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SWTOR Possible models for the Dread Forged new PvE armor

SWTOR Dread Forged armor set, a new PvE set to be introduced in patch 2.4, has being added to the PTS. While the armors are still using placeholders, the vendors are possibly wearing some of it. Here are some screenshots to pique your interest. Update: Weapons have also being added. 

The new armor set is rating 180 with 78 mods. This is better than the Kell Dragon gear gained from Nightmare TFB and S&V. Set bonus remains the same.






Bounty Hunter












Please note that once again that these are possible models and could be entirely wrong or placeholders.

Dread Forged Blaster Pistol


Dread Forged Sniper Rifle


Dread Forged Blaster Rifle


Dread Forged Assault Cannon


Dread Forged Lightsaber/Saberstaff


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118 replies on “SWTOR Possible models for the Dread Forged new PvE armor”

They’re alright, ignoring the whole ‘damn near identical to each other’ part, but I’m not sure the aesthetic really fits star wars, let alone for classes like smugglers or bounty hunters. They remind me of Paladin armour from warcraft.

I guess we’ll see. I can always just rip out the components.

At least he got few unique pieces(helmet and gloves). All other pieces are reused few times, and all other helmets are pretty much same thing +/- ‘horns’ on top and ‘thingies’ on sides.

Are you guys crazy!? Those look amazing… sure its not SW inspired but it is SWTOR inspired. It’s obviously inspired by the Dread Masters and they are a purely SWTOR creation, and IMO a good one. Certainly leaps and bounds better than any ops set this far.

I don’t like all of them, but the inquisitor’s one in particular shines as one of the first Ops gear that didn’t make me cringe.

i don’t about you but i like them very much ๐Ÿ˜‰ they are not bad if you don’t like them just don’t wear them its simple

Just a question – do you know where these items drop: I would assume these would drop on HM or NiM mode for these ops but I got to thinking, if the minimum gear level would be the nightmare level of TFB and S&V (which is 162/8) – they might drop in SM. Any thoughts?

black market/arkanian gear drops in sm

the recommended gear level(according to the weekly) is 168 for hm, 156 for sm

that was the first point i made when i did it, oh well makes getting higher tier gear easier for me on live game once it comes out ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t believe someone got paid to create that armor… That’s such a waste, looks like another reason to go F2P.

You know, I really don’t understand how people can be so cheap. It’s 50 cents a day. BioWare doesn’t work for free. You F2P people are all freeloaders (and yes, I’m aware there are exceptions).

They will be fine as long as you put some darker Dyers Modules to entirely remove the golden shiny parts. The important thing is the outline, and here I find these models really lack some more details (they look pretty plain to me).

Looks awful. More cheesy Flash Gordon than Star Wars.

But once again, thank you Dulfy for running the best swtor site on the web.

I am still staring at this artwork in disbelief.

Please let this be placeholder art.

It’s so hideously garish!

I’ll buy the concept somewhat for the force classes (Mostly for the siths), but for Trooper, BH, Agent and Smuggler, this just looks stupid imo.

There is just no creativity in gear stat creation. Same procs, same clickies just higher stats. Same goes for all gear in general because it’s limited to that stats the mods can have. There are no special items at all.

I don’t see the point of that “30% chance to absorb 1625 damage for 6 seconds once every 40 seconds” relic at all…

Yay… what is this? This has nothing to do with Star Wars! To the art team of SWTOR: f*#k off to some fantasy knight game but leave our Star Wars universe alone!

actually those look kinda in theme of Dread Masters, but if they won’t make more differences between classes and add some animated parts, it’ll be the worst gear ever

I am actually really liking these armor sets, sure a few changes wouldn’t go astray but over all I think they work given where they drop from.

Well I guess it’s a good thing they have the mod system and adaptive armor. Lets their art team just get high and create whatever “inspires” them.

I quite like the look of some of these sets and well if they come with dye module slots then I think there will be some nice possibilities for customization

Dulfy do you know if the “Dread Forged” gear is from the Hard mode version of the new ops, I’m guessing yes as its better then Kell dragon?

yes they sure do, pants, implant and offhand drop from dread fortress atleast, not sure what last boss drops and 2nd boss just drops credits atm

gonna give to my scoundrel healer so at the end of pvp when I have 0 dmg its coz nobody paid the million per shot

Cartoony knight armor? -_-
Where’s the dread theme i would expect from a tier about the Dread Master…
Not to say they lack details, that just shows on which path the game is set to go.

P.s. i imagine the gold is not even dyeable.

According to Swtor_Miner it’s not. The Red/Green-Blue underpart is the Primary color and the black underpart is the secondary color.

Exactly what difficulty mode are you going to have to defeat these operations on in order to secure this gear Dulfy?

Can it only be purchased with tokens or is there a comm option available? Also, does 75 gear become available from vendors as a result?

Maybe it’s just me, but if it wasn’t for the Lightsabers at the end, I would have no idea that this stuff was in any way related to Star Wars. They really need to consider that they are in a Canon Star Wars universe here. This isn’t WoW.

I agree with what you said, but my impression of it is it’s supposed to represent the “Dread Masters”, but I think it ends up more “Dread”ful than anything else. I will be ripping mods out of these.

ALL of this is atrociously ugly. Again, the people who design gear in this game have zero understanding of flow and aesthetic.

I don’t agree with that at all. Ugly it is not. I think it was a great aesthetic. The problem is that this kind of armor pretty much has no business in a Star Wars game.

I think this armor would be great if you looked at it just for it’s own merit.The problem is that nothing about it says Star Wars in the least. This armor really makes no sense except perhaps on a Sith. Jedi aren’t about flash. Golden armor with menacing masks don’t fit the Jedi persona at all. And that says nothing of the other classes… What smuggler would want to attract that kind of attention? What kind of trooper wears armor like that? An Emperors royal guard, maybe…

Do You already have numbers of Might and Guardian equipment? I assume it would be like 105 Str and 88 End on the guardian armor 35?

The Sith warrior is supposed to be Darth Vader like, and this armor doesn’t resemble Vader’s armor at all, nevemind something any Sith would wear. Do they not know how people dress in Star Wars?

I never thought i would prefer Rakata gear over something but here it is. WTF is that? Since when do we all wear IronMan suites?? Might as well stick to the classic >1.2 gear sets.

They should just make all the new gear invisible… They do such a bad job lately (probably on purpose to force use of cartel armor) that almost nobody actually wears the stock gear.

I keep hearing 72 wil be droping in SM OPs , 75 In HM OPS and in NIM 78s across the board . so that means if it happen the new gear in SV TFB NIM might be 78 sense right now there is no NIM on the PTS . if the above does happen it would make prefect sense that 78s would drop in NIM TFB and SV.
I ve run the SM ops on the PTS and unless they are gonna tone down SM’s More, I see major pug fails coming worse then they are now . but again the above is just rumors i ve keep hearing ingame and on the forums about gear ๐Ÿ™‚ . i have yet to see a DEV post on any of it,if anyone has ssen a DEV post on it please post it here, i would love to read it. .

who is saying this? idk if youve cleared any bosses in the new ops or not but as it stands on the pts: sm drops 69 and 72, hard mode new ops drops 78 and NiM tfb and SV drop 75 gear

read what i said and no SM drops any kind of 72 . .players in the game, on the SW forums go look and listen,ask in game and i did say they may be rumors .
atm this how things drop live

69 all SM no 72

72 HM no 75

75 NIM don’t know if maybe some 72s drop in NIMs , i really don’t care about NIMs , so i don’t run them .

and after the 2.4 we will be able to make 75 that much i do know . “) .

And why do players get so upset if some one asks .
and if you ment on the PTS 68 and 72 drop in SM yea they do . I didn’t they say they did not i did say once it goes live . and there is no new NIM for the new for OPS .. sigh . PLZ read what i said not what i did not say or said wrong .

and it does not mean this might not happen once its live.. any way, GL ,sorry you did not understand what i was asking or looking for, some kind of statement form the DEV some place .

guess, what i want to know has anyone seen any thing yet on how gear will work in 2.4. . i mean 72 etc . i see rumors and wish the Dev would give some insight and not pop it on us .. guess just wait now, i just want to be ready or know whats gonna happen.. its getting close … ty , sorry, about the post, i just should have asked in another way .

Cya ..

Looks like they deleted the thread. Apparently they changed their minds and decided they didn’t want people discussing new craftable mods.

That remains to be seen. Bioware is tight-lipped on this but others have said they briefly saw the tiers shift on the PTS, then they took the vendors away. But what they described was basic buying 69, elite buying 72 and ultimate 75. It’s also possible there will be no gear tier change with the comms.
My money is on the tiers changing simply because Bioware refuses to confirm there will or won’t be any change. They deleted a thread discussing this on the official forums after a dev simply said Kel Dragon will not be craftable without addressing any shift in the tiers or if 75 mods will be craftable.

actually 75 existed when 72 came out it was unassembled gear purchase only and location still resides in the gav dragon its grade 78 rating 180 that is the current go for pve gear both by ultimate comm and unassembled gear pieces

Since when does SW ever have gold armour? The designs look nothing like anything in the SW universe. PLUS the designs are incredibly non-functional, too elaborate and looks unbelievably awful. Is this a cruel joke? I hope so. Otherwise, I’m sticking with partisan or entry level 2.3 gear. If they take THAT away then SWTOR isn’t worth playing at all.

Can any of this stuff still be obtained? I didn’t find any on the fleets on both sides. I noticed some of the dread armor can be crated, did they change it?

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