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SWTOR Super Secret Space Project SSSP Teaser video

SWTOR Super Secret Space Project SSSP is not so secret anymore with the release of a teaser video from the Seattle Cantina Tour tonight. Special thanks to Finx from Republic Harbinger and Fool’s Company on Beregen Colony for sending me the video!


If you are unable to view the short teaser video, here are some screenshots from the video.


Please note that no other information were provided along the video so I do not have any additional details other than the video.

Once again, special thanks to Finx from Harbinger and Fool’s Company on Beregen Colony for the information and video!

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YESSS! Called it. Looks like X-wing vs Tie Fighter style instanced combat. I counted 6vs6 ships in that battle. 7v7 if someone gets to control the capital ships but i doubt it.

Amazing job Bioware.

Well, in Battlefront, at least, you spawn in the capital ship, and launch your ship from there, you can also fly into the enemy capital ship.

All, just FYI, I just got back from the Seattle Cantina Tour. This video was the only file on the thumb drive that was handed out. The event was extremely crowded and it was difficult to hear all of the Q&A, but to my knowledge no other information was given about the SSSP.

Really hoping this is “Off” the rails space combat maybe PvE or PvP instance style.

I mean there is no need for the “on the rails” space combat we have at the moment they could just look to Jump to Lightspeed (Star Wars Galaxies) expansion for help as that was open galaxy style where you could explore, fight, mine and have multiply players in fighter groups and also have players on your ship (firing turrets etc)

Because of the rail shooter they’ll have to give us different ships to fly so that the space game doesn’t become just spamming missiles.

WELL DONE BIOWARE. If they bring us back to the days of Battlefront II’s excellent space combat…. this game will get quite the boost.

Agreed the space combat was great for BF2, very fluid and good fun for everyone. If only our ships could be incorporated into space PVP but I’ll settle for these ships as a starter for ten.

Now if they only had PVP like SWBF2 in a Mos Eisley/Bespin type vista in a death match scenario i.e. the team which scores the most wins overall. Some of these matches lasted 20 minutes, imagine the medals gained, kills made and potential rewards you could get if Bioware went down this route.

Dulfy as always you have the most up to date info, great job. Anyone thinks this is other than space PVP? Felt kind of obvious for me, which is great!!!!! Time to dust off those X-wing vs Tie-Fighter piloting skills

Taking the video into account I believe these battles are similar to FP’s. You queue and play. I was hoping for more, like open space areas similar to JtL, but who knows what’s out there with this.

Judging the generic look of the ships it doesn’t look good for customized choice, however I still hold out hope. I would like to see our fighters “stored” in a hanger somewhere on fleet and systems very similar to SWG ship choices and modification.

There’s the “escape hatch” on your ship that does absolutely nothing. Lets mod out these fights and access it thru that door. Or better yet space ops with these fighters or our ships. I think it’s time I finish upgrading my Vanguard’s ship.

well remember this is just a teaser. I’m sure they will make a bunch of different “skins” for the ships that you can get either by playing or the cash shop.

how do you not get that…….

Theres no Star(space) aspect to this game except the pointless rail arcade game that NO one does anymore because it’s rewards are next to pointless…

Theres no Wars because there is no faction war…theres “warzone” and soon arena crap……but REAL world based pvp with REAL objectives besides “go to Tatt and gank lvl 20’s on my 55” ……

It would be nice if this game had SOME sense of faction combat, besides fighting opposing faction SOMETIMES in warzones….

WAR doesn’t just mean PVP which the game does have btw open world and in WARZONES.

There is quite a lot of open world PVP that happens on PVP servers during the Gree event and others.

Now like I said War doesn’t mean it has to be just PVP there is a great sense of of faction combat in the PVE. The entire thing is a war on a galactic scale.

As for Objective based Open world PVP. Sorry kid but Open World PVP in MMOs as a whole is dead. The fact is the MMO community doesn’t actually want open world PVP. They might say they want it but when its given to them they don’t do it.

Games like GW2 and WAR have proved this. People would rather go for the easy kill then actually have a large fight they might lose. In WAR its resulted in keep swapping. In GW2 its pretty much the same thing. 3 factions didn’t save the PVP in that game.

Hell in WoW its even gone from Alterac Valley. There once was a time where AV was full of epic battles. But now the two factions actively avoid each other because if you fight the other faction you lose the battleground.

In conclusion.

SWTOR Has Stars and it has Wars. What you wanted has nothing to do with the title of the game.

The problem with Open World PvP is balance. It’s been the main struggle in almost all MMOs, The faction with the higher pop almost always wins. Even with Bolster it didn’t work, dealing double damage and having double the health isn’t the same as 2 individuals.

oh I agree its always been the group with the biggest zerg wins. Even back in DaoC.

People say they want large epic open world battles but they don’t mention they only want them if they are going to win. If there is a chance they will die they will get mad and run away.

I’m not even going to bother trying to reply to your comment of idiocy. The mere fact that you considered this game as having Open World PVP proves you are a carebear fucktard……moving on.

rofl carebear fucktard that’s funny.

So in other words you can’t prove me wrong because you know there Open world PVP does happen in SWTOR (see Gree event Bounty Hunter event, HK -51 quest, and Tauntaun quest) and the best you can do is try to insult me and run away.

Concession accepted.

The only thing that’s left for them to announce are functional Sabaac and pazaak tables, Hell, even maybe dejarik.

This looks really sick! I never gave a fuck about the equipment of my ship, but now I am gonna upgrade everythang 😛

It’s possible we don’t even use our class ships for this, some of the datamined stuff indicates a variety of different ships.

Our class ships have hundreds of guided missiles they would have to give us new smaller ships so that the combat doesn’t just become missile spam.

Personally i think it looks like space PVP, but i am REALLLLLLY hoping for a Space Expansion.. Either way i am super excited, the off-rail flight gave me goosebumps 😛 (SWG memories :P)

…fkn…awesome… Words can’t describe my fkn joy…No more space combat crap…This better be PVP…only reason I still play this game is because the classes are so fkn awesome…

I am not giving my hopes up this just yet. I still want to see more before I believe that it is truly off rails. If it is good enough I may decide to re-sub to the game. My sub ended just the other day. I got tired of waiting. Funny this come out right after that. 🙂

What we have here is only 7 seconds worth of game-play footage in the middle of that showing a fighter being controlled. Everything else looks like cut scenes. In that 7 seconds, it is just like one bank turn to the left and a camera that looks to be behind the fighter. Then the next follow is just a straight line and it then cuts out at an explosion. That is just not enough as I have seen similar flight footage in the current mini-game we already have. So I am holding out until we see and hear more about it.

I really do hope it is off the rails like some are saying. But they still have not said that it will be. All they really suggested is that it is going to be different from what we already have. Unless someone has a link to them saying otherwise.

What I do not like from the footage is that it is still 3rd person. I hope they will allow us to have a way to pilot in 1st person, with and without the cockpit view. To have all three options would be the best.

Oh and I hope they do not take another year or two to give us more information on it. 🙂

This looks like Space Warzone 8v8 in premade ships, so it all goes down to skills, and not gir/equipment! I was hoping for more open world/space kind of battle, with way more people involved, but looks like fun anyway …

Excited for space battle PVP but bummed that I do not get to take my own ship which I have spent time and credits upgrading. Will the fighter’s stats be based on character stats or personal ship stats? Well I guess I have about a year to ponder that question before this goes live.

I hope it is full multiplayer with co-op PVE missions and not just PVP and not too arcadey. I wish it was a full combat flight sim like X-Wing/TIE Fighter series or at least Jump to Lightspeed, but I’m guessing it will be more like rogue squadron and the likes.

Concerned that the trailer doesn’t commit one way or the other, given the universal panning the space game has I would have thought it would have been in their best interest to firmly show quite early on whether or not this is a departure from the crud we have now. Unless they plan on stringing us along and reveal as it hits PTS that it is in fact more of the same garbage. I would happily love to be proven wrong as I do love me a good space game.

There’s a ton of datamine information that strongly point to Free flight style space combat and not the on rails. In fact most of the datamine point to a form of new space pvp, which obviously can’t really be done on rails

Actually, you could do space pvp on rails. Just make sure the paths and timing of the various rails intersect so that you can shoot at each other.

you can tell by how the ships and camera jerk its not on rails however we cannot tell if you will be able to slow or stop your ship as was in swg.

Since I am F2P now and can’t comment on the forums I thought I would post my thought here on this subject. If it is not to much trouble? 🙂

You know I have been thinking about this all day and have come to a theory on how they might implement this space content.
Right now we normally just go to the hangers and board our ships, and from there we go to space missions. Since they said that it is hard to change the class ships do to quest triggers I think that we will have to do this new content in a different way than we do with our current space missions. Unless of coarse we just fly to the new missions or PVP and we are automatically put in a new ship, I.E. fighter, when the zone loads. That would not seem right or look right to me. To be in one ship then start a zone in a different ship.

Here is the theory I came up with. I think that we will have to go to the Fleet, then travel to one of the ships in the fleet and start the missions from there. We will start the missions from their and their would be a new cut scene showing us departing from the fleet in a fighter and then just starting the mission or entering the PVP zone. And when we are done we return back to that ship in the fleet. This idea seems the best possible way to do this without having to change things with the current system.

As to what fighter we may want to use, I think it would be cool to do it like this. We go the hanger and there could be a few different ships their. Which ever ship we have unlocked or purchased (as I think they will add different ships to the CM) we will just walk up to that model and click on its cockpit or whatever. Then we select the zone or mission that we are going to do and the cut scene kicks in and we start loading the said zone or mission.

To me this all seems the best possible way which should not have to deal with using the current space system.

I can not wait to see how they implement this content to see if I am close. 🙂

too things if this is like swg i will be the happiest fan in the world i would love to see the old free roam space we had in that and i would only hope that the ships we see in the trailer are not the only ones we get to use i hope we will be able to use class ships theory however is that this will be a war zone and i would be fine with that the second thing is did any one else here kuat. if u don’t know what that is its a planet and my favorite planet because its a planet that specializes in ships and has an artificial ring around it in some games for example star wars empire at war. so dose this mean a new planet =)

I am 99% pretty sure this is an open Space Combat Warzone, in the into the guy says Imperial and Republic starships are amassing and full-scale battle is imminent. And you can see the ships used are fighter ships not our standard class ships. As neckrosiss pointed out, you can tell by the movement it isn’t on rails as well. The rail shooter you are zoomed out more and can still maneuver around the space on your screen. On here the ship seems locked in a static position. I can’t wait for more info

I believe the “open space” most are referring to is based on the SWG space system. Basically a very large area or cube of space to fight it, with POI’s and missions, as well as space battles. I agree with you that these seem more like WZ’s and/or FP’s. That wouldn’t be desirable, but it’s also not the end of the world. I’m more concerned personally with the ability to change and customize ships, similar to SWG’s system, and I think most old SWG space PVP’ers would agree that is what made that system fun to play with.

After watching the video for the umfteenth time it seems safe to say this will the an “objectives based” WZ system. Based on the capital ships it wouldn’t surprise me if these battles start with a cinematic of the ships approaching each other (like the video) and then players “launch” from the hangers to destroy the other faction’s capital ship, or achieve some type of objective. Upon death I would guess you respawn back in your hanger.

Although this isn’t exactly what many were hoping for, it is a good base for space PVP combat. However, it will need more, such as various ship options, ship customization parts, and visual customizations to start.

Beyond that, this type of system could be used to create new FP’s, open space zones, and perhaps revamp the current space systems (although that’s doubtful).

All that said, it’s clear the current space system is a failure and that any bone they throw us will be viewed as an improvement, not matter how good or bad it may be.

You really should check out the datamining pages on Reddit that have came out recently. It appears the space combat is much more variant and larger than what we anticipated.

Anything would be better than the current repetitive rails game. But, for those of you craving a return to old TIE Fighter / JTL / Wing Commander style space sims…Please check out Star Citizen @ It is currently the largest crowd funded project ever, about to hit 18 million dollars and headed up by Chris Roberts (Wing Commander, Privateer, Freelancer, etc).

You realize that the on rails game was always meant to be a place holder until this came out right? They said that before launch.

Does Star Citizen have ground combat?

I do not think their is ground combat, but you will be able to land on planets and walk around places and have a lot of interaction. In the main video for the game where Chris Roberts talks about the game he explains that you can do some things like this. It is like 6:00 into the video. He mentions it like you interact with other players in bars and then walk over to the ship dealers and you can purchase other ships. Their is supposed to be a lot of planets and places you can land. So to me it seems like it will be more of a social thing and in game economy (I.E. Purchasing items and such.). But also have some things that deal with getting missions. (This info is in some other videos called Wingman’s Hanger.) But I do not think with will be fighting in any form such as ground combat. The combat is all in space from what I understand so far. But who really knows? Maybe some day their will be for that game. 🙂

I will say that Star Citizen is going to be a great game. For a Space Sim it will be the best from what I have seen so far. But it is lacking one things for Star Wars fans. That is, that it is not Star Wars. Other than that it will do well for those that want real good Space game. But if they want some sort of Space game for Star Wars then it will not fit that role. I for one will be getting Star Citizen. It is going to be great. But I would really love a good Star Wars game that has good Space Combat. SWTOR would be the perfect platform for that. Sadly I think that what they are proposing is not going to hit the mark like I would hope. I think that our next best options for a good Star Wars Space game is going to be with the new BattleFront game from DICE. They should have some Space missions in it. I think that is where we will really get our Star Wars Space fix from. 🙂

dog fighting flight simulations similar to X-wing/Tie Fighter with different talent trees you can build your star ship around and new companions and a space daily area

Yipes this game is slowing down as far as gear and content worth playing. You would think from the millions they made in the most recent cartel pack they could do a little better to break the max level 55 ho hum boredom most are experiencing right now

not at all. They are adding a ton of amazing gear to the game and they keep adding more. They are also adding another new raid in a few weeks. So in the span of a little over a month we are getting
2 new flashpoints
3 new arenas and the new arena system
1 new huttball map
1 new operaion
1 new monthly event
and at least 1 new daily area.

Can you name a MMO that has added more? no ok then

-Removing 8v8 ranked content

Can you name a MMO that has ever deleted a “functioning” content which has been within the game for over a year?

No, ok then.

Have you ever played on the countless servers where a queue often takes half an hour to form? And then when the game finally starts, the mistakes of some inexperienced players make the team ragequit, thus forcibly closing the warzone match? The result is being back in queue for a long time. Smaller warzones means more matches, meaning shorter queues. For the casual player, separated large warzones are a pain to wait on.

World of Warcraft removed the entire PVP Rank system with Burning crusade. It used to have weekly leader boards and rewards due to rank. That got completely removed in less then 1 year.


BTW I wouldn’t really consider swtor removing content the warzones are all still there.

Apology accepted.

The one thing I wonder is whether space will be open continuously, meaning you can fly around at your leisure, or that it will only allow you to fly during a mission or space-match while ending when one side wins (similar to Warzones).

my guess that there will be a limit i do not expect this to be completely free roaming. And based on the datamining it looks like it will be in a zone/instance dog fighting/objective style

So hopefully it’s going to be a lot like the
space pvp in STO (it’s only saving grace) I for one cannot wait for this to
happen! Shame there won’t be any BoP’s to fly 😀

Dulfieee, I need yo to steal secret information from Bioware: will they add lord scourge facial features to cosmetic shop? I mean eyebrows, tendrils, jewelry on tendrils etc. just lord scourge face!

It would be nice if gaining Legendary status as a pilot lets you dye your fightercraft. It’d be fun to literally fly around like a Red Baron. I’m guessing this’ll be the PvP space component, while we use our crew-vessel for PvE stuff. Let’s see if that remains railed or also goes into free-roaming mode.

It’s nice to not be 100% reliant on stat-building. It hopefully comes down on who’s the best pilot mostly.

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