GW2 Account Magic Find, Ascended crafting and legendary weapons revamp preview

A preview and summary of the Account wide Magic Find. Ascended crafting and legendary weapons effects changes from the GW2 livestream. These changes will be coming in the SAB patch coming on Tuesday, September 3, 2013.


Account wide Magic Find

  • New UI for account wide magic find
  • New consumables called Essence of Luck (different rarity levels – purple, blue etc) that you will get from salvaging blues, greens, and globs of ectoplasm. You can consume these Essence of Luck to add to your luck bar which will increase your account wide magic find when the bar is full. It will take more Luck to gain a % as you get higher and higher magic find.
  • Salvage kit does NOT affect the amount of Essence of Luck that you get. Please do enjoy your Copper-fed Salvage-O-Matic without any fears of it not giving you the standard amount of Essence of Luck that any salvage kit will produce
  • All existing players, to make up for the removal of magic find gear, will be rewarded with purple Essence of Luck that will give you 20% Magic Find by default.
  • Account wide magic find can also be earned through achievements (no details given)
  • Account wide magic find is capped at 300%.
  • Weapons, armor and trinkets with magic find will become account bound, lose their current stats and will gain the ability to be double-clicked to select one of several stat options depending on the item.
  • All existing drops and crafting recipes that have created Magic Find gear will be replaced with three new combos:
    • Explorer’s recipes will be replaced with the Assassin’s stat combo (Precision, Power, Critical Damage)
    • Traveler’s drops will be replaced with the Dire Stat Combo (Condition Damage, Toughness, Vitality)
    • Pillagers recipes will be replaced with the Hunter’s stat combo (Precision, Power)
  • Upgrade Components that currently give Magic Find bonuses will be updated with new functionality:
    • Copper, silver, gold and platinum doubloons will give boon duration.
    • Rune of the Pirate will grant power instead of magic find.
    • Rune of the Traveler will grant all stats, condition damage, boon duration and movement speed.
    • Rune of the Noble will grant condition damage and might.
    • Rune of the Scavenger will grant condition damage and life steal.
    • Sigil of Luck will grant a random boon on kill.
  • Food/Utility Infusions/Guild Buffs will retain their magic find.


Ascended Weapon Crafting


  • It will take 2 weeks to craft an Ascended weapon. You will need to be at 500 Artifice/Huntsman/Weaponsmith to craft the Ascended weapons.
  • Crafting is not the only way to get Ascended Weapons! Anywhere you can get an Ascended Material drop or an Ascended item drop there is also a rare chance that you will get an Ascended Weapon chest that allows you to choose which weapon type you want from within a stat combo
  • Because we wanted all stat combos in the game to be represented in Ascended Weapons, we have added new Exotic Inscriptions to the salvage tables on all non-crafted Exotic weapons and to drops where applicable. We have also added Exotic weapon recipes to use these new Inscriptions so that they aren’t only used for Ascended weapons
  • Raw ascended Materials: New collection in the bank for Ascended materials, most of these are used for Ascended weapons but some of these are used for Ascended armor crafting which will be coming later this year.


    • Pile of Bloodstone Dust, Account Bound (Refines into Bloodstone Bricks, requires Artifice/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 450) – Champion loot bags
    • Dragonite Ore, Account Bound (Refines into dragonite ingots, Artifice/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 450) – Comes from Temple chests in Orr, Megabosses, and Keeps and Castles in WvW.
    • Empyreal Fragments, Account Bound (Refines into Empyreal Stars, Artifice/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 450) – Comes from dungeons, mini-dungeons, jumping puzzles and camps/towers in WvW.
    • Glob of Dark Matter, Account Bound – Obtained only from salvaging exotics.
    • Augur’s Stone, Account Bound – Purchased for skill points from Miyani near the mystic forge. Costs 20 skill points.
    • Thermocatalytic Regeants – Brought from vendors (10 for 14 silver 96 copper)
  • Ascended Inscriptions: Costs 21k karma each but you can choose what Inscription you want once purchased from the vendor.


  • Ascended Recipe: Purchased from the vendor for 3 gold and 5 laurels each.


  • Leveling up: To level up to 500 to craft the Ascended weapons, you will be discovering exotics and refine Tier 6 crafting materials for up to 450. Once you get to 450, you can refine the new Tier 7 materials and continue to craft exotics to get to 500. In order to facilitate that, we have actually reset all of the existing exotic discoveries so you can discovery them again for the bonus XP.
  • Refinements (Ectoplasm): When you get to 450, you can refine Ectoplasms. These refinements have a daily cooldown and the items refined are account bound.
    • Glob of Elder Spirit Residue (50 Elder Wood Planks, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents)


    • Lump of Mithrillium (50 Mithril Ingot, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagent)


  • Refinements(Obsidian Shards): You can also refine Obsidian shards at 450. These items are account bound.
    • Bloodstone Brick (100 Piles of Bloodstone Dust, 2 Obsidian Dust, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents)


    • Dragonite Ingot (100 Dragonite Ore, 2 Obsidian Shards, 10 Thermocatalytic Regents)


    • Empyreal Star (100 Empyreal Fragment, 2 Obsidian Shard, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents)


  • Refinements (Common Crafting mats): You can refine common tier crafting materials into Ascended ones. The refined materials are tradeable even though some of the ingreidents are account bound and have a daily timer. This give incentive for crafters to log on daily to sell their refined stuff even if they have already got their ascended weapons. These refinements typically take Tier 2, 4, 5 mats.
    • Deldrimor Steel Ingots: 20 Iron Ingot, 10 Steel Ingot, 20 Darksteel Ingot, 1 Lump of Mithrillium).


    • Spiritwood Planks: Not shown but assume a similar pattern with Deldrimor Steel Ingots
  • Crafting: To craft an Ascended weapon, you will need an Ascended inscription, components such as Blade/Hilts etc and a Vision Crystal.


    • Ascended inscription requires materials such as Glob of Dark Matter, Orichalcum Inscriptions, Pile of Crystalline Dust, and Dowels (tradeable, 3 Spiritwood Planks + 3 Deldrimor Steel Ingots)


    • Blade/Hilts are made froim Deldrimor Steel Ingots, Pile of Crystalline Dust, and Thermocalaytic Reagents


    • Vision Crystal: Dragonite Ingot, Empyreal Star, Angur’s Stone, Bloodstone Brick.


Ascended Weapons

  • Crafted ascended weapons are account bound and soul bound on use. This allow you to craft them on any character on your account.
  • Ascended weapons will have upgrade slot, and offensive infusion slots. 2handers will have two offensive infusion slots.


  • Different colored sets depends on the stats you crafted.
Celestial gw2-celestial-ascended-weapon Primary Vitality gw2-primary-vitality-ascended-weapon Primary Toughness gw2-primary-toughness-ascended-weapon
Primary Precision gw2-primary-precision-ascended-weapon Primary Power gw2-primary-power-ascended-weapon Primary
Primary Condition Damage gw2-primary-condition-damage-ascended-weapon        

Legendary Effects revamp

  • Precursor crafting: Talked about last year but can’t talk about it. (Not coming anytime soon is my guess).
  • New legendaries will come but can’t comment on when.
  • All legendaries updated to Ascended stats to be BiS (best in slot). Infusion slots are offensive slots only. They won’t have stats right after the patch but you can immediately pick and choose stats. 


  • You can select stats anytime out of combat, on the fly, making legendaries extremely versatile.


  • Most of the legendaries are updated to have bigger footsteps and flashier effects.
  • Eternity: New footfalls, and a glowing gem at the handle.


  • Bifrost: New footfalls, updated textures, new projectile effect (not shown)


  • Meteorlogicus: New footfalls, white fluffy clouds at day and stormy clouds w/ lightning at night.


  • The Moot, ultimate party animal weapon, very reflective and shiny.


  • Howler: Cool effects that come off it
  • Quip: Updated effects (
  • Ministrel: Updated to better effects
  • Incinerator: Better footfalls
  • Juggernaut: Better footfalls, it may splash
  • Frostfang: Glows with ice, better footfalls
  • Kudzu: Change to the model so the arrow actually sticks out, updated projectile effect. 
  • Dreamer: New footfalls
  • Bolt: New footfalls
  • No change to Twilight/Sunrise/Flameseeker Prophecies/Rodgort – we felt they were awesome already.
  • All underwater legendaries got updates: Speargun got a fish projectile, texture fixes for the trident, Spear got some texture/effect changes.
  • Transmuted legendaries: You will be provided with a Transmutation Splitter in the mail. It will convert your transmuted legendary back so you can receive all the cool new updates.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

185 replies on “GW2 Account Magic Find, Ascended crafting and legendary weapons revamp preview”

Hey Dulfy, thanks as usual for your great work.
Do you have any more pictures of the new Bifrost effects?
I have difficulties to see the differences to the current one…
thanks 🙂

Oh okay, thanks anyway 🙂
We’ll see on Tuesday, I doubt that they just said they changed it without doing anything.

Does this Magic Find stay maxed out indefinitely once pumped up, or does it need constant replenishing?

What I am wondering though is what we will do with all the Essences of Luck we find once we reach the 300% cap.

Hello Dulfy first of all, thank you very much for your great work. Do you know about any visual effect update on The Dreamer?

I’ve seen the livestream, but I don’t understood: all GSes have the same skin?? and where is it the zerker stat? Oo

Well we havn’t seen all the ascended weapons at this point but it is likely the first iteration of ascended weapons will have same skin but different colors depending on the stats you pick. Berserker is likely the primary power one.

For what I understood every Ascended weapon with Power as a main stat (ie. Soldiers, Berserker) will be red. The most valuable attribute will determine the color.

I understood the variant of color due to the different stats, but I’m interested to know if there are others GS skin like different models

It is possible that these are the only skins from day one, and they add more after they implement ascended armor, but I could be wrong.

Wow. I was hoping for Frostfang to get an update, but FOOTBALLS?? ANet needs to get to know their target audience.

(This was a joke. Please refer to the typo by Frostfang >.>)

Haha, I was like WHAT? THE UPDATE WAS AWESOME! but then i realized it was a joke.

Well played sir, well played.

Do you know if you can choose sentinel stats for your old magic find gear? That would be quite interesting 🙂

Good thing they are transmutable eh? I only feel sorry for the people who use one Stat set, but love the look of a different ascended weapon…

The official youtube video says the quality of salvage kit has no effect on chance or quality of ‘essence of luck’.

The problem is less that and more the fact that we STILL don’t have an effective Graphics Effect option. The one we were given recently is utter shite.

I must say, I like the new system for buying recipes. Saves time searching through the list trying to find what you want.

With these new time gated crafting mats, i’m actually surprised that they didn’t incorporate the existing time gated crystal mats. Perhaps in a future patch?

P.S.: Where is my Exotic Craftable Breathing Mask? Not having one kinda puts a damper on my enthusiasm for underwater gearing. More options to create underwater-friendly builds would also be nice.

Transmuted legendaries: You will be provided with a Transmutation Splitter in the mail. It will convert your transmuted legendary back so you can receive all the cool new updates.

what about people who used multiple transmutations on their Legendary? Will they be able to get the original weapon back or will the Crystal just separate those two so you get Legendary weapon and the latest transmuted weapon.

That’s a LOT to take in. :O I suppose it’s a good thing that none of my crafters are up to 400 yet so I don’t need to worry about this for a while.

so if i transmute my legendary to white crap to get it to another character will i be able to get it back to legendary status on my new char?

is that what shes saying? i really want to change the character which is wearing it, but i dont know if i got it right. pls help me im desperate!

From what the devs said, yeah. Anyone that made a legendary (or has a legendary) will get an item called a transmutation splitter. It’s a 1 time use item that allows you to split the skin and revert it back to what it was made. This can be used on any transmuted item but it’s intended for your legendary.

So what will happen if I have Incinerator in my off-hand that gives footfall and now my Meteorlogicus scepter gives the lightning footfall. Will I lose my incinerator effects?

Pretty sad rodgort wasn’t upgraded. It looks good but needs work, def not on par with the other legendaries

Hi, as english isn’t my 1st language i might me completely wrong but i listened to a small part of Dev’s Livestream yesterday and what i heard was: ” the type of salavage kit you use will affect the amount of luck you will get, so you want to use the best salvage kit, guys…”

again i might be completely wrong so please treat my post just as a “i need to make sure kind of thing”. Cheers

Hey, so I noticed the ascended greatsword had stats like: 188 134 134. However, the main power one had Power, VITALITY and critical dmg while the main precision had prec, power and CONDITION DMG. Are there any words on if we will be able to get our beloved berzerkerstats?

that things with MF really sux, with birthday gift and omnom I have 230% MF, I play lots of scarlet runs, 3 – 4 hours per day and all what i got was tons of green or blue shit, only few (up to 10pcs gold, and NO rare) WTF is this ?? for what is this MF stuff at all ?? this pissed me most in game (second things, I play gw every day since release, try all dragon when possible and for whole time I dont see chance to precursor, WTF again ??)

I think about switch to wildstar even thoug it have monthly fee

MF only effects drops of enemy corpses not chests, not gathering nodes, not end rewards, not bags, not boxes….. only drops of enemy corpses

We haven’t been able to see the others yet, the information and screenshots above are taken from the livestream on twitch/youtube.

You will probably have to wait a bit to see those

My question Dulfy.. is there a possibility to get higher tier infusions because we only have basic and fine rarity infusion which only gives +5stats i wonder if we will get exotic rarity infusion which will give nice stats or even ascended rarity infusion with ascended rarity sigils(lol im takin’ it too far but its probably possible near future) but if that’s possible i’ll wisely not wastin’ my blood,body,soul, and laurels for fine rarity infusion’s that will give only 5 stats and will stick the cheap agony infusion for fractals

i doubt that will be added as that will create a vertical gear grind, when gw2 is all about a horizontal gear grind

Dulfy please answer this question of mine. So if I transmute my legendary now, later I can use the transmutation spliter and make my legendary weapon under “legendary” status and it will be account bound?

So for 1 weapon i need a vision crystal which requires 1500 components of 3 types i can get only form champions an world bosses.What if it would be rare drop from each boss once per day per account, ahaahhaha. Sounds like legendary weapon is much easier to get.
I cant even imagine how many hundreds of hours of farming should i spend for the whole armor set.

P.S. sry for my poor english.

Dulfy, you might be interested in this.

I analysed Arenanet’s stream “frame by frame” to get some item descriptions and the result is a pretty nice leak of some of the materials needed for components that Lindsey hasn’t shown:

Conclusion: investing in wool, cotton, linen, thin leather, coarse leather, rugged leather, silver ore and gold ore might lead into benefits 🙂

Thanks but she did say some of the stuff are involved in ascended armor crafting which isn’t coming until later this year. So I think some of those mats are involved in that

Under the last one it’s written “Huntsman(500)” so leather will definitly be useful. Nothing written on first one so yea, I think wool, cotton and linen will be for armor.

Also stacks of Silk Scrap and Thick Leather Section are incredibly cheap, 20s per stack, might be a good investment for when armors come out.

Spool is probably vendor reagant;
bolt is probably T7 equivalent to ingots/planks (T2+T3+T4+T5);
similar for leather square, those 2 used for ascended armor;
and silver+gold+plat ore is probably the equivalent version of T7 used for ascended jewelry, although i dont know what it is going to craft since we already have all ascended jewelry.

Above you mention it will take two weeks to craft an Ascended Weapon. My math shows 5 days and a friend’s show 6 days. Can you clarify where you came to the conclusion of a two week process per weapon please? Thanks in advance.

Regardless of whether it’s 5/6 days or 14 days, it sucks for those of us with 5+ 80s who love each one equally. Sophie’s Choice time 🙁

I think dev said 2 weeks in terms of time restrictions for crafting certain components and when you have all crafting materials. Otherwise how are you suppose to gather at least 1500 t7 materials in 2 weeks?

This felt bittersweet on my end… Been waiting for this Sept. 3rd update and its nice seeing the other Legendaries got some clean-up… still, was hoping for an update on Flameseeker or at least some footfalls like the other “cool kids”.

Anyway, with or without, I’m cool with it, it does look awesome already.

you forgot “the predator” .. did they changed something? because i think the footsteps are to small too.. Maybe a picture?

Hi Dulfy, I’m really hoping you can answer this. With regards to the Transmutation Splitter, does it mean converting the status of ‘Transmuted’ on Legendaries back to ‘Legendary’ or does it refers to something else?

Basically if you have transmuted a legendary to get an exotic stats w/e, you can now use it to get the legendary stats back so you can have all the features the legendary would have such as upgraded to ascended stats, swap stats when out of combat etc.

Alright thank you for the reply, it was much appreciated. Then what if we happened to have transmuted it to weapons of white rarity before? Will it not affect anything so long as we transmute it back to exotic stats before the patch hits? Once again, thank you.

You’re unnecessarily complicating something that is simple. The splitter would just return the Legendary back to its original state so you can then effectively unlock the new features. Exotic stats were mentioned because why would anyone transmute a legendary with white stats?

If you transmute it to white item which ist “not-bound” then you can transfer the item to another charakter which would not work otherwise because the legendary is soulbound.

Legendaries are on the TP, they are not soulbound until equipped. Just a clarification.

P.S. I dont know who would transmute a legendary to a white item so that another character may equip it. Its so out there! Literally the person would get the legendary on one char, equip it to soulbind it then decide to transmute it to a white so that another character may use it, I mean wtf o.O

Think i will transmute a legendary to a white item und transfer it to another char. Basically the transmutation splitter should give me a legendary back, but who knows if the devs implemented some restrictions. Until now, no answer in the official forums. -.-

How about stats in Celestial Armor? They will still have magic find? Or will be replaced for example by boon duration or just mf will be cleared from them too?

I’m really eager to know about this as well. I’ve been working on a full set of ascended accessories, and will be disappointed if the mag find just poofs from them, leaving them less than when I got them.

Account wide magic find can also be earned through achievements (no details given)
Wouldn’t this just probably be referring to the current pathetically minimal magic find boost we get from the achievement chests currently?

It says Utility Infusions MF will be retained. Does it mean that the 20% MF will be in both the Utility Infusion slot and account wide MF? i.e. the character that doesnt have the MF Infusion will benefit from another character that already has the 20% MF in the Utility Infusion?

Isn’t it only fair that Jewelers be allowed to craft ascended trinkets as well? I mean, not even their jewels have any value any more, since ascended equipment only accepts infusions for their upgrade slots. In fact, I might be pushing it a bit too far, but I think they should be able to craft infusions.

Wait they felt Rodgort was awesome already? The foot fall is a joke. The flame can’t even be seen on my charrs arm and it hardly changes any ability effects. I know it’s my fault for crafting it, but I thought for sure it would have gotten a upgrade before something like The Dreamer or Juggernaut.

When they say that they will give us 20% magic find by default, does it mean that it will add up to whatever magic find we’ve build up with achievements or are they leveling every existing player to 20%?

If you use it right at the beginning it brings you up to 20%. It’s not an outright 20% as the amount of luck needed per next % increases.

I tried to sum up the amount of materials needed to craft a single ascended weapon for what matters the daily limited ones, which are Deldrimor Steel Ingots and Spiritwood Planks, due to the limit on Lumps of Mithrillium and Globs of Elder Spirit Residue.
Now since you need just 6 of them for the Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel and 6 of them to forge the “hilt” and the “blade”… doesn’t it add up to 12 days, which is less than the 2 weeks stated?
Or am I missing something?

I get almost the same results (in a .txt file though… :P) except for something you seem to have forgotten, or maybe it’s me that added too much… 😛
Orichalcum Inscription needs 5x Orichalcum Plated Dowel… so you need 15 Orichalcum Ingots and 10 Ancient Wood Planks, not only 3 and 2…
And it needs too 5 more Globs of Ectoplasm, so 17 in total…
The rest looks fine… 🙂

Aw come on! Can’t the flameseeker prophecies at least get a footfall? You only get a slight light reflection of light that can’t even be seen in some places!

So is it true that the only way I can get Ascended weapons is by crafting it myself or finding randomly on RNG? I hate crafting. I don’t think I ever even picked a crafting job…

Bleh… knew I should have quit the instant they patched in Ascended. Can’t be bothered to grind anymore for BiS for WvW. The first few months were fun though.

Any news the other Ascended weapons? I mean how these look like. I only saw the greatswords. Im interested in shields. Thanks for the reply.

I use to be able to get nearly 400% of MF, now I have 4%…

Thank you ANET for listening to the cry babies, the same ones that wouldn’t just up because they wanted everyone else to see their title, but when the update came and they realised they had to put up with everyone else’s title they didn’t want it anymore.

And funny enough, they’re the same ones that have been asking for a “hardmode” where you’d get harder fights for better rewards, they’ve went as far as saying it should be a separate server for it.
MF was a hardmode, but because the crybabies need to do CoF in half a second, and their DPS has to be untouchable, we get a core mechanic ruined.

haha wat a noob, running mf gear in dungeon is hardmode? no its called douchbag mode cuz u are essentially jus leeching off ur teammates, seriously why do some ppl lack the basic decency of consideration for others.

Everyone starts off with 20% MF. You can still get a high MF percentage… the max is 300% for all characters, then you have foods, guild boosts, etc. which add on to the 300%.

Don’t be gay and cry about it.

Well Arena Net stuck it to the players again who went & built up Magic Find sets. Change my stats to something else? Are you kidding! As if I don’t already have my other sets! All the Magic Find sets are good for now is to salvage. No compensation for the time, cost & effort that went into making them. Thanks Arena Net, you could have at least made the compensation fair… maybe issuing equivalent Magic Find dependent on the gear that was ruined with the change.

I just crafted a berserker stat great sword, I’d like to know if I want to transmute it on a cleric stat great sword, will the sword stay red because of the stat, or will the sword turn white with berserker stat ? I’d like to know before crafting the cleric one, since it cost me an arm for the stat, i don’t want to lose a leg for nothing, though I’m willing to lose it for the skin.

There are some little mistakes in the ascended crafting picture. For 3 Spiritwood Planks you need 60 hard wood planks (20 is needed for one) same mistake with the deldrimor steel ingot. 60 darksteel ingots needed not 20

Can you get dragonite ore in another way than world bosses and stonemist legendary guy? they are such a drag

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