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GW2: Fix to WvW achievements coming before end of the year

World vs World players can expect some changes to the WvW achievements to make them less tedious before the end of this year.

Fixes for these are being worked on. As well as changes to the WvW achievements to make them more in line with all the other achievements in the game. And to reward a suitable amount of achievement points. However, making changes to achievements that are already live is far more complicated than it would seem and we have focused on other areas so far. This is on our list to fix by the end of the year, however.


Last time I’m saying this for a good bit. We are going to address this system before the end of the year, ideally, and make it more in line in terms of numbers and rewards as the rest of the achievements in the game.



End of the year…. so sometime in the next 4 months, I guess that is better then soon?

One might question why adding achievements is taking 16 months, I am sure it is a technical limitation of some kind as that is the most common excuse.

We tackle each task as it comes up. Every thing we add or fix has an opportunity cost. In this case, the achievements have not been at the top of the priority list when we have had things like bugs to fix, ability lines to add, and other large projects (what Hugh previewed in the Livestream) to work on. All that being said, we are going to address this because it has become more and more problematic as we continue to add reward systems tied to achievement points and add more and more achievement points through Living World achievements. It would be ideal for us to have an unlimited number of people on the team and to be able to do everything at once. Reality is that we have the resources available to us that we do and we get as much done as we can within those constraints.

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