SWTOR: Strike Force Tauntaun new mount from Oricon Dread Fortress

SWTOR players who have completed The Dread Fortress operation (on any difficulty) can expect a new mount called Strike Force Tauntaun. This mount is an armored tauntaun that requires Legend reputation with the Oricon reputation.

The Strike Force Tauntaun mount is a reward from mission [OPS] Descent into the Dark Fortress, which is unlocked when you completed the Oricon quest line.




  • Mumakil

    Looks like you also get a free relic, which tier?

    • LordElfa

      my question as well Dulfy, what relics are those?

      • The relics are Arkanian

        • Ze-nin

          Quick question about the relics, since they’re an unusual quest reward. Are they BoP or another bind setting like legacy? Once you run it twice you won’t really need any of them… Thanks for your quick updates as usual!

          • They are BoP and the mission is a one time mission.

            • Briss

              Where can you get the one time quest?

              • End of Oricon story mission

              • Briss


        • Xaldorna

          Is Serendipitous Assault one of the options? Cause having that available at the Arkanian level without having to get super lucky or spend a million credits would be the bee’s knees.

  • Vicious

    That’s odd that it requires legend. I’m sure lots of people will have it sitting in their inventory for a long time after they earn it.

    • Angela M.

      I was thinking maybe the quest chain unlocks at different reputation milestones.

  • Vitalis

    And by the way what is required gear for this op?

    • ArdoNorrin

      According to the weekly mission, the recommended gear is Level 66s for SM and 72s for HM for both Dread Fortress and Dread Palace.

  • Mumakil

    So i wonder if rep tokens will drop in the new op?

    • Not sure but you can get all the rep items from dallies and weeklies as well as the story missions.

  • VectorRoll

    That looks cool. I might have to try and focus on that rep, if I do not get bored doing it. 🙂

    I wonder…
    Any idea where the other two versions of this mount will be implemented?
    Or is this a fourth version from the three shown in the Gamescon Cantina Tour Thumb Drive that came out of Germany?

  • David

    I look at that Tauntaun and all I can think to say is “Play Ball!”

  • Vic

    Anyone else think the mount is ugly?

  • Sibakero

    I like em ;D

    The other 2 variants would probably be obtainable through HM or Nim mode..dang, would love the Black Version..but with my schedule, might be difficult to get it from Nim.. 🙁

    Awesome as always Dulfy! More Power! 😀

  • Gustav

    No Dewbacks? Move along, move along..

  • bllazingzealot

    Looks very nice but do you need rise of the huth cartel to acsess the planet oricon and the other things

    • Oricon is a 55 planet so without ROTHC you will probably not get anywhere 🙁

      • bllazingzealot

        ok tnx looks like i am going to buy the expasion

  • Forb

    How long is the quest line. A few missions?

    • Ya takes an hr or two to do max.

  • darkfather

    At least they made it obtainable by all and not a boss drop.

    • TheMadVanguard

      there will properly still be a mount that will drop from nightmare runs

  • shin

    is this test server only…? i have never seen this…

    • Robert Hindy

      Currently only test server. This is coming in Patch 2.4, like the tag says.

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