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GW2: Super Adventure Box returns in Back to School Patch

GW2 Super Adventure Box will be making a return in the latest content patch scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. In addition to re-introducing Super Adventure Box, players will have some of the crafting skills raised to 500 and can craft ascended weapons.

Players can get an early look at the update by joining a livestream with ArenaNet developers on Tuesday, Sept. 3, at noon (PDT) on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.

New Events

  • Continued Education: Players can continue their studies by going deeper into World 2, traveling through the Rapids, Pain Cliffs and Storm Top, where they’ll meet their lethal final exam in the form of the Storm Wizard. Unlocking new items and upgrades along the way will be the key to getting ahead.


  • Tribulation Mode: Moto’s newest challenge teaches resilience and non-linear thinking. Players will learn that life isn’t easy in this new, ridiculously difficult mode for all zones in Worlds 1 and 2.


New Rewards

  • Super Weapon Set: Players can acquire a stylish new look for their weapons by trading in Bauble Bubbles to earn the rest of the Super Weapon Skins.


  • King Toad and Storm Wizard Weapons: Showing their prowess in Super Adventure Box, players will earn the materials necessary for King Toad and Storm Wizard weapons.


  • Mini Princess Miya: Players can create their own mini Princess Miya by combining in the forge a mini Moto and elements of Princess Miya’s outfit.


New Features

  • Craft Ascended Weapons: New recipes and materials will be hidden around the world, and a new skill cap of 500 will be introduced for the Weaponsmith, Artificer and Huntsman crafting disciplines. Players crafting their way to 500 will become Grandmaster Crafters and can learn the secrets of crafting Ascended weapons.
    • Ascended weapons will have both sigils and infusion slots (source)


  • Legendary Weapon Updates: Legendary weapons are getting a stat boost and an Offensive Infusion slot to align with the new Ascended weapons! Legendaries are also receiving additional functionality: When out of combat, Legendary weapon bearers will be able to choose between different stat combinations for your weapon. And to top it all off, many Legendaries are getting some aesthetic upgrades!
    • Both sigils and infusions are available on updated Legendaries and you won’t be forced to choose between them (source)


  • Account-Wide Magic Find: We’re removing Magic Find as an equipment stat. Instead, your Magic Find will now be an account-wide bonus that applies to all of your characters. You can boost your account’s Magic Find using Essences of Luck, which can be earned by salvaging Fine or Masterwork items.
    • Weapons, armor and trinkets with magic find will become account bound, lose their current stats and will gain the ability to be double-clicked to select one of several stat options depending on the item. For example, if you have an Explorer’s Pearl Staff, you can now double-click it to change it to any other crafting stat (source)
      • Celestial will stay as it is minus the MF bonus on it.
      • MF food will work as it is working now.
      • Utility Infusion will still work.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

76 replies on “GW2: Super Adventure Box returns in Back to School Patch”

So if weapons are getting better across the board, are dungeons and content going to get buffed?

Also, are the new ascended craftable weapons different looking than the standard crafting set? I’m hoping they have some cool looking new skins

Do we know if the old weapon skins (GS, sword, shield, bows, staff and scepter) will be available for purchase with Bauble Bubbles or not? And will they drop from the zone end chests?

That wouldn’t make much sense. There have been lots of people who missed out on the release of SAB, not to mention new players that have joined since.

It would be a very douchey move if they don’t allow players to enjoy the full experience of SAB, more so considering that you can still get the first set of achievements. The old skins should really still be in there…

the only new features that is problematic is: “Account Wide Magic Find”
I have just crafted a 400 exotic armor + ring, pendant, amulet with magic find upgrade and insigna.
and now ? it’s unuseful ? -_-‘ sigh!

Arenanet had told that would make that change.
I hope that people like you and me have the option to change this set to another one of your choise

There isn’t any set for karma except the ascendent amulet with karma infusion…
instead magic find has a set with all pieces of armour and trinkets

Yea, we’ve known that this was coming, we just didn’t know when. Some say they might move current character MF over to your account-wide MF, but that’s all just speculation. This would be a good idea, or move a percentage over to your account wide magic find (like 50% of your current MF). Even that wouldn’t be too bad. I just hope they don’t screw us over cuz a lot of people have invested a lot of gold and laurels into MF. Lol.

There’s a lot of questions regarding the loss of MF. Some speculate that they might put your current character MF over to your account MF. They mentioned they will be replacing the MF stat with something else, but we don’t know what yet. I’m hoping it will be a smooth transition and that those who have invested in a lot of MF (like myself) don’t just lose out.

Omggg, i hope dreamer gets footprints and an aura!! Most likely a minstral update,get those ‘cursors now!

Lol! I was thinking the same thing! A rainbow aura would look great considering I decked my Ranger out in bright colors to match her Dreamer. Hahaha.

Oh la la… So many wonderful things coming next month. I can at last play SAB since I couldn’t do it the day it was released.

From a first look, seems SAB weapons are the same of the previous SAB O.o + they added the 2 weapons

I think they said it would be account bound. So that people with a lot of money will put effort into making their gear instead of buying it.

how about magic find items? i got a MF infusion in my necklance, will i get something in change of loosing it?

“Apparently the infusions will still work ” What does this mean?

The MF in my ascended amulet will still work? It wont be removed?

Yeah, the second post by Martin states that they will remain intact. And has been mentioned a couple other times on the official forums. I guess to get more clarification we’ll have to wait till the livestream on the 3rd.

Then it doesnt really make sense. If the MF in the infusion slot remains intact, how can the MF be account wide? since the infusion slots belongs to one particular character only. Really hope then we need not wait till 3rd Sept to get all these cleared.

What I think is what they wanted to get with this MF update is that they didn’t want MF affecting your other stats. If you want to go full MF you’d lose quite some stats, the release page clearly says removal of equipment stat MF so maybe upgrade/infusion slot will stay as they affect stat loss to a lesser extent? I’ d rather just have MF account wide and only thing influencing it extra would be food.

I just hope it’s worth it getting asc weps.. If they only got infusion slot and no upgrade slot, I’ll just stay on Exotic :p

I do wonder how that will be addressed. Will we get sigil and infusion slot or what.

Maybe there will be sigils made specifically for the weapons, but there are tons of different things you can put in weapons, so I doubt that will happen. :/

Not to mention how AR will be. Maybe weapons in general wont have AR or it will have some kind of cap on it that you can get from weapons.

oh pleeease a-net let me put an AR-infusion in my weapons! 55AR on my double axe warri *.*
(and push up playable frac lvl 😉 )

Looks like the Cultural human t2. If it’s a brand new set I will be kinda disappointed in many trenchcoats

Does it mean that Legendary Weapons and Craft Ascended Weapons will have the same stats ? And I’m confused about the sigil slot. Will we be able to switch sigil on Legendary when out of combat ? Or is it only to change the stats ?
But if we can only change the stats on Legendary and I’m only using Zerk stats, it would mean I should go for the Craft Ascended Weapon, right ?

Yes ascended and legendary weapons will have same stats just like legendary weapons have same stats as exotics right now. Not sure about sigil switching as it is not mentioned. There is no advantage to go with an ascended weapon if you already have a legendary

Thanks, I wondered if I should buy a precusor because of the sigil. Guess I’ll wait and go for an Ascended Weapon if there is no sigil switching.

ok, so here is Q: now i have full set with 5 pirate rune, which give me 60% MF, every piece of armor give 3%, some trinket, ring and syzygy with MF all together give 90% MF, so with omnom I have 120%, now account MF is only 3% , what will be all this MF % after patch ? all gone to trash ??

That question has alrdy been answered. read the comments below or just ctrl+F: katreyn OR read the article it’s right at the bottom :p
About the amount of MF starting after patch we don’t know, probly the amount you have right now (account-wide that is).
Don’t act surprised though, they announced this was going to happen.

I would not count on more than 50% from ANET. Not that they are really nerfing what they say is not possible (the mf does not affect boss chests-milk does not come in white and chocolate flavors either).
Since some of us are getting the MF up near 168 with armor and boosts, I guess we will never know for sure. So long as they keep SAB as a permanent addition, I will all be ok.

Man o man am I psyched! Can’t wait to see the new effects on meteorlogicus :o) If they are good, I’ll look like a genius. I bought the precursor when it was 45 g a couple months after launch :o) already with the speculation its over 250 gold. This is the first update since f&f that I’ve been excited about.

Right?! I can’t wait to see what it looks like on the 3rd :o). Any chance this is Stony Bologna?? Jw.

So, “many Legendaries are getting some aesthetic upgrades!” means they’ll be getting more effects ? 😮 cause i sure hope my incinerator gets more :c

Yes, think it’ll only work for armor/weapons that are soulbound before the update though.You could buy explorer stuff on TP if you actually wanted berserker stuff and save some gold.

[…] — GW2: Super Adventure Box returns in Back to School Patch. “GW2 Super Adventure Box will be making a return in the latest content patch scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. In addition to re-introducing Super Adventure Box, players will have some of the crafting skills raised to 500 and can craft ascended weapons. Players can get an early look at the update by joining a livestream with ArenaNet developers on Tuesday, Sept. 3, at noon (PDT) on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.” […]

Looking forward to this as I missed quite a bit of the first Super Adventure Box, I really like the whole 8 bit platform jumper format as my first computer was a commodore 64 so I was brought up on this style of graphics 🙂 (just that these are much better of course)

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