Patch 2.4 SWTOR

SWTOR Obroan PvP armor and weapon preview

A gallery of the Obroan PvP armor and weapons models released for patch 2.4.

Note: These armor/weapon models are final and NOT PLACEHOLDERS


Obroan Armor – Inquisitor


Obroan Armor – Warrior



Obroan Armor – Bounty Hunter


Obroan Armor – Agent



Obroan Armor – Consular


Obroan Armor – Knight


Obroan Armor – Trooper


Obroan Armor – Smuggler




Obroan Blaster Rifle


Obroan Sniper Rifle


Obroan Blaster Pistol


Obroan Assault Cannon


Obroan Lightsaber and Saberstaff

swtor-obroan-pvp-lightsaber - Copyswtor-obroan-pvp-saberstaff - Copy

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92 replies on “SWTOR Obroan PvP armor and weapon preview”

not a copy/paste error. A dev just confirmed that the artwork for these sets are not final and are likely to change

It’s hard for me to appreciate these. I do think they look right lore-wise, however I’ll be ripping mods for sure. They kind of remind me of the comic Spawn?

I think they look a bit Mcfarlane’s work. Especially the trooper with the rubber membrane look and the skull face. Obviously we’d need a huge cape blowing around too, but I see it. So I’d say, they remind me of Spawn, what do you think?

They do bear a resemblance. Though it has been noted several times that they are just a placeholder. I think they got tired of the actual models and textures of new equipment getting leaked so soon and are keeping it close to the vest.

Hmm… even if they’re the actual stuff, I didn’t like them. Personal opinion though. I would only PvP to get the blaster rifle (which I would love if it didn’t have that bulky metallic part on the fore-grip) and the sniper rifle (which would have a lot more awesome sauce if it didn’t have that “drum” thing under the barrel).

Anyway… since the look THE SAME in both factions only with a color change, I really doubt they’re the final versions.

Guess I’m the only person who loves these sets. They go with the whole theme of the new patch and look awesome!

I kinda wish the final product doesn’t use this dread master style, but I guess that wouldn’t make sense.

It just that, as a bounty hunter, this armor looks horribly unfitting.

I like them in theory, also dig the Red for Imp, Blue for Rep colors. Pretty neat! They need tweaking for sure but the concept is good.

upon seeing these armors I actually prefer them over the PVE stuff, not to say I don’t like them, but I do have to wonder how much of this (if any) is able to be died.

I’m thinking these are AS hideous as the PVE set from the other day… I can see that a lot of work was invested… but seriously… I think they are ugly as …..

“A lot of work was invested?” Is that sarcasm right there? Because the work invested here seems to be zero if their gear is EXACTLY the same, but with a different color.

srsly? BioWare.

PvE & PvP = same.
Republic Mirrorclass & Imperial Mirrorclass = same.


And wtf ist this? Don’t tell me the look of the Dreadmasters. This is Star Wars: The Old Republic, and not The Dreadmasters Republic!

Hey dude, they only have like15 people left working there. The janitor pitched in and designed the new armor and he did the best he could.

Uncooked lobster and cooked lobster. Nice colors. Fit to the Zoidberg look of the armor.

The Jedi Knight War Hero medium armor was uglier. So, this is the second place for “ugliest SW:TOR items so far”.

I like the set of gear that I am currently wearing so I’m trying to look at these sets with the intention of “what fodder piece would look cool with my already established gear set.” I think the frayed lower robes of the agent/knight/smuggler look pretty neat, especially when color matched. I try to look at all the new gear sets with this mentality. “Hey, the set is ugly but the helm is cool and would look cooler if dyed red” etc.

And the majority of it is ugly as usual. The people who design gear in this game have ZERO understanding of flow and aesthetic.

Ehhhhhh…. yes and no. Some of the cartel armor is pretty ugly. But we have gotten some pretty nice stuff out of it.

I got a question. I just logged in to the 2.4 PTS. All the pvp sets right now are adaptable armour instead of light/medium/heavy. Is this because it’s a test server or are they intended to be like that? If it’s the latter I would be so happy cause I want the agent/smuggler set on my Sorcerer ^^

I certainly hope they are, because the Warrior’s set is the ugliest of the bunch. That helmet is garbage. But I might care to use one of the other helmets if possible.

Not really an issue of “effort”. Most of the CM armor are sets from elsewhere in the game or KOTOR sets. Most of the CM stuff isn’t really original. No doubt though that whoever designs armor for this game has atrocious taste. It’s like each new line of armor outdoes the last one in ugliness.

I miss Battlemaster sets already. They looked so much better than these newer ones. Though the Inquisitor partisan gear did look good.

Why must the Troopers who have picked Commando as their class get shafted when it comes to Assault Cannon models… That is one of the worst ones so far. It looks like someone took a giant battery, attached an odd handle to it, and shoved a small gun barrel on the end of it. Come on Bioware, give us a practical Assault Cannon, maybe a better revolving barrel, like the blaster minigun in Clone Wars. Please!

So similar to what they did in previous updates:
Will Partisan gear be removed from the vendors for 2.4?
Will Conqueror be priced with the old Partisan prices and Obroan with the old Conqueror prices?

I’m ok with PVP armor all looking basically the same, sort of like players on a football team, I just am not a huge fan of the overall design. Well, I DO enjoy the design just not for Star Wars. This looks like something I would expect a High Elf to wear in the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online game.

That being said, I think that the PVE armor needs to be more class specific. If you did not have the captions I would have had no idea which class which armor was for. Now I am certain that it can be quite difficult to “reinvent the wheel” with each update but come on! Give us something we would be proud to wear as is instead of forcing us to rip out the mods and put them into something else.

It’s sort of ridiculous that I am starting to miss the Tionese, Columi, Rakata sets which we all HATED at the time. HATED.

And now this…?

I’m still holding onto hope that same day Consulars can look like Satele Shan and Warriors can look like Darth Malgus with full hood. Sigh!

We just want to look like the characters in the opening cinematics what is so difficult about that BW? =(

I agree. As i mentioned before, i miss Battle Master gear. Rakata and BM looked completely different and were for two completely different things. I kinda miss the uniqueness of the game pre 1.3.

Why the heck would I want wings for my assassin?! I’m supposed to be a cold blooded representer of the dark side, not a fairy. -_-

Love the helmets though, they look evil.

So am I still a trooper? or a bug from outer space with a 40mm grenade launcher? either way I think the sets need a lot of fixing.

I don’t think a single person likes these new armor designs. I must say they are the worst ever. What does these designs have to do with Star Wars? The designer of these needs to go work on another game.

this is ridiculous. the weapons are totally uninspired. and the armor… oh gosh… no discerning variation between factions outside of color. and every piece practically looks the same. these sets are getting worse and worse. please bioware.

Is it so hard to just give us robes and tunics like in the movies??? Why this Elder Scroll looking type crap? Make a robe with full arms. and make tunics without the damn hood so I can look like a jedi or a sith from the damn movie.

I personally like these armor sets. I think that they were going for a feel like the Dread Guard armors and they pulled it off well. I agree that they aren’t exactly classic star wars but this game isn’t classic star wars either. They went for a dread guard style and they accomplished that. I will wear the armor. And I’ll wear it all the time. Why? Cause I don’t buy anything from the Cartel Market. I’m not spending money for empty shells. I’d rather wear poor looking armor and not have to spend money. That’s why the gear looks like crap so you are forced to buy the Cartel armors. So we can send a message to the devs by doing this.

Hey fellow gamers, any confirmed date for 2.4 hitting live? PTS was brought offline few days ago, so I suppose we’re looking at week or two, mayby even next Tue?

Any info appreciated.

Hello and thanks for a superquick reply – I am aware of the original target date, but I was wondering if its stil valid as there is no official information on the website, just “Coming soon” (if I am not mistaken) – I would expect a bit more massive advertisment for such a hefty patch.

Seeing that the Obroan Assault Cannon looks like a turn of the century steel bridge maybe Bioware is playing a joke on us and the armor won’t look anything like this. As others hinted maybe these are just placeholders. It would be folly if they thought this would stave server populations from dropping as they have done in the past two months with offerings like this.

so this must be what they call an unpleasable fanbase

fyi if you don’t like it stop providing the money in their paychecks

This armour looks awful…. and all of them are the same as each other, no imagination what so ever, Im starting to miss Rakata and Battle Master gear..

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