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SWTOR Oricon reputation vendor items

A list and gallery of the items offered by the The Dread Executioners (Empire) and Strike Team Oricon (Republic) reputation vendors on Oricon. Note that Reputation vendor on both factions have identical items.

Blood Drouk – Newcomer standing, Tradeable, 50k credits


Dread Host Armor – Friend standing, Dyeable, Bind to Legacy

Piece Price
Dread Host Belt 25000
Dread Host Boots 43750
Dread Host Bracers 25000
Dread Host Chestguard 62500
Dread Host Greaves 62500
Dread Host Headgear 62500
Dread Host Handgear 43750



Hallowed Gothic Armor – Champion standing, Dyeable, Bind to Legacy

Piece Price
Hallowed Gothic Boots 52500
Hallowed Gothic Bracers 30000
Hallowed Gothic Gloves 52500
Hallowed Gothic Lower Robes 75000
Hallowed Gothic Sash 30000
Hallowed Gothic Vestments 75000



Black and Deep Red Dye Module – Schematic, 450 Artifice, requires Champion reputation, 100k credits


Gurian Volcano – requires Hero reputation, 100k credits


Strike Force Tauntaun – Reward for completing Dread Fortress operation on any diffculty, requires Legend reputation


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138 replies on “SWTOR Oricon reputation vendor items”

The backpack is the only thing I don’t hate, like the rest of this set. We already have all the parts of this armor in the game!

I’m a bat! I’m miss dracula bat!


I like strange “hats’. But please more Amidala, less I’m a bat from a gothic movie.

The trooper is boring. The community allready told BioWare the helmet is ugly (and much to big!). Just a recolored allready known armor. We have dye kits we can recolor them ourself.

This ist still Star Wars, and NOT Elviras helloween party!

Yes they are indeed the same on both sets. It is likely Bioware forgot to give the Dread Host Handgear a model and the gloves is actually part of the Hallowed Gothic set. The gloves are being named as Dread HostHandgear on the vendor, the obvious typo means that it is probably incorrect/bugged.

…I was kind of hoping for something more than a few random old trooper pieces awkwardly cobbled together for the Dread Host set, but alright.

Jesus h how hard is it to make something decent looking? Second set looks like Mickey Mouse, great for immersion no doubt.

The robe gear is actually pretty cool… that whole gothic worn leather look is really awesome

Hat? No, will not wear that… but the rest of the gear will make my Sorcerer look sa-weet ^^

Cool for BH and force users, but not for IA, at least with this stupid jetpack. Wish BW will do something like restyle of Vendetta armor, still best fit for IA in game.

I feel like I can finally live out my fantasy of pretending to be Serpentor. “Cobralalalalalalalala!”

They hate the look of Star Wars. They didn’t get a job at Activision Blizzard, and they did get a job for the next teen vampire movie. And making such designs for a Star Wars game is their revenge on mankind.

No, they don’t. I personally don’t like the cube like backpacks, but there are no gigantic shoulder plates and a previously Republic exclusive helmet can now be obtained for Imperial players.
And while I don’t even know what kind of atrocity that sith helmet is supposed to be, the chest piece is actually really nice with fair proportions, detail and tubes for who knows what.

If anything the art team moved forward nicely after the mishaps that were tier 1-3 armor. And on top of that you can now look like a level 15 character if it so pleases you … while I dislike the lack of craftable orange gear there is stuff for everyone really and you can use almost whatever style you like. And just ignore the rest that doesn’t fit your personal taste like a tolerant adolt person would.

I think it would be nice if the art team would take a look at the Star Wars movies, just once. They don’t know nothing about the style of Star Wars. Or they don’t like it? This isn’t Bram Stoker’s Dracula, nor is it Word of Warcraft or any other Knight and Dragon fantasy game, but they make armor that looks like.

Not the style of Star Wars? Have you seen the hats and style in E1? This fits in a little too perfectly lol.

The movies take place 3500 years after the game. Do we use the same type of clothes that people wore 3500 years ago? Then, why would that be the case here? Different ages, different style, different clothes

Star Wars is a Space Fantasy (Space Opera) and as such the technology never changes. I would assume that this includes clothes styles.

“The technology never changes”? Do me a favor: Read a few things of the expanded universe, then come back and we will see if you still think the same

Agreed. They’ve apparently never heard the saying “less is more”. It’s like they keep trying to top themselves each time by making the armor more and more gaudy and tacky.

Odd how the back of that hat is open for female model and not male model. What if I want my long hair on male showing through? Guess I’m SOL on that one. This thing is ugly, however, will stand out in a crowd in PVP WZ for sure. Please all imp healers grab the hat, so us pubs can kill you faster ha ha!

I think this is an earlier model and might be covered for the female as well. I know that was the case for the masks in the latest bounty pack. On the PTS the female hair peaked through but on live they fixed it.

Hey Dulfy, hope it’s not too much to ask, but can you please preview the Hallowen Gothic robes with the Dread guard mask from Dreadtooth? Call me crazy, but I don’t like that headgear for it, so I want to substitute it with something as evil.
Thanks again for the great work! 😀

Can you take a picture of oricon’s enviorement or do a video of gameplay there? I really wonder if u kill dread masters there,or just in ops,or kephess etc….

I was just thinking yesterday how much I wanted black/red dye for my Tionese Weaponmaster armour. Black/blue looked OK, but not Sithy enough. Hopefully we’ll get black/green as well before too long!

I have to say other than the helmet the Gothic costume is the first true sith looking robes ive seen in a long while.

I have a theory on the Hallowed Gothic Armor…

Judging the design on the “back” of the “ears” & the flesh appearance of the front of the “ears”, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not animated. My guess would be that is may “engulf” the wearer’s head as if it were swallowing it.

If this were the case I have a feeling the opinion of the gear may change among you all 😉

I’m not sure my opinion could get any worse of this hat…but if it ‘swallows’ your face, then yes, that would be worse.

I’ve been waiting for a legacy bound helmet I like that goes with my blue gree armor and is not a “full face” covering helmet. I guess the wait continues…

This hat is going to go really well with my other gear.

“Hay gais, do my braces make me look funny?”
“Hay gais, does this hat make my ears look big?”

If I had to guess, its mostly that some of the headpieces are there for comedic value.

Really love the site Dulfy! Ever need help with graphic work I would love to help you out :p

Great pvp’ing with ya earlier

Gotta love the Dread Host Headgear! But that Gothic hat… seriously… what were they thinking…

Any information yet on how the reputation for this vendors will be earned? I’m still hoping they finally add “raid-only” factions for the new ops, with the only way to obtain rep items beeing raiding. I’d hate to see them introducing yet another daily area and another reputation faction where you have to grind dailies to earn reputation, pretty much the same with all the factions so far…

Hey Dulfy,

I wanted to ask you if there is any clue on the PTS as to how we can obtain the “Master of Dread” legacy title yet? I think it is by far the best legacy title they have released to date and I can’t wait to get it! Thank you in advance and as always keep up the good work!

Yes it is a rather easy title to get, you just have to kill certain Champions/elites that are around Oricon. They are not hard to find and not hard to kill either (soloable or can be done with 2 players). I will have a guide up before the patch goes live 🙂

Probably the Champions at Heroic+2 right? Btw Dulfy when will you put the videos for the First Operation ? I saw u get the armored tauntaun when u finnish it 😀

Oh my, someone in the design department has recently seen David Lynch’s Dune movie. Hallowed Gothic armor is so very Bene Gesserit.

Like numerous other armor sets thus far, Hallowed Gothic looks fine except for the headpiece. That helmet… or whatever the hell… is incredibly butt ugly. What were they going for? Dumbo the Vampire Bat?

I’m not exactly going to have 9 characters all look the same, + I made him have traits of his legacy parents and body 1 + black doesn’t have any good faces

no hard feelings mate, i just kidding , but seriously ur toon is ugly , lol

wait, black doesnt have any good faces? lol , nice one mate

Is that Dread Host armour confirmed at this point? It looks like every piece is copied from existing armour, I was hoping they were all just placeholders.

The HK skin is a nice addition, very menacing; a good companion for any Sith character.

Assassin Droids shouldn’t look like Conan or a doorman. I would love to have a customization that’s more like IG88, no stupid muscle.

When looking at the gothic helm; does anyone else think of Serpentor, the guy who takes over from Cobra Commander to become the emperor of Cobra in GI Joe?

The armors are wrong. There is no backpack on the Dreadhost gear and no headpiece on the hallowed gear and there is no HK customization. There is however the Gurion Shadow speeder.

Wow that was the only thing I was looking forward to getting also, was even considering making HK my main companion over Ashara because of it… I am still holding out hope that they maybe made it a rare drops like the bat ears. If you find someing out about that please post it here! In the mean time I will go post something on the game forums about, but I doubt we will get an answer. ><


They removed the only HK-51 skin I liked? I don’t like the BBA and Czerka ones. I planned on getting this one ASAP O_O

Since they also removed the Dread Host hat to a rare spawn. Think you could ask Swtor_Miner to see if they hidden it somewhere? D=

The Head piece will drop off the harbinger of fear, killed him earlier and got it. Its Bound ot Legacy and it is a rear drop

That HK skin was pure badassery…..and they completely removed, brilliant! Everything else is garbage next to that, give us our HK skin now! 🙁

What armor is that the champion in the pre-emptive signal bonus mission has on and can it be gotten for our toons?

I saw someone with a Dread Executioner Sword today, Legacy Weapon …
does anyone know where it’s from? Unfortunately he logged off before I could ask him …

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