I did figure out why alacrity works better for some people, if you don’t use gear activations your GCD never gets reset, so you have more options in your rotation. If you use the items your GCD gets reset every time you use it, thus you have to wait longer for the attacks to go off. My guess is that is a balance thing. I’m guessing they put it on tank gear so that they can have their taunts and melee chars have their interrupts more often.

Hey Dulfy..any idea when the next pack is coming out and what varactyl will be in it? Great work on the website. This is the number 1 Swtor site that everybody I’ve talked to on Jedi Covenant uses.

SSSP mentioned yet again, and the pipe dream continues! Christ, NSA should hire Bioware, they keep better secrets than Snowden!

Clearly you haven’t been on Reddit yet, or have seen SWTOR_Miner’s posts. SSSP assets look great, and he even managed to find a picture of the loading screen tutorial image(controls and UI infographic).

> “They rather do planetary story arcs, than class stories, because the group experience is better, when playing through them (like on Makeb)”

That is understandable, still, a great shame.

And it goes against what they promised before the game ever came out. It’s more than a shame, its a COP OUT! They don’t WANT to make class specific content because it takes too much effort and time. People aren’t allowed to have an individual class storyline anymore because it doesn’t have a “group experience”? What kind of nonsense is that? So why even have an individual storyline in the first place? My god. Why does EVERYTHING have to be so social. REALLY put me off reading that.

tortanic made the game rather pragmatic. Casual reason, what’s the problem? They don’t swim in money and they cannot throw jawas around!

Because it’s a mmo, a social game. I don’t see it as a cop out, I see it as a time issue, because the very vocal playerbase demands more releases, more frequently, which hinders their ability to invest into individual story arcs as it would simply be too time consuming, not to mention expensive. Sure, they said they wanted to do certain things in the beginning, however like any good business, they alter their goals and product based on feedback and revenue.

STILL no mention of Guild Ships!!!! My gods..GET WITH THE TIMES Bioware. Dear god. Most other MMO’s have Guild Halls. Even Guild Wars 1 had them. I really don’t see how it is that hard to add.

Guild Wars 2 chose not to continue the Guild Halls as well. Guild cities in SWG killed city hub populations too. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of player housing/guild housing, however running into a guild hall or player home in the open it a little irritating, and I like populated cities more than halls.

Come on Darkfather, this game is very very guild unfriendly. We are bottom of the pile for content despite being told last year that this year guilds would see some love. The cap issue, no mail, no calendar, awful MOTD system. Zero love for guilds here.

Why are these things not recorded? I would love to actually watch these meetings instead of just reading about them.

Is their more wording of the Q&A than what is listed here? They all look more like statements to me than Q&A. If their is a full transcript of the Q&A I would love to see it.

For instance. “The SSSP is Awesome” is all they said in their answer to that question in the Q&A? If these are just the short versions of the answers then I am really disappointed in quit a few of their responses to the questions. Like for example: No Jawas and no new class stories because they would rather do planetary.
Also… PVP’ers are generally happy because they prefer something to kill. That is pretty much saying of forget focusing on the content for PVP’ers, they just want to kill people so lets just give things to PVE’ers. I am more of a PVE’er myself and only PVP on rare occasions and I feel a little disgusted and mad about this one.

Man that is depressing. Sort of makes me glad I stopped paying for a sub. I just no longer see the value in paying for a sub with this game or even buying coins for that matter. Hopefully one day they will do something to actually make me want to resub. 🙁

If they would actually just tell exactly what they had in mind for the SSSP, then that might be enough to make me want to resub. If it is what I hope. Until then it seems like a fake project to me. 🙁

Czerka-198 is not instanced, and that is why i never go there since the first time its the new section x(super lag) with all the issues because of this

Too bad we never saw that lightsaber in-game.
(just got here after googling cantina tour concept art and spotted a lightsaber I had not seen in the game yet)

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