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SWTOR PTS Aug 22 update notes

SWTOR Public Testing Server (PTS) was updated today to include the planet Oricon and several PvP changes.


  • New Content! Oricon is a new small story content area now available via Galaxy Map and the Priority Transport Terminal. This area includes 2 new Operations and a level 55 mission series with a story that will put you face-to-face with the Dread Masters. Advancing the story will unlock access to a [DAILY] mission series. (The Dread Palace Operation is not yet available for testing.)
  • New Operation! The Dread Fortress is a new Operation on Oricon which is available at level 55 in both Story and Hard Modes.

PvP Warzones


  • Warzone Medpacs now properly reset at the beginning of a new round.*
  • Players can no longer remove the Deserter Debuff in the Tatooine Canyon and Corellia Square Arenas.*
  • Prevented access to an area unintended for players in the Orbital Station Arena.*
  • Players now receive Ranked Commendations after winning a Ranked Warzone Arena match.*


  • All Cybertech grenades now bestow a new effect, the Bastion, on the target in addition to normal effects. Players who have this effect applied are immune to further Cybertech grenade attacks for the duration of Bastion (3 minutes).

Warzone UI

  • The Arena Scorecard (in-match score and death indicator) now gives the proper visual indication a player’s own death.*
  • Class and Role icons on the Arena Scorecard now display a tooltip showing the player’s Class and role. This is an optional UI feature that is enabled by default, but can be disabled by bringing up the Interface Editor and clicking on the Arena Scorecard.*
  • Clicking on a player in the Arena Scorecard now targets them.* (This function follows the same targeting rules already in place for targeting stealth players: if a player is stealthed, they will not be able to be targeted until they come out of stealth.)
  • The Scoreboard icons for Frogdogs and Rotworms are no longer reversed in Arenas.*
  • The "Leave Queue" button now unhighlights and displays the correct text if players leave a group and then leave queue.*

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7 replies on “SWTOR PTS Aug 22 update notes”

Is the main story Oricon Mission bugged for both factions? How do I get other missions for Oricon dailies besides the Area mission? Also, In achievements there are 11 Daily Bosses, 8 of them located in the heroic area as patrolling or stationary champions. What about the other three, a Commander, A Elder Shagroth, and a Botherium Beast. Are these three respectably located in the instanced areas at the top, bottom, and middle of the map?

Yes it is bugged for both factions and you can’t get dallies until you done the main story mission. Botherium Beast is in one of the instanced areas you will encounter when you are doing the second quest on the Republic side.

so is the Both Beast in North and the Shagroth in South? I assume the Commander will be in the Watchtower?

Sadly, if you wanted to test the new op on the pts, no one is accepting players into groups that are under full 72’s. :/

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